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Photographs of assistants and core members during skit

File consists of three photographs of L'Arche Daybreak assistants and core members during a skit. Photographs depict: Gord Henry, Sr. Sue Mosteller, Lorenzo Sforza-Cesarini, Nathan Ball, Alan Steers, David Harmon, John Bloss, and others.

Photographs of Rosie Decker

File consists of two photographs of L'Arche Daybreak core member Rosie Decker lying asleep on a bed.

Photographs of Martin Sheen and others

File consists of two photographs of actor Martin Sheen standing with various unidentified adults and children, possibly in Ireland or the United Kingdom.

Photographs of Nouwen celebrating Eucharist

File consists of two photographs of Nouwen celebrating the Eucharist at Lake St. George; Francis Maurice (dark gray suit) and other unidentified (L'Arche Daybreak?) community members are also visible.

Photographs of Christmas Eve at L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of three photographs of Christmas Eve celebrations at the original Dayspring chapel at L'Arche Daybreak; the photographs depict Nouwen, Emily Hurst and her daughter, core member, Helen Humphries and assistant, John Guido.

Photographs of Nouwen at Catholic Women's League of Canada function

File consists of eight photographs of Nouwen, wearing a black suit, at a conference of the Catholic Women's League of Canada in Toronto, ON, on May 7, 1991; he is accompanied by several other L'Arche Daybreak community members including Bill Van Buren, Fr. Francis Maurice, Patsy Ramsay, and Lorenzo Sforza-Cesarini.

Photographs of Nouwen's 60th birthday celebrations

File consists of sixty photographs of Nouwen, wearing a white sweater and dark pants, and other L'Arche Daybreak community members celebrating Nouwen's 60th birthday on January 24, 1992, at the original "Dayspring". The photographs were taken by various unknown photographers, and includes one partially complete roll, many with negatives. In total, there are fifty-two copy prints and nine unprinted negatives.

Photographs of community members and birthday poster

File consists of two photographs of several L'Arche Daybreak community members in the process of painting a large poster for Nouwen's 60th birthday celebrations, including Bill Van Buren and Fr. Francis Maurice.

Photographs of Marcel and Darla Wegman wedding

File consists of three photographs, taken by an unknown professional photographer, of Nouwen at the wedding of Marcel and Darla Wegman at St. Mary Immaculate Church (Richmond Hill, ON) on January 25, 1992.

Photographs of Weiskel family

File consists of two photographs of the Weiskel family: Peter and Kate Sheehan, and their toddler son, Paul Alfonso Sheehan Weiskel, taken in autumn of the previous year.

Photographs of The Flying Rodleighs

File consists of four photographs, taken by professional photographer Jurgen Venn, of The Flying Rodleighs, wearing white and gold costumes, performing their trapeze routine on May 16, 1992.

Photographs of Nouwen, Fred Rogers and others

File consists of twenty-two photographs of Nouwen, wearing a blue collared shirt and gray sweater, and Fred Rogers, Chris (Christopher) De Vinck, and George Wirth during their visit to L'Arche Daybreak on July 24, 1992.

Photographs of Selma-Montgomery march and personal photographs of Nouwen's

File consists of seventy-four slides of Martin Luther King Jr.'s civil rights march (attended by Nouwen), which began in Selma, AL, on March 21, 1965, and arrived in Montgomery, AL, on March 25, 1965. File also contains seven slides taken by or featuring Nouwen, including one slide featuring Nouwen in military uniform, one slide of the original Menninger Clinic, one slide taken by Nouwen during a trip, and four slides from a University of Notre Dame football game.

Photographs of Holland

File consists of 47 slides featuring photographs taken in the Netherlands. These photographs were possibly taken in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Some photographs feature the canal that runs through Amsterdam. There are photographs of buildings in a city as well as in a more country setting, as well of some photographs of windmills. There are also several photographs of paintings, perhaps done by Rembrandt van Rijn (P3964-P3966).

