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University of Toronto Scarborough Library, Archives & Special Collections
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1998 2852-2879

File contains a total of 202 colour negatives and 15 B&W negatives depicting Alumni at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; negatives are placed in archival preservers; 1 coloured negative is placed in a card in which the film type is called "Ektar"; descriptions include: "Scarborough College-Comm Relations"; "Alumni Joe Suevitan"; "Anthropology-Scar- Insert"; "Ted Relph, Alberto Mendelson"; "Alumni Craig Mantle"; "Computer Co-op Management 1998"; "Laurie Taylor Bolton- Alumni"; "Alumni Portrait-Arvin Darajan-Chemistry"; "Mark Kinewell"; "Computer Co-op"; "Kim Richard-Management Co-op"; "Virtual Tour Project- Students"; "Ekstein-Portrait"; "John Hannigan-Portrait"; "Franca Iacouetta, Portrait Humanities"; "Allan Griffin- Physics"; "Alumni Photos for Paper Insert-Studio Commissioned Vicky Choy"; "Prague Project, Drama Theatre"

Alumni; Alumni and alumnae; Alumni Association; Anthropology; Awards Ceremonies; Co-op Management; Computer Co-op Management; Drama; Faculty; Faculty and Staff; Faculty and Staff-General; Graduation; Humanities; Portraits- Faculty and Staff; Portraits- Students; Scarborough (Ont). Prague Project; Staff; Students; Students-General; Theatre; University of Toronto Scarborough

1999 280-2984[1/2]

File contains a total of 42 B&W negatives and 296 colour negatives depicting various events and alumni at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; negatives are placed in archival preservers; there is one loose coloured negative in the file; descriptions include: "Physics Science 1998"; "Arts Culture Painting"; "Christmas Part Winter Scenes-1998"; "Choir Culture Music X-Mas Party-1998"; "Prague Student Exchange Theatre, Culture, Drama"; "Choir Culture Music Colour 1999"; "Christmas Party 1998"; "Social Sciences 1998-Retirement Party"; "David Phillips Watts Lecture"; "Dave Phillips, Celebrity Watts Lecture "Whats up with weather"; "Prague Fundraiser-Student Exchange-Cultural Theatre Drama"; "Susan Lock-Drama-1999"; "Jennifer Lee-Drama Headshots"; "Management Co-op Painting-SCAA Students Colour"; "Underground newspaper editor-Choy Promotional Colour"; "SCSC President, Close Cropped- Venitha"; "Vicky Choy Promo, Closecropped, Sport S, Colour"; "Will Vicky Choy Promo, Colour Closecropped"; "Liam Choy Vicky Promo"; "Paul Thompson-Lynval Salmon, AV"; "Principal Paul Thompson-Colour, Casual, Closecropped"; "Don Macmillan-Rosi Launch Registrar"; "Orientation 1998"; "Art Festival-1998"; 'MP John Mckay-Scarborough East, Colour Cheque to CITD"; "Cultural Week Colour"; "Jasen Wei Management"; "Jason Wei Vicky Choy Promo"; "Bill Joy Vicky Choy Promo"; "Aysan Server Casual, Vicky Choy Promo, Colour"; "Charles Dyer, Closecropped Colour, Vicky Choy Promo"; "Saltwater moon, Cultural, Drama, Theatre, Colour"; "Shrew Cultural Theatre, Drama"; "Taming the Shrew-Theatre"; "Informal Portrait"; "Vanlerbergh Informal Portrait-Vicky Choy Promo-Closeup"

Aerial Photographs; Alumni; Alumni and alumnae; Alumni Association; Art Festival; Awards Ceremonies; Co-op Management; Choir; Drama; Faculty; Faculty and Staff; Faculty and Staff- General; Graduation; Humanities; Orientation; Portraits- Faculty and Staff; Portraits- Students; Retirement; Scarborough (Ont). Social Sciences; Staff; Students; Students-General; Thompson- Paul; Theatre; University of Toronto Scarborough; Buildings - Interiors; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - Ceremonies; Events - Convocations; Events - General; Events - Performances; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Grounds - Campus Views; Students - General; Students - Activities; Students - Associations and Clubs

3342 to [2/2]

