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University of Toronto. Physical Plant Department

Records of the Planning and Engineering Division, relating to the planning, construction and alteration to campus buildings. Includes correspondence, contracts, architectural drawings, reports, budgets and photographs. Buildings include (not complete): Best Institute, Economics, Superintendant's, Pharmacy (alterations), Ontario College of Education, the International Centre, McClennan Labs (alterations), Medical Science and well as a file on propertied on Gull Lake. There are more architectural drawings of other buildings (see case file for item list). Photographs include contruction views of Sigmund Samuel, Sidney Smith and 215 Huron buildings. There are also mounted photographs of University College and one aerial view of the campus grounds, n.d..

Hart House

Warden's Office administrative files relating to committees, events/activities, University of Toronto files, clubs, etc. (1929-1976). Business office files (1973-1976), Programmes office files (1973-1976); photoprints of Hart House (c1929), and Toke Festival.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Medicine

Examination questions (1959-1972) /001-003; Faculty of Medicine Council Minutes (1955-1967) /004; ; Committee on curriculum and examinations (1946-1947)/004; Minutes of post-graduate sub-committee (1941-1946) /004; Timetable schedules (1945-1973) /005 ; Committee on Applications and Memorials, minutes (1957-1967) /006; Progress reports on Medical Sciences Building (1965-1969) /007. Correspondence with typescript copies of materials (ca 1922) relating to the history of the discovery of insulin and J.J. R. Macleod's role (1954-1955 ) /008; and "Studies on Medical Education, 1947-1966, A progress Report" by Jan W. Steiner, /008.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Medicine. Office of the Dean

Files of the Office of the Dean relating to various departments, committees (including Search Committee files), budget and long-range planning and assessment committee. Student Affairs files (1960-1972) including sub-committees on admissions, examinations, appeals and awards. Staff records - Terminations: files A to Z (1970-1978).

Hart House

Warden's Office (1977-78); Business Office (1977-78). Programmes Office (1977-78)

University of Toronto. Faculty of Medicine. Office of the Dean

Series I to V: Administrative files of Office of the Dean 1900-1969; Series VI: Joint Hospital Lists , 1969-1970; Series VII: Administrative files, Office of the Dean 1972-1977; Series VIII: Student Registers, 1892 - 1950; Series IX: Clippings ca 1922; Series XI: Letters and records, 1893-1906; Series XII: Records of clinical lectures (attendence), 1894-1906; Series XIII: Other including student registers (1891-1908), Meeting re curriculum and matriculation, 1923; Series XIV: Synapse includes also files relating to AMA Council on Medical Education, 1951-1960; cast for bronze plaque of Dr. J.J.R. Macleod, done by Emanuel Hahn, 1928 (broken, in pieces).

University of Toronto. Office of the Vice-President (Research and Planning)

Subject files of Vice-Pres. Research and Planning (George Connell). Includes minutes, reports and correpondence with administrative and senior executive officers, colleges, faculties, centres, committees, institute and task forces within the university; external associations, councils, government bodies.

Hart House

Warden's Office, Administrative files relating to International Festival of Poetry including original programme, invitations and a typescript of translated poetry by Wacaw Iwaniuk, George Fauldy and Walter Bauer produced a panel on unofficial languages of Canada.

University of Toronto. School of Continuing Studies

35 reel-to-reel audiotapes of addresses by members of the University Lunch and Learn Club, a joint project of the School of Continuing Studies and Innis College from October, 1976 to 1979. Included are texts of the addresses and all of the audiotapes for the first series, 'A new economic order in Canada?'; three lectures of 'Genetics and Man', and audiotapes of all of the lectures for 'Deprogramming: Documenting the issues'. There are also four audiotapes for the series, 'Women at noon'.

