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Teaching materials

This series contains lecture notes, and other teaching materials on various topics of economic history delivered to students during his graduate studies days at Yale and through his years as professor of economic history at the University of Toronto. Files contain typescript texts of lectures, rough notes, bibliographies, course outlines, and clippings. This series demonstrates the breadth of knowledge required to deliver lectures covering the medieval period to recent economic events.

Research materials

This series contains various materials collected by Professor Drummond relating to both Canadian and international economics. Among these are typescripts of articles by D.F. Forster on Canadian trade relations in the 1930's. Other materials include statistics relating to Australian and Soviet trade and typescripts of papers by Steven Cobrin and David Mole.

Includes a file of research notes about South Africa (B1983-0027/005(01)).

Books and monographs

This series consists of nine subseries relating to major publications written solely or in collaboration with colleagues. Only one file has survived relating to his first book, The Canadian Economy: structure and development published in 1966, reprinted in 1972 and translated into Japanese in 1976. Prof. Drummond published 14 books during his academic career mainly during the 1980's. Of these books, five concern Canadian national or provincial economic history.

Researchers will find records relating to his other books in accessions B1979-0052 and B1983-0018.

Professional Correspondence - Letters of reference

This series consists of inward and outward correspondence regarding references for former students, arranged alphabetically by surname in two groups for the period 1981-1987. One file contains letters of reference for 1973-1974

Personal correspondence

This series consists of predominantly incoming correspondence from friends, family, students and colleagues arranged chronologically by year. Some professional correspondence found intermixed with personal correspondence has been left in the original order. Thus researchers are advised to search both this series and Series II, III and IV for particular correspondents.

Correspondence begins with the period following his appointment as Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto and concludes in 1989. Correspondents include his mother Mrs G.F Drummond, "Aunt Ethel and Aunt Eve", Rev. John W. Riegel, Dr. J. C. Whetham, Rev. Philip S. Jones, Mark Higgenbottom, Freyda Lew (?), Roy Nixon, John Dales, Ian Harwood among others.

Professional correspondence

This series consists of predominantly inward correspondence relating to teaching and research activities from the time of his appointment as Lecturer in economics at the University of Toronto to two years before his death. Correspondence is most extensive for the period 1971 to 1989 and concerns research progress and publications including some typescripts of papers and articles, arrangements for research trips, associations activities, administrative and academic matters at the University of Toronto with particular reference to the Dept. of Political Economy and Trinity College.

Correspondents include W.T Easterbrook, Malcolm McKnight, Andrew Watson, Donald Patterson, Neil Quigley, among others.

University of Toronto

This series consists of files on topics relating to the Department of Political Economy, Trinity College and to other academic and administrative areas and issues in the University. Includes correspondence, clippings, reports, and minutes of meetings.

Subject correspondence

This series consists of correspondence filed by topic or correspondent, both professional and personal. Extensive correspondence concerns his period as Visiting Professor at Centre of Canadian Studies, University of Edinburgh, 1975-1976. Other subjects include correspondence with publishers, trip to Bogata Columbia (1966), the Future Manpower and Industrial Relations Project (Dow's Lake Project) (1961), Visiting Fellowship, Victoria University of Welland, New Zealand (1987) and U.K. Visit (1987-1988).


This series consists of one file only on talks given on the University of Toronto Library to Paul Fox’s class in political science (1a and 1b) when Prof. Land was Assistant Librarian.

Walter Gordon

This series documents some of Walter Gordon’s activities from 1965 to 1969. It begins with a number of his addresses, an article and a few press clippings. These files are followed by an annotated copy of the Foreign Ownership and the Structure of Canadian Industry, the report of the Task Force on the Structure of Canadian Industry that he chaired, and press releases relating to it.

The remaining files relate to the attempt by Gordon to write his autobiography, Pursuit of an Ideal – Canadian Independence. In February, 1969, after having written a portion of the manuscript, he approached his former executive assistant for advice on its potential for publication and for commentary and assistance with the manuscript. Over the next six months Land compiled extensive notes for revisions, but the project was eventually abandoned.

