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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections File
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Anton T. Boisen and the Case Method in Theological Education

File consists of two rough drafts and one final draft of an article by Nouwen entitled, "Anton T. Boisen and the Case Method in Theological Education". Draft 3 is the earlier draft and contains edits by Nouwen. Draft 2 contains edits by an unknown person.

Anton T. Boisen and the psychology of religion

File consists of two copies of a manuscript entitled, “Anton T. Boisen and the Psychology of Religion” by Paul W. Pruyser, of The Menninger Foundation. File also contains a typed summary of a book by Boisen entitled, “Problems in Religion and Life”.

April - June expenses 1994

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's expenses from April to June 1994. Includes correspondence, copies of Bank of Montreal statements, account activity and deposits, expense summary reports, Visa credit card statements, and receipts with notes. Also includes copies of correspondence and forms regarding tax exemptions for royalties paid outside Canada.

April 1985

File consists of correspondence and other material received in and/or regarding events taking place in April 1985. Includes an invitation and arrangements to act as Harvard's delegate at the Academic Convocation in Commemoration of the Centennial Year of St. John's Seminary, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. Also includes material related to a talk given on "Mutual Ministry and Aging" for the Elder Life Corporation, Archdiocese of Boston.

Arab - Jewish relations file

File consists of copies of newspaper articles relating to Arab-Jewish relations from a variety of newspaper sources as well as handwritten notes in Nouwen's hand.

Archives file

File consists of materials pertaining to L'Arche Daybreak, materials include a newspaper article, an article from Equinox, a off print of a dictionary entry for Arche written by Nouwen and a L'Arche Daybreak folder with Friends of L'Arche Board of Directors information for 1991-1992.

Argentina - July 1995

File consists of notes in Nouwen's hand regarding a trip to Argentina in July 1995. Annotations on the notes indicate that the trip was cancelled.

Art/artists - Resources file

File consists of two copies of Rembrandt’s self-portrait, a Spring 1989 newsletter from The Pierpont Morgan Library with an article mentioning Rembrandt and a guide to the Rembrandt exhibit at the Rijksmuseum with a small print of the Rembrandt's Prodigal Son. Also included is a postcard depicting "The Storm on the Sea of Galilee" by Rembrandt and a slide featuring the same painting.

File also consists of an article about an art installation titled "Celestial Vault at Kijkduin" by James Turrell. This was an installation in the dunes near The Hague, created by Turrell (an American artist). There is also an article titled "Een cilinder vol zeegeruis" by Jan Wolkers, a Dutch author and artist.

Article by Kathleen Deignan, CND

File consists of a typescript of an article by Kathleen P. Deignan, CND, titled "Moment of Supreme Crisis - Apocalypse of The Poor and Oppressed: A Biblical Reflection on Matthew 25:31-45."

Article by Lamin Sanneh

File consists of a copy of the International Bulletin of Missionary Research containing an article by Lamin Sanneh titled "Muhammad, Prophet of Islam, and Jesus Christ, Image of God: a personal testimony". Copy has been annotated "file: Sanneh, Lamin".

Article by Susan O'Keefe

File consists of an article by Susan O'Keefe titled "Compassion and Homelessness" addressed to Nouwen, Sue Mosteller, Gord Henry, Ben Vaanholt and Dennis Greco.

Article from Chris Glaser

File consists of an article by Chris Glaser titled "Out of the Closets and into the Kingdom: The Call of the Kingdom for Gay Christians within Liberation Theology."

Article from Susanne Massie

File consists of an article from The New Republic titled "White House Watch: Chums" by Fred Barnes, apparently sent by Susanne Massie.

Article on Anton T. Boisen 1968

File consists of drafts of a 1968 article by Nouwen published under the title "Anton T. Boisen and theology through living human documents" (Pastoral Psychology 19, no. 186: September 1968).

Article regarding Marie Strain

File consists of an article by Mark Schafer titled "Peace takes wings in day of celebration", regarding The Celebration of Peace/National Day of Peace, conceived of and organised by Marie Strain.