University of Toronto. Senate

Minutes, Volumes 26 to 34 (1961-1971); records, primarily minutes, of Senate committees, including Committee on Admission Standards, 1950-1970, Committee on Admission, 1961-1970, Committee on Scholarship and Other Awards, 1966-1972, Committee on Applications and Memorials, 1915-1964, and Committee on Ceremonials, 1964-1970; records of Boards of Studies, 1950-1972; convocation rolls, 1963-1969; subject files, 1951-1972; and audio tapes of Senate meetings, 1972.
For microfilm of Senate minutes, Volumes 26 to 34 see A68-0012; for microfilm of convocation rolls 1963-1969 see A73-0051 reel 4

University of Toronto. Faculty of Medicine. Office of the Dean

Records of the Office of the Dean, arranged in part according to office file plan. Includes the following series: Academic Term 1970-1975, Pathological Files, Joint Hospital Committee file 1972-1976, Terminated files, J.W.S files, ACMC/LCME Royal College Survey, 1968, Petch Committee, 1974, Sick Children/Toronto Western/Toronto General Hospital Files, H.R.F. Services file, 1968, R.O. Bensons' files, Budget Papers, Miscellaneous, Publications-offprints.

University of Toronto. Office of the President

Consists of subject files, speeches and messages of university presidents from Sidney Smith to John R. Evans (1956-1978), files of the Vice-President Institutional Relations & Planning John Sword (1972-1973), and files of research assistant Frances Ireland (1906-1976). Subject files include budget (1973-1979), submissions to the President's Report (1962-1978), Operating Grants (1968-1979), administrative retreats (1976-1977), materials relating to the Ontario Council on University Affairs (1973-1975), task forces, pension, and various reports.

University of Toronto. Office of the President

Consists of subject and correspondence files on academic and administrative divisions, organizations, educational organizations, other universities, government agencies, boards and councils (1973-1975), speeches and citations by Claude Bissell (1948-1971), staff conspectus and estimates (1956-1966), survey of staff (1956-1963).

University of Toronto. Office of the President

Consists of files of the Research Assistant in the Office of the President ( Frances Ireland and secretary Dorothy Robertson) regarding boards, committees and task forces, other universities, presidential speeches; files of the Vice-President Institutional Relations & Planning, as well as minutes of the Simcoe Circle meetings (1972-1978), the Policy and Planning Committee (ca. 1959-1975), and miscellaneous reports on teacher's training, and the Secondary-Post-Secondary Interface Study (1976-1978).

University of Toronto. Department of Medical Genetics

Files of the Department Chair relating to the Royal Society of Canada, 1966-1976; Commission on University Government, 1969-70; Fermentation Unit, 1969-1971; examination questions 1968-1970; examination results and other files relating to examinations, course evaluations 1969-1970, lecture notes, 1970; laboratory methodology n.d.; and grants 1968-1974.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Medicine. Office of the Dean

Toronto teaching hospitals space surveys and reports (1970), UTHA planning (1973), planning committees (1973-1978); Health Planning Task Force (Mustard Report), CAPUT, enrolment (1974); LCME questionnaire, INCO Joint Occupational Health program, NCI Epidemiology Research Unit (1975-1976); Presidential Advisory Committee on Supplementary Income, OMA (1976); and student records (1961-1966).

University of Toronto. Physical Plant Department

Records of the Superintendent, H. C. Milne relating to the planning, construction, renovation and opening of campus buildings including correspondence, contracts, progress reports, budgets, architectural drawings and photographs. Buildings include: Medical Sciences, Superintendant's Building Edward Johnson Bldg (Faculty of Music), Robarts Library, Pharmacy, Law, Chemistry Labs, Physics Building's LINAC Labs (Linear Accelerator), Aerospace, New College, Men's Residence, 79 St. George (Women's Union), U of T Press, Faculty of Arts Bldg (Sidney Smith) and files relating to buildings demolished.

University of Toronto. Faculty of Education

Correspondence between students and program administrators in the Social Counselling Education Program; Field reports by student counsellors on the state of education on the Indian reserves they served; paper entitled "Fantasy and Frenzy in preconceptual and conceptual levels of reading", given by Prof. Daniel B. Brady at the Reading '72 Conference at York University.

Hart House

Files from past Wardens (1919-1972), clubs, committees and House administration (1978-1979).

Canadian General Hospital No. 4 (University of Toronto)

Contains correspondence among Charles Kirk Clarke, William Belfry Hendry, James Alexander Roberts and others concerning the hospital unit, together with memoranda on the unit's history and personnel; war diary, in three volumes, recording daily activities of the hospital in Salonika; albums of photographs of the unit's activities in England, in Salonika, and en route to those places.

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