The files in this portion of the series contain photocopies of the typescript produced up to April, 1969 by Gordon and which were annotated by Land; a revised typescript (May, 1969); revisions made early in June by Brian Land; an appendix (26 June); later notes for and drafts made by Land of chapters 16-21, and inserts for various chapters (June-August).

Graphic material

Two black-and-white photoprints of the graduating class in Arts, Victoria College, 1948. Two photographs were taken because of the large number of graduates

Ontario Library Association

This series contains predominantly files documenting Prof. Land’s involvement with the OLA as a member of its Publications Committee, and as Second Vice-president (1962) and lst Vice-president (1963), arranged chronologically. Files include correspondence, notes, minutes of meetings, and reports. Also included are two subject files relating to Ontario Conference on Education (1962) and the William L. Graff Memorial Fund (1963).

Canadian Library Association

This series contains files of general correspondence and subject correspondence files documenting Prof. Land’s role as member of the Canadian Library Association and specific activities such as Co-ordinator of the Salary and Standards Committees, member of the Council (1962-1963) and the Librarian’s Committee (1961-1962). As Co-ordinator, Salary and Standards Committees Prof. Land led a study conducted of salaries for librarians between 1959 and 1961. Later correspondence documents the relationship between the CLA and the Institute of Professional Librarians when Land was president (1962-1963).

Institute of Professional Librarians of Ontario

In 1954, a group of professional librarians met at the annual conference of the Ontario Library Association to discuss the formation of a group within the OLA. In February 1955, the Council of the OLA approved the formation of a Professional Committee. By 1956, discussions were well underway by the Committee to form a separate professional organization of librarians. In 1957, the Professional Committee drafted a constitution for a new section of the OLA to be called the Institute of Professional Librarians. However, it was not until May 1958 that the new section was formally created. Miss Betty Magee, Windsor Public Library was elected president for 1958-1959. By May 1960, the new section had enough support to establish itself as an autonomous organization and became incorporated and adopted its own by-laws. Miss Louise Schryver of the Chatham Public Library was elected President for 1960-1961. In 1961, Brian Land was elected President for 1961-1962.

The records in this series document Prof. Land’s involvement with the Institute from its establishment as a committee of the OLA in 1959 through his presidency of 1961-1962, and as past-president in 1963. It includes files relating to a Personnel workshop held in 1962, the development and passing of An act respecting the Institute of Professional Librarians of Ontario in 1962-1963, chronology and article on the history of the IPL, Nominating Committee, Constitution Committee, membership, trade unions and professional standards. Files contain correspondence, notes, reports, minutes of meetings, etc.

Education and teaching files

This series contains annotated student handbooks, programmes for football and hockey games, and an issue of the Undergrad, all from Brian Land’s undergraduate years; course notes for an MLS college universities library administration course taught largely by Margaret Cockshutt in 1955-1956; a file Land compiled while chairing the constitution revision committee of the Alumni of the Library School (1954-1959); and lecture notes for two courses he gave in the Library School, Ontario College of Education (1961-1963); and correspondence relating to his appointment as its director (1964). There is a final file relating to his Labour Gazette indexing project for the federal Department of Labour (1956-1958).

Dr. Land kept only selected lecture notes. For others, see Series IV of B1993-0026.

1962 election, Eglinton constituency

Brian Land enrolled in the School of Graduate Studies in the fall of 1960 as a political science student. The opportunity for a thesis topic arose in the spring of 1962 as a federal election loomed. He chose to conduct a study of the campaign in the Eglinton constituency in Toronto, partly because he was a resident and because he had a personal acquaintance with a number of the principals involved.

