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Baird, George Philip (oral history)

Oral history interview with George Philip Baird, conducted by Valerie Schatzker. Commences with his decision to become a professional architect, and focusses on the Faculty of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, its curricula, faculty and administration. Also discusses his student years and position on the faculty, 1967-1987, architectural practice, research, and writing and other Schools of Architecture.

Baird, George Philip

Kay Armatage fonds

  • UTA 1016
  • Fonds
  • 1937-2011

This fonds documents various facets of Prof. Armatage’s career as a filmmaker, senior programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival, and a professor of Cinema Studies and Women’s Studies at the University of Toronto. The academic activity files in Series 1 give an overview of the breadth of her interests, achievements and promotions. Lecture notes and other course materials in Series 2, along with comments on student works found in Series 3, document her teaching role. These will be especially useful to researchers interested in understanding the early beginnings of both women studies and cinema studies and how these developing academic disciplines were being taught to students. Prof. Armatage’s role as a programmer for the Toronto International Film Festival is documented in her extensive notes found in notebooks where she recorded critiques of films she was screening. These are found in Series 4. The extent of her filmmaking is documented in Series 7 and contains preserved original film elements to several of Prof. Armatage’s films, along with a limited amount of related documentation on the making of these films. Unfortunately, this fonds does not contain release prints for these titles.

This fonds has only a small amount of records relating to her published academic works as well as files relating to conferences she organized and associations in which she was active. These can be found in Series 5 and Series 6.

Armatage, Kay

University of Toronto. University College Archives

This accession contains material collected by the University College Archives. Most of the records have been collected and donated over the course of the College's existence, and range from personal records of prominent faculty members (Barker Fairley, George Needler, John McCaul), and various University College departments and committees, to more ephemeral and biographical reference material generally relating to the College. The accession also contains a large amount of photographs and sounds and moving images, as well as artifacts from the College.

Conferences, Talks, Unpublished Papers

Records in this series include notes, drafts, correspondence and flyers related to conferences Professor Rayside attended and/or participated in, unpublished talks and workshops, and unpublished papers, as well as less formal writing. The conferences documented mostly pertain to equity issues faced by gay and lesbian populations. The talks and workshops relate to a variety of topics including political science, labour unions, gendered violence, philanthropy and diversity in the workplace and were delivered mostly at Canadian universities in the form of symposia, guest lectures and public lectures. The unpublished papers in this series relate mainly to equity issues in Canadian and American society. There is also one sound recording of Professor Rayside delivering the Kreeft Lecture on November 28, 2002.

Records in B2017-0024 included talks, panels, and conferences on subjects such as inclusion, religion in the public sphere and positive space. There is also a paper he gave at Spring Reunion in 2016 as well as a memorial for colleagues Stephen Clarkson and David Higgs.


This series extensively documents the publishing of books researched, written and/or edited by Prof. Rayside. For each of his published monographs, there exist manuscripts of the book at various stages of writing as well as manuscripts of related talks or papers. His ongoing relationship with publishers and grant providers is documented in correspondence, progress reports and grant applications. There is also extensive research documentation in the form of notes, transcripts of interviews and original recordings of interviewees.

University of Toronto. Department of Information Services

Tape-recorded interviews and transcripts of interviews conducted by Elizabeth Wilson, Director of Information Services, with persons active in the University of Toronto Faculty Association, the Governing Council, and the Update Campaign; also a tape-recording and transcript of Professor Kenneth Hare's lecture in the Sesquecentennial Series.

University of Toronto. Department of Information Services

Tape-recordings of an interview with Alan Hill, Assistant Director of Admissions conducted by Elizabeth Wilson, Director of Information Services 3 February 1978; the proceedings of the Council of the Faculty of Arts and Science, 6 March 1978 at which admission policy was subject of discussion; and the proceedings of the Academic Affairs Committee of Governing Council 6 March 1978 at which admission standards were discussed.

