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University of Toronto. Department of Athletics and Recreation

Photographs, negatives, and slides of athletic events and teams, including rugby, squash, gymnastics, golf, tennis, hockey, sailing, track and field, skiing, wrestling, assault-at-arms, water polo; views of coaches and professors. Also includes 2 posters and a drawing regarding the Athletic Association.

University of Toronto. Department of Alumni Affairs

Contains the following series: general subject files 1973-1975; Director and Assistant Director subject files (100 series) 1973-1975; Alumni House 1973-1975; University of Toronto Alumni Association, directorate and executive minutes and subject files 1973-1975; Branch files 1973-1975; Association files 1973-1975. Also includes minutes and agendas of the the Associates of the University of Toronto 1970-1976 as well as records relating to the administration of the University of Toronto Loan Fund.

University of Toronto. Department of Alumni Affairs

Lists and correspondence relating to University College classes (1921-1961); minutes and miscellaneous records regarding the University College alumnae and alumni associations (1932-1970); records of other alumni associations (1957-1970); minutes, briefs and reports of the President's Long Range Planning Committee on Alumni Affairs (1968-1971); correspondence, applications and lists relating to scholarships and loans, particularly War Memorial Scholarships (1931-1971); correspondence and reports relating to Branch Alumni Associations (1925-1970), University of Toronto Alumni Association (1927-1971) and Alumni House; general files (1936-1970); correspondence, publicity and minutes relating to Homecomings and Spring Reunions (1951-1971); miscellaneous printed material (ca. 1914-1966) and photographs.

University of Toronto. Great Lakes Institute

Negative, slides and photographs documenting activities of the staff of the Great Lakes Institute specifically aboard the research vessel "Porte Dauphine", as well as research conducted on the Toronto waterfront and at Baie du Dore. Graphic records are accompanied by item indexes. Most photographs were taken by chief technician, Manivalde Aesma.

University of Toronto. Department of Health Administration

Records of former senior administrator of Dept. of Health Administration and predecessor, School of Hygiene. Gerald Turner (former Pres. of Mt. Sinai Hospital), Ron McQueen, Peggy Leatt, Eugenie Stewart. Also reports relating to Accreditation (1974-5), development of programme on Health Administration and Society of Graduates.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Pharmacy

Dean's correspondence, 1948-71; subject files 1947-74; Examination Results Ledgers, 1938-73; Examination Papers, 1942-1973; Student theses (handwritten), ca. 1956-63; Council of the Faculty of Pharmacy Minutes, 1950-1987; Student notebooks, 1882-1924; photoprint related to the Faculty including graduating classes and photo of Dean F. Norman Hughes.

Ontario College of Pharmacy

Lecture notes of Dr. John Taylor Fotheringham who taught at the Ontario College of Pharmacy from 1891-1921; student course notes ca.1901-1920; minutes of the senior class executive 1948-51. Also photographs of graduating class, athletic teams and two early certificates issued by the College.

Ontario College of Pharmacists

Photoprints, magazines, brochures, certificates, documenting the Ontario College of Pharmacy. Arranged in the following series: Series I, Graduating Class and Class Sessions, 1986-1977; Series II, Class officers and officials, 1899-1925; Series III Committees and Council, 1911-1964; Series IV, Athletic Teams, 1896-1930; Series V Building and laboratories, 1910-1923; Series VI Miscellaneous photos including Niagara Apothecary, Niagara-on-the-Lake; Series VII Textual items relating to Niagara Apothecary and the OCP, 1871-1902; Series VIII Artifacts including medallions and decals, 1885-1912.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Forestry. Office of the Dean

Files from the Office of the Dean of the Faculty of Forestry. They include correspondence with University officials as well as with organizations external to the University such as the Ontario Forestry Association, the Ontario Department of Lands and Forests, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, CIDA, and the Forester's Club. There are also records pertaining to Faculty planning, curriculum development, and the controversy surrounding the end of the undergraduate program in 1996. Also included are minutes for various Faculty of Forestry committees such as the Council of the Faculty of Forestry (1927-1973), the Faculty Council (1985-1991), the Graduate Department Staff Committee (1971-1972), as well as the Undergraduate and Continuing Education Committee (1978-1984). There are also files regarding teaching, research, and various Faculty projects and initiatives. Further, records consist of exams for the undergraduate program dating from circa 1965 to 1991. Records also include materials concerning the Faculty history and its 75th anniversary.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Forestry

Records of the Deans: B.E. Fernow, C.D. Howe, G.G. Cosens and J.W.B. Sisam (ca. 1907-1971); logging reports (ca. 1909-1964); subject files regarding research, teaching, surveys, associations and institutions related to forestry work (ca. 1907-1971); photographs and lantern slides; maps and publishers' plates.

Patterson 1995 accession

Correspondence, certificates, contracts, addresses, drafts of articles and books (including audiotapes), and photoprints documenting the activities of Gordon Neil Patterson, founder and first director of the Institute for Aerospace Studies at the University of Toronto.

Patterson 1993 accession

Manuscripts, publications, notes, and correspondence relating to the activities of Professor Patterson in his capacity as an aeronautical engineer in England, Australia and as Director of the Institute for Aeronautical Studies at the University of Toronto.

