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Personal and biographical

The biographical information in this series is provided largely by several versions of Frederic Urban’s curriculum vitae. The other files contain a notebook (1975-1977) primarily on life in Boston and Halifax, a wall calendar (1981), greeting cards from his partner, Larry Richards, and others, design elements for a garden at Urban and Richards’ penthouse in Etobicoke, and material from a trip to Columbia at Christmas, 1976. Accompanying this textual material are two files of slides, one of “Danny, Halifax”, and the other “Studies for Natchitoches”, Urban and Richards’ property in Louisiana.

Professor Urban has always had a great interest in history, American politics and the presidency; the passion for politics he shared with his partner, Larry. In the late 1960s they both took part in demonstrations on the Boston Common against the Vietnam War; a poster by the Vietnam Moratorium Committee is a memento of that struggle. Another from that era is a special issue of Life (5 July 1968) on the Presidency.

Personal and biographical

This series begins with copies of Professor Helleiner's curriculum vitae and biographical information for various publications, including Who's Who in Economics. There are also files on honours and honorary degrees that he received, a few term papers from his graduate studies at Yale University, and appointment books for the years 1968 to 2009, except for 1972.

Personal and biographical

Series consists of textual records and graphic material documenting Ian Hacking’s personal life and career, with eight files related to the histories of both the Hacking and MacDougall families. Records include a passport, birth and marriage certificates, family snapshots, drawings by his children, as well as correspondence detailing financial contributions made to various charities and initiatives. Ian Hacking’s professional and academic activity is reflected in written and photographic documentation of awards and honours received, including the Killam Prize for the Humanities, the Companion to the Order of Canada, and the Holberg International Memorial Prize. Also included in the series is an autobiographical document written by Dr. Hacking detailing the orientation of his research.

Biographical and personal

This series contains files with Joan Winearls' curriculum vitae and other information on professional activities, followed by several files of professional correspondence, including commentary on specific manuscripts. There are also files on her employment at the University of Toronto and her applications for research leave, on the Historical Atlas of Canada project, and relating to her consultative position with the Legislative Library of Ontario in 1983. The series concludes with several files on honours and awards bestowed on her.


This series begins with a single biographical file, followed by correspondence. Much of Professor Fuss’ professional correspondence prior to 1990 has not survived. The paper files in this series are arranged by general correspondence (including by author), followed by references, and then by comments of papers. Much of the post-1990 correspondence is in electronic format, in ‘folders’. These electronic folders are listed at the end.

Personal and biographical

Series consists of records relating to Dr. Franklin’s personal and academic life in Germany and Canada. See subseries descriptions for more detailed information.

Professional correspondence

This series contains predominantly professional correspondence with economics colleagues, associates and with some organizations. One of the major correspondents is John Komlos, with whom Prof. Eddie began corresponding while Mr. Komlos was doctoral student at the University of Chicago in the mid 1970s. This correspondence spans more than 25 years and documents the development of their relationship from student and mentor to peer scholars and friends sharing their passion for economic history. Other correspondents include, among others, Prof. Tom Rawski (University of Toronto), Prof. Richard Rudolph (University of Minnesota), and Prof. Arthur Wright (University of Massachusetts, Purdue University) with whom he collaborated on an unpublished manuscript on land reform.
Additional files received in 2008 contain correspondence relating to research trips to Berlin and Munich (1990 & 1997), as well as correspondence relating to research on Germany and Eastern Europe (1988-1989)

Bound volumes

The bound volumes described herein, including the scrapbooks, were compiled by Janet Cumming McLennan as a memorial to her brother, Sir John Cunningham McLennan, Professor of Physics at the University of Toronto. Many of the photographic reproductions of correspondence and other mementos were originally framed as part of a pictorial memorial of the family.

Biographical and early education

The series consists of Dr. Roots’ biographical and personal records. The biographical record consists of the drafting of her CV, a biographical entry for a zoology graduate brochure, annual activity reports and employment and career-related correspondence. Her personal records are rather limited and solely consist of her educational records dating from high school. This material reflects Dr. Root’s personal background and a summary of her academic professional career.

General correspondence

Includes professional and some personal correspondence both incoming and outgoing. Documents Dr. Marsden's career as a sociologist and as well as her role in the Canadian women's movement. Most of the correspondence is an exchange between Marsden and other Canadian academics/sociologists who discuss various research interests in the field of sociology and women's issues. Arrangement is chronological at the file level.


