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Motto, Crest and Colours Committee (SCC)

File includes correspondence of the Motto, Crest and Colours Committee of the SCC. File also includes documents that seem to have been produced by the Ceremonies and Ceremonial Committee (SCC). Also includes 6 colour photos of various crests and o...

Communications & Public Affairs

The subseries B.12 Communications & Public Affairs covers the years 1996 to 1992, 2002, and 2005. The department of Communications & Public Affairs, composed in part from prior departments such as Publications Office and the Community Rela...

Watt's Lecture Series (1966- 2005)

File contains correspondence, programs for Partners in Development by L.B. Pearson, Science & Society by G. Herzberg, Can Your Life Become a Work of Art? By R. Moriyama, Corporate Power Today: The Image and the Reality by D. Lewis, and Healthy...

Bulletin 1966-1969

File includes three issues of the Scarborough College Bulletin, which provides information on faculty, courses offered and other program requirements dating, 1966- 1967, 1967-1968, 1968-1969.


File includes correspondence regarding transportation to Scarborough College, encompassing both vehicular traffic (roads) and access by bus (TTC). Also includes bus schedules and a report by Principal A.F.W. Plumptre regarding a proposed public ro...

University of the West Indies

The subseries E.6 University of the West Indies covers the years 1967 to 1968. The materials relate to a possible academic liaison between the institutions that would allow for an overseas study program, which eventually fell through. The files in...

General Publicity 1967

File includes articles about Highland Creek, TTC, GO Transit. File includes some papers labeled "To be interfiled". File name taken from original file title.

Examinations - Misc.

File includes a list of "special students" attached to a list of examination numbers; and correspondence from the Assistant Dean on the problem of cheating in exams, dated 12 March 1970.

Principal A.F.W. Plumptre - Correspondence [2/3]

File includes correspondence of Principal A.F.W. Plumptre. Topics include ongoing discussion of UTSC library facilities, the Scarborough College Financial Campaign and a summary of the notable attributes of UTSC from October of 1967. See also:A.F....

Director of Educational Communication Systems

Subseries B.8 Director of Educational Communication Systems covers the years 1967 to 1971. The Director of Educational Communication Systems was in charge of the maintenance and programming of the television lectures used as an early teaching meth...


File contains two issues of Marooned - A Scarborough College magazine dating, February 1967, and Christmas 1967.

I-L [Faculty]

File includes clippings about faculty. Items are sorted alphabetically by last name. File name taken from original file title.

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