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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections
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Page 10 of Album 5

File consists of page 10 of Album 5. There are four photographs on the page [P6638, P6639, P6640, P6641]. In the photos Laurien, Maria and Laurent Nouwen pose for a photo outside and Laurent J.M. Nouwen sits on a horse outside of the [Nouwen home?] while Lillenor Habvard looks on, in September 1948. Also included is a 1948 photo of Ferry [last name unknown] in a field with a view of the church at the minor seminary in Apeldoorn and a May 1947 photo of a crowd, including Harry and Truus Derkx (nee Ramselaar), sending off a boat. The annotations on the page read: "Ferry in Apeldoorn 1948" and "Mai 1947 Truus an Harry naar Curacao".

Page 10 of Album 10

File consists of page 10 of Album 10. There are nine photographs on the page [P7621, P7622, P7623, P7624, P7625, P7626, P7627, P7628, P7629]. Several of Henri Nouwen's friends, including Daphne Cox [P7622], Mich Zeman [P7623], Joseph Nunez [P7625], Bob Werner [P7627], [Michael Harank?] [P7628] and Yushi Nomura [P7629], are seen together and alone.

Faith and Sharing Retreat

File consists of 11 audio cassettes from an unknown Faith and Sharing Retreat held, possibly in 1987. Ten of the cassettes, numbered sequentially, feature talks by Jean Vanier. One cassette features a talk by Sue Mosteller.

Letters from Janet Lander

File consists of nine letters from Janet Lander, including three short poems, from August 10 to September 16, 1964, including a letter draft by Wilfred Watson.

The silence of God

Item consists of two draft typescripts of "The Silence of God", a Lenten meditation regarding Jesus before the Sanhedrin, Pilate and Herod. Nouwen argues that as Jesus stands before his accusers he is silent, not out of disdain or arrogance, but because those asking him to perform are doing so from curiosity and sensationalism. Nouwen suggests that Jesus only speaks when we come with a real desire to know him and receive his word into our hearts. This is one meditation in a Lenten series given by Nouwen at Battell Chapel in 1980.


Sub-series consists of one leader's guide to Nouwen's book Letters to Marc about Jesus. The book was produced by the publisher of Nouwen's book as a learning aid. Through a series of questions and exercises it attempts to help the reader gain in their own spiritual life through Nouwen's book. The book has been described at the item level.

Video recordings of Nouwen

Series consists of video recordings of Nouwen as lecturer, retreat leader, conference leader and television program guest. Many of these videocassettes were given to Nouwen by the organizers's of events in which he participated. There is one sub-series in this series: video recordings accumulated by Nouwen, and there are several sub-sub series. Multiple cassettes from a single event are available for Nouwen at Earlham College; Nouwen at Catholic Charities Volunteer Development Conference; Nouwen on Robert Schuller's Hour of Power; Video Recordings of 'Overal et Nergens' and Nouwen at L'Arche Stratford. The remaining videocassettes consist of thirty-three videocassettes of addresses, lectures, interviews and sermons given by Nouwen at conferences, retreats, churches and other locations from 1983 to 1996.

11. "Voila ta Mere"

Item consists of 1 audio cassette featuring a Covenant Retreat (Retraite de l'Alliance) in April 1984, with talks by Pere M.D. Philippe, O.P. The title of the retreat was, "L'Alliance et le mystere de la croix."

Tape 5B

Item consists of 1 audio cassette from a Faith and Sharing Retreat held in August 1982 in Detroit, MI. Item features a talk by Jean Vanier.

Files: 1227-1279

These files consist of articles, chapters from books and off-prints relating to Émile Zola and/or Naturalism
written by authors with surnames Sanders to Scott. The dates of works published in these files range from
1891 to 1991. Recurring scholars include J.B. Sanders, Rita Schober and Naomi Schor. File #1268 contains an
original 1891 article by Aurélien Scholl, titled “L’Amant de sa femme."

Files: 268-274

These files consist of photocopies of handwritten letters, postcards, telegrams, cartes de visites and
handwritten and typed transcriptions of correspondence to Émile Zola written between January of 1895 and
March of 1896. Frequent correspondents include Ernest Vizetelly, Eugène Fasquelle, Fernand Xau, Alfred
Bruneau, Guiseppe Giacosa and various family members (including his cousin Carlo Zola and his niece Elina
“Lili” Laborde). Most of the contents of the letters are concerned with the publication and subsequent
translations of Zola’s Rome, including a number of Letters of Contemporaries discussing the translation of
Rome in the United States. This increase in both the popularity and intellectual presence of Zola in the U.S. is
evidenced in the number of American correspondents and the photocopies of newspaper and journal articles
attached that discuss Zola’s works. As with some of the other files in this series, on some letters, Zola has
written brief notes to himself about responding to the letters (as can be seen on a letter from Ernest Vizetelly,
dated May 25, 1895, in File #268).

Files: 413-417

These files consist of photocopies of handwritten and typed letter, postcards, cartes de visites telegrams and
some photocopies of newspaper clippings of undated items from the 1991 accession of Dreyfus Affair
records. The last file in this box (File #417) also contains miscellaneous items from the Dreyfus Affair subseries.