University of Toronto. Department of Public Affairs

Convocation files, including addresses, media releases and photographs (1975-1985); files relating to sesquicentennial celebrations, Bovey Commission, Art Walk 1984, establishment of the Women's Studies scholarship. Apart from department files, there are also miscellaneous items collected by the Department i.e., New Songs of the U. of T.; invitations, programs and dance cards (1911-1915); class of 1915 directory.

Artist on Fire

16mm film, original elements – 5 rolls
¼” sound reels – original recordings – 11 reels

University of Toronto Communications fonds

  • UTA 0252
  • Fonds
  • 1895-2005

This fonds contains 52 accessions for the University of Toronto Communications, and its predecessors. See accession-level descriptions for more details.

University of Toronto. Strategic Communications and Marketing


This series begins with two interviews that were not recorded by Mr. Grenville but were collected by him as a part of his research. The first, “Ten minutes with O. M. Solandt", was a CBC television production recorded on 13 December 1961 when he was vice-president of research and development for Canadian National Railways, and broadcast on 3 April 1962. The second, with interviewer Robert F. Legg, is undated but was recorded when Dr. Solandt was chancellor of the University of Toronto (1965-1971), is described as “his personal reactions…to the situation he finds himself involved both as a Director of a commercial corporation [Electric Reduction Company of Canada]..., also as Chancellor of the University of Toronto and also as Chairman of the National Science Council [sic, Science Council of Canada]…”

A central part of Mr. Grenville’s research on Dr. Solandt was the series of interviews (66 cassette tapes) that he conducted in 1985, 1986 and 1990, including nine with Dr. Solandt. The others were with people who had known him well and/or worked with him at various stages in his long professional life. Accompanying these interviews are two notebooks which contain dated entries on his research activities. There are notes on contacts and sources, brief biographical notes about the interviewees along with detailed notes on Mr. Grenville’s interviews with Dr. Solandt and shorter notes on other interviews. There are also tape summaries prepared by Jason Ridler for each of the interviews. The latter were compiled as a condition of Mr. Grenville’s loaning his material to Mr. Ridler for use in his doctoral thesis on Dr. Solandt. The summaries vary in the amount of detail but provide a very useful guide to the interviews. A cautionary note to researchers is that they contain numerous typos, mostly as a result of Mr. Ridler having a limited amount of time to make the summaries and not having a list of names to compare spellings against, many of whom he was unfamiliar with.

Of all the interviewees, Laurie Chute probably knew Dr. Solandt best, certainly the longest. He was a boyhood friend, fellow student (along with his wife, Helen Reid) and, during World War II, was with the Physiological Research Laboratory at Lulworth in Dorset, England, and, from 1943, commanded the No. 1 Canadian Medical Research Laboratory where he specialized in the medical hazards of tank warfare. He was dean of medicine at the University of Toronto (1966-1973) during much of the time Dr. Solandt was chancellor. Another fellow medical student was Reginald Haist who became a professor of physiology at the U of T. All three had interesting observations on Dr. Solandt’s formative years, including his relationship with Charlie Best. Barbara Griffin, the widow of his brother Donald, provided detailed information about the Solandt family generally and the relationship between the brothers in particular.

Charles Crawley; Anne Ellis Lewis whose husband ‘Tel’ had worked with Dr. Solandt, Wilhelm Feldberg, and Lancelot Fleming, were all Trinity Hall, Cambridge friends and interviewed for their recollections of him while at Trinity and in England generally. Maggie and Patrick Mollison reminisced about their work with him at the South West Blood Supply Depot at Sutton, Surrey. Donald Kaye, George Lindsey, Tony Sargeaunt, Ronnie Shephard, and Ted Treadwell all provided information on their work when Dr. Solandt was director of the Medical Research Council’s Physiological Laboratory at the Armoured Fighting Vehicle School at Lulworth (1941-1942) and subsequently with the Army Operational Research Group there and elsewhere (1942-1945).

