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Pages : for solo piano

File contains the manuscript score for John Beckwith's "Pages" for solo piano, consisting of four movements that are 52 to 55 seconds, 50 to 53 seconds, 56 seconds to 1 minute, 10 seconds; and 45 to 50 seconds, respectively. This piece was dedicated to Barbara Pritchard.


File contains the score and parts for flute, oboe, clarinet in B flat, bassoon, horn in F, two trumpets in C, trombone, and tuba.

Eureka : sketches

File contains a sketch of the twelve-tone row and corollary used in “Eureka.”

Topical flutes : Aitken at 60 : for two flutes

File contains the manuscript score for John Beckwith's "Topical Flutes" for two flutes (duration 3 min., written August 27-28, 1999), and a copy of the coda for "Topical Flutes," which he added in 2010 (duration 30 sec.).

The Hector : a documentary cantata

File contains sketches, score, and parts for Beckwith's documentary cantata "The Hector," ror soprano/narrator, fife/flute/recorder, clarinet/recorder, guitar/mandolin, and harpsichord.

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