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Victoria University Archives Series
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Collections management

Series consists of records relating to library and art/object collections at Victoria University, and information on personnel files, 1844-1943.


Series consists of records relating to committees, 1890–1904, inluding the Board of Regents, committee on the Jubilee, and the Executive Committee meeting

Records relating to The Collected Works of Northrop Frye

The Collected Works of Northrop Frye is a thirty volume series of University of Toronto Press publications that began in 1996 and continued until 2012; it published annotated versions of Northrop Frye’s books, correspondence, essays, speeches, notebooks, diaries, and interviews with Frye, edited by international Frye scholars.

Series consists of three sub-series relating to the production and editing The Collected Works of Northrop Frye: general records, 1991-2011; records of the General Editor, 1995-2011; and records of the Associate Editor, 1992-2011.

Annual reports and other records

Series consists of annual reports (incomplete), 1898-2003; reports (including those to Victoria University bodies), questionnaires, evaluations, manuals, newsletters, statistics, occasional papers, policies and statements on acquisitions, public service, facilities and other areas of activity, 1878-2006.

Director's records

Series consists of files of Directors Eva Kushner, Roseann Runte, Brian Merrilees, 1989-2001, including Advisory Board minutes and other records, Management Board minutes and other records, annual reports, financial statements, subject/correspondence files relating to various NFC activities as well as to Collected Works matters, including the appointment of staff and files relating to the applications of individual fellows/associates and visiting scholars.

Records relating to "The Legacy of Northrop Frye" Conference

The "Legacy of Northrop Frye" Conference was held at Victoria University, October 29-31, 1992. It took place in co-operation with the University of Toronto, McMaster University, Queen's University, Acadia University and the Royal Society of Canada.

Series consists of records, 1991-1993, including correspondence, applications, programme, minutes, financial and other records of the Conference Chair Alvin Lee and the NFC Director, Eva Kushner that relate to the planning and organization of the Conference; and the subsequent publication of the papers in The Legacy of Northrop Frye, 1992-1995.

Records related to general administration

Series consists of general administrative files of the Bursar's office, general correspondence files, 1846–1984; and files containing correspondence, reports, notes, flow charts and other records regarding administrative restructuring and business with other senior administrative officers. Also contains records of activities and functions of which the Bursar was involved, including the oversight of Book Bureau, etc.

General/Correspondence files

Series consists of general files containing incoming and outgoing correspondence (including correspondence with Victoria University Officers), reports and other records concerning a wide range of activities, including matters involving individual students, 1948-1990.

Correspondence/subject files

Series consists of the subject and correspondence files of the Registrar and the Associate Registrar and cover the main activities of the office such as providing services to students, planning and organizing events including convocations and installations, administering scholarships and awards as well as acting as secretary to the Senate. The series is broken down into the following sub-series:
Sub-series 1: Academic year files, 1913-1981
Sub-series 2: Administration and General Files
Sub-series 3: Records related to Awards, Scholarships, Bursaries and Medals
Sub-series 4: Installation and Convocation Files
Sub-series 5: Records related to Admissions, Enrolment and Graduation
Sub-series 6: Special Events
Sub-series 7: Student Programs
Sub-series 8: Records related to the Board and Senate

Essays and articles

Series consists of predominantly religious essays and articles, 1842-1896, including those written as a student.

Many of the essays in the collection were written by Nelles during his school days, allowing the researcher to acquire some insights into the nature of a nineteenth–century education as well as an understanding of Nelles' interests and abilities as a young man. Other essays authored by Nelles may be found in manuscript copies of student newspapers located in the Victoria College Archives. Many of the articles included in the collection were printed after Nelles' death, giving some indication of the lasting impact of Nelles' work.

Records related to First Nations in Canada

Series consists of reports, photographs, drawings, and other material regarding First Nations people, primarily the Okanagan. Records relate to education and residential schools, culture and arts and crafts.

Records of Edward Wilson Wallace, Jr.

Series consists of an account of a bicycle tour of England, Scotland and Ireland and reminiscences of his father, Edward Wilson Wallace entitled "Round the World with Edward" in regards to a trip from China with Edward Jr.

