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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections File
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Photographs of Nouwen, Joe Child and others

File consists of three photographs of Nouwen, wearing a gray suit and dark tie, Joe Child, and others, at the "One Heart at a Time" 25th anniversary gala of L'Arche Daybreak, held February 3 and 4, 1995, at the Winter Garden Theatre (Toronto, ON).

Photographs of Nouwen's trip to Cancun, Mexico

File consists of nine photographs of Nouwen, wearing a blue short-sleeved collared shirt, in Cancun, Mexico for The Gathering Conference (November 2-4, 1995), with Nathan Ball and Joe Vorstermans, and Linda and Bob Buford.

Photographs of Nouwen at St. Paul's Bookcentre

File consists of two photographs of Nouwen, wearing a blue collared shirt and red polkadot tie, at St. Paul's Bookcentre (Toronto, ON), on December 3, 1995, for their "Spirit of Christmas" event.

Photographs of Adam Arnett, friends and family

File consists of twenty photographs of Adam Arnett, his family and friends, growing up and at L'Arche Daybreak, collected by Nouwen for his book, "Adam: God's Beloved". Thirteen photographs are copy prints and seven are unprinted negatives.

Portraits of Nouwen in California

File consists of twelve photographs, taken by professional photographer Kevin Dwyer, of Nouwen during his visit to California in April, 1996; one photograph includes Frank Hamilton.

Portraits of Nouwen in Utrecht

File consists of eight photographs of Nouwen, taken by Maria Ter Staag and J.W. Wits, wearing a gray suit and dark tie, in Utrecht, NL, at the meeting of the Dean of the Archdiocese on June 20, 1996.

Portraits of Nouwen

File consists of seven photographs, taken by professional photographer Neal McDonough, of Nouwen in New Jersey during his 1995-1996 sabbatical.

Portraits of Nouwen

File consists of two photographs, taken by professional photographer Robert Quast, of Nouwen, wearing a dark sweater and red polkadot tie, during his visit to Utrecht, NL.

Photographs of Nouwen's visit to Peapack, NJ

File consists of an album of twenty-six photographs of Nouwen (wearing a blue collared shirt, light gray sweater and gray pants), Peggy McDonnell, Nathan Ball and others at McDonnell's home in Peapack, NJ, where Nouwen stayed during part of his 1995-1996 sabbatical and formed the "Red Barn Community". Handwritten captions accompany many photographs; pages 11, 14 and 23, are missing photographs, but contain the following captions: "LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF" (page 11); "HE LIVES - AND SMILES (HE DRANK FROM THE CUP)" (page 14); and "I THINK I NEED A SABBATICAL (DID I SAY THAT 8 MONTHS AGO?)" (page 23). Page 24 contains only the caption: "YOU'LL ALWAYS BE IN OUR, UM,/ER,/PRAYERS/DREAMS/HEARTS/THOUGHTS/AND THE REST OF/OUR LIVES".

Photographs of The Return of the Prodigal Son

File consists of eight photographs of the painting "The Return of the Prodigal Son" by Rembrandt van Rijn. The photographs are details of pieces of the painting, including close-ups of the father and son, the father's hands on the son's back, the father, the father's face, the son's foot that is missing a sandal, the figure of the son, and the torso of the son with the father's hands.

Photographs of unknown chapel

File consists of eight photographs of an unknown chapel. The first and second photographs show different angles of a room outside of the nave which has a podium and wooden chairs. The floor of this room is carpeted, and there is a wooden ceiling. The third photograph was taken above the podium in that room looking into the nave. The wooden ceiling continues, but in a darker colour, and the floor is brick inside the nave, there is a candle in the entrance way, and a cross hanging above the altar. The fourth is a closer view of the altar, hanging crucifix, and colourful flowers in front of the altar. The fifth and sixth show a view from behind the altar looking back into the room with chairs. The seventh photograph shows the light and skylight in the room, which is constructed in the same dark wood as the ceiling, but has four tiers. The last pictures shows some wild flowers outside against aged wooden siding.

