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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections
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Letters from Janet Lander

File consists of nine letters from Janet Lander, including three short poems, from August 10 to September 16, 1964, including a letter draft by Wilfred Watson.

Letters from Marshall McLuhan

File consists of four letters from Marshall McLuhan, from 1964 to 1968. Correspondence includes an undated handwritten letter with an attached offprint translation of James Joyce's article, "Daniel Defoe", published in "Buffalo Studies" v1. no.1 (December 1964); an 11 page typescript by McLuhan and annotated by Watson titled "Noah's Archetypes"; a letter of introduction from McLuhan to the University of Toronto Library; and a handwritten letter from Marshall McLuhan dated August 31.

Letter from John Sutherland, Northern Review Press

File consists of a letter, dated April 19, 1954 on Northern Review Press letterhead, from John Sutherland of the Northern Review Press (Montreal, Quebec), rejecting Watson's submitted poem "Water's Paradox". The original submitted copy of the poem is attached.

Notes from Rob Sanders

File consists of two notes from Rob Sanders of the Department of English at the University of Alberta; the first note is handwritten and on University of Alberta letterhead, and the second note is handwritten on University of Alberta letterhead and dated June 12, 1991.

Note from Keith Swift

File consists of a handwritten note from Keith Swift regarding a review he produced regarding Mordecai Richler's novel "St. Urbain's Horseman".

L'Arche Trosly-Breuil fonds

  • CA ON00389 74
  • Fonds
  • 1985-2008, predominant 1985-1986

Henri J.M. Nouwen was a close friend of Jean Vanier and was invited to join the L'Arche Trosly-Breuil and was an active member of their community from August 1985 to May 1986. His experiences at Trosly-Breuil are published in his work, "The Road to Daybreak". The fonds consists of eleven audio cassettes of lectures and retreats given by Nouwen. The fonds also contains one compact disc of photographs of various subjects, including Nouwen. The records range in date from 1985 to 2008.
The Fonds has been organized into two series:

  1. Sound Recordings
  2. Photographs

L'Arche Trosly-Breuil (Association)

Sound Recordings series

Series consists of eleven audio cassettes of lectures and retreats given by Nouwen from 1985 to 1994. Specifically, there are two audio cassettes from a ALT Brugge Retreat on the topics of Prayer and Reconciliation. There are two audio cassettes which contain a Mass given by Nouwen on Compassion. There is one audio cassette titled "La Visitation" and another titled "Francais – Homelie – Houietie". There are also five audio cassettes of Nouwen leading a seminar on the Gospel of St. John while he was at L'Arche Trosly-Breuil.

Recording of Henri Nouwen speaking on the Gospel of St. John

Item consists of five audio cassettes of seminars on the topic of the Gospel of St. John given by Nouwen during his stay at L'Arche Trosly-Breuil in 1985-1986 at the request of Jean Vanier. Nouwen refers to this course in his work, "Road to Daybreak." SR2010 13 03 v1: "St. Jean I: Prologue- The glory of god", December 19, 1985; SR2010 13 03 v2: "Gospel of John: Spirituality and peacemaking"; the recording includes a discussion on the individual experience and proclamation of God. Though the cassette lists the date April 11, 1983 it is believed that the initial recording was taped over by the Gospel of John seminar sometime during 1986 when this seminar series was given. SR2010 13 03 v3: "St. Jean III: The movement of XT= downward prologue", January 1, 1986; SR2010 13 03 v4: "St. Jean IV", February 23, 1986; SR2010 13 03 v5 "St. Jean V- Sharing- Nocodeme", dated April 3, 1986. The content focuses on Bible passages in which Nicodemus is featured.

Recording of a homily by Henri Nouwen

Item consists of one audio cassette featuring a homily by Nouwen on October 27, 1985, likely at L'Arche Trosly-Breuil. The title of the homily was "Healing Bartimaeus" or "Guerison d'un Aveugle Bartimaeus". Nouwen focuses on the Gospel of Mark 10: 46-52, in which Bartimaeus was healed.

Recording of Nouwen on prayer and reconciliation

Item consists of two audio cassettes of a recording of a talk given at a retreat for Long Term Assistants of the Northern European Zone in Bruges, Belgium (Retreat ALT Brugge), which took place in Bruges, Belgium in June 1994. The item consists of two cassettes SR2010 13 05 v1 and SR2010 13 05 v2. Volume 1 has Prayer on side A and Reconciliation on side B. Volume 2 has Reconciliation on side A and Prayer on side B.

Photographs series

Series consists of one audio compact disc dated April 19, 2008. The CD contains photos taken of L'Arche, including photos of Jean Vanier, Henri Nouwen, Barbara Swanecamp, L'Arche Trosly Breuil, Père Thomas, Pope John Paul II, core members, and assistants. CD was created for the memorial service of Barbara Swanecamp.

Bibliography Working files and correspondence - 1964

File consists of hand-written lists, one entitled "About Him", the other Reviews of MM. Also includes correspondence from the executive Assistant to the Minister of Trade and Commerce regarding the contents of a letter McLuhan had sent to the Minister (November 9, 1964); a letter to Feeley from R. F. Neill, C.S.B. requesting a copy of Feeley's bibliography and Feeley's response.