Hartle 1992 accession

Research notes, papers, correspondence, and manuscripts created by Douglas Hartle, professor of Economics at the University of Toronto and founder of the Institute for Policy Analysis. Relate mainly to macro economic issues such as rent control, government budgetary and expenditure process, and tax related issues. Photoprints of Hartle standing in front of sign for the Institute of Policy Analysis ca 1978.

University of Toronto. Centre for International Studies

Administrative and operational records consist of subject files, appointments, review of the centre, grants, public lectures, projects and publications. Includes series on the Bissell professorship and the visiting professors of German and European studies. Photographs of visiting Professor of German and European studies.

Cinader 2002 accession

Records document the career of renown immunologist Bernhard Cinader of the Department of Immunology in the Faculty of Medicine.Series include biographical files and honours, correspondence, conference files, lectures and addresses, association files and photo albums.

Cinader 2001 accession

Records documenting the career of renown immunologist Bernhard Cinader of the Immunology Department of the Faculty of Medicine.Includes biographical files including correspondence relating to entries in various Who's Who publications, miscellaneous correspondence, reports relating the Department of Immunology, lecture and addresses as well as files relating to Cinader's participation at various international conferences on immunology.These latter files contain correspondence, itineraries, agenda, programs, as well as notes on meetings and sessions.

This accession also includes photo albums documenting Cinader's various trips to symposiums and conferences specifically in Thailand, China, India, Kenya,and Australia. Images show Cinader with colleagues at such meetings. Some are related to his work within the World Health Organization (W.H.O.) while another group of images document the Immunology Group at Toronto.

University of Toronto. Office of the Registrar

College and Faculty lists, war record cards and photographs for those who served in World War I (1914-1922), for the Roll of Service; completed war service questionnaires of those who served in World War II (1947-1949); correspondence relating to enlistment and course data relating to the Overseas Training Company (1916- 1918); printed material including clippings on James Williams Tyrrell and Joseph Burr Tyrrell.

University of Toronto. Office of the Registrar

Registrar's correspondence files, 1895-1957; Senate correspondence files, 1893-1898; administrative files including those relating to ceremonies; files relating to the Senate and its committees and other committees and conferences; military training records and records of related committees pertaining to World War II; student records including convocation rolls, class and prize lists, examination applications and results, registers of matriculants and diplomas; clippings; and photographs.

University of Toronto. Devonshire House

Records of Devonshire House including: the Devonshire Committee 1967-1968; Devonshire Advisory Committee 1970-1985; Devonshire House Committee 1985; Dons and Members of the Faculty Devonshire House 1909-1970; Devonshire Society Report 1970-1972. Photographs of the Residence Council 1970-1971 and 1984-1985, South House 1914, 1945-1946 and 1985, and an unidentified House c.1910.

University of Toronto. Devonshire House

Records of Devonshire House including: general administrative subject files which contain correspondence, memos, minutes, notices, residence lists, committee files, financial records, etc. 1955-1986; General Correspondence 1987-1997; Subject files 1987-97, Awards and Scholarships 1987-97; Committee files 1986-97; Resident Council Minutes 1954-86; records of East House 1973-1997; photographs 1910-1997, Student Applications to Residence 1958-1997.

Brown 2008 accession

Three black-and-white photographs:
-Modern Language Club of University College, 1920-1921, including Harcourt Brown and his future wife, Dorothy Stacey;
-The Varsity staff, 1921-1922 (Brown was 'dramatic editor, spring [term]');
-The Corning Conference at the Corning Glass Center, Corning, New York, 17-19 May 1951.

All photos are fully captioned.

Brown 1982 accession

Correspondence between Brown and others about George Sidney Brett (1927-1949); correspondence between Brown and George Sidney Brett; press clippings about, articles on and tributes to Brett (1944-1949).

Correspondence with a fellow student of Brown's, Louis Alexander MacKay (1922-1982), together with the manuscript for his early play, "L'Homme Sensible", and the typescript of his last work, "Tuscan Maximiam: Poet or Puzzle?"; press clippings about McKay and containing his poetry and reviews of his plays (1923-1925) and articles by him (1925, 1944); manuscripts of some of his poems; correspondence (1981) re and copy photonegative of panoramic scene from Bertram Forsythe's play, "Playbills", the eighteenth production of Hart House Theatre (February, 1922), for which the cast is identified.

Personal and professional records of J. W. Michael Bliss, Professor in the Department of History.

Personal records of Michael Bliss, professor of history, consisting of correspondence, consulting and editorial work, manuscripts and publications, lecture notes and associated teaching files, addresses, references; 1,216 slides illustrating a wide variety of subjects in Canadian history; 93 slides illustrating the Montreal smallpox epidemic of 1885; photographs relating to themes in Canadian business and general history.

Madawaska Club 1974 accession

Consists of annual meetings and reports, charter and bylaws, shares and finances, land and titles records, transportation and maintenance, committee records; historical notes and club history, 1948. Photoprints and negatives of club activities at Go Home Bay; negatives showing maps of Go Home Bay and surrounding areas contained in albums. Photoalbums were compiled and maintained by Professors C.A. Chant, G.R. Anderson and Grant Robertson.

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