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University of Toronto Music Library Udo Kasemets fonds
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From silence to silence (4'33") : toward ø 0-13

File contains the manuscript score, sketches, and a draft program from Making Music Time (or, making mLuiIsNiEc TIME) at Ryerson University with Udo Kasemets, Richard Sacks, Susan Layard, Linda Catlin Smith, Mani Mazinani, and Pierre Tremblay.


File contains sketches and draft scores, and a PrimePhonetic Musicαβ for 1 to 7 octaves.

Pascal's triangle

File contains sketches, marked "discard!" on the front page by Udo Kasemets.

[Untitled : score]

File contains a score with each page divided into quadrants (for cards?) and labelled A1, A2, A3, A4; B1, B2, B3, B4; C1, C2, C3, C4; D1, D2, D3, D4.


File contains posters for Music Gallery event and a typescript of the description. File also contains: Udo's memorybank: "index of inputs,"including sketches, and photocopy with playing-card pagination; Sixty cycles, including program, a copy of typed letter inviting contributions, and sketches for tape work in ink; Nonologue, including a copy of typed invitation letter, album of responses with address labels and stamps, and correspondence from Dick Higgins, Mary Ashley, Don Druick, Pauline Oliveros, Jackson Mac Low, John Beckwith, Robert Ashley, Graham Coughtry, and Nobuo Kubota; Tokens of thanks, including a draft and a copy of typescript. File also contains 4 albums of small black and white photos, mostly self-portraits, often double-exposed, and "36 questions with 36 responses" (typescript).

3 lecturESSAYS / quollages

File contains: Prologue to an interlogue and an epilogue; Interlogue between a prologue and an epilogue; and, Epilogue to a prologue and an interlogue.

Mixed media concerts, various locations

File contains correspondence with performers and administrators, including: Carl Morey, Stuart Dempster, Greg Curnoe, Canada Council offici, Grant Sampson, Cornelius Cardew, Graham Nesbitt, Terry Riley, Alvin Lucier, Rachelle Mingail, Brian Mitchell, autograph material, Lowell Cross. File also contains the budget for first concert, programs, publicity material, and newspaper reviews from Toronto, Kingston, and Montreal.

Octagonal oratory : lecturessay

File includes drafts and a poster for presentation at Simon Fraser University on February 7, 1968. The lecture is based on Kasemets's Octode, and Octagonal Ode.

Concerts at Isaacs Gallery

File contains correspondence (typed and handwritten) with composers and performers, including: Norman Friedman, Max Neuhaus, Marian Cummings, Canada Council offici, Judith Dunne (ONCE), Jill Johnston, Bertram Turetzky, John Cage, Gordon Mumma, Michael Snow, E.A. Wilkinson (Hart House), Aurelio de la Vega, Alvin Lucier, Dick [Higgins], Postcard signed by Gordon Mumma, David Behrman, Mary Lucier, Alvin Lucier, Robert Ashley, Lee Hepner (Hamilton PO), and David Jones. File o contains programs, newspaper and magazine reviews and articles.

Musics for and with John Cage

File contains 64 Provocations for John Cage, a CBC radio program, and correspondence with John Cage. File also contains tape loop charts in coloured ink; paste-up of script; Music of today, CBC radio series; drafts of scripts for programs on Cage; 65th birthday "Celebration week"; concert programs; typescript invitation for "Messagemix"; draft of radio script; and, mixing chart.


File contains 3 parts: WWWW : a workable world without war; DDD : the deadly deafening decibels; and, WWWW : a world without war and want.


File contains a typescript of text with additions, realizations of charts from Octagonal ode, and "working charts of [tape] loops for lecturessay 1970."

Festival of art and technology

File contains correspondence with performers and other organizers of the Ryerson Univesity event: 2 telegrams, Billy Kluver; 4 postcards, Gordon Mumma; letter, John Giorno; telegram, Victor Schonfield; letter, Dave Platnick; letter, Lowell Cross; 4 letters, Don Gillies; letter, Av Isaacs; letter, Ron Napier; letter, Les Levine; and, letter, Harold Aiken. File also contains newspaper articles and reviews.

Symposium: Synergetics and the arts : correspondence

File includes correspondence with Ralph Abraham, José Argüelles, Michael Ben-Eli, Arthur Boutilier, John Cage, Austin Clarkson, H. S. M. Coxeter, Andrew Culver, David Dunn, Amy Edmondson, Allegra Fuller Snyder, Juan Gever, Ben Johnston, Kenneth King, Alcides Lanza, Lucy Lippard, Arthur L. Loeb, Alvin Lucier, Jackson Mac Low, Neil McNeil, Gary Murphy, New Music Concerts, Pauline Oliveros, David Suzuki, James Tenney, Hildegard Westerkamp & Norman Ruebsaat, Windstar Foundation, and Gayle Young. File also includes biographical information.

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