Affichage de 1860 résultats

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File includes 13 black and white photographs of robed faculty attending what appears to be an installation ceremony.

[Events, misc.]

File includes 30 black and white photographs and 14 colour photographs of various events, mostly unidentified.


Files include 48 black and white photographs and 6 colour photographs: [Various photos of students on campus].

[Joan Foley]

File includes 13 black and white photographs, 11 colour photographs and 1 CD-R of photographs of Principal Joan Foley at various events, including her installation.

[Pierre Trudeau]

File includes 3 black and white photo of Pierre Trudeau, taken during one of two lectures that he gave at UTSC.

[Aerial photographs]

File includes 5 aerial photographs: two, from 1954 and 1998, are identical shots showing the development of the campus between the two dates; another taken from 1966, the fourth presents the campus as it was in 1970 and the fifth has no date.

[Misc. People]

File includes 60 black and white photographs and 27 colour photographs depicting a variety of people, mostly unidentified but also including Andrew Patenall, Paul Thompson, Vincent Bladen,
W. Beckel, A.F.W Plumptre, S.J. Colman, N. Dickinson, and J.L. Ball.

[Meeting Place]

File contains two copies of the photograph, showing the Meeting Place in the S-Wing from the first balcony.

Résultats 1651 à 1700 sur 1860