Miscellaneous photographs

File consists of eleven miscellaneous photographs. These photographs were likely sent to Nouwen, although could also have been accumulated in other ways. These photographs include:
P3560 - Photograph of a drawing of a brick building, with a drawn sign with "Festival Center" above the door. Back of the photograph has the printed date 'Feb88'.
P3561 - Photograph of an unknown colour painting, in the Impressionist school.
P3562 - A sunset over a lake. Back of the photograph contains the annotation, in an unknown hand, "1995. The bottom of our back garden - Port Perry Island." and "294-16."
P3563 - Unknown classroom. The floor and walls are made of brick, and the stools are fashioned out of wood. The furniture is strewn about the room, and the chalkboard is very dirty.
P3564 - Uknown altar in an unknown church. The altar is ornate and white, with two columns on each side and decorative gold designs. There are candles and flower on the altar and a white railing around the outside with two baskets of fruit rested atop. There is a silver crucifix on the altar, and a painting of Jesus hanging on the altar back. There is a small hay hut to the left of the altar and a trellis with flowers attached. The back of the photograph features an annotation in an unknown hand (in Dutch), and the printed date 'Okt 94".
P3565 - A spider web in a tree.
P3566 - a view of a forest in fall, with some orange leaves on the trees, and blanketing the ground. It appears to be foggy.
P3567 and P3568 - A private altar, presumably inside a home. The table is covered with two tablecloths, one black with a gold design. There are two vases with flowers sitting atop the table, as well as a blue ceramic chalice and brown ceramic paten. A metal cross stands behind with a white candle. There are two icons hanging on the wall behind.
P3569 - A sideways views of some trees.
P3570 - A shot of a stream running through the woods in winter. There is snow blanketing the ground and trees.
P3571 - A view looking across a showy field to a house among trees. Back of the photograph has the printed date: "Jan' 85."

Photographs of Niagara Falls

File consists of three photographs. Two photographs depict Niagara Falls, one photograph shows the Canada - United States border.

Photographs in Central Park

File consists of eight photographs taken in Central Park in New York City, NY.
P3575 - Bethesda Fountain
P3576 - Central Park Pond
P3577 and P3578 - Flowering tree in the Park
P3579 - the "Pilgrim Father" statue. This statue depicts a bronze pilgrim on a marble plinth, and has the inscription "To commemorate the landing of the Pilgrim Fathers on Plymouth Rock, December 21, 1620." There are flowering trees behind the statue
P3580 - Boaters on the Central Park Pond
P3581 - A gazebo off the pond near the rock face
P3582 - The Cherry Hill fountain
File also includes one photograph (P3583) of a teenage boy, wearing a t-shirt and green shorts, standing on a beach.

Photographs of Ireland

File consists of seven photographs, most likely taken in Ireland. These photographs include:
P3584 - A boat and a white building with red trim: Teddy O'Sullivan pub
P3585 - A metal crucifix looking out onto water and towards hills (located at Sloan Head)
P3586 - A rock and a shell on a beach
P3587 - [Kin Crea] Abbey (ruins)
P3588 - [Kincrea] Abbey, ruins among green fields
P3589 - Glen Lough, a valley with a small lake in the center
P3590 - [Kincrea] Abbey, a close-up of some stone Celtic crosses marking graves in the ruins. One says "Erected to the memory of [First name unknown] McNamara."

Black and white photographs

File consists of five black and white photographs, likely taken in Europe. Contents of photographs are as follows:
P3591 - Two ships in a harbour
P3592 - A streetlight, with several rooftops in the background, and the steeple of a church
P3593 - A winter scene of a tree with a bench beneath it and a pond or small lake beyond. Everything is blanketed in snow
P3594 - A woman, in a crowd of people, holding a gray cat over her shoulder. She is smiling
P3595 - A woman in a fur coat standing with and smiling at two children, one a little girl holding a doll, and the other an older boy. A bicycle is near them. They appear to be standing against a barricade. There is a police officer right behind them, two police men standing against a doorway, and three policemen chatting in a group in another doorway.