Dr. Solandt’s years at the Defence Research Board (1947-1956) were thoroughly reviewed in the interviews with Alec Fordyce, Geoffrey Hatterley-Smith, George Lindsey, Archie Pennie, and Elliot Rodger, and Graham Rowley. His years with the Canadian National Railways (1956-1963) were covered by Herb Bailey, at deHavilland (1963-1966) by Philip Lapp, at the Electric Reduction Company of Canada (1963-1970) by Lloyd Lillico, and science policy generally and Dr. Solandt’s years as founding chair of the Science Council of Canada (1966-1972) by James Mullin. In November 1967 Dr. Solandt accompanied the National Science Foundation (USA) expedition to Antarctica and the South Pole. Raymond Aidie, a geologist from South Africa and an expert on Antarctica, was interviewed about this trip. One of Dr. Solandt’s passions was the Canadian wilderness. Dennis Coolican, president of the Canadian Bank Note Company, and Elliot Rodger were two of the ‘voyageurs’ who made numerous canoe trips with him; both were on the famous 1955 Churchill River trip.

Robertson Davies Papers

  • CA OTUTF MS Coll. 00050
  • Manuscript Collection
  • 1929 - 2008

Collection contains personal and professional papers pertaining to Robertson Davies. This includes material relating to Davies’ early life, including writing and acting as a student at Upper Canada College (1929-1932), his studies at Baillol College at Oxford (1935-1938), and participation in theatrical performances in Kingston, Oxford, the Old Vic Theatre, Peterborough and the Stratford Festival (1934-1960). The papers contain a small amount of material related to Davies’ career as a journalist at Saturday Night magazine and the Peterborough Examiner. These papers contain extensive material on the novels, books and writing of Davies. This includes drafts, proofs, correspondence, reviews, clippings and any stage adaptations of his novels from The Salterton Trilogy (Tempest-Tost, Leaven of Malice and A Mixture of Frailties), The Deptford Trilogy (Fifth Business, The Manticore and World of Wonders), The Cornish Trilogy (The Rebel Angels, What’s Bred in the Bone and The Lyre of Orpheus) and the incomplete Toronto Trilogy (Murther and Walking Spirits and The Cunning Man). Also included are a complete set of original drafts and woodcuts for the Penguin edition covers of Davies’ novels, which were designed by the American printmaker Bascove. Limited material related to his essays, short stories and non-fiction publications, notably including Shakespeare’s Boy Actors, A Voice from the Attic, High Spirits and his books of fictional essays by Samuel Marchbanks are a part of the papers. Additionally, the collection includes considerable records relating to Davies’ contributions to anthologies as well as professional writing in academic journals, newspapers and magazines. These papers encompass Davies’ career as a playwright, including material related to twenty-two original works including drafts, scripts, photographs, posters, playbills and clippings, as well as the complete papers relating to the production of The Golden Ass which was staged after Davies’ death. The collection contains a large sampling of correspondence of both a professional and personal nature spanning from 1934 to his death in 1995. Also included in the collection is material related to the professional career of Davies’ as a well-known Canadian writer, this includes photographs and press clippings as well as speeches and commentaries made by Davies and his awards. Records also pertain to academic and trade writing on Davies and his work, most notably a complete set of interviews conducted with family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances by Val Ross during the course of her writing Robertson Davies: A Portrait in Mosaic (2009). Papers also relate to the eighteen years Davies spent as the Master of Massey College beginning in 1963. Including articles on the founding of Massey College, the death of Vincent Massey, newsletters, teaching material and invitations and programmes for the annual Christmas Gaudy, printed on the Massey College Press. Also included is a small amount of personal records including travel records, calendars, real estate and list of personal effects. Finally, the collection contains a series dedicated to the collecting practices of Dr. Rick Davis, who collected and assembled these papers. This includes Davis’ invoices and notes for his Davies material, as well as correspondence including exchanges with Robertson Davies, Moira Whalon, Brenda Davies and Jennifer Surridge.