Bibliography Working files and correspondence - 1966

File consists of correspondence from M. Stewart of the Centre for Culture and Technology as well as mimeograph copies of letters written by Feeley to various journals requesting copies of McLuhan's work. Also includes a draft of letter by Feeley to McLuhan regarding working for McLuhan as an administrative helper. Also includes two copies of the bibliography entitled Writing of Marshall McLuhan, 1934-1966, both are annotated in ink and pencil.

Bibliography Working files and correspondence - 1967

File consists of correspondence from M. Stewart of the Centre for Culture and Technology as well as various hand and typed lists, one of which is entitled McLuhan Bibliography, 1934 -1967 prepared by J. Feeley, M. Stewart and R.D. [Berg?].

Bibliography Working files and correspondence - 1968

File consists of correspondence, including a letter of decline to publish the bibliography from the Journal of Canadian studies, and another from the secretary of Buckminster Fuller. Also includes copies of annotated bibliographic lists up to 1968.

Draft of Feeley paper on Plato and McLuhan

File consists of a draft typescript of a paper by James Feeley entitled A Shift in the Bias: Plato and McLuhan. It was written for Allan Thomas: Social Foundations of Adult Education in November 1968. It is annotated in pencil and typed on the reverse of University of Toronto, Office of the Professor of Higher Education letterhead.

Bibliography Working files and correspondence - 2006

File consists of a computerized bibliography entitled Publications by, with and about Marshall McLuhan: Books, Articles, Multimedia. It is likely that Feeley's son Brian prepared this document. It is annotated in ink.

Bibliography Working files and correspondence - 1974

File consists of bibliographic lists from 1970 to 1974 including a photocopy of a comprehensive listing from 1934 to 1973 entitled Writings of Marshall McLuhan. This may be the most comprehensive bibliography in the fonds.

Correspondence with Marshall McLuhan

File consists of 12 letters to James Feeley from Marshall McLuhan. The letters are predominantly from 1962-1965, but there is on letter from 1977. The series also consists of five letters from Feeley to McLuhan between 1964 and 1965.

McLuhan Project files

Files consists of notes and correspondence regarding the microfilming of selected works by Marshall McLuhan.

Assistant to McLuhan for Explorations files

Files consists of correspondence, draft manuscripts, and a copy an Explorations volume with articles by Buckminster Fuller and James Feeley. These files were created and kept by Feeley for his work as Assistant to McLuhan for the publication of Explorations magazine. Includes letter from Kenneth S. Edey, Director, Department of Information, inviting Feeley to take this position.

Community Council files

Series consists of minutes of regular meetings and correspondence files of the Daybreak Community Council, established to permit participation by staff and core members in the key communication and decision making activities of the community.
The types of records include: incoming and outgoing correspondence; agendas and minutes of meetings of the council; special research reports; calendars; program proposals; event planning and administration documents.
Subjects found in the series include: Daybreak constitution; work programs; spirituality; celebration of holidays and community events; administrative and program analysis and restructuring. See file descriptions for more detailed content information.

1918 General Election

File consists of materials related to the 1918 general election and O'Neill's role as presiding officer at the Warrenpoint Townhall polling station.

Election materials

Series consists of flyers, posters, booklets, official forms and documents, correspondence, and newspaper articles regarding Patrick O'Neill's role as presiding officer at a polling station in the 1918 Irish election, his campaign in the 1920 election for county councillors, and his campaigns in the 1921 and 1929 general elections. Series also includes correspondence regarding the Boundary Commission, O'Neill's decision to take his seat in parliament in 1926, the creation of the National League of the North, and his decision to retire. Series is arranged chronologically.

1921 Election; congratulatory messages, etc.

File consists of materials relating to Patrick O'Neill's victory in the 1921 general election and a published copy of correspondence between D. Lloyd George and Eamon de Valera regarding the creation of an Irish settlement.

1929 Election

File consists of correspondence and other materials relating to Patrick O'Neill's re-election in 1929.

Correspondence with constituents

Series consists of Patrick O'Neill's correspondence with constituents, supporters, and government ministers in his role as MP for County Down (and later Mourne division) regarding the concerns of his constituency, including: inquiries relating to pensions, licenses, and agricultural subsidies; filling appointed and hired positions such as Postmaster, Inspector for Ministry of Education, or members of the Royal Ulster Constabulary; amendments of acts and bills (relating to public utilities, transportation, agriculture and fisheries, for example); issues such as temperance and gerrymandering; and matters relating to the development of nationalist politics, such as the creation of the National League and the activities of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians. Series also includes notes, official documents, and newspaper articles regarding the affairs of his constituency. Series is divided into the following sub-series: 1. Correspondence with constituents, 1926-1928 2. Correspondence with constituents, 1935-1936. Sub-series are arranged alphabetically by correspondent or subject. Although Patrick O'Neill sat in parliament from 1921-1938, this fonds contains only correspondence records for the years 1926-1928 and 1935-1936. It is not known at this time where the other records reside; some may be found at the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.

Correspondence with constituents, 1926-1928

Sub-series consists of Patrick O'Neill's correspondence with constituents, supporters, and government ministers for the period from 1926 to 1928 in his role as MP for County Down as well as notes, official documents and newspaper articles regarding the affairs of his constituency.

Notes on candidates for Inspector of Schools

File consists of a notebook containing information about candidates for the position of Inspector of Schools under the Ministry of Education, as well as a typed document about candidates that was found in the notebook.

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