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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections Patrick O'Neill fonds
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Hiltner Articles – 1968-1971

File consists of copies of articles written by Seward Hiltner between 1968 and 1971. Date unknown as to when Nouwen collected the articles; possibly while he was at the University of Notre Dame. File also contains a bound article with personalized handwritten note to Nouwen from Hiltner.

Hiltner - Papers, Manuscripts

File consists of copies of two short manuscripts by Seward Hiltner entitled, “Religious Anxiety and Values (Self Understanding By S. Hiltner)” (Abingdon Press, New York 1951), and “Clinical Pastoral Education: An Appraisal 1960”.

Hiltner - Curriculum Vitae

File consists of a copy of a curriculum vitae or biography of Seward Hiltner, in paragraph form, describing Hiltner's career and education.

Nouwen correspondence regarding Hiltner

File consists of correspondence between A.J. Van Den Blink, V.R. (full name unknown) (librarians/archivists at the Menninger Clinic), and Nouwen, regarding Nouwen’s interest in listening to audio tapes of Seward Hiltner housed in the archives. File also includes two copies of a bibliography of articles (one of which with the heading: "Articles to be Xeroxed on Inter-library loan for H.J.M. Nouwen Psych Dept."; a list of typed and handwritten notes of articles by Seward Hiltner, requested by Nouwen; an original typed letter to the National Council of Churches from Nouwen requesting pamphlets in which Nouwen writes "I am presently involved in research concerning Seward Hiltner, and am trying to collect as many of his writings as possible," and a letter of response; a copy of a typed letter from Hiltner to Mrs. Kay M. McKinney, Memorial Library, University of Notre Dame, granting permission to copy one of his articles for Nouwen; and interlibrary loan slips for material relating to Nouwen’s research on Seward Hiltner.

Administrative resources files

Series consists of administrative resources files which were maintained for Nouwen by Nouwen's administrative staffs from 1983 to 1997. These files contain materials collected by Nouwen in order to assist him with his roles as pastor, writer, researcher, and friend. In addition to subject-based material such as newspaper clippings and brochures, it is evident that Nouwen's administrative assistants at Daybreak used these files to hold administrative material related to liturgical events such as Christmas, Lent, and Easter, as well as other aspects of Nouwen's duties in the community. These files were likely maintained as a resource for Nouwen regarding his daily work.

The titles of the files are taken directly from the file labels created by Nouwen and his administrative assistants, unless otherwise noted. The files are arranged by subject or topic (such as Latin America, Vincent van Gogh, or Abbey of the Genesee), are in alphabetical order, and materials within the files have been maintained chronologically. Many of the materials have been placed in this series because they contain annotations, either by Nouwen or an assistant, saying "File" with the subject or name or "File - Resource files."

Accompaniment: individual requests for etc. file

File consists of a letter from Gregory Tucker requesting to spend time at Daybreak. File also includes a handwritten note, not in Nouwen's hand, summarizing the letter and saying that Nouwen is OK with the stay, if Tucker agrees to work with the Daybreak residents. File also consists of a letter from Joe Egan, Kathy Bruner and Sue Mosteller to Nouwen asking him to look over a document to be presented to Council on accompaniment. Attached are Nouwen’s typed notes and thoughts on accompaniment.

Advent 1988 - making the circle full file

File consists of a copy of "Making the circle full" the 1988 Advent booklet for Daybreak, without pictures. File also contains original sketches to be inserted into the designated locations in the booklet.

Advent book 1994 file

File consists of a copy of the 1994 Advent book and copies of typed letters from Nouwen and The Pastoral Team.

Advent/Christmas at Daybreak 1987 file

File consists of materials pertaining to Advent activities at Daybreak in 1987, such as a copy of a typed letter from Nouwen to Joe Egan, Beth Porter, and Jim Foran in regards to Advent meditations for 1987 at Daybreak, two copies of Nouwen’s typed proposal for the Advent meditations, an original and copy of a series of sketches with a typed notes containing a passage for the Reconciliation Service on December 15, 1987 at Dayspring. The file also contains a prayer booklet created for December 1, 1987 Dayspring service.

American spirituality reading notes

File consists of eight pages of typed reading notes titled "Over Spiritualiteit in Amrika" [On Spirituality in America]. The notes place spirituality in political, social economic, and religious context in the United States. These notes were possibly taken from a Dutch book on American spirituality, and could have been used for a class or for research for an article.

Archives file

File consists of materials pertaining to L'Arche Daybreak, materials include a newspaper article, an article from Equinox, a off print of a dictionary entry for Arche written by Nouwen and a L'Arche Daybreak folder with Friends of L'Arche Board of Directors information for 1991-1992.

Assistants file

File consists of a letter from Martha Robbins pertaining to being a teaching fellow for Nouwen during the spring of 1983.

