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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections Discover Archives File
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File consists of business correspondence from Javier Cortes Soriano, Director de Ediciones, concerning the translation of The Return of the Prodigal Son into Spanish for publication.


File consists of business correspondence concerning requests for endorsements of material or articles to include in the magazine; invitations to Sojourners' 20th Anniversary Festival and Sojourners' annual retreats. Nouwen was a contribu...

Expenses - promotion

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's promotion expenses incurred in 1995 and 1996. Includes receipts, invoices, statements, and notes arranged by month. Includes a number of statements from Daybreak Publications.

Foreign accounts - Midland Bank

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's account with Midland Bank in England. Includes statements, correspondence and bank cards. Also includes statements from publishers Darton Longman and Todd and Hodder Headline PLC regarding royalties.

Financial matters - accounts and general

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's financial affairs. Includes account activity print-outs from Nouwen's Bank of Montreal US chequing account, foreign exchange slips, and deposit book 9 from Nouwen's Bank of Montreal Canad...

Sabbatical - expenses from September 1995 to August 1996

  • CA ON00389 1-6-1-1389-1, 1389-2, 1389-3, 1389-4, 1389-5, 1389-6, 1389-7, 1389-8, 1389-9, 1389-10
  • File
  • September 1995 - December 1996
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of ten file folders containing material regarding Nouwen's expenses from his sabbatical from September 1995 to August 1996. File (1) includes account transaction detail for January to December 1996 and fax transmission records f...

Sabbatical - Henri's extended coverage

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's extended health insurance, travel insurance, RRSP contributions and L'Arche Daybreak expenses during his sabbatical from September 1995 to August 1996. Includes correspondence, notes from meet...


  • CA ON00389 1-6-1-1401-1, 1401-2
  • File
  • May 1993 - September 1996
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of two file folders containing material regarding Nouwen's travel arrangements. Includes airline tickets, boarding passes, travel itineraries, notes, and invoices.

Correspondence with Joe Sarno

File consists of material sent with the two boxes sent by Joe Sarno to Nouwen's office in Richmond Hill in 1996. Includes a letter explaining what was included in the two boxes. Also includes correspondence and forms regarding Nouwen co-signi...

Photographs of altar and old chapel at L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of 68 photographs and negatives of photographs taken in the chapel at L'Arche Daybreak of the altar. These photographs are mainly different views and configurations of the altar at L'Arche Daybreak. They were likely taken o...

Framed photographs

File consists of 6 framed photographs. These photographs mostly feature individuals. They were most likely displayed or stored in Nouwen's office at L'Arche Daybreak.

Framed photographs from Nouwen's home

File consists of 22 photographs, most of which are framed. These photographs were kept by Nouwen in his home. Most depict Nouwen family members. Included in the file is a framed woven piece of fabric, which was stored with the photographs.

Photographs of L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of 14 photographs of members of L'Arche Daybreak, taken at events. The photographs were taken while Nouwen was at Daybreak, but it is unknown why these photographs were scanned and placed together. There is one photograph of Nou...

Covenant Retreat 1996

File consists of 8 audio cassettes featuring talks given at a Covenant Retreat at St. Gabriel's Retreat Centre in Ditchingham, Norfolk, UK, from November 18-24, 1996.

Drafts of Bread for the journey

  • CA ON00389 1-1-1-83-1, 83-2, 83-3, 83-4, 83-5, 83-6, 83-7, 83-8, 83-9, 83-10, 83-11, 83-12, 83-13, 83-14, 83-15, 83-16
  • File
  • 1996
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of manuscripts and partial and complete typescripts for "Bread for the Journey". Folders (1) and (2) contain two hard-bound journals entitled, "Reflections for Every Day of the Year" and "Reflections for a Y...

L'Arche in Erie, Pennsylvania - April 19, 1997

File consists of a memorandum regarding Nouwen giving two presentations in Erie, Pennsylvania: one at the local L'Arche and one for the general public. Nouwen did not attend the event due to his death on September 21, 1996.

Letters from Jean Vanier

File consists of letters from Jean Vanier, some asking permission to use quotes from Nouwen's writing for his own publication. Also contains handwritten letter draft by Nouwen to Vanier.

Miscellaneous materials from L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of a copy of a letter sent by Sr. Sue Mosteller to L. Jackson, Director of the Mental Retardation Resources Branch of the Ministry of Community and Social Services (Government of Ontario) dated March 26, 1979. It is not clear as to t...

Material regarding Dennis O'Hare

File consists of material regarding Dennis O'Hare, a Masters of Divinity student looking for advice from Nouwen regarding a monastic retreat, including a clipping announcing a reading series led by Canon Gerald Loweth.

Draft of afterword for Flowers from the ark

File consists of a draft manuscript of an afterword (entitled, "Backward") by Nouwen to Sr. Christella Buser's book, "Flowers from the Arc: True Stories from the Homes of L'Arche" (1996).

File with reviews of Behold the beauty of the Lord

File consists of reviews of Behold the Beauty of the Lord: Praying with Icons, known in Dutch as In het huis van de Heer: Bidden met iconen, and in German as Bilder gottlichen Lebans: Ikonen schauen und beten.

Portraits of Nouwen in California

File consists of twelve photographs, taken by professional photographer Kevin Dwyer, of Nouwen during his visit to California in April, 1996; one photograph includes Frank Hamilton.

Portraits of Nouwen in Utrecht

File consists of eight photographs of Nouwen, taken by Maria Ter Staag and J.W. Wits, wearing a gray suit and dark tie, in Utrecht, NL, at the meeting of the Dean of the Archdiocese on June 20, 1996.

Miscellaneous photographs

File consists of eleven miscellaneous photographs. These photographs were likely sent to Nouwen, although could also have been accumulated in other ways. These photographs include:P3560 - Photograph of a drawing of a brick building, with a drawn s...

Photographs of Ireland

File consists of seven photographs, most likely taken in Ireland. These photographs include:P3584 - A boat and a white building with red trim: Teddy O'Sullivan pubP3585 - A metal crucifix looking out onto water and towards hills (located at S...


File consists of one variegated magenta wool stole with large tassels, one multi-coloured stole made from woven cotton possibly made in Central or South America, and one blended red woolen stole.

All Saints' Parish - June 13 - 15, 1997

File consists of a letter confirming Nouwen's visit to All Saints' Parish in Beverly Hills, California. Nouwen did not visit the Parish due to his death on September 21, 1996.

Circus programmes

File consists of six circus programmes dating from about 1993 to 1996. Three of the programmes are in German, two from ‘Circus Barum’ (ca. 1993 and ca. 1996) and one from ‘Der Grosse Asiatiche Circus’ (ca. 1993), three programmes are in Dutch from...

Daybreak administrative file 1996

File consists of collected administrative materials from Nouwen's work at L'Arche Daybreak from 1996. This material includes a program for Holy Thursday Service at Daybreak (April 4, 1996), and a letter to Steve Ellis asking him to send...

Directions to L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of directions from the Toronto airport to L'Arche Daybreak and Dayspring, including phone numbers for Daybreak houses and fare information.

Joe Lobko Architect Inc.

File consists of correspondence with Joe Lobko, of Joe Lobko Architect Inc., regarding the Dayspring addition in 1996; note from [Chris?] to Kathy Christie asking Nouwen to call John King as soon as possible, as he sounds as though he is closer to...

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