Photographs of altar and old chapel at L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of 68 photographs and negatives of photographs taken in the chapel at L'Arche Daybreak of the altar. These photographs are mainly different views and configurations of the altar at L'Arche Daybreak. They were likely taken on different days, as there are different cloths, chalices, flowers, and other ornamentation, in each of the photographs. Contents of photographs are as follows:
P3596 - P3598 - The altar with a purple cloth, six glass chalices, and two glass patens. In front of the table (made by Joe Child) is the crucifix (also made by Joe Child), a bowl painted to look like two hands, flowers, and candles placed on a blue cloth. Chairs are arranged behind the table.
P3599 - P3600 - The altar with a flowered cloth and two candles in glasses. A single chair is placed behind the table. In front is a painting of Jesus and another figure, a tall candle, two vases with bouquets of flowers, and a branch with paper butterflies attached. The wooden tabernacle can be seen in the background.
P3601, P3603 - The bare altar with a small white cloth upon which is rested a glass chalice and a glass paten. There is wine in the chalice and a loaf of bread on the paten. An open Bible is on the table, as well as two white candles in glasses. Two more of these candles are on the floor in front of the table, along with a vase of yellow and white flowers.
P3602 - The bare altar with a small white cloth upon which rests a glass chalice and large glass plate. There is wine in the cup and a loaf of bread on the plate. A Bible is open on a wooden book stand next to the loaf. There are two lit candles in glasses on either end of the table, and one small vase with a single white and a single red carnation. The colourful tapestry is visible behind.
P3604 - The bare altar with the white cloth, two candles, a red Bible open on the table, and a vase of flowers on the flower in front, with candles.
P3605 - P3607 - The bare altar with a white cloth, glass chalice with wine, paten with small loaf of bread, candles, open Bible, and a gold icon of the Virgin Mary and Jesus on the floor in front.
P3644 - PP3645 - The bare altar with a white cloth, glass chalice with wine, paten with small loaf of bread, candles, open Bible, and a vase of red roses.
P3646 - P3648 - Two wooden crucifixes. One is located in the Nouwen fonds.
P3649 - P3653 - Various views of the colourful tapestry that hangs on the wall in the old chapel. It is abstract, but depicts people and a cross with a figure in front (possibly Jesus or God).
P3654 - P3663 - Various views and close-ups of a wooden statue located in the chapel. The statue depicts a carving woman with her arms around three children, with three more children in front of her holding an infant. The woman is likely the Virgin Mary. This statue can be seen in the background of many of the above photographs of the altar.

P3608 - P3643 - Negatives. Some of these negatives are of the altar in various configurations, like the photographs listed above. Contents include:
P3608 - P3610 - A woman in a green shirt in front of the sign for Sioux Lookout Park in the City of Burlington.
P3611 - P3614 - A gathering in the old chapel at L'Arche Daybreak. In the first photograph, people are milling about. Nouwen can be seen in the background in dark robes and a stole. In the second, Nouwen is in front of the altar leaning to touch a candle on the table. Sr. Sue Mosteller is behind him. In the third, Nouwen and seven others are seated in chairs behind the altar. Nouwen is leaning over to talk with the person next to him [possibly Janice Byrne]. In the fourth, the group is again standing.
P3615 - P3630 - Various viewpoints of the altar, with items on the floor in front. P3622 depicts a wooden crucifix, not the same as seen in P3696.
P3631 - P3641 - Another view of the altar, without items in front. It is possible that these negatives correspond to P3602.
P3642 - P3643 - Nouwen entering the chapel and then standing inside the chapel in front of the altar. He appears to be wearing a sweater and collared shirt, and light-coloured pants.

