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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections Collection théâtrale André Antoine
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Hearing the Cry of the Poor Tape 1

Item consists of 1 audio cassettes from a Faith and Sharing Retreat in April 1978. The talk on this item is by Jean Vanier, "Hearing the Cry of the Poor." There are 4 volumes (v1-v4).

Tape 1A

Item consists of 1 audio cassette from a Faith and Sharing Retreat held in August 1982 in Detroit, MI. Item features a talk by Jean Vanier.

Faith and Sharing Retreat Tape 1

Item consists of 1 audio cassette from an unknown Faith and Sharing Retreat held, possibly in 1987. Ten of the cassettes, numbered sequentially, feature talks by Jean Vanier. One cassette features a talk by Sue Mosteller.

To Meet the Poor is to Meet Jesus

Item consists of 1 videocassette featuring a talk given at a Faith and Sharing Retreat held from August 1-4, 1985. Jean Vanier is the speaker, and the title is, "To meet the Poor is to Meet Jesus". It is tape 1. Vanier spoke on the following: Trust, Meeting with Jesus, Jesus Reveals Who We Are, and Jesus Reveals Himself (part 1).

Opening night

Item consists of 1 audio cassette featuring a recording of a talk given at the Regional Meeting in Waterloo, ON, in May 1983.

Other events

Sub-series consists of 168 audio cassettes and 9 videocassettes from other assorted events, talks, and retreats given by l'Arche International. These cassettes do not explicitly fit into the other series in the l'Arche International collection. They have been arranged according to the type of event whenever possible. Sub-series also includes a binder which functioned as a catalogue of the majority of the cassettes that were housed at l'Arche Daybreak. This binder reflects many of the same series, and is located in box 56.

Awards and honourary degrees

Sub-series consists of awards and honourary degrees bestowed upon Henri Nouwen by various academic institutions, religious and community organizations, and literary associations, including correspondence and memorabilia relating to the awards and award ceremonies.

Course lectures, handouts, reading, and student notes

Sub-series consists of bound volumes of materials and loose documents created and used by Nouwen for his teaching positions various academic institutions in both North America and Europe. This includes reading notes, preparation notes, lecture notes, typed lecture summaries, course handouts and syllabi, many of which are heavily annotated by Nouwen. It also includes lectures, letters, notes, assignments and course evaluations produced by Nouwen's students and teaching assistants. In addition to the course-specific bound volumes, there are two bound volumes that are labelled as "miscellaneous class material" that relate to Nouwen's early career from 1959 to 1976. This sub-series has been divided into 22 sub-sub series based on the course titles and subjects which Nouwen taught between 1961 and 1994, except for one sub-sub series involving the two-volume set of collected class materials mentioned above.
The sub-sub series are:

  1. Developmental Psychology
  2. Psychology of Personality
  3. Abnormal Psychology
  4. Psychology of Religion
  5. Pastoral Care
  6. Christian Spirituality
  7. Ministry to the Elderly
  8. Hospitality
  9. Discipline and Discipleship
  10. Prison Ministry
  11. Collected Class Materials
  12. The Life and Works of Thomas Merton
  13. Ministry and Spirituality
  14. Ministry in Non-Religious Institutions
  15. The Ministry of Vincent Van Gogh
  16. Compassion
  17. Education and Community
  18. Hesychasm
  19. Desert Spirituality and Contemporary Ministry
  20. Spiritual Direction / Spiritual Life and Spiritual Direction
  21. Introduction to the Spiritual Life
  22. Early Dutch course material

Gymnasium records

Sub-series consists of essays written by Nouwen during his years at Gymnasium - a grammar school in the Netherlands for students aged 12 to 18 years who aim to attend university. Top students would learn Latin and Greek.

Files: 20-32

These files consist of photocopies of handwritten letters and typed/handwritten transcriptions of letters
written by Émile Zola between January of 1856 and December of 1870. The letters contained within are both
personal and professional; Zola writes to his friends regarding his life in Paris and his burgeoning writing
career. Meanwhile, these files also contain letters from his job at Hachette Publishing as well as letters sent to
various editors and reviewers regarding his early works including Contes à Ninon, La Confession de Claude, and
Thérèse Raquin. Some recurring correspondents include Georges Charpentier, Philippe Solari, Paul Cézanne,
Edmond de Goncourt, Géry Legrand, Marius Roux and Antony Valabrègue.

Files: 497-509

These files consist of photocopies of a variety of documents written and/or owned by Émile Zola or that
pertain to his business affairs between 1863 and 1903. There are four broad categories of documents included
in these files:

  1. Articles, Declarations, Speeches, Interviews: These files consist of photocopies of a variety of
    documents created by Zola throughout his career, including articles for journals, speeches and
    declarations he wrote and/or made, as well as copies of interviews with various people.
  2. Contracts and Financial Documents: This file consists of various legal documents belonging to Zola,
    including contracts for his works and financial documents
  3. Dedications, Introductions, Prefaces: These files consist of photocopies of works written by Zola for
    the purpose of dedications, introductions or prefaces to others’ works.
  4. Handwritten Manuscripts: These files consist of photocopies of notes on his various works as well as
    notes that Zola wrote about various hobbies, including photography. There are four original pieces in these files: the first is an original article handwritten by Saint-Georges de
    Bouhélier titled Une entrevue avec Émile Zola (dated 1894, found in File #497) and three newspapers from
    L’Aurore, (all dated 1900, found in File #498).

