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Vijaya Venkatacharya

Series consists of material related to the personal and professional life of Vijaya Venkatacharya. Material includes incoming correspondence, records related to her involvement in the AWIC and Kannada Sangha, in addition to notes taken by Ms. Venkatacharya.

Graduate students

This small series documents Prof Warkentin relationship two of her Ph.D. students and included mainly correspondence, manuscript revisions and critiques of their dissertations.


This series consists of correspondence files, arranged alphabetically by name of correspondence or organization and chronologically within each file.

Administrative files

The files in this series document some of Professor Warkentin’s activities while a professor in the Department of English at Victoria College and director of the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies. They relate primarily to the activities of the Combined Departments of English (University College, Victoria College, Trinity College and St. Michael’s College) in the Faculty of Arts and Science. Also included is a portrait of Prof. Warkentin taken in her office in January 1984

Course files

This series documents Professor Warkentin's role as a teacher. Files include course materials such as course outlines, reading lists, assignments, tests, exams and essay topics. The most extensive file are lecture notes which include hand written notes that are accompanied by copies of articles and examples of literary works that Warkentin usually annotated. For some courses these are organized by lecture while for other courses they are arranged by the name of the author being studied. Also included in this series are course evaluations. These are anonymous questionnaires completed by students.

Of particular note are the files relating to course ENG 356F. They contain extensive notes on exploration authors as well as supporting documentation, often annotated by Warkentin. Warkentin eventually published a course anthology in 1993 titled Canadian Exploration Literature: an anthology. These notes would have served as the basis for this publication.

Finally, there is a manuscript of the first lecture Prof. Warkentin gave in 1958 early in her career at United College, Winnipeg.

Arrangement is by course with the evaluations placed at the end of the series. The courses for which there is documentation are listed below.

Publishing projects

This series includes records created and collected while editing and/or writing literary works. Files contain correspondence with publishers and often with the authors of the original work. There is also correspondence relating to primary sources and with other academics or people familiar with the work being edited as well as with contributors. Files also contain research notes, bibliographies, reviews, publishing contracts and draft manuscripts.

Of particular note is correspondence with poet James Reaney along with his originally designed Christmas cards from him and his wife Colleen Thibaudeau. Early correspondence relates to his book Poems edited by Germaine Warkentin in 1972 but continues well into the 1990s and is often of a personal nature. Photographs of James Reaney at John Warkentin’s retirement party can be found in B2002-0006/001P (01).

In 1976 Uof T Press reprinted The White Savannahs by W.E. Collin as part of the series Literature in Canada: Poetry and Prose in Reprint. Warkentin wrote the introduction and in doing so corresponded with Collin as well as with poets Al Purdy, Leo Kennedy, A.J.M Smith, Frank Scott and Dorothy Livesay.

In 2001 Warkentin’s edited work Decentring the Renaissance: Canada and Europe in multidisciplinary perspective, 1500-1700 was published. This book was based on papers presented at a conference in 1976, organized by Warkentin and sponsored by the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies at Victoria College. Records in this series document the conference along with the subsequent publication and include files on funding, correspondence with contributors, readers and the publisher.

Warkentin was also involved in the publishing project, The History of the Book in Canada. Included is correspondence, reports, drafts and planning documents.

Research files - Canadian authors

Over the years, Warkentin compiled resource files on Canadian authors. They were used for teaching, writing articles and giving papers. They contain mainly notes and annotated articles. Many also contain bibliographies, biographies, correspondence (sometimes with the author), drafts of articles, talks and reviews by Warkentin. There is also correspondence relating to the search for primary sources relating to an author.

Seminars and workshops

Series contains mainly files relating to a workshop Warkentin taught “Reading Manuscripts from Petrarch to Milton”. Included are course outlines, lecture notes and supporting material. There is also one file on a seminar relating to editing historical manuscripts and miscellaneous notes on manuscript research. Finally there is a file relating to a seminar class she did at York for Prof. Alison Bain

Reports, Writings and Reviews

Series contains the drafts of some reports and miscellaneous writings as well an almost complete set copies or off-prints of Warkentin’s published reviews. The latter are arranged chronologically and are numbered according to the listing on her 2018 C.V. found in box B2018-0002/008.

Grant files

Series documents successful grants received by Warkentin mainly to undertake research during her sabbaticals. Includes correspondence, applications, reviews and progress reports. There is one file on the Guggenheim Foundation which was a failed application.