Photographs of unknown location

File consists of 44 slides featuring photographs taken in an unknown location, perhaps somewhere in the Caribbean, such as Haiti. There are palm trees visible in some photographs, and other trees. There are several photographs of small children, as well as some that appear to be taken inside a school (P4030-P4031). There are images of huts and people standing near to these huts. There are also some photographs of white priests in white robes, perhaps at a Mission building. Several photographs feature the outside of a white cement-block church. There are other white adults in photographs, perhaps other Mission workers. Some photographs were taken in a city, some featuring a marketplace, and some featuring city streets and a wall along a bay. An older man and woman are in some of the photographs in different locations, but they are unidentified.

Photographs of [Ireland]

File consists of 104 slides featuring photographs likely taken in Ireland and in the United Kingdom. Photographs feature unknown individuals in unknown landscapes. There are some photographs of mountains, stone markers, and a photograph of a group of priests in front of a stone church (P4146). There is one photograph featuring a bust of John Henry Cardinal Newman (P4091). There is one image featuring a city street with double-decker buses (P4105).

Photographs of Houston, Louisiana, Miami

File consists of 40 slides featuring photographs likely of Houston, TX, Baton Rouge or New Orleans, LA, and Miami, FL. It is unknown when these photographs were taken, but it is possible they were taken around the time Nouwen was staying in Powhatan, LA, in 1962. Photographs feature landscapes and buildings, and a few unidentified people, including three nuns.

Photographs of New Mexico

File consists of 116 photographs taken in New Mexico, most likely taken by Nouwen while on a trip to New Mexico with his parents. These photographs mostly feature landscapes and buildings: desert, forests, and rock formations. Some photographs feature the San Miguel chapel at San Miguel Mission, the Chaco Canyon ruins, some Pueblos, and a red Volkswagen Beetle car, which Nouwen and his parents likely drove while in New Mexico. Several of the photographs feature Nouwen's parents. Three photographs feature Nouwen.

Photographs of Topeka, Kansas

File consists of 127 photographs taken while Nouwen was working at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS. The photographs feature landscapes, the outside of the Menninger Clinic buildings, unidentified people (including several children), a group of men hunting in the winter, a group of men riding horses (including one photograph of Nouwen and several taken from the back of a horse), a red Volkswagen Beetle car, a large group of men in a line entering a large building (possibly a capitol building?), some of a lunar module outside (possibly taken in Houston?). These photographs were likely taken by Nouwen between November 1964 and November 1965.

Photographs of Mexico

File consists of 39 photographs, mostly likely taken by Nouwen, in Mexico. One photograph features Nouwen and one photograph features Nouwen's parents. Featured in the photographs is Guadalajara cathedral, a fountain in Guadalajara, other churches, views of city streets, and photographs taken in a rural area with views of mountains and a town with a large church.

Photographs of November 1965

File consists of 33 photographs from the fall of 1965, most likely taken by Nouwen during the time he was working at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS. The exact locations of many of the photographs are unknown. Contents of the photographs include: a destroyed brick church (possibly in New Orleans, a small piece of a sign reading "Carrollton...Wrecking"), a beach, a cityscape (taken from a car); green fields in fall; a parade (possibly taken in Kansas City); and the construction of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO inside Jefferson National Memorial.

Photographs of Nouwen's trip to Greece

File consists of 138 slides of Nouwen's trip to Greece with several unidentified friends. Slides depict mainly local scenes and scenery, and were previously housed in four slide trays each labelled "Griekenland" I - IV.

Photographs of University of Notre Dame and Colorado

File consists of 43 photographs from August to September 1966, most likely taken by Nouwen. Photographs feature images taken at the University of Notre Dame, including photographs of the University Administration building, the Sacred Heart Church, and the Notre Dame Memorial Library. There is an unidentified couple pictured in several of the photographs from the University of Notre Dame; the woman is wearing a green dress. There are also photographs taken inside a train, and photographs of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Photographs of University of Notre Dame versus Purdue football

File consists of 35 photographs of a football game between the University of Notre Dame and Purdue University from 1966. These photographs were most likely taken by Nouwen. Contents of photographs include: the crowd in the stands, the marching bands on the field, the Purdue mascot and a large bass drum, close-up shots of the marching bands outside of the stadium, and crowds outside the stadium. A second group of photographs depict the game as well as the Notre Dame marching band in a park area.