Davies, Robertson

Emmanuel College (Toronto, Ont.). Continuing Education fonds

  • CA ON00357 2144
  • Fonds
  • 2003-2016

Fonds consists primarily of records related to the continuing education programming offered by Emmanuel College. Included are workshop and course descriptions, calendars and agreements as well as program evaluations and planning documents. Fonds also includes the records of the Emmanuel College Continuing Education Committee which is responsible for the overall planning of the programming offered. Fonds contains the minutes of the meetings and reports from the Continuing Education Coordinator. The fonds contains three series.

Emmanuel College (Toronto, Ont.). Continuing Education

Udo Kasemets fonds

  • CA OTUFM 11
  • Fonds
  • 1947-2011

Fonds consists of sketches, drafts, and texts for Udo Kasemets’s compositions, including scores prior to 1960 that use conventional media, and those after 1960, which consists of multi-purpose scores, combination scores, and theatre pieces. The fonds also contains programs and press notices for performances by Udo Kasemets and of his works; correspondence with many American avant-garde musicians; and Kasemets’s projects and notes from his time teaching at the Ontario College of Art.

Kasemets, Udo

Sound recordings

Series consists of materials for: Cascando (1963-1965), Wordsong (1971-1973), Guitarmusic for John Cage (1972-1975), Wordmusic (1973-1974), Mikemusics (1973-1977), Silencesong (1974), Minutemusics (1977-1980), Thunderword (1978-1979), Nonologue (Onemanshow, 1980), and Sh! (Mikemusics, 1973-1977).

Cascando : tape 2 of 3

Item is a reel-to-reel tape, which includes Spitzer, Mills & Bates Limited; Sani-Flush "Hospital Clean"; and, 30-sec. French TV, according to its label.

Welcome back and showcase

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Event tracks :

  • Welcome from Professor Wendy Nielsen, Head of Voice
  • Nuits d'été. Île inconnue / Hector Berlioz (Dante Mullin Santone, baritone; David Eliakis, piano)
  • Lieder, op. 105. Immer leiser wird mein Schlummer / Johannes Brahms ; Soirées musicales. Invito / Gioacchino Rossini (Lissy Meyerowitz. mezzo-soprano; David Eliakis, piano)
  • Per pietà, bell'idol mio / Vincenzo Bellini (Rayna Cradlemire, soprano; David Eliakis, piano
  • Barbiere di Siviglia. Ecco ridente in cielo / Gioacchino Rossini (Arieh Sacke, tenor; Narmina Afandiyeva, piano)
  • Amiamo / Gaetano Donizetti (Annika Telenius, soprano; Jialiang Zhu, piano)
  • Betly. In questo semplice modesto asilo / Gaetano Donizetti (Emily Rocha, soprano; Joy Lee, piano)
  • Mélodies, op. 2. Charme / Ernest Chausson (Kristian Lo, bass-baritone; Suzy Smith, piano)
  • Gretchen im Zwinger / Franz Schubert (Claire Latosinsky, soprano; Suzy Smith, piano)
  • Rigoletto. Caro nome / Giuseppe Verdi (Kathryn Rose Johnston, soprano; Suzy Smith, piano).

Vocal and mental health information session

File consists of a recording of the event.
Discussions with :

  • Wendy Nielsen [not on program]
  • Shannon Coates – Vocal Health
  • Gordon MacLeod – Mental Health Strategies for Musicians
  • Jennifer Flood and Payal Bhole – SVPS Centre – Health Resources on Campus

Songs of requiem and light : In paradisum

File consists of a recording of the event, which took place in Walter Hall.
Performers : Students from the Third-Year Oratorio Class ; Mia Bach, instructor ; Dakota Scott-Digout, collaborative class pianist ; Katharine Petkovski, conductor/composer ; Katherine Moffatt, trumpet
Event details :

