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University of Toronto Music Library Udo Kasemets fonds
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Space TiMemoryEchoes : 4'33" fractals

File contains scores for: Space TiMemoryEchoes (4'33" Prime Time Fractals) for any instrument or voice to be performed as a solo or part of an ensemble; 'vocabulary' for one specific realization of 4'33" Prime Time Fractals (PTF); Space TiMemoryEchoes: 4'33" Fractals; Space TiMemoryEchoes: 4'33"2 for instrumental or vocal quartet; programs for performance of the work; Future is past is now for four or more musicians; and sketches for 4'33" Fractals.

QQ for B and K

File contains texts by Charles Olson, Gertrude Stein, Bruce Elder, Ezra Pound, and Stan Brakhage, and "AQM 'Timeruler'".

Useful knowledge

File contains the manuscript scores for Music of the first hundred natural numbers: for piano solo (by Kasemets); Business in Baltimore: for narrator and pianist (by Kasemets); sketches; and, related correspondence.

Useful knowledge

File contains the manuscript score for: "An instant answer or a hundred prominent men of Gertrude Stein with music of the first hundred natural numbers of Udo Kasemets"

Namekus for S

File contains rough sketches pertaining to a piece connected with St. Clement's School.

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