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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections File
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St. Augustine's Seminary of Toronto - March 11, 1987

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's presentation to the Spiritual Group of Father John Boissonneau at St. Augustine's Seminary of Toronto. Includes a letter written by Nouwen to the group on the "endless search to fill our needs."

Ministry to Priest Program - March 5, 1987

File consists of correspondence and other material, from Rev. L.P. O'Malley, regarding Nouwen's leadership in "a day of enrichment for priests," sponsored by the Ministry of Priests Program, Archdiocese of Toronto, at Regina Mundi - Sisters of the Good Shepherd, Sharon, Ontario. Includes notes in Nouwen's hand for his talk on "Following Jesus."

Drafts of selected articles

File consists of draft manuscripts and typescripts of selected articles by Nouwen. Folder (1) contains a bound volume of six articles including 'Professionalism, Manipulation and Contemplation in the Ministry' (typescript); 'Care' (manuscript); 'Solitude' (typescript); 'Aging and Ministry' (typescript); 'Anton T. Boisen and the Case Method in Theological Education' (typescript), and 'Case-recording in Pastoral Education'. Nouwen had these articles bound while at the University of Notre Dame. Folder (2) contains typescript copies of 'Professionalism, Manipulation and Contemplation in the Ministry' and 'Case-recording in Pastoral Education'.

Darzens, Rodolphe, L’Amante du Christ

Darzens, Rodolphe, L’Amante du Christ, scène évangélique, en vers. Représentée au Théâtre-Libre le 19 octobre 1888, préface de E. Ledrain. Frontispice gravé par Félicien Rops, Paris, Alphonse Lemerre, 1888. – With a dedicace: «À Mademoiselle Darsac. Hommage d’espoir en une création admirable, Rodolphe Darzens, 90». + a second copy marked «C», with signature of actress «Van Doren».

Cambridge, Jana Kelly - February 10, 1987

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's participation as speaker at the St. Paul Lecture Series, St. Paul Lower Church, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Includes handwritten notes from Nouwen's talk "The Peace that the World does not Give."

Luke course for assistants - February - April 1987

File consists of course outline, notes, hand-outs and evaluations for a course on the Gospel of Luke taught by Nouwen to Assistants at L'Arche Daybreak. Includes notes in Nouwen's hand and detailed class outlines that show a good example of Nouwen's teaching style. Also includes the "America" newsletter for April 18, 1987 and April 25, 1987 and the "New Oxford Review" for April 1987.

Honduras - January 1987

File consists of correspondence from an unknown person at L'Arche en Amerique in Haiti, annotations indicate that Nouwen would try to see them in Honduras. Includes a travel itinerary regarding the visit to Honduras.

Letter from Bob Benson

File consists of a letter from Bob Benson regarding Praise Gathering and short typed letter to Bob Benson from June E. Hagan, Nouwen's administrative assistant.

Richmond Hill United Church - Advent Evening at Daybreak

File consists of a memo for the Daybreak newsletter regarding an Advent evening at Daybreak with the Reverends, the young people's band and choir, and some parents from the Richmond Hill United Church to be held on December 7, 1986.

Regis College, Annice Callahan - December 1986

File consists of correspondence and other material from Annice Callahan, a professor at Regis College, regarding Nouwen's participation as guest lecturer for her class on Spiritual Foundations of Theology. Includes a worksheet and handout from the class.

Letters from Carolyn Beehler

File consists of letters from Carolyn Beehler and two typed letters from Nouwen, one regarding the 25th Anniversary of his Ordination.

Retreat for Priests of Diocese of Toronto - November 27, 1986

File consists of correspondence and other material, from Rev. L.P. O'Malley, regarding a retreat for priests of the Archdiocese of Toronto at Queen of Apostles Renewal Centre. Nouwen gave a presentation and led a conference at the retreat. Includes two copies of the Archdiocese of Toronto newsletter for November 1986. Also includes a report by the Archdiocese of Toronto's Centre for Human Development on the Ministry to Priests Program. A note from Nouwen's secretary suggests looking at two tapes "A Spirituality of Waiting" in reference to this event.