Files: 1544-1558

These files consist of inventories created by the Zola Research Program between the years of 1975 and 1991.
The inventories are a mixture of handwritten and typed, with various additions and annotations present. In
particular, the inventories documenting the Collection Le Blond Zola have very interesting ways of organizing
letters sent to Zola based on various information including author, content of letter or reference of Zola’s
work and country from which the letter was sent. These inventories are documenting the early years of the
program, as they developed more advanced systems of record keeping later on. As a result, most of the
inventories in these files were created in 1975 and 1976. There are also an extensive number of inventories in
the second half of the box that were used for cross-checking between the two teams. These inventories were
divided into years by the Zola Research Program staff, and a letter between Hélène Issayevitch and Collette
Morin-Laborde dates them to 1991. There is also an inventory of Letters by Contemporaries sent amongst
Zola’s family members (corresponds with letters in Boxes 54 and 55), which have been arranged by

Diary from Edmonton

File consists of a bound journal kept by Wilfred Watson after 1958. The journal contains an illustration on the cover, presumably by Watson, and is titled "True & Free = Man". The journal contains 110 pages of hand written reading notes, reflections on academia, sexuality, Canadian literature, Wyndham Lewis and other writers.

Rhyme in Modern Poetry

File consists of David Clandfield's University of Alberta, Department of English, Master of Arts thesis "Rhyme in Modern Poetry", dated September 5, 1959.

Ephemera, loose notes and other material

File consists of ephemera, loose notes, poetry fragments, word play, jottings and scraps of citations made by Wilfred Watson on scraps of paper, cigarette packages and used envelopes.


Series consists of a draft of Teresa V. O'Neill's thesis and correspondence related to the thesis.


Series consists of Laurent and Colette Potvins’ correspondence with members and representatives of the Roman Catholic Church and Papal Commission on Birth Control before and durring the Commission's meeting in the summer of 1966. Correspondence includes letters from Church representatives nominating and appointing the Potvins to the Commission; letters regarding background information about the Commission, its structure, composition and sub-sessions; and the drafting and production of reports for the Commission.

Materials regarding Thomas Merton

Sub-series consists of materials collected by Nouwen related to Thomas Merton. Sub-series includes newspaper articles, mimeographed letters from Merton, several copies of Merton’s manuscripts and several of Merton’s commercially produced audio cassette recordings of his talks to the monks and community of the Abbey of Gethsemani. Sub-series also contains Nouwen’s own records of the materials he collected on Merton. Sub-series also includes materials relating to Merton’s death in 1968 and homilies of funeral services held in his honour.

Collected commercial audio cassettes

File consists of 43 commercial audio cassette tapes collected by Nouwen. Audio cassettes include:

Stages of Contemplation: The presence of God - SR189
Stages of Contemplation: Praying in the spirit - SR190
Stages of Contemplation: Marriage: Call to contemplation - SR191
Stages of Contemplation: The process of contemplation - SR192
Stages of Contemplation: Growing in prayer - SR193
Stages of Contemplation: To be Eucharist - SR194
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: Fidelity to remembering - SR195
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: Coming home and passing over - SR196
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: The enfleshed heart of life - SR197
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: Desert fertility - SR198
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: The hidden and the revealed - SR199
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: Brokenness - SR200
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: The call to harmony - SR201
Sister Jose Hobday, OSF: Retreat and reentry - SR202
"CNN Report": Palm Sunday by K. Himle / 4/4/1993 - SR203
Most significant civil rights case of the decade by David Brown - SR204
The common sense of God - SR205
King of the Nation - SR206
Taking care of business: Called or driven by Bob Buford - SR207

Prophets for today - Cardinal John O'Connor - SR208
Abortion and race genocide - SR209
The war against population by Dr. Kasun - SR210
Christ in the New Testament 3/29/92 - SR211
The Nurturing Network: Pro-life in a pro-choice world - SR212
The Nurturing Network: "Practical idealism: Compassion in action" - SR213
The Nurturing Network: How to build an effective social ministry - SR214

2451 of Rumi and apocalypse with Andrew Harvey - SR215

Creating an inner path for real magic: Applying real magic awareness in everyday life I - SR216
Creating an inner path for real magic: Applying real magic awareness in everyday life II - SR217
Creating an inner path for real magic: Applying real magic awareness in everyday life III - SR218
Creating an inner path for real magic: Applying real magic awareness in everyday life IV - SR219
How can I help? - SR220 (sent to Nouwen from B. Crowley)
The liturgical year - SR221 (given to Sue and Kathy from Bob [last name unknown])
Joni Earekson Tada 11/8/92 - SR222
Michael Kelly Blanchard and selected topics - SR223
Fr. William: Hesychasm: Introduction #201 - SR224
Fr. William: Hesychasm: Desert fathers and doctrine #202 - SR225
Fr. William: Hesychasm: Gnosis #203 - SR226
Fr. William: Hesychasm: and poverty #204 - SR227
Fr. William: Hesychasm and celibacy & Hescichasm and encrateia - SR228

