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This series contains records relating to Prof. Richardson’s extensive publications in scholarly journals, some non-refereed periodicals and chapters in books. Files may contain correspondence, notes, drafts of manuscript, copies of reviews and other records. File list includes more than 70 works covering various topics relating to religion and architecture.

Articles and Papers

This series contains research notes and data, drafts and final versions of some of MacIntosh’s articles and papers. Not all of these papers were published – many were written to present at various talks, or to document various medical procedures which MacIntosh was working on. Some of the records in this series appear to be papers that MacIntosh started and never completed, or that led to different papers all together. The series also contains several papers that MacIntosh either co-wrote, or helped to edit.

Articles and addresses

This series includes correspondence, research data, draft manuscripts, figures, referees' comments and abstracts relating to published academic papers and addresses given at conferences or meetings. Files are titled either by the title of the article or by subject and are arranged more or less alphabetically.

Articles and other writing

Series consists of book chapters, articles, talks, reviews, and news articles published and/or delivered by Robson. Includes works by ‘H.O. Hmnnn,' a pseudonym used by Robson for satirical or comical commentary on the state of higher education and other issues. Files contain primarily published works, but in some cases, include drafts and correspondence.

Articles and papers

This series consists of Howson’s notes, writings, manuscripts and reports, many of which went to publication. The series consists of both typed and handwritten drafts and many files contain correspondence related to editing and publishing. The series is predominantly arranged in chronological order. If the article has been published, a full bibliographic listing is provided in the file list.

Articles and papers

This series documents only a portion of Prof. Harney’s more than 100 literary works, both published and unpublished. Many of these were undertaken as part of his duties as editor of the MHSO’s bulletin, Polyphony, and as general editor of the Society’s publications programme. Others appeared in many scholarly journals such as Canadian Ethnic Studies, as well as chapters in books. Unfortunately, only a few have survived in this series. Of these, many are undated drafts on various themes relating to predominantly Italian immigration.

Articles and papers

Throughout the course of his career at the University of Toronto, Hollander published over 100 articles and reviews for academic journals. This series contains a sampling of this accomplishment in the form of manuscript drafts and typescripts, many of which have annotations and corrections, as well as some comments by readers and related correspondence. The series covers the full scope of his career ranging from the publication of his first article in 1961 to drafts of articles for which publication is forthcoming.

Articles and papers

This series documents Hull's extensive publishing activity in the field of applied mathematics and computer arithmetic. Included are files on refereed and non-refereed articles as well as papers presented at meetings and symposiums. This series is by no means complete but it does represent a good sample of his work. Files contain manuscripts, typescripts, notes, correspondence and e-mail with co-author(s), editors and publishers as well as referee comments and revisions.

Articles and reviews

This series contains files documenting Prof. Chambers’ published and unpublished articles, papers and reviews produced during his career at the University of Toronto. They are predominantly on the discipline of linguistics, although the Review files contain mainly articles on jazz with some on linguistics published by the Globe & Mail. Files may contain manuscripts, correspondence, notes, reviews, etc. Other articles, papers and shorter literary works relating to jazz will be found in Series 5.

Articles, Addresses and Submissions

Includes articles and addresses submitted for publication or to be delivered at conferences. Also includes drafts of memos submitted to federal and provincial government officials and/or committees on issues such as taxation, deficit trimming, the constitution, the role of government and its officials, competition policy.

Articles, Manuscripts, Addresses

This is an extensive series, which documents Dr. Hogg's publishing activities. Since many of her published articles were addresses delivered at symposiums or reports made to professional committees, addresses and talks have also been included in this series. The files, usually titled by the name of the article, book or publisher contain not only manuscripts and drafts but related correspondence, notes, memos and outlines.

