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University of Toronto Scarborough Library, Archives & Special Collections
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Aerial Shots

File contains 3 B&W aerial shots of Scarborough College in its early years; 3 different angles. Photographs in good condition; no year or markings indicated on back or front of photographs.

Aerial photographs; Architecture; Humanities Wing; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Science Wing' University Buildings; University of Toronto Scarborough Campus


File contains 12 loose B&W photographs, 31 loose colour photographs and 8 envelopes; 13 B&W photographs and 110 colour photographs in total. First envelope is a white envelope marked "Sports 98" on the front; contains 1 B&W photo marked on back "Class of '72 Reunion U of T Day Oct, 17, 92". Second envelope is white envelope marked with "Alumni 98 Craig Mantle" on front; contains 10 colour photographs; all portraits; all photos marked with "98" on back.Third envelope is a white envelope marked with "Alumni 98 Laurie Taylor Bolton" on front; contains 10 colours photographs; all portraits; no markings on back of photos. Fourth envelope is a white envelope marked with "Alumni 98 Joe Suguitar" on front; contains 13 colour photographs; all portraits; no markings on back of photos. Fifth envelope is a white envelope marked with "Alumni 98 Martin Herbst" on front; contains 8 colour photographs; all portraits; no markings on back of photos. Sixth envelope is a Green envelope marked "Alumni Annual General Mtg + Barbecue June 1990" on bottom front; contains 14 colour photographs of alumni at a barbecue; no markings on back of photos. Seventh envelope is marked with "Alumni Volunteer Appreciation Night 2001" on front; contains 17 colour photographs of alumni and students gathered together; no markings or dates on back of photos. Eighth envelope is marked with "John Otoole MP Alumni 2001"; contains 7 coloured photographs; no markings or dates on back of photos. Loose B&W photographs have following markings on back: "Alumni booth at Orientation Sunday Sept 7 1986 John Fox + Be Viggiani"; "Alumni study lounge Gratitude gift"; "Honours Reception James Teresi"; "JIane Marie Scarborough Student undercovers important manuscript"; "Maryhee Chisholm-Morgan @ 72 Reunion/Sept. 1993"; "Pouring of Champagne for toast to graduates Celebration of Stars 1992". Loose colour photographs have following markings on back: "Alumni AGM + Barbecue June 2/91"; "Admissions S[cholars] Reception '93"; "Alumni Golf Tournament 2001"; "Alumni Steve Blue"; "Alumni Dave ("Grimy") Grimalski"; "Alumni 98 8 - #23 Craig Mantle"; "Golf Tournament 2001"; "11-#34 Joe Suguitan"; "11-33 Laurie Taylor-Bolton"; "10-#29 Martin Herbst"; "Spring Reunion, June 3, 2000 U of T at Scarborough".

Alumni, Alumni and alumnae, Alumni Association, Ceremonies and celebrations; Events- Barbecues; Events-Celebrations and Socials; Events-General; Events- Staff; Events-Volunteer Appreciation; Faculty; Faculty and Staff; Faculty and Staff-General; Golf Tournament; Meeting Place; Meetings; Portraits-Faculty and Staff; Orientation; Portraits-Students; Portraits- Graduating Classes; Professors; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Spring Reunion; Staff; Students; University Buildings; University of Toronto Scarborough Campus;


The subseries includes menus and some correspondence from countries that are a part of the European continent including Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, England, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and Wales.

The subseries comprises areas part of Central, Eastern, Western, Southern and Northern Europe.
Menus feature Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Thai, Finnish, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Indian and Indo-Chinese, Russian and seafood cuisine.

Menus types found in this subseries includes take away menus, static menus, bound menus, trifold formatted menus, and photocopies. Business cards for a small portion of the restaurants are attached to the menus.

Menu from Cuba

File contains an older booklet style menu from Havana specializing in Chop Suey and Chow Mein. File also consists of photographs, taken in 1998, of Chinese restaurant signs and of Harley with his friends.

Menus from the United States - Pennsylvania

File contains single sheet and trifold menus. Menus feature Chinese (Hunan, Szechuan and Cantonese), Vietnamese and Thai cuisine. Menus are from Philadelphia, Allentown and Shamokin Dam. The photograph depicts a white van with the writing “Wong Chinese Food” in red lettering.

UTSC Archives Legacy collection

  • CA UTSC 002
  • Collection
  • 1949, 1956-2013

The archives contain a range of documentation relating to the foundation, history, and activities of the University of Toronto Scarborough. The materials have been arranged largely by originating department or by medium in the case of publications, photographs, clippings, architectural plans, and artifacts. There are ten series, several of which have subseries:


B.1. Principal
B.2. Vice-Principal, Research
B.3. Dean and Vice-Principal, Academic
B.4. Assistant/Associate Dean
B.5. Registrar
B.6. Superintendent
B.7. Director of Physical Education
B.8. Director of Educational Communication Systems
B.9. Scarborough College Council
B.10. Office of Advancement / Development Office
B.11. Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment
B.12. Communications & Public Affairs
B.13. Committees with Unknown Office of Origin

C.1. General Programs in Arts and Science
C.2. Extension Program
C.3. Department of Anthropology
C.4. Department of Arts, Culture & Media
C.5. Department of Biological Sciences
C.6. Department of Computer & Mathematical Sciences

C.7. Department of Critical Development Studies
C.8. Department of English
C.9. Department of French and Linguistics
C.10. Department of Historical and Cultural Studies
C.11. Department of Human Geography
C.12. Department of Management
C.13. Department of Philosophy
C.14. Department of Physical and Environmental Science
C.15. Department of Political Science
C.16. Department of Psychology
C.17. Department of Sociology
C.18. Department of Physical Education

D.1. Library
D.2. Scarborough-Erindale Technical Service
D.3. Gallery
D.4. Athletics and Recreation Services
D.5. Physical Plant Services
D.6. Student Services
D.7. Student Organizations
D.8. Alumni Services
D.9. Alumni Organizations
D.10. Faculty and Staff Services
D.11. Faculty and Staff Organizations

E.1. History of Scarborough College (various sources)
E.2. University of Toronto – St George and Mississauga campuses
E.3. Centennial College
E.4. Durham College
E.5. Scarborough Regional School of Nursing
E.6. University of the West Indies
E.7. Trent University
E.8. City of Scarborough
E.9. Clippings and Scrapbooks

F.1. Photographs
F.2. Microforms

University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.

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