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Farm Radio Forums - Ghana

File contains correspondence, reports, and articles on Farm Radio Forum projects in Ghana as well as in other African countries. File also contains records related to setting up the Ghana project, including personnel requests.

Farm Radio Forum Books

Subseries consists of Farm Radio Forum records that had been compiled for research purposes, as well as additional handwritten research notes. These records and notes had been stored in binders and arranged by the creator into five "books" according to year.

Farm Radio Forum Book 4

File contains records and notes related to the operation of the Farm Radio Forum between 1960 and 1964. These records include proposals, conference notes and proceedings, reports, transcripts of speeches, meeting minutes, memoranda, resolutions, correspondence, and planning documents.

1961-1962 Season

File contains a scrapbook with newspaper and magazine articles related to the Canadian Farm Radio Forum dating from 1961 and 1962.

File also contains several folders of loose articles that had been tucked into the scrapbook. These articles date primarily from 1960-1965, although there are a few articles from 1944-1945 as well.

Janet Grieve

File contains a Pupil's Certificate from the Public Schools of the County of Waterloo issued April 28, 1880, certifying that Janet Grieve has passed the promotion examination and was being promoted to the Senior Third Class.

Frank Sampson

File contains three certificates issued to Frank Sampson:

1) A Certificate of Merit issued by the City of Toronto Public Schools in June 1892, for proficiency in the combined examination of public school pupils;
2) A certificate from the Collegiate Institutes and High Schools of Ontario, issued in July 1893, certifying that Frank Sampson had passed the entrance exam; and
3) A certificate issued by the Trustees of the Collegiate Institutes of the City of Toronto on 20 July 1893, awarding Frank Sampson a scholarship for two years of free study.

John L. Sharp

File contains a certificate issued July 14, 1906, certifying that John L. Sharp had passed the entrance examination to enroll in a collegiate institute, high school, or continuation school.

John M. Corkindale

File contains a certificate issued September 1, 1917, attesting that John M. Corkindale had completed the requirements (i.e. passed the entrance examination) to enroll in a collegiate institute, high school, or continuation school.

Teaching Appointments

Series contains materials related to the hire of teachers in Ontario schools.

Series contains two subseries: letters of application and teaching contracts.

James E. Burchell

File contains a letter to a public school trustee of the Township of Marlborough applying to a teaching position. The trustee's response was written on the reverse of the page.

Martha Corry

File contains two handwritten teaching contracts between Martha Corry and the Public School Trustees of Section No. Six in the Township of Warwick in the County of Lambton, signed November 2, 1875 and December 18, 1876.

William Johnston

File contains a teaching contract between William Johnston and the Trustees of School Section No. Six in the Township of Warwick and Village of Watford, signed November 2, 1875.

Albert Odell

File contains a teaching contract between Albert Odell and the Public School Board of the Village of Watford, signed September 1, 1887.

Maggie J. Rae

File contains a teaching contract between Maggie J. Rae and the Public School Board of the Village of Watford, signed January 25, 1887.

Roger Howard

File contains two teaching contracts between Roger Howard and the Public School Board of the Village of Watford, signed July 6, 1887 and December 7, 1887.

Maria D. Smith

File contains a teaching contract between Maria D. Smith and the Public School trustees of the Village of Watford, signed on December 7, 1887.

Lena Jamieson

File contains a teaching contract between Lena Jamieson and the Public School Board of the Village of Watford, signed January 25, 1887.

Jennie McPhedran

File contains a teaching contract between Jennie McPhedran and the Public School Board of the Village of Watford, signed November 22, 1888.

Duties of Janitor for Watford Public School for 1875

File contains a page listing the duties assigned to the janitor at the Watford Public School in 1875. Duties include lighting fires to warm the classrooms and removing ashes from the stoves, ensuring an adequate supply of wood, sweeping, dusting, and scrubbing the privies.

Reports to Watford Public School Trustees by Teachers and Principals

File contains reports submitted to the Watford Public School trustees by teachers and principals. These reports contained information regarding pupil enrollments, attendance, the state of school property, and materials or equipment required by the school.

The reports in this file were written in 1874, 1885, 1888, 1890, and 1903. One additional report is undated.


Subseries contains workbooks created by pupils in Ontario schools. These workbooks cover a range of subjects, and many of them contain graded work.

Simon Miller (Mathematics)

File contains 5 mathematical workbooks produced by Simon Miller (1826-1907) between 1839 and 1843. File also contains a ohotograph of Simon Miller and a letter from the donor, dated 1979.

S. S. No. 1 Tuckersmith (Art)

File contains a copy of the "Drawing Book used in the Normal Schools for Ontario and the Boys and Girls' Model Schools." This workbook was completed by the pupils of S. S. No. 1 in Tuckersmith, Ontario, in 1871. Individual pupils contributing to this workbook is identified on each work.

Kenneth F. French

File contains 4 workbooks belonging to Kenneth F. French. Workbooks include two copy books, and exercise and practice book, and the Public School Drawing Course.

Alice McCallum

File contains two notebooks created by Alice McCallum. These workbooks include a teacher's copy of a "Rhythm, Band, Play" notebook and a book with notes on teaching method related to learning to write. File also contains a letter from the donor and a photograph of the Vankoughnet School taken in 1943.

[Donation acquisition]

File contains correspondence between Vernon Turner and Jeanette Shmidt (Librarian For Public Services, OISE) regarding the donation process and Turner's notes on the collection.


File contains one combined notebook for Form 1 English & Library classes. The structure of the notebook consists of cardboard covers that hold loose leaf pages. Tabs divide content into different units of writing composition and reading.

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