Photographs of May 1967

File consists of 19 photographs of an unknown group of men. These photographs were likely taken while Nouwen was teaching a non-credit course to priests on Pastoral Care at Moreau Seminary, Notre Dame University (Notre Dame, IN). There are seven men visible in the photographs. They are at a large house in a rural area. Also depicted is a wooden walkway and some trees, and one of the men catching a ball.

Photographs of the Grand Canyon and Sedona

File consists of 158 photographs, most likely taken by Nouwen, featuring the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and other landscapes located in Arizona. Nouwen is depicted in three of the photographs. For the most part, contents of the pictures feature views of the Grand Canyon, the landscape as taken from a vehicle driving on a road, and rock formations in Sedona, including the Chapel of the Holy Cross. There are two unidentified men in several of the photographs, and these men were possibly colleagues of Nouwen's at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS.

Photographs of army training in the Netherlands Antilles

File consists of 211 photographs taken in the Netherlands Antilles (also known as the Dutch Antilles), likely taken by Nouwen. This was likely a training exercise trip taken by members of the Dutch army, including Nouwen while he was a chaplain in the Dutch army.

There are photographs taken while on a hike to the top of a mountain [Christoffelberg], including photographs of several men in green army fatigues, and one photograph of Nouwen in fatigues sitting atop a rock. It appears as though the army conducted a hike, and then were able to sightsee on the island of Curacao.

Other contents of photographs include: a yellow villa (landhuis?); Koffiehaus Jan Cristian in Westpunt [Jan Cristian coffee house]; landscapes including beaches, mountains, cacti, and cactus flowers, and cliffs; city streets and shops; a group of men (likely the same men as depicted in fatigues) socializing; three black children; a group of older people and some children (possibly other Dutch people visiting); people of various ages jumping on a trampoline outside. There are also photographs of men working outside installing some sort of machinery, including one photograph of Nouwen, and also photographs of men at a beach, including one photograph of Nouwen.

Photographs of trip to Brazil

File consists of 63 photographs, including some commercial slides, of Brazil. The photographs were likely taken by Nouwen while on a family trip to Brazil. Depicted in the commercial slides is Sao Paolo and important buildings. The contents of the photographs include: Nouwen family members, including Laurent J.M. Nouwen and Maria Nouwen; a horse race; ships and boats; city streets and a fruit market; children and others on a beach; nuns in front of a hospital (P5065), in front of other buildings, and standing with small groups of people; a red dirt road; construction on a house.

Photographs of Dutch ship

File consists of 9 slides featuring photographs taken aboard a Dutch naval ship, likely as part of a tour. Several unidentified people in plainclothes are visible in the photographs, as well as several men in naval uniforms. Shown in one photograph is a man sunbathing on a beach chair. Also depicted is a plane with the label "KON MARINE" [short for Koninklijke Marine, or "Royal Navy", part of the Dutch Ministry of Defence]. Photographs depict the parts of the large ship, including one photograph taken of the unidentified people on the bridge (the room with the steering wheel). Harry Derkx and [his?] children appear in some of the photos.

Photographs from marriage festivities for Laurien Nouwen and Marc van Campen

File consists of 8 slides featuring Maria Nouwen, Laurien Nouwen, Marc van Campen and other unidentified people likely taken during the festivities surrounding the marriage of Laurien Nouwen and Marc van Campen in June 1966. Six of the slides feature people, including Maria Nouwen (P5100, P5101); Laurien Nouwen and Marc van Campen (P5096); unidentified men in suits and an unidentified women in semi-formal attire (P5097 - P5098). The two slides which do not feature people show houses, which may be the buildings where the couple were married and received by families and friends.

Unidentified photographs of [Mexico]

File consists of 8 slides featuring photographs of an unidentified location, possibly in Mexico. This includes three photographs of ruins, possibly Mayan ruins, as well as five photographs of an unidentified city.

Photographs of Vatican II

File consists of 86 slides featuring photographs taken at the Vatican II Council, most likely taken by Nouwen. The Second Vatican Council began on October 11, 1962, and closed on December 8, 1965. Photographs feature St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, including two photographs taken outside in St. Peter's Square. The photographs show the many people seated inside the Basilica during the Council, and also show the Pope and other Bishops and Cardinals. There are a few photographs taken during a break, including a photograph of a refreshments stand. Included in the file is one photograph of Nouwen inside an office.

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