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Robert Allan Spencer fonds

  • UTA 1797
  • Fonds
  • 1919-2012

This fonds documents the administrative and teaching duties of Robert Spencer, as a Professor Emeritus of History and a specialist in European history, especially German history in the 19th and 20th centuries. They also document his education and his participation in World War II; his extensive international research, publications and speaking engagements; as well as his involvement with professional associations and organizations such as the University of Toronto Contingent, Canadian Officers Training Corps (COTC), the International Studies Programme and the Graduate Centre for International Studies, Altantik-Brücke, and the Conference on Security and Co-operation in Europe (CSCE). Included is personal correspondence, correspondence with international organizations, government departments, embassies and consulates; lecture notes; manuscripts and addresses.

Also present are two sous-fonds. The first is the personal papers of his wife, Ruth Margaret Church Spencer, who served with the Women’s Royal Canadian Naval Service (WRENS) during World War II as a base librarian and afterwards as the first professional librarian at Canada House in London. The second consists of files compiled by Ralph Flenley, a specialist in German history and sometime chair of the Department of History: examination questions, student mark books, and drafts of an unpublished manuscript on Anglo-German relations.

Spencer, Robert Allan

Robertson Davies Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll. 00050
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1929 - 2008

Collection contains personal and professional papers pertaining to Robertson Davies. This includes material relating to Davies’ early life, including writing and acting as a student at Upper Canada College (1929-1932), his studies at Baillol College at Oxford (1935-1938), and participation in theatrical performances in Kingston, Oxford, the Old Vic Theatre, Peterborough and the Stratford Festival (1934-1960). The papers contain a small amount of material related to Davies’ career as a journalist at Saturday Night magazine and the Peterborough Examiner. These papers contain extensive material on the novels, books and writing of Davies. This includes drafts, proofs, correspondence, reviews, clippings and any stage adaptations of his novels from The Salterton Trilogy (Tempest-Tost, Leaven of Malice and A Mixture of Frailties), The Deptford Trilogy (Fifth Business, The Manticore and World of Wonders), The Cornish Trilogy (The Rebel Angels, What’s Bred in the Bone and The Lyre of Orpheus) and the incomplete Toronto Trilogy (Murther and Walking Spirits and The Cunning Man). Also included are a complete set of original drafts and woodcuts for the Penguin edition covers of Davies’ novels, which were designed by the American printmaker Bascove. Limited material related to his essays, short stories and non-fiction publications, notably including Shakespeare’s Boy Actors, A Voice from the Attic, High Spirits and his books of fictional essays by Samuel Marchbanks are a part of the papers. Additionally, the collection includes considerable records relating to Davies’ contributions to anthologies as well as professional writing in academic journals, newspapers and magazines. These papers encompass Davies’ career as a playwright, including material related to twenty-two original works including drafts, scripts, photographs, posters, playbills and clippings, as well as the complete papers relating to the production of The Golden Ass which was staged after Davies’ death. The collection contains a large sampling of correspondence of both a professional and personal nature spanning from 1934 to his death in 1995. Also included in the collection is material related to the professional career of Davies’ as a well-known Canadian writer, this includes photographs and press clippings as well as speeches and commentaries made by Davies and his awards. Records also pertain to academic and trade writing on Davies and his work, most notably a complete set of interviews conducted with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances by Val Ross during the course of her writing Robertson Davies: A Portrait in Mosaic (2009). Papers also relate to the eighteen years Davies spent as the Master of Massey College beginning in 1963. Including articles on the founding of Massey College, the death of Vincent Massey, newsletters, teaching material and invitations and programmes for the annual Christmas Gaudy, printed on the Massey College Press. Also included is a small amount of personal records including travel records, calendars, real estate and list of personal effects. Finally, the collection contains a series dedicated to the collecting practices of Dr. Rick Davis, who collected and assembled these papers. This includes Davis’ invoices and notes for his Davies material, as well as correspondence including exchanges with Robertson Davies, Moira Whalon, Brenda Davies and Jennifer Surridge.