This extensive series contains both personal and professional correspondence received by Prof Berger during his academic career. Some of Prof. Berger’s draft replies will be found in later files. The earliest letters document his doctoral education and his appointment to the Department of History at the University of Toronto. Correspondence from the 1970s through the 1990s document his flourishing career as prominent historian, author, teacher and advisor, etc. Later correspondence is dominated by requests from editors and other scholars relating to his publications, requests for review of other manuscripts, as well as his history of the Royal Society (1996)

Correspondents include, among others, prominent academics such as Prof. Ray MacLean, Dept. of History, St. Francis Xavier University (b 1927 d. 2004), Prof. Ramsay Cook, George (now Sir George) S. Bain, a former classmate at the University of Manitoba and member of Board of Bombardier Aerospace, as well as former students such as Doug Owram (professor, University of Alberta 1976-2006), and colleagues at Canadian and foreign universities. Subjects include personal information about family, friends and colleagues, academic correspondence with students and other academics about research progress, requests for letters of reference and support, comments on recent publications, and other academic activities. Two files at the end of this series contain letters to single correspondents: M. Brook Taylor (1986-2006) former student and faculty member in Department of History, Mount St.Vincent University and Sam Waller, amateur historian and founder of the Sam Waller Museum in The Pas, Manitoba.


Most of the correspondence in this fond can be found in B2007-0020. It is arranged chronologically and touches upon a wide range of Prof. Forbes professional activities and therefore relates to all other series in this fonds. There is correspondence relating to his research especially on nationalism and ethnicity. In particular, there is correspondence relating to his thesis in the late 1960s and early 1970s files, as well as correspondence with publishers regarding submission of several written works. There is some correspondence that documents his participation at conferences and invitations to talks and seminars. Prof Forbes acted as a peer reviewer for various journals such as the Canadian Journal of Political Science, the Journal of Canadian Studies, Canadian Public Administration as well as for Canada Council Grants. Correspondence and comments relating to his role as referee are found throughout these files.

Correspondence and attached documents also document courses in the Department of Political Economy and later the Department of Political Science. They often discuss curriculum changes and delivery, as well as the structure of specific courses. There is some correspondence specific to the Department of Political Economy review committee, of which Forbes was an active member. His role as a teacher and mentor is well documented in letters of recommendation for students and colleagues for grants and scholarships, as well as correspondence offering research and career advice.

Accession B2010-0010 includes a small amount of correspondence arranged by subject. These include files on Forbes’ role as a peer reviewer for U of T Press and e-mail relating to his visit to the J.F. Kennedy-Institut in Germany. There are also two restricted files relating to an academic review of the Psychoanalytic Thought Programme.


This series gives researchers a good overview of Prof. Hume’s career and highlights. It includes biographical sketches, C.V., clippings, awards and correspondence regarding his various appointments. Photographs of Prof. Hume and relating to his career have also been placed in this series including portraits, a photo of Prof. Hume at a 1969 IFIP meeting and early computer installations in the Computer Centre. Finally, there is one framed painting of the Sanford Fleming building that hung in his office.

Diaries and personal papers

This series contains five diaries kept by William Dale from his student days (1868) through several years as professor of classics at the University of Toronto (1892). In his article on William Dale, Robert Wilhelm states “In the pages of these journals, all of which deserve publication, we obtain an amazingly intimate picture of his feelings and thoughts on life, religion, politics, his studies, the books he has read and his views on education [1].

This series also includes a file of two pieces of correspondence - a letter of December 11, 1888 from A. M. Bascom, a “friend of father’s in Uxbridge re father’s faith and B’s advice to him to get married” [2] and an invitation to Prof. and Mrs Dale to attend convocation conferring an honorary degree on the Duke of Cornwall, Oct. 11, 1901 (B2002-0017/001(07). For the bulk of correspondence by Dale to his wife Frederika Rykman Dale see Sous-fonds 2, Series 1. Another file contains a Farm Book of expenses (1897-1906) maintained by Dale while farming his property near St. Marys, Ontario (B2002-0017/001(08).

The final item is the testimonial presented to Dale by Classical Association of University College on 20 Feb 1895, following his dismissal by the University. It is signed by members of the Association.


[1] Robert McKay Wilhelm, “William Dale – Delicta Maiorum: An Ancient Roman on the battlefield at the University of Toronto”. P. 21 B2002-0017/008

[2] Ms notation by Frances Dale on front of envelope

Education and employment

This series consists of N.J. Turnbull’s records relating to his education at the University of Toronto in the Faculty of Forestry. Included are class notes, assignments, and laboratory reports. Three Field Books, co-produced with other students, are also included. The series also consists of Field Notes corresponding to specific regions, primarily Kapuskasing. N.J. Turnbull worked here as summer employment while still enrolled at the Faculty of Forestry. There are two Field Notes that span long periods of time (1939-1982 and 1988-2007 respectively) which appear to be miscellaneous notes. There are two Daily Journals which are comprised primarily of notes on the weather and geographical information. Additionally there are some other materials corresponding to N.J. Turnbull’s employment, including a booklet on insects which is accompanied by a letter addressed to N.J. Turnbull from the author of the booklet, a notebook regarding the S.F. Woodlands Strike, and two maps of the Ontario Timber Limits of the Spruce Falls Power & Paper Co.

