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Jessie Reid (Writing)

File contains a workbook, the "Public School Writing Course," completed by Jessie Reid. This workbook was intended to develop a pupil's penmanship skills.

George Fothergill (Art)

File contains two art workbooks completed by George Fothergill. These workbooks include the Public School Drawing Course and the High School Drawing Course.

Simon Miller (Mathematics)

File contains 5 mathematical workbooks produced by Simon Miller (1826-1907) between 1839 and 1843. File also contains a ohotograph of Simon Miller and a letter from the donor, dated 1979.

S. S. No. 1 Tuckersmith (Art)

File contains a copy of the "Drawing Book used in the Normal Schools for Ontario and the Boys and Girls' Model Schools." This workbook was completed by the pupils of S. S. No. 1 in Tuckersmith, Ontario, in 1871. Individual pupils contributing to this workbook is identified on each work.

C. Jones (Art)

File contains three art workbooks completed by C. Jones. These workbooks include object drawing, industrial design, and freehand drawing.

Norman Found

Files contain graded high school examination papers written by Norman Found circa 1910. These papers cover all subjects and Forms.

Lissa Thomas

File contains 20 compositions written by Lissa Thomas as a pupil at Oshawa High School (Forms I through III).

Class Card - Western University

File contains an undated class card from Western University. The card most likely dates from between 1878 (when the Western University of London Ontario was established) and 1923 (when the university was renamed the University of Western Ontario).

Letter by a School Master

File contains a letter written by a school master in 1826 describing the troubles of early school life.

File also contains a transcription of the letter created in 1957.

Copy of Testimonials

File contains a copy of testimonials given between 1861 and 1868, which assert the fitness of John Seath for the position of Headmaster at Brampton Grammar School.

Miscellaneous Papers - County of Wellington

File contains records from the county of Wellington. Records include examination papers from 1882, a booklet containing songs for school holidays, and a blank certificate issued to schools by school inspectors for maintaining schools in excellent condition.

Reports to Watford Public School Trustees by Teachers and Principals

File contains reports submitted to the Watford Public School trustees by teachers and principals. These reports contained information regarding pupil enrollments, attendance, the state of school property, and materials or equipment required by the school.

The reports in this file were written in 1874, 1885, 1888, 1890, and 1903. One additional report is undated.

Papers Relating to Construction of a New Public School in 1894

File contains papers related to the construction of a new, brick school building after the original Watford Public School building was destroyed by fire in 1894. Records include correspondence with manufacturers and merchants regarding the sale of school desks, heating equipment, and building supplies and tenders for excavation, drains, brickwork, cut stone work, tinsmith work, and carpentry work.

Contract for Janitorial Services

File contains a handwritten contract between the trustees of the Watford Public School and Thomas Malone for janitorial services in 1900. Duties included general care of the school and its grounds, removing snow and ice during the winter, and ensuring an adequate supply of wood and attending to the school's furnace.

Duties of Janitor for Watford Public School for 1875

File contains a page listing the duties assigned to the janitor at the Watford Public School in 1875. Duties include lighting fires to warm the classrooms and removing ashes from the stoves, ensuring an adequate supply of wood, sweeping, dusting, and scrubbing the privies.

School Records - Brampton Grammar School

File contains a book belonging to Geoff Robinson, appointed Headmaster to Brampton Grammar School in August 1869. The records in this book date from 1869 to 1871 and include statistics, class lists, grades, and examination schedules.

Indenture of Lease - Temperance Hall

File contains a handwritten rental agreement between the Trustees of School Section No. 6 in the Village of Watford and the Trustees of Watford Shield Lodge No. 394, Independent Order of Good Templars, for the rental of the "Temperance Hall" building.

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