File [2/2] contains a total of 314 colour negatives and a total of 19 B&W negatives depicting IDS placements, student portraits, staff, alumni, cultural events at the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; negatives are placed in archival preservers; descriptions include: "IDS placement Managua 2001"; "IDS placement, Lima, Peru 2001"; "Convocation 2001"; "Pluralism Governing Council"; "Governing Council 2001"; "Nick Powers, Syed Ahmed"; "Faculty Music Jazz, Rosemary, Sullivan 2001"; "Learning Fair 2001" "Anne Michaels Cultural, Literacy-2001"; "Learning Fair, Teaching and Learning"; "Arts Co-op Panel Discussion"; "Registrar Promo Shoot"; "Ted Bunce, Environmental Portrait"; "Choir Literacy Reading, Cultural"; "Teresa Dawson"; "Management Co-op Christine"; "Volunteer Appreciation night Advancement"; "Construction Pavillion"; "Construction ATOP"; "Registrar Promo-Students Outdoors"; "Student Outdoors, Colour 2001"; "Social Science Alumni-John Otoule Dignitary"; "Paul Thompson- 2002"

Aerial Photographs; Academic Services; Alumni; Alumni and Alumnae; Alumni Association; Award Ceremonies; Ceremonies and Celebrations; Children; Co-op Management; Convocation; Cultural Events; Cultural Music; Drama; Graduation; Humanities Wing; International Development Studies; Lectures; Management; Music; Open House; President; Registrar; Scarborough (Ont.); Social Sciences; Staff, Students; Thompson-Paul; University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; Buildings - Interiors; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - General; Events-Celebrations and Socials; Events- Performances; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Grounds - Campus Views; Portraits - Students; Portraits - Faculty and Staff; Students - General; Students - Activities

Menus from the United States - Pennsylvania

File contains single sheet and trifold menus. Menus feature Chinese (Hunan, Szechuan and Cantonese), Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. Menus are from Philadelphia, Allentown and Shamokin Dam. The photograph depicts a white van with the writing “Wong Chinese Food” in red lettering.

Menu from Cuba

File contains an older booklet style menu from Havana specializing in Chop Suey and Chow Mein. File also consists of photographs, taken in 1998, of Chinese restaurant signs and of Harley with his friends.

UTSC Archives Legacy collection

  • CA UTSC 002
  • Collection
  • 1949, 1956-2018

The archives contain a range of documentation relating to the foundation, history, and activities of the University of Toronto Scarborough. The materials have been arranged largely by originating department or by medium in the case of publications, photographs, clippings, architectural plans, and artifacts. There are ten series, several of which have subseries:


B.1. Principal
B.2. Vice-Principal, Research
B.3. Dean and Vice-Principal, Academic
B.4. Assistant/Associate Dean
B.5. Registrar
B.6. Superintendent
B.7. Director of Physical Education
B.8. Director of Educational Communication Systems
B.9. Scarborough College Council
B.10. Office of Advancement / Development Office
B.11. Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment
B.12. Communications & Public Affairs
B.13. Committees with Unknown Office of Origin

C.1. General Programs in Arts and Science
C.2. Extension Program
C.3. Department of Anthropology
C.4. Department of Arts, Culture & Media
C.5. Department of Biological Sciences
C.6. Department of Computer & Mathematical Sciences

C.7. Department of Critical Development Studies
C.8. Department of English
C.9. Department of French and Linguistics
C.10. Department of Historical and Cultural Studies
C.11. Department of Human Geography
C.12. Department of Management
C.13. Department of Philosophy
C.14. Department of Physical and Environmental Science
C.15. Department of Political Science
C.16. Department of Psychology
C.17. Department of Sociology
C.18. Department of Physical Education

D.1. Library
D.2. Scarborough-Erindale Technical Service
D.3. Gallery
D.4. Athletics and Recreation Services
D.5. Physical Plant Services
D.6. Student Services
D.7. Student Organizations
D.8. Alumni Services
D.9. Alumni Organizations
D.10. Faculty and Staff Services
D.11. Faculty and Staff Organizations

E.1. History of Scarborough College (various sources)
E.2. University of Toronto – St George and Mississauga campuses
E.3. Centennial College
E.4. Durham College
E.5. Scarborough Regional School of Nursing
E.6. University of the West Indies
E.7. Trent University
E.8. City of Scarborough
E.9. Clippings and Scrapbooks

F.1. Photographs
F.2. Microforms

University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.

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