Land offered his services to Donald Fleming, the long-standing Progressive Conservative member from the Toronto riding of Eglinton, and Minister of Finance in John Diefenbaker’s government. It was the first and only time that Land worked for a Conservative candidate. His notebook records that his first meeting was on May 10
and, over the next five weeks, he immersed himself in the strategy sessions, meetings, and envelope stuffing sessions and other activities of electioneering. He attended meetings of the Liberal candidate, Mitchell Sharp, as well as those of Mr. Fleming, and collected campaign literature from all parties.

This series contains background material to the constituency, Land’s notebook, correspondence, notes, membership and voter lists, poll revisions, maps, election results by poll, addresses, campaign literature and buttons, and press coverage. The bulk of the material relates to the Fleming campaign.

The records are grouped by function.

Davenport-Dovercourt Liberal Association

Brian Land’s involvement in party politics was primarily in the Liberal party at the federal level. He was a member of the executive of the Davenport-Dovercourt Liberal Association, for which, in 1965, he carried out a study of the Davenport voting record by conducting a poll analysis for the years 1952-1963. In February of 1968 he was elected as a delegate to the forthcoming Liberal leadership convention that chose Pierre Elliott Trudeau to succeed Lester Pearson as Prime Minister.

This series contains files consisting of: the constitution, lists of executive officers, minutes, correspondence and press clippings documenting the activities of the Davenport-Dovercourt Liberal Association from 1965-1968; the questionnaire, notes, correspondence, maps and report relating to the Davenport voting record; local press coverage, poll results and capitulation sheets for Eglinton riding in 1963 when Mitchell Sharp was elected for the first time (in oversized folders); campaign literature and press clippings relating to Walter Gordon’s successful re-election in 1965; and credentials (including buttons and decals) for and press clippings about the Association’s delegates to the 1968 convention.

Master of Arts thesis and Eglinton

The material that Brian Land gathered during the 1962 federal election formed the basis for his MA thesis that was written under the supervision of Paul Fox. The first part of this series comprises correspondence about the thesis and a copy of its second volume, “Appendices”, that contains charts, campaign literature, buttons, and maps (some oversized), and notes for the bibliography.

The second part of this series contains the files relating to the publication, in 1965, of Land’s thesis as Eglinton: the election study of a federal constituency. Included are the author’s contract, a typescript of the text, notes for and drafts of the index, and the galley and page proofs.

Executive Assistant, Minister of Finance

Brian Land’s appointment as executive assistant to Walter Gordon in May, 1963, occurred at a time of promise and potential peril for the new Liberal government of Lester Pearson. In power after a highly charged election, the government did not have an overall majority and was especially vulnerable to attack if one of its ministers slipped up. Walter Gordon’s first budget, presented on 13 June, caused a major row in the House of Commons because he had used advisers from outside the government and because some measures were very controversial. He was constantly under attack through the summer and the government embarked on a series of revisions and retreats. While the budget was approved in principle within two weeks, the Finance Minister was soon forced to bring in a number of changes and final approval did not take place until August. His second budget was presented in March, 1964, by which time Land’s appointment as the new Director of the School of Library Science had already been announced. Land left Ottawa at the end of May.

While this series contains correspondence, memoranda, and appointment schedules relating to Land’s activities generally as Gordon’s executive assistant, the emphasis is on the 1963 and 1964 budgets, especially the former. The records include correspondence, memoranda, discussion notes, notes, and drafts of budget speeches; notes for and drafts of Gordon’s post-budget speeches and answers to questions in the House; addresses by him, press releases from his office, weekly summaries of press reports from the office of the Prime Minister, and press clippings.

Graphic material

This series contains photoprints and slides (1966-1972) of the School of Library Science on McCaul St., Robarts Library, 140 St. George St., the ground breaking ceremony for Robarts and FLIS Buildings, group photos of former Directors of the School of Library Science, including Brian Land, Bertha Bassam, Winifred Barnstead, Francess Halpenny.

Also includes a watercolour of the old Library painted by Brian Land’s mother-in-law, ca 1920, and a drawing of the construction of Robarts done by Leslie Sirluck, ca 1969.

