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University of Toronto Scarborough Library, Archives & Special Collections
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Principal A.F.W. Plumptre - Correspondence [3/3]

File includes correspondence of Principal A.F.W. Plumptre. Topics include UTSC Information Systems, clippings of publications featuring UTSC, and some correspondence with Erindale College. See also: A.F.W. Plumptre collection. File also infludes one audio tape of an interview with Mrs. June Sheppard and Dr. A.W. Plumptre.

Physical Plant

File contains a total of 11 colour photographs, 2 negative strips and 5 colour slides depicting the building of the physical plant; bulldozers carrying wooden logs; group photographs of workers; wood work; construction on campus; staff pouring cement; photographs one size; measuring wood and drilling; water cleaning fenced area; negatives related to most pictures; multiple copies collected together.

Aerial photographs; Architecture; Architectural models and drawings; Architecture and recreation; Concrete construction; Construction; Contemporary architecture; Ground breaking ceremonies; Architects; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Staff; Sustainable architecture; Temporary buildings; University buildings; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.; Architectural plans; All buildings; Buildings - Exteriors; Buildings - Interiors; Buildings - Construction; Buildings - Details; All Events; Events - General; Faculty and Staff; Faculty and Staff - General; Grounds - Campus views; Grounds - Maps and plans; Grounds - Landscapes; Grounds - Monuments.

The Moth Book

File includes Urquhart's copy of The Moth Book: A Popular Guide to a Knowledge of the Moths of North America by W. J. Holland (published 1934 by Doubleday, Doran & Company, Inc.). Includes 48 colour plates. 479 pages. Front end page is inscribed "Frederick Urquhart, 66 Willow Ave Toronto". Book is in poor condition - binding fabric on spine is tearing, discolouration on end papers, some loose pages.


File includes room restrictions, correspondences, a list of course abbreviations and an edition of Les Annales L'Empire Humaine.

Menus from South Africa

File includes menus from South Africa. Menus feature Japanese and Chinese cuisine. The Silver Lantern menu is a photocopy of the original. Also included in the file are two notes to Harley from friends. Some menus have had their prices altered by hand in blue ink.

Binder 3 - People on Patio

Binder contains 206 colour slides depicting people on the campus grounds. Some slides are labeled with the letters "P/P" followed by the last two digits of the year (with the month, occasionally) followed by a numerical sequence. It is assumed that "P/P" represents slides depicting people on the patio.

Academic Resource Centre; Architecture; Arts and Administration Building; Bladen Library; Bladen Wing; Humanities Wing; Library; Library architecture; Library buildings; Meeting Place; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Science Wing; Students; Students and libraries; Studying; University Buildings; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.; UTSC Library; Buildings- Exteriors; Buildings - Interiors; Grounds - Campus Views; Grounds - Landscapes; Students -General

[untitled white Scarborough College binder with post-it note addressed to Ricardo][1/2]

Binder contains 34 B&W photographs, 131 B&W negatives, and 4 colour negatives depicting students in lecture, biology experiments, the women's hockey team, fencing classes, Dr. Urquhart, Professor J. Riddick, Professor Clare Hopen, and students attending the Schnider Lecture Series, the UTSC campus exteriors and interiors, buses, the York County Reforestation area, a microscope, technical difficulty signs, television productions, the 1968 graduation class, the television studio, chemistry with David Harford, Rick Rigelhof, and Alan Walker, graphic artist Diane Gradowski, UTSC sculptures, SCTV TV Logo, students in the library, registration, Principal Plumptre giving a student address, cheerleaders, the rock group "Cast Iron", the Tony Gee Jazz Band, the cafeteria, and badminton. Some negatives and photographs have the handwritten labels "Dr. Urquhart and Students Zoology", "Biology Class", "Biology Students - Heart & Pulse Taking", "Biology Class", "Biology Lab Students", "Biology Class (Lab) Heart & Pulse", "Zoology in Lab", "Fencing Classes", "Schnider Lecture Series", "College Bus Drivers & Bus", "York County Reforestation Area", "Reforestation Area - Geography York County", "Zoology Microscope - Steve Jaunzems", "TV Trouble Slides", "'Yeats' - TV Production", "First Graduation Class", "Audio Visual Equipment", "Studio/Control Room", "David Harford & Rick Rigelhof: Graphix, Alan Walker, Chemistry", "Graphics & Photography. David Harford; Rick Rigelhof; Diane", "SRL ETROG Sculptures", "Graphics Dept.", "Sociology 100 TV Series - Credits & Titles (Prof. R. James)", "Sociology Title TV Slides", "Studio 1 Construction Master Control", "Studio One", "SCTV TV Logo", "Library & Students", "Furniture Displat at Scar. College", Zoology TV Lecture Series Titles", "Zoology (TV) Opening Shots (Penny Dampney)", "Student Registration", "Registration", "Student Registration in Meeting Place", "TV - Chemistry Taping - Ron Harris", "Principal Plumptre - Welcoming Speech", "Principal's Address - Student Activities", "Cheerleading Tryout", "Rock Group 'Cast Iron'", "Students", "Tony Gee Jazz Band", "Tony Gee Jazz Band in Meeting Place", "Cafeteria", "Dr. Urquhart Lectures", and "Badminton in Meeting Place".

Actors; Architecture; Athletics and recreation; Automobiles; Badminton; Band (Instrumental Group); Biology Program; Bladen Library; Buses; Cheerleading; Chemistry program; Computers and technology; Department of Biological Sciences; Educational television; Events - Performances; Faculty; Geography; Hockey; Laboratories; LEctures; Library; Meeting Place; Plumptre, A.F.W. (Arthur FitzWalter Wynne), 1907-1977; Principal; Registrar; Scarborough (Ont.), Scarborough College; Sculpture; Staff; Students; Students and libraries; Students and teachers; Students - Athlectics and recreation; Students - Drama; Students, Graduate; Studios; Studying;TelevisionStudio;TorontoTransitCommission;Transportation;UniversityBuildings; UniversityofToronto.ScarboroughCampus.;UTSCLibrary;Athletics;ScienceandTechnology; Women; Buildings - Exteriors; Buildings - Interiors; Events - Performances; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Grounds- Campus Views; Grounds - Landscapes; Portraits - Sports Teams; Students - General

[History of Scarborough]

File includes correspondence; data from Boyle's "History of the Township of Scarborough"; Suggested Sequence of Tour Points for Self-Conducted Tour of Scarborough, with attached map and information about sites; history of Frenchman's Bay, Pickering Township, Ontario County; timeline from "19th Century News" covering history of Scarborough from 1787 to 1896, with attached essays on same.


File includes four invitations: formal opening of Scarborough College (4 October 1966); reception for opening of exhibition of sculpture by Sorel Etrog (6 October, no year); retirement of A.F.W. Plumptre (25 April 1972); reception for graduating class (9 May 1972).

Renewal 1987

File includes a discussion paper on the nature and role of the University of Toronto during a period of regeneration.

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