Davies, Robertson

Ron Collier fonds

  • CA OTUFM 35
  • Fonds
  • 1929-2004

Fonds consists of records created during Ron Collier's career as a performer, composer, arranger, teacher, and band leader. The fonds includes manuscripts of Collier's arrangements and original compositions; correspondence with musicians; photographs; lecture notes from his career at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario; and records from his collaborations with Duke Ellington. Fonds also contains audio and video recordings of performances and lectures.

Collier, Ron

Rosemary Sullivan Papers

  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1970-2000

Papers consist of research notes , manuscript drafts, final manuscripts, galleys, correspondence for her published works: The Space a Name Makes; Blue Panic; By Heart: Elizabeth Smart, A Life; Shadow Maker: Gwendolyn MacEwen; The Red Shoes; Margaret Atwood Starting Out; The Home Ladder; published writings in journals and anthologies; research material relating to her two biographies, Gwen MacEwen and Elizabeth Smart. 7 VHS and 30 cassette tapes; 34 photos.

Sullivan, Rosemary

Samuel Hollander fonds

  • UTA 1386
  • Fonds
  • 1956-2013

These accessions of personal records provide a fairly complete representation of Samuel Hollander’s professional life as an academic. The accessions cover his entire career from his student days at the London School of Economics to his retirement from the University of Toronto in 1998 and his appointment at Ben-Gurion University in Beer-Sheva, Israel in 2000. Correspondence, found in the various series gives a rich commentary on his professional endeavours and gives a good overview of the debates surrounding Hollander’s work. Lecture notes and taped lectures document how his ideas were taught in the classroom and his Ph.D. files found in Series 5 show his dedication to the teaching and mentor roles for which he is so highly regarded.

Hollander, Samuel

Sharon Abron Drache Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS COLL 00684 (2B annex)
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1974-2013

Includes extensive correspondence, manuscripts, etc. with Joe Rosenblatt, David Gurr; drafts, research and correspondence related to Barbara Klein-Muskrat: Then and Now; The Lubavitchers Are Coming to Second Avenue; Ritual Slaughter; The Mikveh Man; The Golden Ghetto; The Magic Pot; correspondence, research and drafts for piece on Richard Landon and the Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library; Arthur Drache material; unpublished children’s stories; family material; ghost writing; mentoring and other material related to the life and work of Sharon Abron Drache.

Drache, Sharon Abron

Singers from the fourth-year lieder class perform German lied : Schubertiade

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place in Walter Hall.
Performers: Singers from the Fourth-Year Lieder Class ; Dr. Kathryn Tremills, Instructor ; Dakota Scott-Digout & Rudin Lengo, pianists

Event details:

  • Am See, D. 746 / Franz Schubert (Alessia Vitali, mezzo-soprano)
  • An eine Quelle / Franz Schubert (Angelo Moretti, tenor)
  • Geheimes / Franz Schubert (Sophia Mackey, soprano)
  • Adelaide / Franz Schubert (David Walsh, tenor)
  • Sänger am Felsen / Franz Schubert (Quinn Mitchell, tenor)
  • Liebe hat gelogen / Franz Schubert (Simone Hogeveen, mezzo-soprano)
  • Refrainlieder. Männer sind méchant / Franz Schubert (Anna-Julia David, soprano)
  • Schwanengesang (Song cycle). Ihr Bild / Franz Schubert (Danlie Rae P. Acebuque, baritone)
  • Abendlied der Fürstin / Franz Schubert (Danielle Nicholson, mezzo-soprano)
  • Heimweh, D. 456 / Franz Schubert (Olivia LaPointe, soprano)
  • An Mignon / Franz Schubert (Maria Milenic, soprano)
  • Schöne Müllerin. Halt! / Franz Schubert (Luke Noftall, baritone)
  • An die Laute / Franz Schubert (Salena Harriman, soprano)
  • Edone / Franz Schubert (Roanna Kitchen, soprano)
  • Stimme der Liebe, D. 412 / Franz Schubert (Erica Simone, soprano)
  • Sängers Morgenlied, D. 163 / Franz Schubert (Sierra Ward-Bond, soprano)
  • Dass sie hier gewesen / Franz Schubert (Kathryn Rose Johnston, soprano)
  • Aus Diego Manazares / Franz Schubert (Grace ChuYü Liang, soprano)
  • Rastlose Liebe / Franz Schubert (Arieh M. Sacke, tenor)
  • Du liebst mich nicht / Franz Schubert (Chelsea Pringle-Duchemin, mezzo soprano)
  • Winterreise. Stürmische Morgen / Franz Schubert (Sebastian Gayowsky, bass-baritone)
  • Lied eines Schiffers an die Dioskuren / Franz Schubert (Wesley Hui, bass)
  • Abendstern / Franz Schubert (Frances Beg, soprano)
  • Am Strome / Franz Schubert (Yelena Gavrilova, soprano)
  • Auflösung / Franz Schubert (Khadija Mbowe, soprano)