Personal life and family

This series documents Dr. Farrar’s family and personal life from the 1870s to the 1970s. The records in this series have been divided into 2 sub-series and are described below.

Writings and publication drafts

Series consists of W. E. Gallie’s writings, manuscripts and reports that eventually went to publication. The series consists of both typed and handwritten reports, drafts, some correspondence related to copying and publishing, and in some cases, medical photographs or images have been attached as figures. A bibliography of many of Gallie’s works is included. Some of the publications in this series are co-authored by Gallie and Dr.’s Robertson, LeMesurier, and Janes. The files in this series have been arranged in chronological order. The titles for the files in this series reflect the given title of each report, if one exists.


Note from Bliss: "These files consist of all my incoming and most of my outgoing correspondence for the last 22 years of my career at the University of Toronto. Most of it is filed in rough chronological order, though sometimes there are indexes. I am not consistent about back-to-front or front-to-back filing. Some of my correspondence is filed according to specific subjects. Particularly specialized correspondence, such as student reference letters, is in other series. My filing systems were always fairly ad hoc, and especially in the 1980s everything tended to be thrown into the general correspondence files, as it came in, everything lumped together, including much family material that should be in the files in series 2. Major changes in my system occurred late in 1986 when I first began using a computer for my correspondence, and again in 1995 when I moved to 88 College and had the help of a secretary, Andrea Clark. Generally these files contain material of every kind relating to a busy family, writing, and professional life."

Royal Conservatory of Music

This series contains mainly personal records of Prof. Schabas relating to his long association with the RCM. Arranged alphabetically by file title, these files contain correspondence and other communications, notes, copies of reports, etc relating to Prof. Schabas' activities as teacher, administrator and later, consultant for Special Projects (1990-1991). Included are files on the relationship between the RCM and the Faculty of Music and separation of the RCM from the University of Toronto, curriculum development, Building Committee, examinations, and personal correspondence with colleagues both at the RCM and U.of T. Related correspondence and papers may be found in Series III, Professional Correspondence.


Frances Dale’s diaries begin in 1926 when she enrolled in her first year at University College at the University of Toronto. The diaries for her University of Toronto years record not only daily events during the academic year, but also names of friends, social events like dances, names and addresses. Later volumes of her diaries document her education at Ontario College of Education and her first teaching positions and summers spent teaching physical education at summer camps. Diaries of her trips to Europe in 1934 and 1936 are also contained in this series.

Personal files

The "personal" files deal primarily with professional matters, but at a personal rather than an official administrative level.

History of Department of Geography

Consists of research done on the history of the Department of Geography at the University of Toronto. Includes copies of material from the Archives, notes, and correspondence. Also includes research and memorials on Bill Birch.

Personal and biographical

This series includes some personal correspondence including many congratulatory letters when Evans was appointed President of the University of Toronto. There is one box of documents that Evan himself pulled together for a possible autobiography. Accompanying these are his notes on various aspects of his career. This series includes documentation including certificates, diplomas, plaque and medals for his many awards and recognitions. Finally, cassette tapes of interviews Dr. Evans did on radio programs including “Voice of the Pioneer and CBC Morningside.


Appointment letters, awards, activity reports and CVs give a good overview of Prof Garrison’s career. There are also 6 notebooks which he entitled “Daily Notes of Sanity”, 1987-2000 that contain notes, appointments, thoughts on a variety of activities. As well, there are two diaries: one detailing his trips and experiences to the Canada France Hawaii Telescope between 1972 and 1980 ; the second a diary he titled “The Book of Work and Travel” 1978.


This series consists of records documenting Teichman’s undergraduate, post-graduate, and PhD studies in Political Science at the University of Toronto. Series includes: items related to Teichman’s theses for her political science PhD; graduate political science essays and seminars; and undergraduate lecture notes.

Affidavits and legal documents

Consists of affidavits, research materials and data, transcripts of cross examination, related correspondence, notices of applications, factums of the applicant, reports, arguments of the applicants, tribunal results, and copies of Eichler’s curriculum vitae all related to various cases in which Eichler participated as witness.

University of Kansas files

Box 1: Contributors files: A-Com
Box 2: Contributors files: Com-Fu
Box 3: Contributors files: G-Ke
Box 4: Contributors files: Ke-Mo
Box 5: Contributors files: Mo-Ry
Box 6: Contributors files: S-U
Box 7: Contributors files: V-Z

Doctoral thesis, University of Michigan

In the mid-1960s, Milton Israel undertook graduate work in history at the University of Michigan. This series contains research notes, drafts of footnotes, and copies of archival documents compiled while preparing his thesis “The Anglo-Indian in defense of authority, 1905-1910”. Also included is Prof. Israel’s personal bound copy of his thesis presented to his parents.

Personal correspondence

This series contains personal correspondence regarding appointments, remuneration, sabbatical requests and research proposals. There is also one file relating to his appointment as Associate Dean of the School of Graduate Studies.

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