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Biographical files

This series consists of general records documenting Helen Lenskyj’s career as a feminist scholar, activist, writer, and teacher. Includes: files on her appointments and promotions at OISE; reference letters written for Lenskyj; conference programmes and posters of events attended by Lenskyj; records about awards won by Lenskyj, notably the 1991 Ontario History Society Riddell Award, for best article about Ontario’s history published in 1990.

Personal and biographical

The biographical information in this series is provided largely by several versions of Frederic Urban’s curriculum vitae. The other files contain a notebook (1975-1977) primarily on life in Boston and Halifax, a wall calendar (1981), greeting cards from his partner, Larry Richards, and others, design elements for a garden at Urban and Richards’ penthouse in Etobicoke, and material from a trip to Columbia at Christmas, 1976. Accompanying this textual material are two files of slides, one of “Danny, Halifax”, and the other “Studies for Natchitoches”, Urban and Richards’ property in Louisiana.

Professor Urban has always had a great interest in history, American politics and the presidency; the passion for politics he shared with his partner, Larry. In the late 1960s they both took part in demonstrations on the Boston Common against the Vietnam War; a poster by the Vietnam Moratorium Committee is a memento of that struggle. Another from that era is a special issue of Life (5 July 1968) on the Presidency.

Textual records and photographs

This series contains course notes, correspondence, addresses, articles, manuscripts, notes, minutes, and photographs relating to the activities of Thom Greenfield as a professor of educational administration at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education and as a gay activist, especially in relation to "Gay Fathers of Toronto", of which he was one of the founders.


This series consists of a single file of correspondence largely of a professional nature. Included are letters relating to the Canadian-American Committee, the Usque Group, requests to give seminars, and ideas and writings in economics. The arrangement is chronological.

Biographical and personal records

The series consists of biographical and personal records of Professor Bay. The material reflects his personal life, and includes press clippings, articles, and a thesis about him; personal documents such as educational records; documents of identification; personal papers related to life events (baptism, marriage, home ownership, inheritance, death certificates); calendars and a condolence scrapbook.

The arrangement of the material begins with biographical information (press clippings, biographies, curriculum vitae, referees, work about Bay), then personal papers, followed by what he termed “his personal collection”, consisting of items primarily in Norwegian relating to his family and Norway generally. The most intriguing portion of this “collection” is the folders of “illegal papers” [/002(28) – (30)] that Professor Bay buried when he hurriedly left Norway early in World War II and which he dug up sometime after he returned. There are also books about Norwegian resistance, and two books by his uncle.


The series consists of records documenting Gilbert Edward Jackson’s family life and professional career, from the early 1920s to his death in 1959. Arranged alphabetically by function, the files of the series include: typed autobiographical notes illustrating Mr. Jackson’s life from the day he was born until 1919, prior to his emigration to Toronto; two biographical sketches highlighting key moments within Mr. Jackson’s personal and professional career; typed and handwritten incoming and outgoing correspondence from family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances regarding the death of his son, John Denison Jackson (1944), Mrs. Maria Elizabeth Jackson’s estate (1952-1953), notes of thanks for reference letters, gifts and lunch meetings, personal regards for his family, and an unsigned letter to Misses Jackson, Mr. Jackson’s sisters regarding the economist’s declining health (1959); a handwritten copy of Mr. Jackson’s obituary (1959); and a photograph of a portrait of Mr. Jackson (B2004-0019/001P). Within the files of correspondence, the letters are arranged chronologically, except for those offering condolences to Mr. Jackson for the loss of his son which are arranged alphabetically by the last-name of the sender.

The series also consists of several files of press clippings about Mr. Jackson’s personal life, career moves, thoughts, views, as well as Canada’s economic stance on various issues. The subject matter of the newspaper clippings include: France and Germany’s economic situation after World War I; Canada’s immigration policies (1923), tariff fallacies and taxation system (ca. 1935); unemployment insurance within Canada; the analogous trading problems with England (1934); Mr. Jackson’s speech on overcoming the depression and difficulties through the improvement of the human character before the Empire Club in the Royal York Hotel (1933) and Canadian Club in Ottawa (1934); being appointed Economic Adviser to the Governors of the Bank of England (1935); the selling of Mr. Jackson’s house in Toronto prior to leaving for England (1935); the return of economic liberalism to Canada; the doctrine of free trade; and reviews about Mr. Jackson’s book An economist’s confession of faith (1935). Letters to the editor can also be found within the press clippings regarding similar themes. Arranged chronologically within their individual files, the press clippings, which are from newspapers across Canada and England, were possibly collected by Mr. Jackson.