Skilling 1988 accession

Records documenting Skilling's expertise relating to East European studies with particular emphasis on Czechoslovakia and his role in the the Centre for Russian and East European Studies. Contains addresses and speeches; manuscripts and publications including related correspondence and reviews (books included are "Czechoslovakia's Interruped Revolution", "Charter 77 and Human Rights in Czechoslovakia", and "The Czech Renaissance in the Nineteenth Century"); lecture notes; subject files, mainly of associations; sound recording, video and photographs; University of Toronto administrative files including the Centre for Russian and East European Studies, the Department of Polical Economy, Committee on International Studies as well as the Centre for International Studies.

Skilling 2001 accession

Records documenting the history of the family of Harold Gordon Skilling, including his father, William Watt Skilling; his uncle, Ernest John Skilling; his brothers, William John, Andrew Douglas and Edward Donald; and his wife, Sara (Sally) Bright Skilling.

Sous-fonds I: Skilling family. The emphasis is on William Watt, a shoemaker who emigrated from England to Canada in 1907; on Ernest, who was a very active member of the Ancient Arabic Order of Nobles of the Mystic Shrine; on Donald, who was killed in action during World War I, and on his brother, William, who was wounded but survived.

Sous-fonds II: Sara (Sally) Bright Skilling. The records focus on Sally’s education in the United States, her travels with Gordon in Eastern Europe in the 1960s, and on her love of entertaining. They document the crucial support, intellectual and otherwise, that she provided to Gordon as he pursued his career.

Sous-fonds III: Harold Gordon Skilling. The documentation here is primarily on Gordon’s education and early career and his later years as an expert on Russian and East European politics and on Czechoslovakia, in particular. An extensive combination of correspondence, journals, lectures, writings and photographs reveal much about Skilling’s ideas and his relationships with the principal figures in recent Czech history.

Songs of requiem and light : In paradisum

File consists of a recording of the event, which took place in Walter Hall.
Performers : Students from the Third-Year Oratorio Class ; Mia Bach, instructor ; Dakota Scott-Digout, collaborative class pianist ; Katharine Petkovski, conductor/composer ; Katherine Moffatt, trumpet
Event details :