Manuscripts and publications

The manuscripts and publications in this series form a small representation of Principal Wallace’s literary output, but they do provide a sense of the breadth of his interests and the activities to which he devoted himself after his retirement in 1944.


This series contains a small representation of addresses given by Principal Wallace, ranging from students to radio broadcasts nationwide.

University of Toronto

This series contains items ranging from University College class reunions to the University of Toronto Overseas Training Company’s “Record of Service” book that Malcolm Wallace compiled while second-in-command of the Company during World War I. There are also files on retirements (William John Alexander), College fees and scholarships, articles about Toronto and U of T history, and Wallace’s copies of publications about King’s College, the University of Toronto Act, the Victoria Club’s curling manual.

Correspondence and biographical material

This series consists of correspondence between Harry and several colleagues regarding awards, his appointment as the Chairman of the Department of Physics (1961-1969), correspondence and reception material from the Oder of Canada ceremony (1971-1972), correspondence and reception material from the inaugural H.L. Welsh Lectureship series (1975), several newspaper clippings (1968-1971), notes taken for Dr. Welsh’s oral interview as part of the University of Toronto Archives Oral History Programme (1978), and biographical information in the form of a eulogy (1985).

Degrees, awards, and certificates

This series consists of Dr. Welsh’s numerous degrees, awards, and certificates. The files within this series have been arranged in chronological order. Also included are several posters promoting the H.L. Welsh Lectureship series.

Professional correspondence

This series is comprised of professional correspondence, incoming and outgoing, between William and his colleagues and/or students. Correspondence is usually filed by the person's name but some files reflect the type of correspondence ie. recommendations, references, applications. The correspondence relates mainly to research endeavours being undertaken with colleagues or students, meetings or symposiums in which Williams was participating, visits from international colleagues, recommendations of students for post-graduate scholarships or employment positions and applications from students wanting to study under Williams.

Manuscripts, addresses and reports

This series represents the most complete survey of Williams' scientific writings. Included are progress reports for research done both at Polymer Corp., Sarnia and the Department of Chemical Engineering; addresses and papers given at symposiums and conferences; papers and articles, published and unpublished; as well as patents. These works are filed by year and are mainly original manuscripts or printed unpublished reports.

There are also manuscripts for works published in collaboration with other scientists, often graduate or former students. These files are filed alphabetically by the name of the co-author and may include some correspondence relating to their work together.

Finally this series also contains records relating to the Williams textbook Polymer Engineering, his contribution to Forest Chemistry, as well the manuscript to his Dunlop Lecture.


Being one of the most renown polymer engineers in North America, Williams expertise was sought by academic journals and scholars to review works submitted for publication. This series contains correspondence, manuscripts, comments and appraisals done mainly for the Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering, Journal of Polymer Science and Journal of Applied Polymer Science.

Association files

This series documents Williams' membership and participation in various professional and academic associations. Files contain mainly correspondence but can also include memoranda, notes, questionnaires, membership lists, announcements, agenda, conference programs and reports. Among some of the more notable associations with which Williams was involved are the Chemical Institute of Canada - Macromolecular section, the High Polymer Forum and the Industrial Materials Research Institute.

Chemical Engineering Research Consultants Limited

Records in this series document the activities of this consultant group, of which Williams was a director, through minutes of meetings, agendae, annual reports, financial statements and some correspondence. Also included in this series is an alphabetical index of the companies presumably for which William did consultancy work. Some of the entries summarize what type of work was done and what resulted. Dispersed throughout this index are photographs included for supportive documentation.

Laboratory notebooks

Includes four laboratory notebooks: two belonging to Williams and two belonging to individual students. They document how Williams organized his laboratory work and how he supervised his students' work.

Diplomas and honours

This series includes Williams' university diplomas from the University of Western Ontario (B.A. and M.Sc.) and McGill University (Ph.D.) as well as awards such as Fellow of the Plastics Institute, Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chemistry and Professor Emeritus of the University of Toronto.


Copies of correspondence from Daniel Wilson (later Sir Daniel Wilson, former President of U. of T.) to individuals in Edinburgh and to institutions such as American Philosophic Society and Smithsonian Institution.

Illuminated "In Memoriam" volume

Illuminated "In Memoriam" volume produced by the City of Toronto containing the "Resolution of Condolence" dated 10 October 1892 relating to the death of Sir Daniel Wilson.