Letters from Ed Bednar

File consists of letters from Ed Bednar and a short typed letter from June E. Hagan, Nouwen's administrative assistant regarding the Reverence for Life Conference scheduled for June 8 - 10, 1982.

Tony Wolfe Interview - November 20-23, 1986

File consists of a letter and other material, from Tony Wolfe, regarding an interview with Nouwen by Wolfe at the Daybreak Community for a book entitled "Testing the Spirits: Religious Protest and Reflection in the Campaign for a Nuclear Test Ban." Includes a copy of the preface for the book edited by Tony Wolfe and a list of contributors to the project.

Drafts of Selma 1965

File consists of five copies (three original copies, two original mimeographs) of a draft typescript of "Selma 1965: naar de 'deep, deep south'", about Nouwen's participation in the civil rights march from Selma, AL, to Montgomery, AL, in 1965. Nouwen wrote this paper while a theological fellow in the program of religion and psychiatry at The Menninger Clinic (Topeka, KS).

Letters from Lex Oostrom

File consists of letters from Lex Oostrom, including a proposal for an S.T.M. Research project with Nouwen tentatively titled "Guilt and Forgiveness".

Letters: Bruneau, Vaucaire, Becque

-Autograph letter from Alfred Bruneau to [J.H. Rosny according to hand-written note], n.d.
Acknowledges receiving the book, which he will read with pleasure. Is looking forward to their next conversation.
-Autograph letter [fragment] from Maurice Vaucaire to [?] [according to hand-written note], n.d. [1914-1918, according to internal evidence]. Talks about the war, political gossips.
NOTE : a hand-written note attributes this fragment from Alfred Bruneau to Louis Gallet. Gallet died in 1898. The fragment is signed «M.V.».
-Hand-written copies of letters (3) from Henry Becque to various correspondents, n.d. – these copies were sent to J.B. Sanders in September 1952.

Files: 261-267

These files consist of photocopies of handwritten letters, postcards, cartes de visites, telegrams and
handwritten and typed transcriptions of letters sent to Zola between January and December of 1894.
Recurring correspondents include Ernest Vizetelly, Henry & Co. and Antoine Guillemet. File #264 contains a
Zola Research Program fonds
vast number of cartes de visites, most of which contain expressions of gratitude to Zola for the release of
Lourdes and his generosity in sending copies of the book to his friends, associates and acquaintances.

Files: 1158-1226

These files consist of off-prints, newspaper and academic articles, and chapters from books that pertain to
Émile Zola and/or Naturalism written by authors with surnames Rigaud to Salvan. The dates of the works
published in these files range from 1886 to 1998. Recurring authors include Guy Robert, Edouard Rod, Sergio
Sacchi, Murry Sachs and A.J. Salvan.

Tactics - General File #3 [part one]

File is comprised of newspaper clippings, photocopies and brief reports, some of which have been pasted on paper. Contents have been annotated and organized according to subject based classification scheme and include articles and notes about a broad array of articles concerning the spread of Communism and Communist relations with Canada and the USA.

Photographs of Israel

File consists of 59 slides featuring photographs taken around Israel. It is likely that Nouwen took these photographs while on a trip to Israel in the late 1950s. It does not appear as though Nouwen is in any of the photographs. Some photographs do feature individuals, but the photographs mostly feature landscapes and buildings, including photographs of Nazareth, Haifa, Judea mountains, and a kibbutz.
The slides are numbered, in Nouwen's hand, and included in the file is a list which matches the numbers and briefly describes the contents. List is in Dutch.