Articles - miscellaneous file

File consists of a collection of seventeen copied articles, copies of chapters from books and copies of newspaper clippings on a variety of subjects and from a variety of sources. File includes an essay by Kay Evens called “An Anglican reflection on the work of Henri J.M. Nouwen” and handwritten notes in Nouwen's hand on confidence.
These articles include:

  1. "The Way of Stillness" from Athos: The Holy Mountain by Philip Sherrard (Woodstock, NY: The Overlook Press).
  2. "An Anglican Reflection on the Work of Henri J.M. Nouwen", an essay by Katherine (Kay) Evans for a course called The Life of Prayer. Essay is from January 1985, and includes a letter from Kay Evans to Nouwen expressing her appreciation that he has agreed to look at her paper.
  3. "Father Zossima and His Visitors" by Fyodor Dostoyevsky (from The Brothers Karamazov).
  4. Photocopy of page 116 from an unknown play [The Ballad of the Sad Cafe by Carson McCullers, 1951], in which the Narrator speaks about love.
  5. Folder with title "Selected Homilies" and copies of those homilies with an introduction by the editor, Reverend Charles E. Yost, S.C.J. (published by Rev. Brian McCullough. S.C.J. of Priests of the Sacred Heart, Hales Corners, WI).
  6. "Recovery: The Lived Experience of Rehabilitation" by Patricia E. Deegan.
  7. "'Values' Lessons Return to the Classroom: Educators Say Kids Today are 'Rudderless'" by Ellen Graham (Wall Street Journal).
  8. "Masculine Spirituality" by Richard Rohr (Praying, number 26, September-October 1988).
  9. "Sollicitudo Rei Socialis" by Pope John Paul II. Encyclical on Social Concerns. In Origins: NC documentary service, volume 17, number 38: March 3, 1988).
  10. "The Bible Hospital Ward", part of the "Sermons at University/Incarnation" series. This is a copy of a sermon given by Jeff Merkel on February 7, 1988, at University Lutheran Church (Philadelphia, PA).
  11. "L'Arche: Philosophy and Ideology" by John Sumarah (Mental Retardation, volume 25, number 3: June 1987, pp. 165-169).
  12. "The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of Medicine" by Eric J. Cassel, M.D. Reprinted with permission from The New England Journal of Medicine, March 18, 1982, on August 26, 1987). Includes a business card for Mary Buzzell, Director of Nursing Services for the Elderly for Victorian Order of Nurses for Canada Hamilton-Wentworth Branch.
  13. ""My Lord and My God": The Divinity of Jesus in John's Gospel" by Jerome H. Neyrey, Weston School of Theology, SBL 1986 Seminar Papers.
  14. "Les mathematiques de la confiance" by G. Le Cardinal et J.F. Guyonnet (Pour la Science, Juillet 1984). Includes handwritten notes by Nouwen.
  15. "The Manger is Empty: A Christmas Story" by Walter Wangerin, Jr. (Christianity Today, December 13, 1985).
  16. "Looking from the Downside Up: an Interview with Walter Wangerin, Jr." by Rodney Clapp (Christianity Today, March 1, 1985).
  17. "An Invocation" and "Ragman" from Ragman and Other Cries of Father by Walter Wangerin, Jr. (San Francisco: Harper & Row Publishers).

Articles and reading notes

File consists of photocopied articles and typed summaries related to psychology, in particular the psychology of religion. One summary of a work by John Eudes Bamberger contains a typed critique by Nouwen and a response to this critique by Bamberger. These reading notes most likely relate to Nouwen's fall semester course Psychology 121A: Psychology of Religion of 1966. The materials of this file may also be the product of Nouwen's education at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, Kansas between 1964 and 1966.
File also includes an article titled "Gordon William Allport" by Nouwen as well as articles and summaries of works by Bamberger, E.R. Goodenough, Paul W. Pryser, and Marguerite Sechehaye. There is also a section of typed case notes titled "Pastoral Care", the author is unknown.

Articles and stories

Correspondence, literary.
The file contains letters from magazines and publishers: Hearst's International (combined with Cosmopolitan), Maclean's; "Canada's National Magazine," LEFAX, the Van Vliet Institute, The American Magazine, The Toronto Star Weekly, Canadian Home Journal, Canadian War Stories, Amazing Stories, the C.H. Young Publishing Co., the Canadian Mercury, the Canadian Magazine, the Publishers' Weekly, International University Society, the Commonweal, Chatelaine, Curtis Brown, Ltd., Sovereign Visitor, Fiction House, Inc., and the Canadian Forum.

Articles by Thomas Merton

File consists of articles published by Thomas Merton. File includes three newspaper articles published in the National Catholic Reporter on January 18, 1967, September 6, 1967 and January 11, 1968, a copy of the article “Violence and Nonviolence in Albert Camus” published in Motive in February 1969 and offprint of an article published posthumously in Spiritual Life Spring 1969.