  • In Paradisum / Katharine Petkovski (3rd year Oratorio Class Chorus (SA))
  • Ode for the birthday of Queen Anne. Eternal source of light divine / George Frideric Handel (Annika Telenius, soprano ; Katherine Moffatt, trumpet)
  • Judas Maccabaeus. 'Tis liberty / George Frideric Handel (Nathania-Rose Chan, soprano)
  • Jahreszeiten. Aus Lapplands…..Licht und Leben / Franz Joseph Haydn (Daiye Chung, soprano)
  • Theodora. Angels, ever bright and fair / George Frideric Handel (Madaleine Battista, soprano)
  • Elias. Sei stille dem Herrn / Felix Mendelssohn (Olivia Guselle, mezzo-soprano)
  • Paulus. Lasst uns singen / Felix Mendelssohn (Anika-France Forget, soprano)
  • Béatitudes. Abjurez, la haine et l‘inimitié / César Franck (Yekaterina Sultanbekova, soprano)
  • Masses, H. XXII, 5, C major. Laudamus te / Franz Joseph Haydn (Claire Latosinsky, soprano)
  • Gloria, B-flat major. Qui tollis peccata mundi / George Frideric Handel (Rosemonde Desjardins, soprano)
  • Pie Jesu / Lili Boulanger (Amelia Depiero, soprano)
  • Requiem, op. 89, B-flat minor. Requiem aeternam / Antonín Dvorák (Elizabeth Legierski, soprano)
  • Ave Maris Stella / Felix Mendelssohn (Emily Rocha, soprano)
  • Litaniae Lauretanae BVM, K. 195. Sancta Maria / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Olivia Spahn-Vieira, soprano)
  • Cantata pastorale per la nascita di nostro Signore. Dal bel seno d’una stella / Alessandro Scarlatti (Sunny Sheffman, soprano)
  • Weihnachts-Oratorium. 1. Teil. Grosser Herr, o starker König / Johann Sebastian Bach (Kristian Lo, bass-baritone ; Katherine Moffatt, trumpet)

Sound and Moving Images

Sound recordings and video document Prof. Lee’s research. Reel to reel tapes contain interviews, testimonies with !Kung San bushmen, talks given by Lee on this very topic, taped vocabulary lists of the !Kung San people’s language, native music from Botswana and one radio interview with Prof. Lee. Two videos document a discussion among women academics on the role of women in a hunter and gatherer society. Finally two tapes contain a partial recording of the symposium of Political Struggles of Native Peoples, organized by Prof. Lee in 1972.

Sound and moving image material

This series is mainly films made by Rappaport relating to the liver. Some titles include: Pathologic Circulation in the Mammalian Liver, The Effects of Mouse Hepatitis Virus on the Microcirculation of the Liver (2 copies on video), Experimental Hepatic Vino-Occlusive Disease, and Normal Circulation of the Mammalian Liver. All films are 16mm format, color and usually silent. Duration of films are from 6 to 30 minutes .

Speak Body

Speak Body (1979) [Abortion]
B2012-0002/001M-/005M: 16 mm, workprints? – #1Bobbe, #2Susan, #3Lisa, #4Janet, #5Marien, 5 rolls
B2012-0002/006M: 16 mm- Narration, 1 roll
B2012-0002/007M: 16mm Cut Copy, 1 roll
B2012-0002/008M: 16 mm Print, 1 roll
B2012-0002/009M: 1 videocassette – ¾” Umatic, 1 video

Speak Body, Bed and Sofa, Life on This Planet, Storytelling

Speak Body (1979)
-16 mm A&B rolls, colour negatives – 2 rolls

  • 16 mm Optical Track and 1 cassette tape – 1 roll
  • 16 mm Inter-negative Track 4 rolls

Bed and Sofa (1979)

  • 16 mm A&B Negative – 2 rolls
  • 16 mm Optical Track & Magnetic Track – 2 rolls

Life on This Planet (1982)
-16 mm colour negatives – 3 rolls

Storytelling (1983)
-16 mm Optical Track part 1 & 2 – 2 rolls

  • 16 mm A&B rolls, colour negatives Pt. 1 & 2 – 4 rolls

Student composers concert no. 1

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place in Walter Hall.
Event tracks :