Research and publishing

Series consists of material related to the publishing and research activity of Frederick Winter. Included within the material are articles and book reviews, as well as correspondence and notes related to Winter’s research. Additionally, some records relate to the doctoral work of Frederick Winter.


Series consists of addresses given by Frederick Winter from general archaeological topics to those more specifically focused on Greek fortifications. Material includes speaking notes and correspondence.


Series consists of records related to Prof. Frederick Winter’s teaching both at the University of Toronto and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. Records include syllabi, lecture notes, class assignments, and hand-outs, as well as agendas, reports and other administrative documentation related to Winter’s time at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens.

Personal and biographical

Series consists of the personal and biographical records of Joan Hay including diaries, notes and exercise books from her early education, and memorabilia from the University of Alberta.


Series consists of records related to Joan Hay’s education at the University of Alberta and University of Toronto. Records focus on her undergraduate work in classics and archeology, and also include her graduate work and thesis focused on Roman coin collections held at the Royal Ontario Museum. Records include extensive notes, some course material, and lists of grades, degree requirements and courses taken.

Travel diaries

Series consists of diaries kept by Joan Winter from research trips in Europe taken by her and her husband, Frederick Winter. Content covers trips to various sites across Europe including those with students, notes on artifacts, listings of photographs taken, and additional noted travel details.

Research, publications and presentations

Series consists of records related to Joan and Frederick Winter’s archaeological research, particularly their study of Pausauias’ travels. Material includes typescripts, background research material, and images. In addition to a published article, a significant portion of the material documents the presentation of the couple’s research through scripts, a ‘photographic companion’ (annotated) album, and slides.

Biographical and personal

This series contains files with Joan Winearls' curriculum vitae and other information on professional activities, followed by several files of professional correspondence, including commentary on specific manuscripts. There are also files on her employment at the University of Toronto and her applications for research leave, on the Historical Atlas of Canada project, and relating to her consultative position with the Legislative Library of Ontario in 1983. The series concludes with several files on honours and awards bestowed on her.

Education: Course notes

This series consists of files on courses taken by Ms Winearls while a student (part-time) in the Master of Library Science program at the University of Toronto between 1969 and 1974. Most were half courses, some taken during the summer and one, "Historical cartography", from Professor Richard Ruggles at Queen's University in the spring of 1972. The courses included "Research collections in Canadiana", “Information resources and library collections”, “Contemporary publishing”, “Research methods”, “Rare books and manuscripts”, and "History of books and printing". A decade later she also audited a course on “analytical and historical bibliography”.

The files contain correspondence, course outlines and bibliographies, course notes, and term papers. The arrangement is by course. The series ends with two files on map librarianship, including one from the 1960s on the computer cataloguing of maps.

Conferences and exhibitions

This series documents the conferences on map librarianship in which Ms Winearls participated, exhibitions she prepared, and publications arising from them. It begins with several files containing correspondence and research notes on cartography and the early lithography of maps in Canada that Ms Winearls compiled between 1973 and 1998, and many of her applications to attend the conferences. Then follow the conferences and exhibits, the arrangement for which is generally alphabetical, beginning with the Association of Canadian Map Librarians 1993 workshop on the cataloguing rare maps.

Next is a file on the formative years (1975-1978) of the Canadian Cartographic Association and its History of Cartography Interest Group. This group drew on the formation three years earlier of a working group on the history of cartography within the International Cartographic Association. Ms Winerals was the co-ordinator of the cartobibliography section of the ICA, which organized the 11th International Conference on the History of Cartography in Ottawa in 1985. The files on this conference contain correspondence, notes, programs, and the papers presented by some of the participants. Also included are files on the Working Group on Cartobibliography’s proposal to

publish as a manual Coolie Verner’s manuscript on carto-bibliography. There also files on the ICHC conferences in 1987, 1989, and 1991. This part of the series ends with a file from 1992 for a project on cataloguing maps. All of these files are in B1998-0012, boxes 012 and 013, files 01-04.

In 1984, in conjunction with the sesquicentennial celebrations of the City of Toronto, Ms Winerals was invited to be a guest curator for an exhibit at the Canadiana Gallery of the Royal Ontario Museum, “Mapping Toronto’s first century, 1787-1884.” The files [B1998-0013/013(05) – (13), /014(01) – (02)], trace the development of the exhibition and include drafts of the catalogue and photographs. There is also a diary [B1996-0021/003(05)] that she kept while planning the exhibition.