René Descharmes

  • Autograph letter from René Descharmes [to Deffoux?], dated September 29, [1917]. Is responding to a previous letter from his correspondent – could meet with him at the Bibliothèque nationale if the matter is urgent.
  • Autograph letter with envelope from René Descharmes to Léon Deffoux, dated March 21, [probably 1918, according to the stamp on the envelope, which also bears the stamp of the Ministère de la Guerre, where Descharmes was working]. Descharmes thanks Deffoux for sending his last book about Flaubert. He is himself thinking about writing about Flaubert and the académie, but feels discouraged because of the war.
  • Autograph letter from René Descharmes to Léon Deffoux, dated June 15, [probably 1922, according to a note penciled by Deffoux on the upper left-hand corner] Descharmes asks Deffoux if he knows of any autographs of Flaubert. Descharmes is preparing an edition of Flaubert’s correspondence because the edition published by Fasquelle contains many errors.
  • Autograph letter with envelope from René Descharmes to Léon Deffoux, dated July 29, [probably 1922, according to the stamp on the envelope – which bears the header: «Muséum national d’histoire naturelle – Bibliothèque»] On letterhead of the «Muséum national d’histoire naturelle – Bibliothèque – Rue de Buffon, no 8» Thanks Deffoux for sending the last issue of Le Radical, in which Deffoux published the text of a letter by Flaubert. Descharmes will use it in his edition of Flaubert – although he has to run to the printing shop because the book is being printed.

Files: 111-118

These files consist of photocopies of handwritten correspondence (letters, postcards, cartes de visites and
telegrams) as well as typed/handwritten sent by Émile Zola between January of 1891 and September of 1892.
Recurring correspondents include Henry Céard, Léon Hennique, Jacques van Santen Kolff, Numa Coste,
Edmond de Goncourt, Gabriel Thyébaut and Alfred Bruneau. The letters pertain to both personal and
professional matters. Works discussed in these files include La Bête humaine, L’Argent and La Débâcle. This
period also includes the birth of Zola’s son, Jacques, as can be seen in Zola’s letter to Henry Céard explaining
that he would be away during Jacque’s birth and thus requests that Céard be present at his birth, name his son
and then place an ad in the newspaper to update Zola (letter dated September 8, 1891, in File #113). As well,
Zola’s language with various doctors and Céard implies a need for discretion and secrecy up until 1891, when
Alexandrine Zola finds out about Jeanne Rozerot and the children (as seen in letters to Céard and Jeanne
Rozerot, dated 10 November, 1891, in File #114).

A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Louis Boussès de Fourcaud

  1. A.l.s. from Émile Zola to Louis Boussès de Fourcaud (1851-1914), Paris, 18 April 1879, 1 p.
    A brief letter, in which Zola thanks Fourcaud for his article and for having “clearly indicated” Zola’s role in the definition of the naturalist ethic. Zola refers to an article published in Le Gaulois the same day.
    In his article, Fourcaud attacked Zola’s detractors and reiterated Zola’s explanation that he was not in fact the inventor of “naturalism”, but that, as he had stated a few weeks later in his “Lettre à la jeunesse”, he was simply an observer and a documenter of his times.
    Published in Correspondance, vol. III, p. 314 (letter 209).

Files: 406-412

These files consist of photocopies of handwritten and typed letter, postcards, cartes de visites, telegrams and
some photocopies of newspaper clippings sent to Émile Zola in April of 1898 through to December of 1899.
The period largely consists of Zola’s exile to England and his subsequent return to France in 1899. These files
were obtained from a distinct accession of Dreyfus Affair material from July and August of 1991.

Letter from David Zegers

File consists of a letter from David Zegers describing photo slides of the 1965 Selma-Montgomery civil rights march in which Nouwen participated.

Ordination of Charles Busch, San Antonio, Texas - November 7-17, 1986

File consists of correspondence and travel itinerary regarding Nouwen's participation in the ordination of his friend Charles C. Busch in San Antonio, Texas. The letter mentions cards that were included from recent travels but they are not in the file. The handwritten sermon is also included.

Chicago Ministry and Evangelization - October 11, 1986

File consists of correspondence and other material, from Rev. Patrick Brennan and Ms. Dawn Mayer, regarding Nouwen speaking at the Archdiocese of Chicago and the Office for Chicago Catholic Evangelization's Annual Convention on Ministry and Evangelization. Includes handwritten notes by Nouwen on the subject of "Ministry to Priests."

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