Articles file

File consists of copies of four articles pertaining to various subjects. It is apparent that some of the articles were sent to Nouwen by friends or colleagues. These articles include:

  1. Blue Mountain: A Journal for Spiritual Living (volume 3, number 3, July 1992).
  2. "The Haunted Bird: The Death and Life of Jerzy Kosinski" by John Taylor (New York, July 15, 1991).
  3. "The Education of Man" from The Prison Meditations of Father Delp (Herder, 1963, pp. 93-97). [Introduction of this book was written by Merton].
  4. "Impasse and Dark Night" by Constance Fitzgerald, O.C.D. from Living with Apocalypse: Spiritual Resources for Social Compassion, editor Tilden H. Edwards (Harper and Row, 1984).

Articles for course on Prison Ministry

File consists of six articles by Morris M. Gondereau, Joseph Sattern and Karl Menninger. There is also a reading list for the course. These articles are part of a bound volume of collected materials.

Articles related to Jean Vanier’s work

File consists of articles and newspaper clippings from Canadian newspapers on Jean Vanier and his work. Includes 3 photographs of Jean Vanier, one from 7 February 1973 and two undated; a photograph of Jean Vanier's mother, Madame Pauline Vanier; 3 photographs taken at a L' Arche community, undated; and 2 copies of the May 1973 edition of Pastoral-Quebec titled Une Esperance? with Jean Vanier on the cover.

Séguin, Madeleine

Artists - Canadian file

File consists of a handwritten note by Michael Foulds recommending Canadian artists for Nouwen to go see.

Ash Wednesday - March 4, 1981

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's participation as guest preacher at Trinity Church, New Haven, Connecticut for the Ash Wednesday service.

Assessment of Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Life and Spiritual Direction courses

File consists of an eleven page typed assessment by Michael Zeman regarding Nouwen's two courses Spiritual Direction and The Spiritual Life and Spiritual Direction. In this assessment, Zeman reviews the development of the courses and the progression from the small seminar of 1980 to the two sessions of 1981. Zeman discusses the use of the Gospel of Luke, the meditative phrases, and the success of various components of the course, namely lectures, meditative phrases, silent reflection, and group discussions. It is not clear to whom this assessment is addressed and for what purpose.

Assistant to McLuhan for Explorations files

Files consists of correspondence, draft manuscripts, and a copy an Explorations volume with articles by Buckminster Fuller and James Feeley. These files were created and kept by Feeley for his work as Assistant to McLuhan for the publication of Explorations magazine. Includes letter from Kenneth S. Edey, Director, Department of Information, inviting Feeley to take this position.

Assistants Weekend - March 5, 1994

  • CA ON00389 F4-3-1174b
  • File
  • April 15, 1993 - [before March 5, 1994]
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of a memorandum from Carl MacMillan confirming that the assistants' weekend 1994 would take place March 5th at Basilwood. Includes a draft schedule for the weekend.

Assistants file

File consists of a letter from Martha Robbins pertaining to being a teaching fellow for Nouwen during the spring of 1983.

Assorted blank postcards

File consists of various blank postcards. Subjects include churches and cloisters, landscapes, and some church figures. Included are postcards from Austria, Germany, New York City, Jerusalem, Israel, photograph postcards of the S.S. Maasdam ship of the Holland America Line, and Rome.

Assorted prints, postcards, greeting cards

File consists of various reproduction prints, blank postcards and greeting cards. These prints, postcards, and cards, include mostly religious images, but also a few geographical images. File includes some of the following:

  • one black and white print of a drawing of Jesus wearing the crown of thorns
  • one colour print of a painting with four women dressed in white. Annotation on back of print in unknown hand: "Four Women Martyrs by Sr. Marion Honors. in honor of the women who gave their lives in El Salvador."
  • one black and white photograph (13.9 cm x 9.0 cm) of an unknown priest. Annotation on back of photograph: "file: photos"
  • fifteen copies of the Trinity Icon, with no annotations
  • 1 box set containing 48 reprints of etchings by Rembrandt van Rijn [etchings are numbered and are out of order]
  • 1 box set containing 12 reprints of paintings by Aloys Schreiber, featuring historical comments [in German], and depicting country life in Germany
  • Reproductions of pieces (drawings and paintings) by Rembrandt van Rijn, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, and Peter Paul Rubens
  • Reprints of pages of religious books and frescoes
  • Several copies of a drawing of Pope John Paul II
  • Postcards and cards include Vincent van Gogh paintings, photographs inside churches, an airplane, Mount Saint Alphonsus (Esopus, NY), monasteries, Pope John Paul II, and other religious art (including some poems)
  • 1 Rembrandt wall calendar from 1991 containing 12 Rembrandt prints, including Return of the Prodigal Son.

Because there are several copies of some of these prints, it is possible that Nouwen intended to send some of these with correspondence.

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