Personal life and career

Series consists of records relating to Prof. Ng’s student personal life and career, including papers written as a UBC student, notes relating to her PhD oral presentation and thesis, and contracts with the Women and Gender Studies Institute. There is also one file of correspondence, notes, course syllabi and other records relating to Prof. Ng’s trip to New Zealand to work with members of the Department of Women’s Studies at the University of Waikato and visit with other scholars.

Series also includes 2 photographs of Prof. Ng.

Personal and biographical

This series begins with copies of Professor Helleiner's curriculum vitae and biographical information for various publications, including Who's Who in Economics. There are also files on honours and honorary degrees that he received, a few term papers from his graduate studies at Yale University, and appointment books for the years 1968 to 2009, except for 1972.

Personal and family

This series begins with two family monographs that Professor Shaw wrote: The Chicago Winterbothams and the Boston Shaws, 1880 to 2005 (Toronto, 2005) and that of his wife, Maria, Diaspora and Confluence: the Coutroubaki-Hazzidaki Families, c. 1850-2009 (Toronto, 2009). In Accession B2011-0007, there is also a file of correspondence from Joseph Shaw to his parents, Rue and Alfred, dated 1959-1970, including photographs from his army days and his first excavation at Kenchreai. The rest of the series consists of diaries.o

The diaries in this series (Professor Shaw variously dubbed them “diaries” and “daybooks”) begin in 1960 and end on 9 October 2008. Keeping diaries was a habit he picked up from his father. He stated “the reason for writing them was partly confessional, but also because most people, aside from myself, wouldn't care…But also digestion, for once something is absorbed consciously, that material may lead to other thoughts, even to discoveries about oneself, others, the world” [1]. Not every year is represented as Professor Shaw did not write them for some years, as in the early 1960s, and during 2003 when he was ill. The diaries contain, in addition to written entries, sketches of certain archaeological excavations, photographs (most tipped in but some loose), press clippings, letters, notes, inscriptions in Greek and some translations thereof, poems, and even drawings by his children. The photographs largely document personal and family activities and include some images of Professor Shaw as young man in 1950 (see diary for 17 June 1978 – 11 June 1979). There are some photographs of his archaeological work but not necessarily in the volumes related to the specific sites mentioned below.


  1. E-mail to Harold Averill from Joseph Shaw, 1 February 2010.


Records in this series are diverse in nature and include everything from curriculum vitae, newspapers clippings, correspondence, awards, transcripts of interviews, memorabilia and biographical write-ups. All contain some biographical information about Prof. Gotlieb that outline his achievements, activities, honours and interests. Included in this series is an interview on CBC Radio, “Morningside” with Peter Gzowski in Sept 1994 (See /001S).

Biographical and personal files

This series contains a biographical sketch of Satterly written by H.L. Welsh; family and professional correspondence; press clippings; letters to the editor; family documents including birth and marriage certificates; obituary notices; clippings, memorabilia, and photoprints relating to Devon, England and its history; postcards, and photoprints. A heavily annotated Bible belonging to Dr. G. M. W. Carey is also included in this series.

Records from all four accessions are found in this series.

University education

Dr. Careless earned his B.A. in 1940 from the University of Toronto and his A.M. in 1941 and Ph.D. in 1950 from Harvard University. The records in this series pertain to Dr. Careless’ undergraduate and graduate education. Records consist of Dr. Careless’ undergraduate student notebook [1936?], three undergraduate history term papers (1939-1940) and his B.A. diploma (1940). Also included is his 1950 Harvard Ph. D. diploma and a draft of his doctoral dissertation, “Mid Victorian Liberalism in Canada: George Brown and the Toronto Globe, 1850-1867”.