Ms Winearls began attending meeting of the Conference on Editorial Problems in 1991 as convenor of its 29th annual conference in 1993 that coincided with the publication of The Historical Atlas of Canada. The title of the conference was “Editing early and historical atlases”. In conjunction with the conference she mounted an exhibition, “The atlas as a book”, in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. She also edited a volume of selected conference papers that was published by the University of Toronto Press in 1995. Most of the files are in B1998-0013 but there is one in B2007-0015.

The Conference files contain minutes, correspondence, grant applications, editing notes, drafts of the papers published, and reviews. The exhibition files contain background notes, research files for each exhibition case, collations, and drafts of the catalogue.

Finally, Ms Winearls curated an exhibit in the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library called “Art on the Wing” in 1999. Records includes notes on cases, drafts and final copy of the catalogue as well her lecture. The Conference files contain minutes, correspondence, grant applications, editing notes, drafts of the papers published, and reviews. The exhibition files contain background notes, research files for each exhibition case, collations, and drafts of the catalog.

Research files – Other projects

The principal research project in this series is described by Ms Winearls as “The mapping of western North America in the 19th century with particular reference to the De Fonte fantasy and the earlier ‘Sea of the West’ fantasy”. (The maps showed purported water routes between the west coast
and the Northwest Passage or the central North American plains.) This project was begun in the early 1990s but not completed as planned and led to an article on one particular map, “Thomas Jefferys Map of Canada and the mapping of the western part of North America, 1750-1768’, that appeared in 1996. The second research project is on carto-bibliographic analysis and methodology re 18th century printed maps of North America [1].

The series begins with map bibliography & notes, consisting of preliminary bibliographic entries for Mer de l’Ouest/Riviere Longue de l’Ouest, and an early draft of a bibliography of maps relating to the De Fonte fantasy, followed by files of maps arranged by area: World, Arctic, Western hemisphere, North America, and Canada. There are also source files with notes, correspondence, and copies of documents, maps and other source material, covering De Fonte, early Canadian maps, and archival sources in British Columbia, the United States and Europe. Much of the photocopied material that has been retained is annotated. These files are followed by research notes and correspondence on Northwest-De Fonte and biographical sources, and on related maps, along with requests for microform and maps. Included are reproductive copies of maps and other copies.

The files for the research project on carto-bibliographic analysis and methodology re 18th century printed maps of North America include sample entries, copies of maps and published bibliographies and sources (largely annotated), along with bibliographical analyses and North American maps sources for analysis. Some oversized maps are included.

The series ends with Ms Winearls’ research on book illustration in Canada for the History of the Book in Canada project. Three volumes were planned under the general editorship of Patricia Lockhart Fleming and Yvan Lamonde, and they appeared between 2004 and 2007. Ms Winearls’ contribution was to the first volume. The files contain correspondence, contracts, notes, and source material. Drafts of the manuscript are in Series 8.

B2016-0009 contains research Ms Winearls did on Canadian bird artist J. Fenwick Lansdowne from 2000-2013. Included are original photographs of the artist, interviews, notes, compiled bibliography and exhibition list. There is also collected photocopies of ephemera relating to the artist, reviews of his works and exhibition catalogues. Finally, Winearls collected copies of correspondence and contracts between Lansdowne and his agent Bud Feheley (restricted to 2026).


[1] The descriptive portion of this series is drawn largely from notes provided by Ms Winearls in a container list she provided to the compiler of this inventory.

Manuscripts and publications

Ms Winearls has published widely on maps and map librarianship, beginning in 1967. This series consists of book reviews, articles, directories, exhibition catalogues, and chapters in books. A file in this series may contain draft of a manuscript, along with notes, covering correspondence, and reviews. The arrangement is chronological by date of publication.

Very few of Ms Winearls publications are missing from this series. The files relating to the writing of her major bibliographic work, Mapping Upper Canada, 1780-1867, are in Series 9. Files relating to Editing Early and Historical Atlases are found with the Conference on Editorial Problems files in Series 4.

A poster advertising the book, Ontario’s History in Maps (1984), which contains a cartobibliographic essay by Ms Winearls, “Sources for early maps in Ontario,” has been removed from B1998-0013/002(21) to /002(29).

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