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Samuel Sobieski Nelles fonds
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Notebook of Speeches and Addresses.

Educational Speech. Conference of 1880.Educational Speech. Cobourg Collegiate Institute. December 9, 1881.Notebook of Speeches and Addresses. Educational Speech. Hamilton General Conference. September, 1882.Convocation Address. May 17, 1883.Educat...


Series consists of lectures, 1854–1887, predominantly concerning religion, but including philosophy, metaphysics and ethics.The three boxes of lectures range in date from 1854 to 1887. Most are contained in notebooks, and they tend to be in the fo...

Notebook of Lectures.

Lectures on Butler. October, 1867.Lecture on Paul's Life. March 13, 1870.Lecture on Biography of Paul. 1870Lectures on Logic. 1873.Lectures in Ethics. 1876-1877

Notebook of Lectures

Hamilton's Metaphysics. October, 1867.Metaphysics. 1869-1870.Psychology. September, 1871.Stewart's Discussion of God and a Future Life. 1872-1873.Ethics. (Wuttke) 1875-1876.

Notebook of Lectures.

Lectures and Questions on McCosh on Intuitions. n.d.Questions on Whewell's Elements. February, 1868.Questions on Locke. September, 1869.Lectures on Whewell's Elements. September, 1870.

Notebook of Lectures.

"On Logic." (Whately) n.d.Saturday Lectures to Preachers. (Homiletics) March 7, 1868.Lectures to Candidates for the Ministry. February-April, 1872.Lectures on Homiletics. March-May, 1873.Closing Lecture. April 30,1875.

Notebook of Lectures.

Lecture on Jouffroy. January, 1871.Lecture on Hamilton. November, 1873.Lectures on Ethics. Lectures on Logic. 1875, 1877, 1878, 1879.Lecture Notes on Whewell's Elements. n.d.

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