Includes immigration papers, files relating to awards, honours, and birthdays. One file relates to Prof Stoicheff’s Festschrift in the Canadian Journal of Physics in 2000. Finally, collected materials for an autobiography have been filed at the end.

Lecture notes and course materials

This series consists of course notes and readings for a number of undergraduate courses in Portuguese Studies taught by Professor Sternberg at the University of Toronto. The majority of the courses are on literary subjects, including Portuguese and Brazilian literature and literary figures, such as Machado de Assis, Eça de Queirós, and José Saramago. Documents relating to the courses include annotated course readings, lecture notes, tests and assignments and syllabi.


General incoming and outgoing correspondence, mainly related to Harris' research interests. Included is correspondence documenting his involvement in the Association of Professors of Higher Education as well as files relating to the University Ombudsman, the history of McGill University, the University Archives and others.

Biographical and personal

This series contains files with Joan Winearls' curriculum vitae and other information on professional activities, followed by several files of professional correspondence, including commentary on specific manuscripts. There are also files on her employment at the University of Toronto and her applications for research leave, on the Historical Atlas of Canada project, and relating to her consultative position with the Legislative Library of Ontario in 1983. The series concludes with several files on honours and awards bestowed on her.

Subject Files

Series is arranged alphabetically and includes files related to a variety of topics including church history, speaking engagements, installations, lectures and conferences attended, budgets, policies, and general administration.

General/Correspondence files

Series consists of general files containing incoming and outgoing correspondence (including correspondence with Victoria University Officers), reports and other records concerning a wide range of activities, including matters involving individual students, 1948-1990.

Records relating to teaching

Series consists of lectures and addresses, 1946-1952, and lectures (including drafts and plans), and research and teaching notes, 1924-1951.


Series consists of personal correspondence as well as official correspondence of the Principal of Emmanuel College and letters of tribute to Alfred Gandier.

General correspondence

Series consists of general correspondence in the following subseries:
Nathanael Burwash, 1907-1912
Richard P. Bowles, 1913-1930
Edward Wilson Wallace, 1930-1940
Walter T. Brown, 1941-1948
Walter T. Brown and Harold Bennett, 19491950
A.B.B. Moore, 1956-1963
A.B.B. Moore, John E. Hodgetts, Goldwin S. French, and Eva Kushner, 1963-1991
Eva Kushner and Roseann Runte, 1987-1999
Roseann Runte, 1999-2001
Paul Gooch, 2001-2009

General historical material

Series consists of records, 1829-1941, including addresses, correspondence and published material, of a general nature, relating to the history of Victoria College/University.

Director's records

Series consists of files of Directors Eva Kushner, Roseann Runte, Brian Merrilees, 1989-2001, including Advisory Board minutes and other records, Management Board minutes and other records, annual reports, financial statements, subject/correspondence files relating to various NFC activities as well as to Collected Works matters, including the appointment of staff and files relating to the applications of individual fellows/associates and visiting scholars.

Education and personal activities

The series documents Allan Irving’s activities as a doctoral candidates at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Social Work, between 1976 and 1983 : his application and registration; the fellowship he received from the department of National Health and Welfare of Canada; lecturer position at the Faculty for Professor Albert Rose; doctoral seminars he attended, papers he prepared during his graduates years and academic results. The series also documents his membership with historical associations such as the Ontario Historical Society and the University of Tennessee’s Social Welfare History Group. The series documents Allan Irving’s applications for teaching positions in Canadian universities, from 1982 to 1994 ; his nomination for the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Association’s Teaching Award in 1994, nomination prepared by Marion Bogo, associate professor and acting dean of the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Social Work, and Mary Lee. This series also partially documents Irving’s friendship with professors and/or colleagues.

The series consists of 37 files including application for fellowship and report on his doctoral work at the intention of the department of National Health and Welfare of Canada ; statements of academic records ; library card; seminar notes; working notes, bibliographies, drafts and final version of papers (some annotated) ; curriculum vitae ; letters of support ; personal correspondence and press clippings. The series also includes one photograph of Allan Irving with James Gripton’s son, Stuart, at the age of 6 in Calgary (Alberta) ; one photograph of Ernie Lightman’s daughter, Naomi.