Baptist peacemaker file

File consists of two brochures, Baptist Peacemaker International Spirituality #1 and Baptist Peacemaker International Spirituality #2. Within Baptist Peacemaker International Spirituality #2 there are annotations in Nouwen's hand.

Central America file

  • CA ON00389 F4-13-14100-1, 14100-2, 14100-3
  • File
  • [1982] - 1988
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of materials related to Central America, materials includes a variety of newsletters, Mesoamerica newsletters, newspaper articles, informational pamphlets, letters requesting support for causes and organizations, a preliminary report on “Education in the New Nicaragua” by Fr. Leonard Altilia for the Canada-Caribbean-Central America Policy Alternative and a copy of a manuscript pertaining to Honduras. File also contained several pages of handwritten notes in Nouwen's hand on Central America.

Photograph of view of city

Item consists of a slide (taken from a certain height) of a view of a city surrounded on one side by water.

Photograph of building

Item consists of a slide of a white building with an orange roof and clothes drying on a line; a house is visible in the background.

Photograph of unidentified boy

Item consists of a slide of an unidentified boy at an outdoor market, standing beside a pile of watermelons, holding a small one.

Photograph of view of coastline

Item consists of a slide (taken from a certain height) of the view of a coast line: trees, farmland, sea and an island. Shot 2.

Photograph of view of coastal town

Item consists of a slide (taken from a certain height) of the view of a coast line: trees, town, water, island and mountains in the distance. Shot 5.

Photograph of unidentified people

Item consists of a slide (taken from a distance) of unidentified people walking down a large sandy hill, with threes and the coast in the distance.

Photograph of unidentified man

Item consists of a slide of an unidentified man wearing a scarf on his head, visible on the other side of a white wall.

Photograph of narrow lane

Item consists of a slide of a narrow lane leading down a hill, lined with trees; two unidentified people are visible walking along it. Shot 2.

Photograph of mountains

Item consists of a slide (taken from below) of the sun shining on tree-covered mountains.

Photograph of two unidentified men

Item consists of a slide (taken from a distance) of one unidentified man standing on the shore, unloading cargo from two horses, and another unidentified man standing on a dock beside the cargo.

Photograph of unidentified man

Item consists of a slide of an unidentified man standing on a narrow path surrounded by bushes, trees and greenery.

Photograph of Henri Nouwen and Maria Nouwen

Item consists of one photograph of Henri Nouwen and his mother, Maria Nouwen. They are standing on the tarmac at an airport in front of a TWA airplane. They are smiling at the camera. Nouwen is turned to the side and is leaning towards his mother. He is also holding a bag under his left arm. He is wearing dark pants and a dark jacket, and a green shirt underneath.

Photographs of May 1967

File consists of 19 photographs of an unknown group of men. These photographs were likely taken while Nouwen was teaching a non-credit course to priests on Pastoral Care at Moreau Seminary, Notre Dame University (Notre Dame, IN). There are seven men visible in the photographs. They are at a large house in a rural area. Also depicted is a wooden walkway and some trees, and one of the men catching a ball.

Photograph of Henri Nouwen

Item consists of one photograph of Henri Nouwen leaning against the hood of a gold car parked outside of brown cabins. Nouwen is looking at the camera and wearing glasses, light coloured pants, a tan sweater and striped grey scarf.

Photographs from marriage festivities for Laurien Nouwen and Marc van Campen

File consists of 8 slides featuring Maria Nouwen, Laurien Nouwen, Marc van Campen and other unidentified people likely taken during the festivities surrounding the marriage of Laurien Nouwen and Marc van Campen in June 1966. Six of the slides feature people, including Maria Nouwen (P5100, P5101); Laurien Nouwen and Marc van Campen (P5096); unidentified men in suits and an unidentified women in semi-formal attire (P5097 - P5098). The two slides which do not feature people show houses, which may be the buildings where the couple were married and received by families and friends.

Page 4 of Album 3

File consists of page 4 of Album 3. There are eight photographs on the page [P6419, P6420, P6421, P6422, P6423, P6424, P6425, P6426]. Possibly taken between August 16-30, 1970 on a retreat in Vermont, Henri Nouwen is seen working and with friends, including Don McNeill, Bob Antonelli and Claude Pomerleau.

The annotations on the back of the photos read:

P6419: Bob Antonelli met de kinderen van Claude's [illegible]

P6420: [Illegible] van Claude

P6421: Claude, Don en de moeder van Claude [bijleren?] de H. [Mis?]

P6422: Don

Page 7 of Album 3

File consists of page 7 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6429]. Taken by Ron van den Bosch, the photo is a shot of Henri shaking hands with an unidentified boy along a canal in Utrecht.

Page 13 of Album 3

File consists of page 13 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6345]. Taken by Ron van den Bosch, the photo is a shot of Henri Nouwen waving to someone out of the frame along a canal in Utrecht.

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