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Photograph of boat

Item consists of a negative (taken from a boat) of a body of water and a boat in the distance.

Photographs of Niagara Falls

File consists of three photographs. Two photographs depict Niagara Falls, one photograph shows the Canada - United States border.

Photograph of Unilever

File consists of 1 photograph of an Unilever, taken from a distance, which is a factory complex at which Nouwen was an intern in the summer of 1958.

Photograph of unidentified men

Item consists of a black and white photograph of two unidentified men. Both men are wearing shorts, and do not have shirts on. One man appears to be mentally handicapped and is laying on a bed. The other man is sitting next to the first man and is placing his hands on his chest.

Photograph of Nouwen family

Item consists of one framed photograph of the Nouwen family. They are standing outside. Back row, left to right: unknown woman, unknown woman, unknown man, Heiltjen Nouwen (nee Kronenberg), Laurent Nouwen, Maria Nouwen, Laurent J.M. Nouwen, Henri Nouwen, Laurien van Campen-Nouwen. Front row, left to right: Marc van Campen., [Reinier van Campen?], Paul Nouwen, Frederique van Campen, Marina San Giorgi, Marc van Campen.

Photograph of Beth Canning

Item consists of one framed photograph of Elizabeth (Beth) Anne Canning. She is wearing a white jockey's uniform, helmet, and goggles. The number 2 is printed on a black circle on his right arm. She is smiling at the camera.

Photograph of Thomas Merton with the Dalai Lama

Item consists of one framed photograph of Thomas Merton and the Dalai Lama, circa 1968. They are standing outside and smiling at the camera. This photograph appears to have been cut out of a magazine or flyer.

Photograph of a portrait of Laurent J.M. Nouwen

  • CA ON00389 F4-15-1-181-P3690
  • Item
  • December 1978 - January 1979
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

Item consists of one photograph of a painted portrait of Laurent J.M. Nouwen. He is outside, with a house and a horse seen in the distance behind him. He is smiling and wearing glasses, a knit sweater, and a collared shirt and tie.

L'Arche portfolio

File consists of one photograph album titled "L'Arche Portfolio" which was created by Peter Weiskel in December 1985 and holds 104 photographs. These photographs were taken by Weiskel while he was visiting with Henri Nouwen in France at L'Arche Trosly-Breuil. Nouwen and Weiskel also possibly took a few excursions together in France, as some photographs are not from L'Arche Trosly-Breuil. The photographs are labelled sequentially with numbered labels, although some labels are missing.

Photographs in the album depict the town of Trosly, L'Arche Trosly-Breuil grounds and buildings; core members and assistants at L'Arche Trosly-Breuil, including some photographs at a gathering; some photographs of meals at various houses of L'Arche Trosly-Breuil; photographs of Pere Thomas, Pauline Vanier, Jean Vanier, Henri Nouwen, Xavier le Pichon and Brigitte le Pichon; and photographs of Morienval and Ourscamp.

Photograph of Rue d’Orléans

Item consists of one photograph of the sign denoting the Rue d’Orléans (d’Orléans street) on the side of a stone building (number 44) with white shutters.

Photograph of Yvan Tourte and unknown woman

Item consists of one photograph of Yvan Tourte, a l'Arche Trosly-Breuil core member, and an unknown woman, sitting in a living room, likely during a large community gathering.

Photograph of André Stubenruch and an unknown man

Item consists of one photograph of André Stubenruch with his hand on the shoulder of an unknown man. Other members of the community are visible in the room around them. It appears this took place during a community gathering.

Photograph of Didier Delisle

Item consists of one photograph of Didier Delisle at a large community gathering. He is wearing a white suit jacket and tie, and black glasses, and is blowing on a bugle.

Photograph of Jean-Claude Schmit

Item consists of one photograph of Jean-Claude Schmit with two other l'Arche members at a meal. One man, likely an assistant, is serving the two men to his right.

Photograph of Pauline Vanier

Item consists of one photograph of Mme Pauline Vanier, the mother of Jean Vanier. She is wearing a white and grey sweater, and is looking to her right with her hand supporting her face.

Photograph of Henri Nouwen with Édith [last name unknown] and two unidentified assistants

Item consists of one photograph of Henri Nouwen walking down a street with three people. One woman is a core member of L'Arche, named Édith [last name unknown], and she is being pushed in a wheelchair by a man. A woman is walking alongside and smiling with Nouwen. Nouwen is wearing a beige hat and scarf, a knit sweater and dark pants, as well as a plaid jacket.

Photograph of Simone Landrien

Item consists of one photograph of Simone Landrien. She is seated with her hands in her lap, and is smiling to her right.

Photograph of Jean Vanier and Père André de Jaer

Item consists of one photograph of Jean Vanier talking to Père André de Jaer, a Jesuit priest from Belgium. De Jaer is smiling up at Vanier. Vanier, seen from his left side, is leaning over towards the man, with a hand extended. He is wearing a black jacket.

Photograph of the altar in the chapel

Item consists of one photograph of one of the walls of the chapel. There is a large Bible on a stand in front of a wooden crucifix. In the chapel, the walls bear the names of the core members of l'Arche who are now deceased. Visible in this photograph is the wooden plaque for Jacques Pierens.

Photograph of a Virgin Mary statue

Item consists of one photograph of a stone sculpture of the Virgin Mary. This sculpture is located in the middle of the courtyard at la Ferme. Her eyes are closed and her carved hands are crossed in front of her and holding the sides of her habit.

Photograph of Loïc Profit

Item consists of one photograph of Loïc Profit, sitting on the lap of an unidentified assistant. He is looking up at the assistant. There are two unidentified people sitting in front of them. Profit's family is behind the Faith and Light movement.

Photographs of Marienval

  • CA ON00389 F4-15-1-184-P3787, P3788, P3789, P3790, P3791, P3792, P3793
  • Item
  • December 1985 - 1986
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

Item consists of six photographs of the church in Marienval, France.

Photograph album of trip to Spetsai, Greece

File consists of one photograph album containing photographs from a trip taken to Spetsai [Spetses], Greece in August 1963. Nouwen had at least two travel companions (one unknown man and one unknown woman), as they are featured in a few of the photographs. There are notations in Nouwen's hand labeling the photographs, giving names of some of the locations, which include Daphne [Daphni monastery], Piraeus, Mivas, and Dappia. Nouwen is in four of the photographs.

Portrait of unidentified man

Item consists of a photograph, taken by an unknown professional photographer, of an unidentified man (born September 1, 1966, died December 13, 1992).

Photograph of Berglund family

Item consists of a photograph of the Berglund family: Brad and Rita Berglund, with their daughter, Brianna, and son, Brandon, seated on a log in a forest during autumn.

Photograph of Nouwen during church service

Item consists of a photograph of Nouwen seated during a church service; Chris (Christopher) De Vinck (blue shirt), an unidentified man, and Michael Arnett (glasses), are visible sitting near him.

Photograph of Nouwen and Susan Zimmerman

Item consists of a photograph of Nouwen kneeling in front of an audience, reading aloud from a sheet of paper while holding Susan Zimmerman's hand; Bill Van Buren is among those visible in the audience.

Photograph of unidentified man

Item consists of a photograph of an unidentified man, wearing a black collared shirt and jeans, walking up a flight of stairs with his arms partially outstretched.

Photograph of Jon Griggs

Item consists of a photograph of Jon Griggs standing in front of a red tent, talking to someone not visible in the photograph. Shot 3.

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