Correspondence and committees

Alphabetically arranged files contain correspondence with individuals and groups and give a good overview of Etkin’s professional activities and relationships. Included are files with colleagues at many Canadian and American universities as well as with representatives of the aviation industry including Boeing, DeHavilland and Royal Aircraft Establishment. This series also contains correspondence and related documents for various committees and professional associations such a committee of NATO called AGARD (Advisory Group for Aerospace Research), the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, the Association of Professional Engineers and the Canadian Aeronautical Space Institute. There is documentation on Etkin’s time as chair of the Aeronautics Advisory Board of Transport Canada. Some files relate to professional trips or visits including Etkin’s trip to China in 1982 and the Chinese subsequent visit to IAS.

Also found in this series is correspondence with Ph.D. students and colleagues within the University of Toronto such as G.N. Patterson, Israel Glass, J.B. French, James Gotlieb and many more.


This series contains lectures for many of the courses Prof. McIlwraith taught, focused on his particular area of expertise of historical geography . Reading lists, course outlines, term tests and exams have also been included. Arranged by course number as listed in Appendix 1.

For similar type files documenting Prof. McIlwraith’s teaching, see Series 4: Tenure Documentation.


This series consists of biographical information and certificates [one is oversized] relating to Dr. Patterson's academic studies at the University of Alberta and the University of Toronto.


Series contains four files of correspondence related to the railway car schools. This correspondence includes letters between the Canadian National Railways, the Ontario Department of Education, and individual car school teachers, as well as internal interdepartmental correspondence. This correspondence addresses topics such as the establishment, management, and operation of the railway car schools.

Each file has been arranged into sets of correspondence, as follows:
File 1: 1991
File 2: 1936-1957
File 3: 1931
File 4: 1926

Please note that all materials in this series are photocopies, many of which have been obtained from Library and Archives Canada (then the National Archives of Canada).

Personal and biographical

Series consists of material documenting Mr. Ezrin’s education and activities at the University of Toronto, in addition to biographical material from various stages in his career. Series also includes press clippings and scrapbooks chronicling his professional accomplishments and transitions, with particular focus on the 1980’s and time in provincial politics. Material also includes scrapbooks chronicling the 1987 Ontario Liberal election campaign for David Peterson.


This series contains professional and personal correspondence covering the years 1952-1990. Topics covered include administrative matters in the Department of Slavic Studies, issues relating more widely to slavic studies, and Professor Luckyj's writings, including correspondence with publishers. Interspersed with this correspondence are drafts of book reviews, articles, and memorials; notes, press clippings, and photoprints. Many of the letters are written in Ukrainian, and there are a few also in Russian and French.

Personal correspondence

This series consists of predominantly incoming correspondence from friends, family, students and colleagues arranged chronologically by year. Some professional correspondence found intermixed with personal correspondence has been left in the original order. Thus researchers are advised to search both this series and Series II, III and IV for particular correspondents.

Correspondence begins with the period following his appointment as Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and concludes in 1989. Correspondents include his mother Mrs G.F Drummond, "Aunt Ethel and Aunt Eve", Rev. John W. Riegel, Dr. J. C. Whetham, Rev. Philip S. Jones, Mark Higgenbottom, Freyda Lew (?), Roy Nixon, John Dales, Ian Harwood among others.

Writing and publishing

Series consists of writing and published material produced by Prof. Gunderson. Records primarily reflect his research on gender-based pay equity and income distribution. Series is comprised of offprints and copies, in addition to one file that includes correspondence and commentary on his writing.

Election materials

Series consists of flyers, posters, booklets, official forms and documents, correspondence, and newspaper articles regarding Patrick O'Neill's role as presiding officer at a polling station in the 1918 Irish election, his campaign in the 1920 election for county councillors, and his campaigns in the 1921 and 1929 general elections. Series also includes correspondence regarding the Boundary Commission, O'Neill's decision to take his seat in parliament in 1926, the creation of the National League of the North, and his decision to retire. Series is arranged chronologically.

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