Personal files

The "personal" files deal primarily with professional matters, but at a personal rather than an official administrative level.

Publications: "Communications and Power"

Correspondence, research material, notes and card files relating to, with drafts of, Milton Israel's book, "Communications and Power: propaganda and the press in the Indian Nationalist Struggle, 1920-1947" (1994).

Personal correspondence

Includes hundreds of letters sent to Christine from her mother between 1946 to 1958. Originally from Scotland, Christine Gray married Claude Bissell in September of 1945 and immigrated to Canada soon afterward. These letters, although one sided, will give good insight into this experience and the continued relationship to family in Scotland.

Correspondence and memorabilia

Correspondence and memorabilia received after Claude Bissell’s death in June 2000 which includes letters of condolence, letters and notes written by Christine in response. This series also contains information on memorials for Claude Bissell.


Series includes several formal portraits of Christine Bissell including two done by photographer Josef Karsh as well as a snapshot of Christine with family members.


Photographs document all aspects of Bissell’s life. Formal portraits of Bissell have been filed at the beginning of this series followed by a chronological arrangement of group portraits, events and ceremonies. Several photographs document visiting dignitaries to the University while Bissell was president. This series also includes photographs of Bissell’s trip to China in 1962.

Keith Bissell

Records document Claude Bissell’s relationship with his brother Keith Bissell. This series also contains some original music compositions by Keith Bissell as well as some of his correspondence with Ernest Buckler.

Cartoons on Bissell

This series contains 13 original cartoons chronicling Claude Bissell’s career drawn by Globe and Mail political cartoonist James (Jamie) Reidford. The Reidfords’ were close friends of the Bissells’.

Also included in this series are a few copies of cartoons again depicting Bissell that appeared in the Globe and Mail by other cartoonists.

Argyll and Sutherland Highlands of Canada

Throughout his life, Bissell maintained close ties to his World War II regiment. This series documents his relationship with ASHC and the some of the work he undertook on their behalf.

Artistic works

This series contains various types of records that document Claude Bissell's creative mind.

Post retirement diaries

This series completes the records found in B1988-0091 which contain diaries prior to 1972. Note that diaries from 1962 to 1965 are not in this accession and this gap in the record remains.

Professional activities

Files in this series may contain correspondence, minutes, agenda and reports documenting Bissell participation in various organizations and conferences. Also includes documentation on Bissell’s trip to China in 1962 and his relationship with delegates visiting the University of Toronto a year later.

Teaching lectures

This series documents Bissell's teaching lectures and includes notes sorted by subject, typed lectures mainly on Canadian Literature as well as a series of lectures given at Harvard in 1968.


This series includes typescripts and some notes for talks, addresses, tributes and memorials.

Ernest Buckler

This series contains extensive documentation on Claude Bissell's research and relationship with Canadian poet Ernest Buckler including a typescript and related publication letters relating to his book Ernest Buckler Remembered (University of Toronto Press, 1989).

Articles, papers and reviews

While Bissell published and commented extensively on English Literature and Higher Education, this series contains only a few of Bissell’s writings in draft form or near final typescript. Most manuscripts for publication can be found in earlier accessions including B1993-0015 and B2003-0017.

Family correspondence

This is mainly correspondence before 1950 between Claude Bissell and his family as well as with his wife Christine. Most notably it includes hundreds of letters between Bissell and his mother and sister during WWII. This series also includes correspondence between Claude and Christine especially during their courtship, 1943-1946.


This series is made up of personal correspondence relating to his career, honours promotions as well as miscellaneous professional correspondence sorted and filed by decade. This series also includes correspondence filed by individuals, many of whom are famous in their own right.


Drafts of both theses document Bissell’s earliest writings as an academic.

Manuscripts and publications

There are only a few files in this series, consisting of some book reviews, and drafts and offprints of articles that appeared between 1968 and the early 1970s. The arrangement of the files is chronological.

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