The arrangement of this series is as follows, starting from general articles to the specific endeavour

  • Bibliographies and lists of publications
  • General articles, addresses, contributions to encyclopedias
  • Obituaries
  • Academic Papers on Star Clusters
  • Bibliography and Catalogue of Star Clusters
  • Contributions to "Out of Old Books"
  • "The Stars Belong to Everyone"
  • Toronto Star Column
  • Miscellaneous Writings
  • Reprints

Records in this series document both Dr. Hogg's stature as an authority on variable stars and star clusters as well as her role as a teacher of popular astronomy. Draft articles and related notes and correspondence on numerous scientific papers as well as files documenting her contribution to encyclopedias and handbooks reflect both of these roles.

Notably, her work on various editions of "A Catalogue of Variable Stars in Globular Clusters" (1st ed. 1939, 2nd ed. 1955, 3rd. ed. 1973 and 4th incomplete), as well as her time spent on "A Bibliography of Individual Globular Clusters" (1947, 1st supplement 1963) is extensively documented through drafts, research data, original manuscripts. These records relate specifically to the card index found in Series IV, Star Cluster Files and Index Cards.

Articles, abstracts, talks, papers, lectures

During his long career Dr. Little wrote extensively on the results of his research. Many of these were collaborative products with colleagues, research associates and students and were published in scholarly scientific and other publications. Among his co-authors are Dr. W. Carl Breckenridge, former associate professor in the Department of Medicine, University of Toronto, and former Director of the Core Laboratory of the Lipid Research Project in the 1970s [1], Dr. Arnis Kuksis, professor of biochemistry in the U. of T.’s Banting & Best Department of Medical Research (and Breckenridge’s doctorate supervisor), and Dr. Philip Connelly, professor in the University of Toronto Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathobiology and Director of the J. Alick Little Research Laboratory at St. Michael’s Hospital, Toronto. Dr. Little was also invited to make presentations at conferences, meetings of organizations of medical professionals, and to community groups. As part of his teaching responsibilities, he lectured to medical students and residents at St. Michael’s Hospital and other teaching hospitals in Toronto and the province. He has continued to publish, speak and present the results of his many years of research after his retirement in 1988.

This series contains a comprehensive record of his writings, both published and unpublished and is far more extensive than his curriculum vitae. Conversely, files relating to some of his publications done in collaboration with others will not be found in this series. As well, official reports on the Lipid Research Clinic project are also not included, and researchers are referred to the records of the Lipid Research Clinic in A2002-0009. Group photographs from the Fifth (1980) and Eighth (1984) Canadian Lipoprotein Conferences are part of this series as well as some lecture slides and publication illustrations.

Arranged chronologically by date of publication or production of work. See Appendix A for list of publications, abstracts and lectures extracted from Dr. Little’s 1992 curriculum vitae and annotated with box and file reference. When photographs have been removed both the file and appendix has been annotated with the location of the photographs.


  1. Dr. Breckenridge (PhD in Biochemistry, U of T 1970) is now Vice president, Research at Dalhousie University.

Articles, book chapters and other shorter works

This series contains files documenting many of Prof. Eddie’s shorter literary products beginning with his doctoral thesis at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1961-1967). It includes mainly scholarly writings for academic journals, but also letters and ‘journalistic’ articles written in the early 1990s on various topics. Files may contain correspondence, notes, and manuscripts and some copies of final printed works.

Articles, books and addresses

This series contains draft and edited manuscripts and typescripts of books, chapters of books and articles authored by Putnam throughout the course of his career. Included is a complete typescript of his book Canadian Regions first published in 1952 and subsequently revised several times. There are also files relating to his numerous contributions about Canadian geography to encyclopaedia such as the Chambers’s Encyclopaedia, the Encyclopaedia Americana and the Encyclopaedia of Britannica which also contain correspondence with the publishers.

Also in this series are addresses made by Putnam and memorandum written by him, most of which are undated. Of some interest are addresses “Thoughts on Geography in Canada” and “Geography in Canadian Universities” which detail Putnam’s thought on the state of the discipline, its teachers and praticioners. There is also a manuscript of a memorandum written in 1951 to Dean Beatty entitled “Geography at Toronto, - Past, Present and Future” which describes the history of the department and its current state.

