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Textual records

This series documents Dr. Farrar’s work with the Canadian Federal Department of Soldier’s Civil Re-establishment. In 1916, Dr. Farrar joined the Canadian army. Initially posted to a hospital unit in Kingston, Ontario, he was transferred to Ottawa for duty in the Military Hospitals Commission. Dr. Farrar would eventually become Chief Psychiatrist in the Federal Department of Soldier’s Civil Re-establishment. In this capacity, he treated invalided soldiers suffering from psychiatric illnesses including shell shock. Though primarily based in Ottawa during the war, Dr. Farrar also worked out of the military hospital in Cobourg, Ontario, a photograph of which can be found in /003P(11). Records in this series consist of professional correspondence, reports, patient files, plans for a military hospital. There are also lantern slides depicting hospitals and asylums throughout North America in the early 1900s. It is believed that Dr. Farrar may have collected and used these images in his capacity as Chief Psychiatrist to put forth a proposal for a new military hospital.

Textual records

Sub-series I consists of the textual records pertaining to Dr. Farrar’s family and personal life from 1881 to 1970. The records consists mainly of correspondence to and from Dr. Farrar’s mother, Marie Farrar, his father, Thomas Jefferson Farrar, his first wife, Evelyn Lewis Farrar, and their daughters, Evelyn and Clarice. In addition, the records also document his friends, early life and high school education in Cattaraugus, New York. Types of records include: invitations and cards; marriage certificates; passports; personal business correspondence; correspondence with Cattaraugus friends; and high school course notes. Also included are Dr. Farrar’s personal writings such as a diary, a travel diary, and short stories.

Administrative files

Sub-series contains administrative records created and received by Dr. Farrar while at Sheppard and Enoch Pratt Hospital. Records consist of professional correspondence with various colleagues such as Stewart Paton and Edward Brush as well as reports.

Clinical files

Sub-series consists of clinical records kept by Dr. Farrar including patient files, patients’ correspondence, patients’ notebooks and clinical forms.


Photographs include group images of nursing and medical staff as well views of Farrar’s apartment and office in Baltimore. There are also graphic photographs of a cadaver, possibly used for teaching.

For photographs, see box /003P (05)-(08) and /005P (03) and /005P (06) and /007P (06).

Clinical files

Sub-series consists of clinical records created by Dr. Farrar as a physician at New Jersey State Asylum such as patient files and correspondence.

Teaching files

Records include Dr. Farrar’s research notes and lectures delivered to Princeton University students.

Administrative files

Sub-series pertains to Dr. Farrar’s administrative responsibilities at the New Jersey State Hospital and includes correspondence and reports.

Administrative files

Sub-series pertains to Dr. Farrar’s administrative duties as medical director of the Toronto Psychiatric Hospital and as head of the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Toronto. Records include: newspaper clippings, provincial resolutions, and reports. Also included is correspondence concerning the establishment of T.P.H., staff appointments, nursing and general administrative matters. In addition, this series contains small pencil sketches drawn by Dr. Frederick Banting during the opening of the new psychiatric clinic in the Hospital for Sick Children, January 1937. The sketches are of Drs. Bott, Kanner, Parsons, Primrose and Cody. These sketches can be found among the photographs in Box /003P (13).

Teaching files

At the University of Toronto, Dr. Farrar developed a reputation for being a dedicated teacher and mentor. In the book, TPH History and Memories of the Toronto Psychiatric Hospital, 1925-1966, one of Dr. Farrar’s students during the 1920’s, Dr. W. Clifford Scott, wrote: “During the 18 months I was at TPH, Farrar’s lectures were given there and I skipped some of my other classes to hear him.” Records in this sub-series document Dr. Farrar’s teaching activities in the U. of T. Department of Psychiatry and include lecture and research notes.


Images in this series have survived in three different forms, although not all images exist in all forms. These include: 35 mm slides, glass lantern slides and glass plate negatives. They have been arranged by format and within this arrangement have been numbered according to the roll and slide number of the 35mm slides. Some of the original lantern slides had original numbers and these have been added to the description for reference since they give some indication of the original order.

NDP party of Ontario

Consists of records relating to the New Democratic Party of Ontario. The first few folders document Dr. Morton’s official activities in the mid-1960s and in 1970. These are followed by his writings for the party, including pamphlets, articles, and policy papers which he wrote and newsletters in which he had a hand; then by files on Ontario provincial elections (arranged chronologically).

Local elections

Consists of files relating to local elections, especially the political arena in the Region of Peel and Mississauga where Dr. Morton lived and taught.


Includes files on grants as well as research filed by topic. Files can contain notes, data, draft papers or lectures, photographs and correspondence .

Early Raman Spectra Research files

Includes original research data from the 1950s that documents Stoicheff ‘s research being part of a team of physicists at the National Research Council in Ottawa that developed techniques for high resolution Raman spectroscopy of gases and determined the structure of many molecules.

University Committees

Contains the records of the following groups:

Chinese Laser Group, 1974-1985
Presidential Advisory Committee on Institutional Strategy, 1982-1984
Committee on Research, 1980-1982
Renewal, 1986
Report on Engineering Science, 1970

Department of Physics

Contains the following textual records:
-Awards Committee, 1983-1987
-Lab Space, 1981-1994
-Laser Group – 6 files: meetings, grants/funding, workshops, staffing, 1980-1993

Sound recording: Inaugural Lecture, McLennan Physical Laboratories by Prof. C. H. Towne, - reel to reel sound recording Sept. 14 1967

Massey College

B2010-0025/075 General correspondence, Library Committee, Massey, 1978-2008; Luncheon, Who’s Who at Massey
B2010-0025/076 Nominations Committee, 1989-2004; Search Committee for Master, 1980-1987

University-wide administration files

Subseries consists of university-wide administration files which include the Dean Search Committee, Connaught Committee, School of Graduate Studies Assistant to the Dean, Library Advisory Committee, Massey College Associate Fellow and the OISE Board of Governors. It also includes files relating to the Rendo Foundation, an Italian group negotiating to set up a special relationship with U of T, involving funding and research support for projects at U of T that fell through.

University College administration files

Subseries consists of University College administration files relating to the Dean Review Committee and Anne Lancashire’s position as Vice-principal and program director (1990-1993). Other administration files relate to various review and advisory committees.

English Department, Graduate Drama Centre and Cinema Studies administration files

Subseries consists of administration files relating to various review and advisory committees and include the English Department Graduate Planning Committee and the Research Advisory Committee. The English Department became a centralized university department in 1975, before it was four separate college departments, including University College English Department, of which Anne Lancashire was a faculty member. Files are organized to reflect this separation of the department. Also included are administration files relating to various committees relating to the Graduate Drama Centre and Cinema Studies.

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