  • Serenade for Winds, Cello and Double Bass / Evan Tanovich (b.2000) (Evan Tanovich, conductor ; Michelle Hui, flute ; Nerses Amirkhanyan, flute ; Luca Ortolani, oboe ; Jason Halliday, oboe ; Tommaso Masnari, clarinet ; Adriana Jankovic, clarinet ; Eric Belanger, bassoon ; Ryan Ghassemi, bassoon ; Else Sather, cello ; Hannah Godfrey-Clarke, double bass
  • I Dreamed of Spring / Kevin Zi-Xiao He (b.1991) (Erick Oliver Wawrzkiewicz, violin ; Anastasia Kulikova, piano)
  • Old Tales / Qiushi Jiang (b.1991) ( Christian Le, guitar)
  • e420 from The Art of Mathematical Constants / Ian Ching-Hei Chan (b. 2001) (Jordana Kleiner, flute ; Ching-Hei Chan, piano, primo ; Murong Bao, piano, secondo)
  • The Sweet Ground. i. Dreams ; ii. Ardella iii. God / Erik Kreem (b. 2001) (Jordana Goddard, soprano ; Erik Kreem, piano)
  • String Quartet No. 2 "Depression" / Yilun Liu (b. 1996) (Ryan Shen, violin I ; Joanna Gorska, violin II ; Vena Lin, viola ; Chris Chan, cello)
  • Stars / Kai Leung (b.1998) (Concreamus, Kai Leung, conductor)
  • Sous l'abside du ciel d'été / Benjamin Gabbay (b. 1995) (Benjamin Gabbay, conductor ; Claire Latosinsky, soprano I ; Abigail Sinclair, Sarah Mole, soprano II ; Elizabeth Legiersky, Francesca Hauser, alto ; Nathan Gritter, tenor ; Kai Leung, Ricardo Ferro, baritone ; Dante Mullin Santone, Nicholas Wanstall, bass)

Student composers concert no. 2

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place in Walter Hall.
Event tracks :

  • Winter Music / Michael Nunes (b. 2000) (Michelle Hui - flute ; Luca Ortolani - oboe ; Tommaso Masnari - clarinet ; Michael Nunes - horn ; Eric Belanger - bassoon)
  • Čarxe / Aryo Nazaradeh (b.1996) (Joshua Su - piano)
  • The Last Moments of Our Season. I: In the Amber of Autumn, Dream of Me... ; II: If I Had... / Emma Colette Moss (b.1999) (Emily Rocha - soprano ; Emma Moss - piano)
  • Annabel Lee / Benjamin Gabbay (b.1995) (Concreamus Chamber Choir - Kai Leung, conductor ; Benjamin Gabbay- piano)
  • Sonata-Fantasy / Peter Wang (b. 1996) (Peter Wang - piano)
  • Scherzo for Solo Cellist / Ian Ching-Hei Chan (b. 2001) (Gretchen Lee - cello)
  • Fran / Kevin Mulligan (b. 1995) (Saba Yousefi - violin ; Lexi Li - violin ; Sam Edwards - viola ; Kevin Zi-Xiao He - cello)


The records in this series relate to Professor Careless’ teaching activities at the University of Toronto. Between 1945 and 1992, Professor Careless taught various undergraduate and graduate courses on historiography, early Canadian history, urban history, and metropolitanism, The records in this series predominantly consist of mark books, 1945 to 1992. Also included are some course outlines and lecture notes. There is also a Department of History promotional film, created circa late 1950’s, with gratuitous and graphic scenes of Professor Careless at Flavelle House.


Dr. Fowler was associated with several universities in the United States and Canada as researcher, administrator and teacher. This series documents his teaching activities from his time as a graduate student and professor at the University of Chicago, through his academic career at OISE and at Tufts University, and in his later career as a consultant. Files contain lecture notes, course materials, and correspondence. He also maintained an ongoing correspondence with many of his students from his years at OISE, providing advice, references and support as they continued their academic careers.

The Canadian all star jazz show

File is a video recording of the first Canadian All Star Jazz Show, presented by Timex, with host Fred Davis, and featuring Oscar Peterson, Anne Marie Moss, Georgie Auld, Trump Davidson, Bert Niosi, Phil Nimmons, Pat Riccio, Mike White, Jack Kane, Peter Appleyard, Ron Collier, Phyllis Marshall, Jimmy Coxson, Jerry Toth, Roy Smith, and Ed Karam.

The greatest show on earth

Item consists of a videocassette of The Greatest Show on Earth produced by Cecil B. DeMille and distributed by Paramount Pictures in 1952.

