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Duo, trio, small band music

File contains: 7 Skylark -- 8 Who could care -- C 10 Last night when we were young/Young and foolish [Last night/ Y&F] [Yonge & foolish] -- C 11 Dream dancing [D. Dancing] [D.D.] -- 12 Falling in love with love [Falling in with ] -- 13 A sleepinÆ bee [SleepinÆ B] -- C 14 I donÆt know enough about you [I donÆt know enough about U] -- 15 -- Thump, thump, thump -- 16 IÆll never be the same -- C 17 IÆm thru with love/ Seems like old times -- 18 ItÆs a blue world -- 19 London by night [L by N] -- C 20 Our waltz -- 21 Wonder why -- 22 Yours is my heart alone [Yours is my alone] [ ] -- C 23 Two for the road } -- C 23A Royal blue } Medley (Mancini) -- C 24 Dreamsville } -- 25 Nancy -- C 26 Dream a little dream of me [Dream a little drum of me] -- 27 Lonely town -- C 28 In the blue of evening [Blue of evening] -- 29 Lollipops & roses [Lollipops] -- 30 Why shouldnÆt I -- 31 This heart of mine -- A 32 Open country -- B 33 Snow White [Snowhite/CanÆt we be friends] -- 34 -- Minuet (circa Æ61) Brookmeyer -- 35 IÆm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter [Letter] -- B 36 I have dreamed -- 37 IÆm old fashioned [IÆm old] -- A 38 [Ballads] Imagination/What is there to say [Imagination/What say] -- 39 Maybe September/ Indian summer [Maybe Sept. & I.S.] [Sept & I.S.] -- B 40 My ideal -- A 41 Royal Garden Blues [Royal Garden] + ôSouth Rampart St. Paradeö -- B 42 This love of mine/ This is always [Love/Always] -- 43 Red devil [ôa quasi calypso, bossa-nova, polka (?)ö] -- 44 A lovely way to spend an evening [Lovely way] -- B 45 CanÆt we be friends -- 46 -- This happy madness -- 47 -- You are too beautiful [You are 2 beautiful] -- 48 IÆm glad there is you [IÆm glad there is U] [You] -- B 49 Long ago and far away [Long ago] -- 50 Manha de Carnaval [ M. of C.] -- 51 For L & L -- 52 Dirty man -- (Brookmeyer) -- 53 Stardust [Sawdust] (8 pc band û flute, vibes, sax, 2 trombones, bass, drums, acoustic guitar) -- A 54 Everywhere -- 55 All or nothing at all -- C 56 Sunny side of the street -- A 57 April in Paris [A in P] -- 58 Theme for Jobim (Mulligan) -- 59 Autumn nocturne -- 60 Moment to moment -- B 61 æDeed I do -- 62 Change partners -- 63 ThereÆs no you [ThereÆs no U] -- A 64 Wrap your troubles in dreams [Troubles] -- 65 I wish I knew -- 66 Maybe youÆll be there [MUBT}/ Endings - I only have eyes for you [Eyes 4 U] [IÆs 4 U] -- 67 You can depend on me -- 68 It all depends on you -- 69 Just tell me yes or no -- 70 Hawg jawz --71 Sea-Jay (in memoriam, Carl Jefferson) [C.J., Concord Records]

Gli Uccelli : set and costume designs

File contains a set design and five costume designs from the ballet Gli Ucelli (The Birds) by Ottorino Respighi from two different performances: Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1937 (set design) and at Teatro alla Scala in Milan, Italy in 1951 (costume designs). File also includes a list of Benois's designs for the latter production, with those included in the collection marked.

Benois, Nicola

Reviews of concerts with performances of The Humber Fairy

File contains two newspaper clippings and one copy of a newspaper clipping, with reviews of concerts that contained performances of John Francis Johnstone's song "The Humber Fairy." The concerts included: Toronto Opera House Galop, Ten Centuries Concert, Faculty of Music (1967) (two reviews); and, Musical Toronto at the Roy Thomson Hall (1984).

Queen Victoria's jubilee : for voice and piano

File consists of three publications of the song "Queen Victoria's Jubilee!" with words by John Imrie and music by J.F. Johnstone. The publications include the sheet music by Imrie & Graham of Toronto (1886); a clipping of its publication in the Montreal Daily Star (June 4, 1887); and, a copy of its inclusion in Jubilee Jollities (Grip's Own Library, vol. 1, no. 2, June 1887), page 24.

Untitled broadside

File consists of an untitled broadside made up of 16 panels of songs and illustrated prints. The broadside includes: When Love is King (words by John Imrie, music by George W. Grant); The British Flag (words by John Imrie, music by Prof. J.F. Johnstone); Sons of Scotland (words by John Imrie, music by George W. Strathy); Scotch Dainties (words by John Imrie, music by E. Corlett); The Star of Love (words by John Imrie, music by Ernest E. Leigh); Dear Land Ayont the Sea (words by John Imrie, music by G.M. Davidson); The Sons of England (words by John Imrie, music by Prof. J.F. Johnstone); and, Mother's Voice (words by John Imrie, music by Prof. J.F. Johnstone).

Songs of J.F. Johnstone

File consists of a recording of 9 songs by John Francis Johnstone as performed by Andrea Grant (piano); Caitlin Wood (soprano); Stephanie Tritchew (mezzo soprano); Charles Sy (tenor); and Joshua Whelan (baritone). The recording was made on April 10, 2013 at the University of Toronto with liner noes by Mary F. Williamson. The songs recorded on the CD are: Song of the Drummer; My Heart is Scotland's Yet; Dear Canada, To Thee; Temperance Soldiers; The Young Musician; The Humber Fairy; The Sweetest Word on Earth is Home; Canadian Song of Freedom; and, Queen Victoria's Jubilee.

Songs of Roy Lamont Smith : American composer

File consists of a notebook with the handwritten texts of songs by Roy Lamont Smith, written in alphabetical order. It is not clear whether the texts were handwritten by Smith, or collected by an unnamed individual. The songs include: A Lullaby (My tree Bird); Alone, A Woodland Path; Adoration; Gifts; Heart and Soul; Hearts Blossom; In Love's Tender Keeping; I sing to thee; Lullaby; Lines to an Indian air; Madrigal; My little Bo Peep; My soul shall sing; Nameless Pain; and, Plantation Lullaby. Many of the songs include indications of the author of the lyrics, the key of the music, and who the song was dedicated to, if applicable.

Magazine article and newspaper clipping on Roy Lamont Smith

File contains a copy of the magazine The Lookout (vol. 34, no. 9; April 25, 1925), which includes an article entitled "Roy Lamont Smith gives program before Greenville Music Club." File also includes a newspaper clipping of an article from The Chattanooga Times (May 1, 1927) entitled "Chattanooga will give honor to city's own composer this week." The article includes a photograph of Smith.

Boyd Neel scores lists

File contains various typescript lists of Boyd Neel's music library, including scores and parts.

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