Articles, papers and reviews

While Bissell published and commented extensively on English Literature and Higher Education, this series contains only a few of Bissell’s writings in draft form or near final typescript. Most manuscripts for publication can be found in earlier accessions including B1993-0015 and B2003-0017.

Articles, reports and papers

This series includes manuscripts, drafts, research notes and correspondence relating to published and unpublished articles, research reports and papers. It documents Ham’s early engineering research relating to automatic control as it applies to stereo mapping and steel mills. Notes and correspondence relating to his patent on an apparatus for general electronic integration, which evolved out of his doctoral thesis, can also be found in this series. Later works relate more specifically to his work in higher education, the engineering profession and issues relating to technology. Included is an essay entitled The Megalock: an Essay on the Technological Evolution of Form through Growth, which he wrote in 1974 but it was never published. He writes in his introduction that the essay “is designed to stimulate dialogue between humanists and engineers on the nature and puzzles of technology”. He goes on to say that it is useful to engineers who are “prepared to free their minds of the entrapping clutter of specialised technical knowledge.” The ideas espoused in this essay speak to his uniqueness as an engineer and educator. Arrangement is chronological.

Articles, reviews, other shorter works

This series contains a fairly complete set of files relating to his published articles and unpublished papers written by Dr. Fowler. Some were co-written with colleagues and former students such as Amy Swenson, Nasim Khan, D.A. Stearne and Gloria Roberts. Files may contain drafts of the manuscript, off print, correspondence, and notes relating to the paper. (For papers delivered at conferences see Series 3).

In addition to these files, are a subseries of files documenting Dr. Fowler

Articles, reviews, published addresses and referee comments

This series contains records documenting Prof. Russell’s extensive production of both published and unpublished works including articles, papers, reviews, informal talks and addresses. Published articles were produced primarily for scholarly journals and document his specialized knowledge on Canada’s Supreme Court, the Charter of Rights and Canadian constitution, aboriginal rights both in Canada and Australia, commentaries for national media such as the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Talks and addresses from accession B2005-0001 include his speeches on receiving honorary degrees at University of Guelph (1998) and University of Toronto (2001) as well as invited talks to private business such as the Canadian Club, Royal Trust, Toronto Club, as well as universities and other academic institutions in Canada and abroad.

Also included are his commentaries as referee for various manuscripts submitted by other writers for publication. Files contain predominantly drafts of manuscripts, notes, and correspondence, as well as photocopies of related materials.


Acquired with this fonds are two artifacts from early computers. A vacuum tube from FERUT and a tape spool winder.


Includes: two trophies relating to bowling (1929-1930) and U of T Rowing club (1925); Chancellor’s Circle medal for the Spring reunion in1994 of engineering graduates of 1929; collection of pins for University of Toronto.


First World War artifacts and other items belonging to Harold Innis:
-1 Khaki pouch, with drawstring and Red Cross insignia stitched on the side
-1 Army issue sewing kit, with pencil, pins, needles and buttons, label for “Maw’s” Perforated Court Plaster, and darning wool
-Mess Kit: 1 Army issue fork and spoon
-‘Dog tags’ with ‘H.A. Innis – C.F.A. – 339852’ on one side and “G.P. – Innis, H.A. – 339852 – 4th BTY.CFA – BAPT’ on the other side
-1 bundle of rawhide
-1 enamelled pin with coat of arms of Stirling Scotland
-1 pin for ‘69’ Battery
-2 Artillery cap badges
-1 Signaller’s badge
-1 large and 2 small COTC [U of T] badges
-2 C.F.A. pins
-2 ‘Canada’ pins
-1 Wounded Stripe with inscription ‘The Wounded Stripe, No. 4’
-5 large and 6 small brass tunic buttons with Royal coat of arts
-1 scabbard holder for bayonet worn in half
-1 waterproof (metal) can
-1 brown coloured pencil
-1 key
-1 large and 3 small CEF badges, each with crown superimposed on maple