  • In Paradisum / Katharine Petkovski (3rd year Oratorio Class Chorus (SA))
  • Ode for the birthday of Queen Anne. Eternal source of light divine / George Frideric Handel (Annika Telenius, soprano ; Katherine Moffatt, trumpet)
  • Judas Maccabaeus. 'Tis liberty / George Frideric Handel (Nathania-Rose Chan, soprano)
  • Jahreszeiten. Aus Lapplands…..Licht und Leben / Franz Joseph Haydn (Daiye Chung, soprano)
  • Theodora. Angels, ever bright and fair / George Frideric Handel (Madaleine Battista, soprano)
  • Elias. Sei stille dem Herrn / Felix Mendelssohn (Olivia Guselle, mezzo-soprano)
  • Paulus. Lasst uns singen / Felix Mendelssohn (Anika-France Forget, soprano)
  • Béatitudes. Abjurez, la haine et l‘inimitié / César Franck (Yekaterina Sultanbekova, soprano)
  • Masses, H. XXII, 5, C major. Laudamus te / Franz Joseph Haydn (Claire Latosinsky, soprano)
  • Gloria, B-flat major. Qui tollis peccata mundi / George Frideric Handel (Rosemonde Desjardins, soprano)
  • Pie Jesu / Lili Boulanger (Amelia Depiero, soprano)
  • Requiem, op. 89, B-flat minor. Requiem aeternam / Antonín Dvorák (Elizabeth Legierski, soprano)
  • Ave Maris Stella / Felix Mendelssohn (Emily Rocha, soprano)
  • Litaniae Lauretanae BVM, K. 195. Sancta Maria / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Olivia Spahn-Vieira, soprano)
  • Cantata pastorale per la nascita di nostro Signore. Dal bel seno d’una stella / Alessandro Scarlatti (Sunny Sheffman, soprano)
  • Weihnachts-Oratorium. 1. Teil. Grosser Herr, o starker König / Johann Sebastian Bach (Kristian Lo, bass-baritone ; Katherine Moffatt, trumpet)

Then and now

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : University of Toronto Wind Ensemble ; Gillian MacKay, conductor ; with James Campbell, clarinet
Event tracks :

  • Vanished army / Kenneth Alford
  • Earth TBD / Curtis Wright
  • Shadows Ablaze / Kathryn Salfelder
  • Concertinos, clarinet, orchestra, op. 26, E-flat major / Carl Maria von Weber (James Campbell, clarinet)
  • Dreaming of the Masters. Benny's Bounce ; Stranger on the Prairie ; Rhythm Buddy / Allan Gilliland (James Campbell, clarinet)
  • Serenity / Ola Gjeilo, Arr. Gjeilo and Wilson
  • Timepiece / Cindy McTee.

Composers :

  • Alford, Kenneth J.
  • Wright, Curtis, 1989-
  • Salfelder, Kathryn
  • Weber, Carl Maria von, 1786-1826
  • Gilliland, Allan, 1965-
  • Gjeilo, Ola, 1978-
  • McTee, Cindy, 1953-

Graduate student conductors concert

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : members of the University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra ; Lorenzo Guggenheim, François Koh and Samuel Tam, conductors
Event tracks :

  • Symphonies, K. 550, G minor. Molto allegro ; Andante ; Menuetto ; Allegro assai / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Lorenzo Guggenheim, conductor)
  • Symphonies, H. I, 59, A major. Presto ; Andante o più tosto allegretto ; Minuet ; Allegro assai / Joseph Haydn (François Koh, conductor)
  • Symphonies, D. 485, B-flat major. Allegro ; Andante con moto ; Menuetto ; Allegro vivace / Franz Schubert (Samuel Tam, conductor).

Composers :

  • Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791
  • Haydn, Joseph, 1732-1809
  • Schubert, Franz, 1797-1828

A celebration of Faculty of Music composers

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : Women's Chamber Choir Dr. Lori-Anne Dolloff, conductor Eunseong Cho, collaborative pianist MacMillan Singers David Fallis, conductor Trevor Dearham, assistant conductor Lara Dodds-Eden, collaborative pianist
Event tracks :

