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[Aerial photographs]

File includes 5 aerial photographs: two, from 1954 and 1998, are identical shots showing the development of the campus between the two dates; another taken from 1966, the fourth presents the campus as it was in 1970 and the fifth has no date.

[Architecture Team]

File includes 1 black and white photograph showing the architectural team for the original campus buildings: Michael Hough, landscaper, John Andrews, architect, and Michar Huso- Brunt.

[Assignment of Work and Contract Procedures]

File includes assignment of work for the User's Committee, architect, landscape architect, superintendent's department, project architect, project engineers, and service and site development engineers; and contract procedures for how the work will be carried out between contracted firms and Scarborough College.

[Authors' Reception at Erindale College]

File includes 2 black and white photographs: [photos were removed from frames] Inscribed: Authors' Reception at Erindale College. Seated at the table are: Joy Carroll, Doris Anderson and Sylvia Fraser; Symbolic presentation resulting from the Students' Library Referendum [names inscribed on photo frame cardboard].

[Awards - 1993, 1998]

File includes a poster and a brochure about UTSC awards programs. Note: these items were included with the clippings above, but not foldered.

[Binding Services]

File contains one bound copy of Binding Services of the Scarborough College Library: A Summary of its work & procedures, amd one empty bound book.

[Black Scrapbook]

Scrapbook includes articles on planning for and opening of Scarborough College, architecture construction, alumni, local residents, land, courses, campus events.

[Book Policy]

File contains the Scarborough College Library Book Selection Policy, and Books for College Libraries, 3d ed: Guidelines.

[Brown Scrapbook #1]

Scrapbook includes articles about faculty and staff, campus, events, alumni, apartheid, enrollment, Halley's Comet, Joan Foley appointment, arts funding, animal research, staff shortages, and campus arts centre.

[Brown Scrapbook #2]

Scrapbook includes articles on reputation of UTSC, events, research, erosion at the Scarborough Bluffs, co-op education, 25th Anniversary of UTSC, fundraising, and appointments.

[Buildings. Misc.]

File includes 9 black and white photographs, 3 colour photographs, 9 black and white negatives and 2 colour negatives depicting various campus buildings, including Miller Lash House, the S-Wing, the H-Wing and construction.

[Campus Tours]

File includes memos, correspondence, and other documents regarding campus tours planned around the opening of the campus. Also includes campus tour material from 1973.

[Campus Tours]

File includes a copy of the UTSC Self-Guided Tour of Architectural Features and a poster for tours of the St George campus.

[Campus maps]

File includes 8 maps. Scale: [Varies by map]. Date: n.d.
Description: Maps of campus, produced for student/visitor use
Medium/material: Ink on paper.
Colour: Black, brown, orange, red, blue. Dimensions (height x width): [Varies by map]. Signature: None.
Inscription: [Title varies by map] / [Identifications and other information].
Physical condition: Good.
Notes: None.

[Clippings - Architecture]

File includes printouts of various online articles and resources that reference the architecture at UTSC. Also includes information on various architects, including Donald Forgie and John Andrews, and architectural firms such as Page & Steele.


File includes correspondence from the early/mid-1970s, 1992, and 2002; also includes a guest list for a Governing Council dinner that was held at Scarborough College in 1969.


File includes correspondence from the early/mid-1970s, 1992, and 2002; also includes a guest list for a Governing Council dinner that was held at Scarborough College in 1969.

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