Fr. William: Hesychasm and fasting & hesychasm and moral life - SR229
Fr. William: Hesychasm - The Jesus prayer first conference - SR230
Fr. William: Hesychasm - The Jesus prayer second conference - SR231

Files 1-4

These files consist of records that document the various sources from which letters and documents were
donated for the project. File #2 contains donation agreements for private French donors. The dates of these
forms range from 1974 to 1988. File #3 contains an inventory of French libraries and journals that were
visited throughout the course of the project. File #4 is a collection of references cards that outline the
different public and private institutions that donated documents or letters to the project. These cards outline
the name of the institution or figure, location, and a listing of the letters donated to the project.

Files: 119-125

These files consist of photocopies and typed transcriptions of letters, postcards, cartes de visites and telegrams
sent by Émile Zola between October of 1892 and December of 1893. Recurring correspondents include
Ernest Vizetelly, Alfred Bruneau, Henry Céard, Georges Charpentier, Jacques van Santen Kolff, Gabriel
Thyébaut, Jeanne and Denise Rozerot, and Ely Halpérine-Kaminsky. Works discussed in these files include La
Débâcle, Le Docteur Pascal and Lourdes. The contents of the letters include both personal matters (his discussion
of his children and relationship with Jeanne Rozerot) and professional (both with the publication and
translation of his works and as the President of the Société des gens de lettres).

Page 10 of Album 14

File consists of page 10 of Album 14. There are four photographs on the page [P8492, P8493, P8494, P8495]. Taken on February 3, 1964 at the Hooge Hoenderberg, Henri Nouwen's friends are seen giving a speech, at a party in celebration of him completing his psychology doctoral exam, as others, including Professor Han Fortmann [P8492] and Laurien Nouwen [P8493], look on smiling.

Last wills and testaments

Sub-series consists of three files regarding the wills of various individuals and estates of whom Watson was executrix, or where Watson was a beneficiary.

Files include:

  • 2006 01 949 Correspondence and will regarding the estate of Dr. M.A.D. (Agatha) Myatt, 1965
  • 2006 01 950 Correspondence, legal documents and will of the estate of Mary Ida Elwena Doherty and sale of Doherty home 1980 - 1985
  • 2006 01 951 Correspondence and will of the estate of Helen Ruth Humphrey 1985

Personal photographs

Series consists of Watson's personal photograph collection, including: photographs from the late nineteenth century belonging to her parents, Mr. C.E. Doherty and Mrs. Elweena Doherty; photographs, (some of which have been scanned), of Watson as an infant and child, along with her siblings and parents; pictures taken by Watson while teaching in Dog Creek, British Columbia, and while at the University of California, Berkeley taking a summer course; pictures taken by the Watsons while on vacation in Nanton, Alberta; pictures taken during the couple's year living in Paris, France; pictures of domestic activities and socializing while Watson was living in or visiting Edmonton, Alta., Toronto, ON, London, England and Vancouver, B.C.; photographs of Watson's nieces and nephews, and the children of her friends, particularly Barbara J. Mitchell, the sons of Diane and Frank Bessai and her godson Peter Bruckmann; and photographs of her pets. Also includes a number of professional portraits of both herself and her husband Wilfred.

A complete item list of the series can be found in Appendix of the finding guide.

Seminary diploma

Item consists of a certificate dated July 21, 1957, that is certifying Nouwen's graduation from the seminary. Certificate is signed by the rector of the Rijsenburg Seminary.

Tactics - General File #3 [part two]

File is comprised of newspaper clippings, photocopies and brief reports, some of which have been pasted on paper. Contents have been annotated and organized according to subject based classification scheme and include articles and notes concerning the spread of Communism and Communist relations with Canada and the USA.

Jean Vanier, #10

Item consists of 1 audio cassette featuring a talk given at a Covenant Retreat from October 10-16, 1990. The retreat took place in North Bay, ON.

Thursday, October 19, 1978, 8:30 p.m. Jean Vanier, "Opening Our Hearts to the Spirit" at Blanchet High School (Public Talk). Opening introductions by Archbishop Hunthausen. Included are questions and answers at the end of the talk.

Item consists of 1 audio cassette from a Faith and Sharing (Foi et Portage) retreat at St. Thomas Seminary in Kenmore, WA. The retreat took place from October 16-21, 1978. The recording begins with an introduction to the talk and its date.

Drafts of Aging

File consists of two typescripts of "Aging". Draft (1) is entitled, "Aging and Ministry", by Nouwen, with Peter J. Naus and Don McNeill, with many thanks to Walter Gaffney (1971 - 1974). Draft (2) is entitled, "Aging", by Nouwen and Walter J. Gaffney (Photography by Ron P. van den Bosch) (1974).

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