Albert Lantoine, Autograph letters to Léon Deffoux

  • Autograph letter with envelope from Albert Lantoine to Léon Deffoux, dated July 24, 1918. Thanks Deffoux for sending his book on le testament Goncourt. Evokes Zola and the Dreyfus Affair.
  • Autograph letter from Albert Lantoine to Léon Deffoux, dated January 14, [19]19 – on letterhead of «Le livre mensuel, 24, rue de Navarin (9e) Paris» Lantoine thanks Deffoux for sending his article. He sollicits his help on various matters related to literary criticism.
  • Autograph letter from Albert Lantoine to Léon Deffoux, dated October 3, (1919, from internal evidence – reference to a book by Marcello Fabri (La force de vivre) published by Le livre mensuel] - on letterhead of «Le livre mensuel, 24, rue de Navarin (9e) Paris» Asks Deffoux how to proceed to submit a book to the Académie Goncourt, for its annual literary prize. Le livre mensuel just published a novel by Marcello Fabri – which could be considered for the prize.
  • Autograph letter from Albert Lantoine to Léon Deffoux, dated October 26, 1921. Talks about his last book, a copy of which he is sending to Deffoux. Invites Deffoux to join his group of free masons; he would be honoured to have him as a colleague, but will understand if Deffoux refuses.
  • Autograph letter from Albert Lantoine to Léon Deffoux, dated November 2, 1921. Refers to an offer he made to Deffoux [and that Deffoux seems to have declined]. Lantoine reiterates his esteem for Deffoux.
  • Autograph letter from Albert Lantoine to Léon Deffoux, n.d. (reference to an article published in Le Mercure about Sarajevo – check) Offers an article on Bulgaria – where he gave a series of confences. Asks Deffoux to help him find an issue of the Mercure de France (1st May ?), in which there is an article on Sarajevo by Poncins.
  • Two empty envelopes addressed to Léon Deffoux, stamped 3-XI-1921 and 20-10-21, with header: «Le livre mensuel»

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to an unknown correspondent

  1. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to an unknown correspondent, Médan, 1 December 1881, 1 p.
    Note : This letter is written on black-bordered paper. Zola’s mother had died on 17 October, 1880.
    Zola authorizes his correspondent to translate his play, Les Héritiers Rabourdin, and to perform it in Germany, as long as his correspondent shares with him the proceeds of the performances.
    Les Héritiers Rabourdin is a three-act comedy written by Zola in 1873-1874. It was performed at the Théâtre Cluny in Paris from the 3rd to the 20th of November 1874, but met with little success.
    Published in Correspondance, vol. IV, p. 241-242 (letter 175-A).

Easter greetings

Item consists of 1 picture postcard with a divided back with an Easter greeting. The postcard has 1 George Washington one cent U.S. postage stamp.

Ferdinand Fabre Dossier, J.B. Sanders letter

-Autograph letter from Jacques Duviard to J.B. Sanders, Versailles, 17 November 1977. Sends to Sanders photocopies of letters from Ferdinand Fabre, his great grandfather, to Emile Zola (not attached) and authorizes Sanders to publish them in the context of the Emile Zola Correspondence.
-Various photocopies of articles about F. Fabre.

Faith and Sharing Retreat Tape 10

Item consists of 1 audio cassette from an unknown Faith and Sharing Retreat held, possibly in 1987. Ten of the cassettes, numbered sequentially, feature talks by Jean Vanier. One cassette features a talk by Sue Mosteller.

Marriage homily for Rick and Margaret [last names unknown]

Item consists of a manuscript of a marriage homily given by Nouwen at the wedding of Rick and Margaret (last names unknown). Nouwen suggests a good marriage consists of giving to each other, giving to others, and giving to God, as well as forgiving each other, others and God.

Death and Christ

Item consists of a typescript for "Death and Christ", a sermon given by Nouwen in which he suggests that death, which we do not want to confront, is also a way to life. Nouwen looks at how we avoid death in our culture and how we need to be willing to face our own death, which can become a sign of glory.

Covenant Retreat, Jean Vanier

File consists of 10 audio cassettes featuring talks given by Jean Vanier at a Covenant Retreat in April 1987. The cassettes are numbered #2-11 and there are no titles of talks given.

Page 10 of Album 3

File consists of page 10 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6432]. Taken by Ron van den Bosch, the photo shows Henri Nouwen standing on a street in Utrecht. His eyes are closed and the Dom Tower is visible in the background.

Page 10 of Album 11

File consists of page 10 of Album 11. There are four photographs on the page [P7818, P7819, P7820, P7821]. Taken while on a trip to Greece and Israel, Henri Nouwen and his travelling companions are seen outdoors at unidentified locations. Also included are two photos of church interiors.

Letters from Cardinal Bernardus Alfrink, Archbishop of Utrecht

File consists of letters from Cardinal Bernardus Alfrink, Archbishop of Utrecht. Alfrink was Nouwen's bishop. Also includes two long letters fron Nouwen (in Dutch). Also includes correspondence from Rev. George J. Parnassus of St. Raymond's Catholic Church in Downey, CA.

Gramont, Louis de, Rolande

Gramont, Louis de, Rolande. Pièce en quatre actes (cinq tableaux), Paris, Tresse & Stock Éditeurs, 1888. – With annotations throughout. Copy marked «Souffleur». With printed dedicace: «A Antoine, directeur du Théâtre-Libre et aux interprètes de Rolande. Reconnaissance profonde, Gramont.»

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