  • If My Voice Departs / Shireen Abu-Khader (Ineza Mugisha, soloist)
  • How the Blossoms are Falling / Ramona Luengen
  • Birdsong / Paul Read (Sierra Ward-Bond and Alyssa Meyerwitz, soloists)
  • One Sister Have I in Our House / Larysa Kuzmenko
  • Psalm Trilogy / Srul Irving Glick (Claire Latosinsky, Olivia Spahn-Vieira, Roanna Kitchen, Heeyun Lee, Abigail Kirton, Abigail Sinclair and Shelley Mayer, soloists ; with Members of the University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra)
  • Ikan Kekek / Tracy Wong (Roanna Kitchen, soloist ; Breanne Dharmai and Emily Harris, hand drums)
  • Blanche comme la neige / arr. Ernest MacMillan (Dante Santone, Lutzen Riedstra, Derrell Woods, Christian Umipig, soloists)
  • I Sing / Matthew Emery (Trevor Dearham, conductor ; Aleh Remezau, oboe)
  • Psalm 1, from "Harp of David" / John Beckwith (Gabrielle Turgeon, Olivia Guselle, Emily Rocha, Jeremy Tingle, Kai Leung, soloists)
  • Come lovely and soothing death / James Rolfe
  • Encroachment / Tristan Zaba (Rachel Allen, Kristian Lo, soloists)
  • Night music / Derek Holman (Autumn Zhao, Mara Bowman, soloists ; with Members of the University of Toronto Symphony Orchestra).

Composers :

  • Abu-Khader, Shireen, 1972-
  • Luengen, Ramona Maria,1960-
  • Read, Paul, 1948-
  • Kuzmenko, Larysa
  • Glick, Srul Irving, 1934-2002
  • Wong, Tracy, 1983-
  • MacMillan, Ernest, Sir, 1893-1973
  • Emery, Matthew, 1991-
  • Beckwith, John
  • Rolfe, James, 1961-
  • Zaba, Tristan, 1995-
  • Holman, Derek, 1931-

Trains and/of/or thought

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : Wind Ensemble Gillian MacKay, conductor
Event tracks :

  • To the Introspective / Daniel Romberger
  • Room-music tit-bits. Arrival platform humlet / Percy Grainger
  • Solitary dancer / Warren Benson
  • Piece of mind. Thinking ; Remembering ; Feeling ; Being / Dana Wilson
  • Trains of Thought / Alex Shapiro (Brendan McLean, graduate conductor)
  • Ghost train / Eric Whitacre.

Composers :

  • Romberger, Daniel, 1991-
  • Grainger, Percy, 1882-1961
  • Benson, Warren, 1924-2005
  • Wilson, Dana
  • Shapiro, Alex, 1962-
  • Whitacre, Eric, 1970-

World music ensembles

File consists of a recording of the concert.
Performers : African Drumming and Dancing Ensemble ; Kwasi Dunyo, director

  • University of Toronto Steel Pan Ensemble ; Joe Cullen, director
  • Brazilian Music Ensemble ; Alan Hetherington, director
    Event tracks :
  • Kye Kye Kule
  • Kpanlogo
  • Gahu
  • Jump in the Line / Lord Kitchener (Aldwyn Roberts), Arr. J. Duerden
  • Swing Low, Sweet Chariot / Wallis Willis, Arr. J. Cullen
  • Ashley / Len "Boogsie" Sharpe, Arr. Liam Teague
  • Conscious Chutney / Ras Shorty I, Arr. Liam Teague
  • Pan in "A" Minor / Lord Kitchener, Arr. P. McNeilly, transcribed. J. Cullen
  • Afro-Intro / Alan Hetherington
  • Carinhoso / Pixinguinha, João de Barro
  • Para Ver as Meninas / Paulinho da Viola
  • Pelo Telefone / Ernesto dos Santos, Mauro de Almeida
  • Super Powers / Traditional, Alan Hetherington.

Composers :

  • Lord Kitchener
  • Duerden, Jennifer
  • Sharpe, Len
  • Teague, Liam
  • Lord Shorty, 1941-2000
  • Pixinguinha, 1897-1973
  • Barro, João de
  • Viola, Paulinho da
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