  • University of Glasgow medal in box [ca. 1951]
  • 1 silver plate inscribed “To Mary Q. Innes [sic] Dean of Women 1955-1964 from University College Literary & Athletic Society”


B1999-0012 includes one red brick from the Old School of Practical Science which was demolished in September 1966; plaque presented to Dean Ham by the Engineering Alumni, 1973; plaque – Teaching Award given to Ham by the Student Administrative Council and the Association of Part-Time University Students, 1984-85; typical keys to University buildings, ca. 197-.

B2001-0024 includes 'mementos'

B2002-0005 includes various artifacts mainly awarded to James Ham for service. Included are several plaques of recognition, an ammeter presented by the Electrical Club in 1972, an “Iron Rod” presented at the 1977 Engineering Grad Ball, and a University of Toronto Centennial Award Cup from 1973. There is also a medal from the Universidad de la Habana. Other artifacts reflecting his career is the sign from his door when he was Royal Commissioner of Health and Safety of Workers in Mines and a ribbon, cap and Indian Flag he saved from his participation in the World University Seminar in 1953.


Brass; engraved with Charles Verdin, France [ca 1878-1900]. Box lid (inside) engraved “JH Chapman Montreal”. Mechanical device used to measure blood pressure in the nineteenth century. It is considered the first external, non-intrusive device used to estimate blood pressure. It may have belonged to a member of the Moffatt family.


This series contains two items, Dr. Ostry's personal seal as Chief Statistician of Canada, 1972-1975, and a plaque, being the "Women of Distinction Award", presented by the Soroptimist Federation of the Americas on 9 July, 1970.

Artistic Works

This series consists of poetry, short stories, and a play written by O'Brien. The play was written as part of an assignment during her undergraduate studies. Some of her poetry has been published in Resources for Feminist Research.

Artistic works

This series contains various types of records that document Claude Bissell's creative mind.

Artwork, photographs, and artifact

Series consists of artwork, photographs, printing plates, and an artifact collected by McIlwraith. Material covers a range of subjects and media types. Photographs include images of archaeological digs and sites, collected images such as a cabinet card of a meeting of the Six Nation Chiefs (August 1871) and images of artifacts, as well as postcards and informal snapshots. Series also includes artwork: Inuit drawings identified with the Canadian Northern Survey Department, a series of string figure drawings made by Abel Moses and Margaret Shanoush, as well as some additional collected drawings. Finally there is one carved stone artifact that remains unidentified as to its origins or purpose.


This series contains the records of the Assembly, the academic governing body of the Royal Conservatory, maintained by the Chairman's office during Prof. Schabas tenure. Files are arranged alphabetically by title and include minutes of the Assembly and its committees, Board of examiners files, and correspondence files on the various branches of the RCM.

Assessments and letters of recommendation

These files contain comments by Prof. Armatage on students’ essays and assignments. These are fairly extensive and document her approach to teaching her subject matter. Files are arranged by course number. Also included are three files of letters of recommendation for students and colleagues filed chronologically.

Assistants' Retreats and Meetings

Series consists of 169 audio cassettes and 7 videocassettes made during retreats and meetings given by and for assistants of L'Arche International. The assistants are those individuals that live and work in L'Arche communities and assist the core members. From email from Sr. Sue Mosteller, "L'Arche feels it's important to support those who live and work day in and day out in the homes with the people, so it calls them together for formation sessions, leadership training, and retreats for the spiritual journey. Because l'Arche is Ecumenical and Interfaith, the retreats are very beautiful with recognition of people's individual traditions and an attempt to find meaningful ways to pray and worship together. Often the meeting ends with a celebration of the Washing of the Feet - which symbolizes the serving and being served, the blessing and being blessed of each person in l'Arche."

Association files

Files contain mainly correspondence, reports and minutes documenting Skilling's involvement in various associations.

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