Photograph of Unilever

File consists of 1 photograph of an Unilever, taken from a distance, which is a factory complex at which Nouwen was an intern in the summer of 1958.

Framed photographs

File consists of 6 framed photographs. These photographs mostly feature individuals. They were most likely displayed or stored in Nouwen's office at L'Arche Daybreak.

Framed photographs from Nouwen's home

File consists of 22 photographs, most of which are framed. These photographs were kept by Nouwen in his home. Most depict Nouwen family members. Included in the file is a framed woven piece of fabric, which was stored with the photographs.

Photographs of L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of 14 photographs of members of L'Arche Daybreak, taken at events. The photographs were taken while Nouwen was at Daybreak, but it is unknown why these photographs were scanned and placed together. There is one photograph of Nouwen. Photographs include:
1 - Photograph of the Spirit Movers, a dance group consisting of L'Arche Daybreak core members.
2 - Photograph of three unknown individuals speaking into microphones. They are assistants. Bill van Buren can be seen to their right. The man and woman in the center are wearing sweatshirts with the L'Arche Daybreak 25th Anniversary logo. All of those visible are wearing red scarves.
3 - Photograph of two core members working in the Woodery.
4 - Photograph of Francis Maurice wearing a white robe and a crown of thorns, and carrying a wooden cross. Other members of L'Arche Daybreak are visible around him.
5 - Photograph of Henri Nouwen and Francis Maurice welcoming Gail [Stevens] into the Catholic church.
6 - Photograph of Sue Mosteller and Heather Goodchild laughing together.
7 - Photograph of Sue Mosteller washing the feet of Tracy Westerby.
8 - Photograph of Roy Turkel, wearing a newsboy cap, white collared shirt, suspenders, and jeans, laughing and looking to his right.
9 - Photograph of Roy Turkel, Anne P. and John Smeltzer at the 25th Anniversary dinner for L'Arche Daybreak.
10 - Photograph of an assistant, Nathalie [Last name unknown] with Michael Barrett.
11 - Photograph of an unknown woman with a core member.
12 - Photograph of Zenia Kushpeta and Rose Decker opening a present together.
13 - Photograph of Tracy Westerby washing the feet of Sue Mosteller at the foot washing service on Holy Thursday.
14 - Photograph of members of the retirement programme sharing a meal together.

L'Arche portfolio

File consists of one photograph album titled "L'Arche Portfolio" which was created by Peter Weiskel in December 1985 and holds 104 photographs. These photographs were taken by Weiskel while he was visiting with Henri Nouwen in France at L'Arche Trosly-Breuil. Nouwen and Weiskel also possibly took a few excursions together in France, as some photographs are not from L'Arche Trosly-Breuil. The photographs are labelled sequentially with numbered labels, although some labels are missing.

Photographs in the album depict the town of Trosly, L'Arche Trosly-Breuil grounds and buildings; core members and assistants at L'Arche Trosly-Breuil, including some photographs at a gathering; some photographs of meals at various houses of L'Arche Trosly-Breuil; photographs of Pere Thomas, Pauline Vanier, Jean Vanier, Henri Nouwen, Xavier le Pichon and Brigitte le Pichon; and photographs of Morienval and Ourscamp.

Photographs of Nouwen at Pendle Hill Summer Institute

  • CA ON00389 F4-15-1-19
  • File
  • [between June 28, 1982 and July 31, 1982]
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of thirteen photographs of a Summer Institute held at Swarthmore College near the Pendle Hill Institute (Wallingford, PA), which Nouwen helped to lead; Parker Palmer is also present.

Photographs of Nouwen celebrating 25th anniversary of ordination

File consists of two photographs of Nouwen at the celebration of the 25th anniversary of his ordination on August 6, 1982. The celebration was held on the grounds of the Abbey of the Genesee (Piffard, NY) and attended by Nouwen's family, friends and colleagues.

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