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Obituaries and other family documents

File contains an undated manuscript list of students with some addresses and telephone numbers; obituary notices for Dr. Daniel Garcia Guerrero; a letter from Lily Wilson; and [probably her] translation of Boyd Neel's Alberto Guerrero obituary. File aso contains portraits of Alberto Guerrero, photographs of Myrtle Rose Guerrero and of Melisande Guerrero, and unidentified photos.

My friend Ludwig : for piano and orchestra

File contains the score for "My friend Ludwig," which uses the orchestral score for the first movement of Beethoven's fifth symphony, piano concerto version; Doug Riley's "Ode to Jazz" for piano and orchestra; "Beethoven Medley" by Glenn Morley; "Coffee Gavotte" by Glenn Morley; "Rock 5" by Glenn Morley; and, "Ode to Joy" from the Beethoven's ninth symphony.

Duo, trio, small band music

File contains: 7 Skylark -- 8 Who could care -- C 10 Last night when we were young/Young and foolish [Last night/ Y&F] [Yonge & foolish] -- C 11 Dream dancing [D. Dancing] [D.D.] -- 12 Falling in love with love [Falling in with ] -- 13 A sleepinÆ bee [SleepinÆ B] -- C 14 I donÆt know enough about you [I donÆt know enough about U] -- 15 -- Thump, thump, thump -- 16 IÆll never be the same -- C 17 IÆm thru with love/ Seems like old times -- 18 ItÆs a blue world -- 19 London by night [L by N] -- C 20 Our waltz -- 21 Wonder why -- 22 Yours is my heart alone [Yours is my alone] [ ] -- C 23 Two for the road } -- C 23A Royal blue } Medley (Mancini) -- C 24 Dreamsville } -- 25 Nancy -- C 26 Dream a little dream of me [Dream a little drum of me] -- 27 Lonely town -- C 28 In the blue of evening [Blue of evening] -- 29 Lollipops & roses [Lollipops] -- 30 Why shouldnÆt I -- 31 This heart of mine -- A 32 Open country -- B 33 Snow White [Snowhite/CanÆt we be friends] -- 34 -- Minuet (circa Æ61) Brookmeyer -- 35 IÆm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter [Letter] -- B 36 I have dreamed -- 37 IÆm old fashioned [IÆm old] -- A 38 [Ballads] Imagination/What is there to say [Imagination/What say] -- 39 Maybe September/ Indian summer [Maybe Sept. & I.S.] [Sept & I.S.] -- B 40 My ideal -- A 41 Royal Garden Blues [Royal Garden] + ôSouth Rampart St. Paradeö -- B 42 This love of mine/ This is always [Love/Always] -- 43 Red devil [ôa quasi calypso, bossa-nova, polka (?)ö] -- 44 A lovely way to spend an evening [Lovely way] -- B 45 CanÆt we be friends -- 46 -- This happy madness -- 47 -- You are too beautiful [You are 2 beautiful] -- 48 IÆm glad there is you [IÆm glad there is U] [You] -- B 49 Long ago and far away [Long ago] -- 50 Manha de Carnaval [ M. of C.] -- 51 For L & L -- 52 Dirty man -- (Brookmeyer) -- 53 Stardust [Sawdust] (8 pc band û flute, vibes, sax, 2 trombones, bass, drums, acoustic guitar) -- A 54 Everywhere -- 55 All or nothing at all -- C 56 Sunny side of the street -- A 57 April in Paris [A in P] -- 58 Theme for Jobim (Mulligan) -- 59 Autumn nocturne -- 60 Moment to moment -- B 61 æDeed I do -- 62 Change partners -- 63 ThereÆs no you [ThereÆs no U] -- A 64 Wrap your troubles in dreams [Troubles] -- 65 I wish I knew -- 66 Maybe youÆll be there [MUBT}/ Endings - I only have eyes for you [Eyes 4 U] [IÆs 4 U] -- 67 You can depend on me -- 68 It all depends on you -- 69 Just tell me yes or no -- 70 Hawg jawz --71 Sea-Jay (in memoriam, Carl Jefferson) [C.J., Concord Records]