Third year undergraduate singers in performance

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place in Walter Hall.
Event details:

  • Talk
  • Mélodies, op. 2. Sérénade italienne / Ernest Chausson (Rosemonde Desjardins, soprano; Jo Greenaway, piano)
  • Mörike-Lieder. Verlassene Mägdlein / Hugo Wolf (Rosemonde Desjardins, soprano; Jo Greenaway, piano)
  • Péchés de vieillesse. Album italiano. Regata veneziana. Anzoleta avanti la regata / Gioacchino Rossini (Ana Isabella Castro, soprano; Jo Greenaway, piano)
  • Atalanta. Care selve / George Frederic Handel (Dayie (Yvonne) Chung, soprano; Michael Rose, piano)
  • Lieder nach Rückert. Liebst du um Schönheit / Gustav Mahler (Dayie (Yvonne) Chung, soprano; Michael Rose, piano)
  • Soir / Gabriel Fauré (Olivia Spahn-Vieira, soprano ; Jo Greenaway, piano)
  • Liebe hat gelogen / Franz Schubert (Amelia Depiero, soprano ; Jo Greenaway, piano)
  • Street scene. What good would the moon be? / Kurt Weill (Amelia Depiero, soprano; Jo Greenaway, piano)
  • Chansons du coeur. Je tisserais un arc-en-ciel / Jean Coulthard (Claire Latosinsky, soprano ; Suzy Smith, piano)
  • [Chansons du coeur. Voix d’yeux / Jean Coulthard] (Claire Latosinsky, soprano ; Suzy Smith, piano)
  • Sonetti di Petrarca. Vita fugge / Ildebrando Pizzetti (Anika-France Forget, soprano ; Trevor Chartrand, piano)
  • Soirées musicales. Promessa / Gioacchino Rossini (Emily Rocha, soprano ; [Jo Greenaway], piano)
  • Beau soir / Claude Debussy (Emily Rocha, soprano ; [Jo Greenaway], piano)
  • Natural selection. Animal passion / Jake Heggie

Thursday at Noon series

Subseries consists of recordings of concerts in the Thursday at Noon series. This series features faculty artists as well as guests, and usually feature small ensemble chamber music and vocal or instrumental recitals. These events take place in the Walter Hall at the Faculty of Music on Thursday afternoons.

Thursday at Noon series

Subseries consists of recordings of concerts in the Thursday at Noon series. This series features faculty artists as well as guests, and usually feature small ensemble chamber music and vocal or instrumental recitals. These events take place in the Walter Hall at the Faculty of Music on Thursday afternoons.

Thursday at Noon series

Subseries consists of recordings of concerts in the Thursday at Noon series. This series features faculty artists as well as guests, and usually feature small ensemble chamber music and vocal or instrumental recitals. These events take place in the Walter Hall at the Faculty of Music on Thursday afternoons.

To Meet the Poor is to Meet Jesus

Item consists of 1 videocassette featuring a talk given at a Faith and Sharing Retreat held from August 1-4, 1985. Jean Vanier is the speaker, and the title is, "To meet the Poor is to Meet Jesus". It is tape 1. Vanier spoke on the following: Trust, Meeting with Jesus, Jesus Reveals Who We Are, and Jesus Reveals Himself (part 1).

Tuppil Venkatacharya fonds

  • UTA 1933
  • Fonds
  • [1922?] – 2006

Fonds consists of material documenting the professional and personal life of Prof. Tuppil Venkatacharya. Records cover his collection and research of Sanskrit literature through correspondence, typescripts, annotated texts, translations and transliterations, and recordings of some of his academic presentations. Also included in the material is documentation of the community Sanskrit classes taught by the scholar (Series 10) as well as his and his wife’s, Vijaya Venkatacharya’s, involvement in Toronto’s South Asian community. Fonds also includes family correspondence and some biographical material regarding Venkatacharya’s education and positions held at the University of Toronto and other institutions. Please see series descriptions for additional details.