Wallace, Edward Wilson, Jr.

Records relating to member organizations, commissions and committees

Series consists of records, 1970-2009, including minutes, correspondence, constitutions, reports, recognition forms, resource material and other records generated by member organizations, commissions, clubs and committees, as well as files of the VUSAC President; bodies include the Bob Revue, Acta Victoriana, Athletic Union, Pub Board, Budget Review Committee, Publications Management Board, Wymilwood House Committee, and Productions Commission (overseeing theatre and other shows).


Series consists of photographs of Alexandra Johnston, including various portraits; a photo of Johnston presenting an achievement gift to Iris French, wife of President Goldwin French, 1986; a portrait of the class of 1961's 25th anniversary spring reunion, 1986; convocations, 1985, 1991; and documentation of her induction into the Royal Society, 1997.


Series consists of a typescript of play "The Fall of the House of Bell" written by Margaret Ray relating to Victoria University's Bell House residence, typescripts of plays including "A Tree of the Christ Child", poems, and reviews of "A Book of Canadian Humour" (edited by Ray and J.D. Robins).


Series consists of the personal diaries of Alfred Gandier.

Professional life

Series consists of records relating to the administrative aspects of Johnston's professional life, 1959-2009, including awards and recognition, diplomas and degrees, her CV as of 2009, and records relating to her installation as Principal of Victoria College.

Records related to events

Series consists of correspondence, programs, guest lists and other records relating to special events, predominantly installations, 1931–1981. Series also consists of addresses, statistics and other records relating to a one-day open conference entitled “Give Us This Day,” 1981.

Self Study

The first Self-study was prepared in view of a visit of representatives of the Commission on Accrediting of the American Association of Theological Schools.

In 1989, the second self-study was launched in order to determine if Emmanuel College was meeting the General Institutional Standards of the Association of Theological School and to provide evaluative evidence to judge the quality of the individual degree programs and their conformity to ATS degree standards.

Series consists of both self-studies.

Correspondence of the Principal

Series consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence arranged alphabetically, 1946–1954, and chronologically, 1962–1990. Correspondence, 1946–1983, is general/miscellaneous and includes material pertaining to students, faculty, staff, as well as to programs, policies, activities and events; correspondence, 1984–1990, is classified as concerning students, 1985–1990, to/from faculty, 1984–1988, and general/miscellaneous, 1984–1990. Later correspondence was arranged by recipient/subject -2008.

Records related to the Association of Theological Schools

Series is arranged alphabetically, and consists of correspondence, reports, minutes, statistics and other records re committees, conferences, surveys, self-studies, and workshops of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada, and its preceding body, the Association of American Theological Schools, 1938–2001.

Records related to faculty and teaching staff

Series consists of files relating to human resources. Includes records of individual faculty/teaching staff and Appointment/Search Committees for teaching positions. Record types include CVs, correspondence re promotions and appointments, letters of recommendation, search committee minutes, and staff interviews. Faculty files contain CVs and often course outlines, correspondence, writing and articles, memorials, resolutions, obituaries and photographs, published articles, lecture papers and course evaluations. Also includes files related to visiting fellows and lecturers.

Minutes and other records of committees and associations

Series consists of minutes and other records concerning University bodies and outside organizations including committees, associations and councils upon which the Dean of Women participated, including the Tackaberry Library Committee, Pictures Committee, Faculty Women's Association, Dean's Council, Addison Memorial Committee, the Women's Building Committee (a sub-committee of the Board of Regents's Planning Committee), building committees, the Y.W.C.A., the University Women's Club, etc.

Records related to inter-institutional agreements and cooperation.

Consists of records relating to the establishment and management of partnerships, inter-institutional collaborations and cooperative activities as well as institutional agreements. Records relate to the United Church of Canada, Deans' and Principal's of UCC schools, the United Church Training School and Church Conferences (including records for candidacy of graduates), the Toronto School of Theology, the University of Toronto, Knox College, Trinity College, as well as other national and local ecumenical organizations

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