Geoffrey Payzant and Eduard Hanslick collection

  • CA OTUFM 32
  • Collection
  • 1926-2004

Fonds includes correspondence, notes, typescripts, translations, photocopies of journal articles, and other working papers about Hanslick. Files include Correspondence with other scholars; Contemporary reviews of Vom Musikalisch-Schönen; For commentary; Miscellaneous articles and reviews of publications about Hanslick; Miscellaneous writings by Hanslick; Various articles about Hanslick; Translation of Aus meinem Leben; Aus meinem Leben: Deutsche Rundschau; Blätter: 1853-4; Personalia; Bibliographical; Alt, Theodor; Barach, Sigmund; Bayer, Josef; Becher, Alfred Julius; Beneke, Friedrich Eduard; Bimberg, Siegfried; Bolzano, Bernard; Brentano, Franz; Burgh, Allatson; Dahlhaus, Carl; Dambeck, J. H.; Danzel, Theodor Wilhelm; Drbal, Mathias Amos; Du Bois-Reymond, Emil; Eitelberger, Rudolf; Exner, Franz; Fétis, François-Joseph; Flügel, Otto; Gade, Niels W.; Geibel, Emanuel; Gervinus, Georg Gottfried; Gluck, Christoph Willibald; Goldberger's chains; Goethe, Johann Wolfgang; Griepenkerl, Robert; Grillparzer, Franz; Grimm, Jacob; Gutt, Bernhard; Gutzkow, Karl; Hand, Ferdinand; Hanslik, Josef Adolf; Hanus, Jan; Harless, Christian Friedrich; De la Harpe?; Hartmann, Eduard von; Hasner, Leopold von; Hauptmann, Moritz, re Spohr; Hausegger, Friedrich von; Hegel, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich; Heine, Heinrich; Heinse, Wilhelm; Helmholtz, Hermann von; Herbart, Johann Friedrich; Herbartians; Herbart - Stout - Dumdey; Hiller, Ferdinand; Hiller, Johann Adam; Hirschfeld, Robert; Hostinsky, Ottakar - Herbart; Jahn, Otto; Johnston, William M.; Josephinism; Kahlert, August; Kalbeck, Max; Kant, Immanuel; Kausch, Johann Joseph; Khittl, Christoph; Köstlin, Karl; Krüger, Eduard; Laurencin d'Armond, Ferdinand Peter; Lessing, Gotthold Ephraim; Lobe, Johann Christian; Lotze, Hermann; Marschner, Franz; Marx, Adolf Bernhard; Mattheson, Johann; Meissner, A. G. (August Gottlieb); Meisler, Richard; Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix; Meyerbeer, Giacomo; Michaelis, Christian Friedrich; Moos, Paul; Mosel, Ignaz Franz von; Nägeli, Hans Georg; Nahlowsky, Joseph Wilhelm; Nyíri, János Kristóf; Ørsted, Hans Christian; Ulybyshev, Aleksandr Dmitrievich; Pamphlet war 1854+; Panofka, Heinrich; Pathologisch; Porta, Giambattista della; Printz, Felix; Riehl, Wilhelm Heinrich; Rochlitz, Friedrich; Rosenkranz, Karl; Rousseau, Jean-Jacques. Dictionnaire; Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von; Schneider, Paul; Schneider, Peter Joseph; Schubart, Christian Friedrich Daniel. Ideen; Schumann, Robert; Schwind, Moritz von; Shakespeare, William; Siebeck, Hermann; Siegel, Carl; Spitzer, Hugo, re Zimmermann; Stade, F. (Friedrich); Strauss, David Friedrich; Strauss, Dietmar, correspondence; Sulzer, Johann Georg; Tatarkiewicz, Wladyslaw; Thun-Hohenstein, Leopold Leo; Topitsch, Ernst; Vesque von Püttlingen, Johann; Vischer, Friedrich Theodor; Vogt, Theodor; Wagner, Richard. Lecture to Toronto Wagner Society; Wallaschek, Richard; Wedel, Gottschalk; Whyte, Robert; Wiener Zeitung; Winter, Eduard; Winterfeld, C. von; Zamminer, Friedrich; Zeising, Adolf; Zimmermann, J. A.; Hanslick - Zimmermann correspondence; Zimmermann. Wien 1848-1888; Zimmermann. Athenaeum; Zimmermann. Tonkunst; Zimmermann. Böhm; Zimmermann. Phil in Öst. 1848; Zimmermann, Robert; Zimmermann. Laokoon; Zimmermann. Spek Aesth; Hanslick. On the musically beautiful; VMS I, 1854"

Payzant, Geoffrey

Publicity photographs of other artists

File contains photographs of the following: Frances Alda; Louis Bachner; Sophie Braslau; Wishart Campbell (signed); Galli-Curci; Emmy Heim (signed); Ernest MacMillan (4: 1 signed; 1 with choir and orchestra, rehearsing St. Matthew Passion, Convocation Hall, 1931); Giovanni Martinelli; James W. McEnery (signed) ; Earle Moss (signed) ; Philarmonic Choir of Salt Lake City, Utah, with H. Frederick Davis, Dorothy Maynor and George Schick ; Lily Pons (2); Schumann-Heink ; Donna Small (signed) ; Reginald Stewart and the Bach Choir in Yorkminster Church, Toronto; Jenny Taggart (signed); Toronto Opera Guild, Lohengrin, Massey Hall 1939; Unidentified Toronto church choir.

Compositions : scores, parts, and sketches

Series consists of manuscript scores and parts, and sketches, for Lothar Klein's instrumental, vocal, choral, chamber, and orchestral works. File also contains film and incidental music written by Klein.

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