Venkatacharya, Tuppil

University of Toronto 12tet

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place in Walter Hall.
Performers : U of T 12tet ; Terry Promane, musical director
Event details :

  • Crooked Creek / Jon Cowherd, arr. Mike Rajna (Solos: Harry Bartlett, Kaelin Murphy, Griff Vona)
  • Phor / Terry Promane (Solos: Kaelin Murphy, Nicholas Adema)
  • Friend / Harry Bartlett (Solo: Harry Bartlett)
  • September Song / Kurt Weill, arr. Terry Promane (Solo: David Hodgson)
  • Lucy From Afar / Renee Rosnes, arr. Terry Promane (Solos: Carter Brodkorb, Jacob Chung)
  • Deep Purple / Peter DeRose, arr. Alex Manoukas (Solos: Alex Manoukas, Evan Dalling, Nathaniel Jenkins)
  • Ayo / Mike Mitchell, arr. Kaelin Murphy (Solo: David Hodgson)
  • Tones for Joan’s Bones / Chick Corea, arr. Carter Brodkorb (Solos: Jacob Chung, Carter Brodkorb)
  • [Encore: The Garden / Brad Mehldau arr. Kaelin Murphy (Solo: Kaelin Murphy)]

University of Toronto Communications fonds

  • UTA 0252
  • Fonds
  • 1895-2005

This fonds contains 52 accessions for the University of Toronto Communications, and its predecessors. See accession-level descriptions for more details.

University of Toronto. Strategic Communications and Marketing

University of Toronto Libraries fonds

  • UTA 1894
  • Fonds
  • 1835-2015

This fonds for the University of Toronto Libraries contains 71 accessions of material originating from no discernible office within the University of Toronto Libraries system, or from defunct offices, and previous committees and task forces. See accession-level descriptions for more details.

University of Toronto Libraries

University of Toronto contemporary music ensemble : Frankenstein!!

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place in Walter Hall.
Performers : U of T Contemporary Music Ensemble: Frankenstein!! ; Wallace Halladay, director ; with the U of T Saxophone Ensemble and U of T Percussion Ensemble ; and soloists Maeve Palmer, soprano and Parker Clements, baritone
Event details:

  • In Erwartung / Sofia Gubaidulina (Lorenzo Guggenheim, conductor with members of the U of T Saxophone and Percussion Ensembles)
  • Closet full of demons / Robert Paterson (Lorenzo Guggenheim, conductor)
  • Mysteries of the macabre / György Ligeti (Maeve Palmer, soprano)
  • Frankenstein!! / H. K. (Heinz Karl) Gruber (with soloist Parker Clements, baritone)

University of Toronto jazz orchestra and Hart House jazz ensemble

File consists of a recording of the concert, which took place in Walter Hall.
Performers : UTJO (University of Toronto Jazz Orchestra) and Hart House Jazz Ensemble ; Gordon Foote, director and Ernesto Cervini, conductor
Event details:

  • Switch in Time / Sammy Nestico
  • A View from the Side / Bill Holman
  • Things Are Getting Better / Adderley, Previn, arr. Rob McConnell
  • Just Friends / Davies, Klenner, Lewis, arr. Bill Holman
  • To You / Thad Jones
  • Wind Machine / Sammy Nestico
  • Old Milestones / John Lewis, arr. Christian Overton
  • Ward Lock / Chris Donnelly, arr. Spencer Krips
  • My Lament / Maria Schneider
  • Mean to Me / Ahlert, Turk
  • Oclupaca / Duke Ellington
  • September in the Rain / Henry Warren, arr. Geoff Claridge
  • Ain’t That a Kick in the Head / Jimmy Van Heusen
  • Nighthawks / Oded Lev-Ari

University of Toronto. Munk School of Global Affairs

This accession contains press releases, media clippings, and video recordings regarding the Lionel Gelber Prize, an international award for distinguished writing in the field of foreign affairs. The accession also contains records dealing with the selection process, including members of the selection committee, and various submissions for the award.

University of Toronto. Munk School of Global Affairs fonds

  • UTA 0146
  • Fonds
  • 2001-2015

This fonds contains 1 accession;

A2015-0008: Contains press releases, media clippings, and video recordings regarding the Lionel Gelber Prize, an international award for distinguished writing in the field of foreign affairs. The accession also contains records dealing with the selection process, including members of the selection committee, and various submissions for the award.

University of Toronto. Munk School of Global Affairs

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