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Professional correspondence

This series contains several different groups of incoming and outgoing correspondence. Half of the correspondence has been filed alphabetically by letter. For example, correspondence relating to the Canadian Historical Association is filed under “C” , while correspondence documenting visiting Argentinean Political Scientist José Nun is filed under “N”. This alphabetical correspondence documents everything from his relationships with colleagues and students at the University of Toronto, to invitations to speak, to advice on research topics and innumerable other activities and interests. The correspondence dates mainly from the mid 1960s to the early 1980s.

A second run of correspondence is filed chronologically. Most of his early correspondence prior to 1960 can be found in two files dating from the 1940s. Some files were marked “Personal Correspondence” but this is mainly interpreted to be professional correspondence related directly to Prof. Nelson’s appointments, assessments of his own work, pursuit of research grants, remuneration, etc.. These chronological files do not only contain correspondence but often have attached documents related to the correspondence. For example, correspondence relating to curriculum may have an annotated report attached or correspondence regarding attendance at a conference may have notes or program attached.

Finally, there are a few files with specific subject headings. Most deal with administrative matters relating to his research such as correspondence with research institutions and with the Nuffield Foundation. Of note is one file containing correspondence written by Prof. Nelson in 1966 commenting on changes in curriculum in the department of history and returned to him with reflections on that period in 1989. For further documentation on curriculum changes in the Department of History, see Series 9.

Personal files

This small series contains Dr. Glass' curriculum vitae, entries for biographical dictionaries, press clippings and articles; appointment calendars for 1974 and 1976; files from his employment as a stress analysts at Canadair (1945) and in 1947 as an aeronautical engineer with the Canadian Car and Foundry; and a file containing an offer of a position at Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology (1971-1972).


This series contains routine professional correspondence arranged chronologically. Types of activities documented include: appointments, awards, attendance at conferences and symposiums, the publishing and reviews of papers in journals, memberships in professional organizations, requests for technical and research data regarding specific projects, visits to other research facilities and tours given of UTIAS. Scattered through all the chronological files are requests from various institutions and firms looking for Ph.D. graduates to fill an ever growing aerospace engineering industry as well as the ongoing search for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers for UTIAS. Filed at the end of this series are files relating to recommendations written for students.


This series contains daily personal diaries written while at Malvern Collegiate Institute (1922-1924) to his graduation from the University of Toronto Faculty of Applied Science in Engineering in 1929. Also includes incomplete diary for 1930 following his graduation. In his diaries he writes about everyday events as a student and his home life and social life. Also included are two engineer’s booklets signed “Geo. A. McCarthy, Moncton, N.B.” and dated 1893. G.A. McCarthy (McGill 1898; died Nov. 13, 1930) was father of D.F. McCarthy and head of the Sewer Section of the Works Dept. of the City of Toronto.

Biographical and personal

This series gives an overview of Coxeter’s career and honors. It includes several files with biographical information including articles, clippings, tributes and obituaries that discuss his life and contributions to mathematics. There are also copies of his C.V.s, entries in biographical dictionaries, and his own notes on his reviews and publications.

This series also includes correspondence, certificates, diplomas and medals documenting the numerous recognitions and awards he received throughout his lengthy career. For photographs regarding awards, see Series 9: Graphic records. Finally there a few files of personal and family memorabilia as well as an autobiographical notebook in which Coxeter wrote his early recollections of his childhood, his early studies and education as well as professional biographical milestones.

Elgin Rowland Hastings

This series is comprised almost wholly of material assembled by Elgin Hastings while a student in the then new five-year Bachelor of Medicine program at the University of Toronto between 1908 and 1913. The records consist primarily of a comprehensive collection of course notes, laboratory notes and drawings. Hastings kept detailed notes, dated his notebooks and many of the lectures and exercises, and often recorded the name of the professor or tutor teaching the course. He also preserved a list of all the courses for which he had registered at the beginning of each academic year and the professors who taught them. He did, however, take some additional courses that were not listed; one example is a course in psychiatry taught by Ernest Jones during the Easter term 1912. The course notes are arranged by academic year and alphabetically by name of course within each year.

The series also contains certificates relating to Hastings’ medical education and professional certification, a student handbook, memorabilia of his extra-curricular activities, photographs of some of his classmates, photographs including family members and the graduating Class of 1913 (Medicine), and a transcript of the evidence given in a court case in 1914 (two pages of Hastings’ evidence have been torn out).

Swim News

This series consists of 320 issues of Thierry’s monthly publication, Swim News. The series also contains a small amount of research in the form of print-outs, newspapers clippings and some correspondence used by Thierry and his team of writers to develop and publish articles for the magazine. The first part of the series is a nearly complete set of Swim News from 1974 to 2012.

Subject files

This series consists of subject files arranged alphabetically. The subject files mainly contain professional correspondence and generally reflect Professor Smith’s teaching, publishing and administrative activities. Topics include the C.D. Howe Institute, conferences, the Fraser Insitute, M.P. correspondence, student recommendations, SHRCC research grants and workshops.

Personal records and early career

Series consists of records documenting the early career of Prof. Simeon, including his PhD thesis from Yale (Federalism and Policy-Making; Federal-Provincial Negotiation in Canada, 1968) and correspondence related to the thesis; CVs and records relating to sabbatical, salary and other employment issues at Queen’s University and the University of Toronto (1969-1998); reviews of Simeon’s work and publicity on Prof. Simeon and his expertise (1980s); and records relating to his position as visiting William Lyon Mackenzie King Professor of Canadian Studies at Harvard University (1998 and 2004). The series also contains records relating to the festschrift in honour of Prof. Simeon, including workshop materials, correspondence, and chapter drafts (2011-2012).

Series also contains 2 photographic items: a contact sheet of portraits of Prof. Simeon [197-?] and a framed photo and sheet of signatures from Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, thanking him for his service relating to the Meech Lake Accord.

Electronic records in this series relate to Prof. Simeon’s festschrift, including thank you emails, speech notes, drafts and bibliographies. Series also includes 19 video files (.mov files) of Prof. Simeon’s media appearances, discussing the Meech Lake Accord and Canadian unity, on shows including The Journal with Peter Mansbridge (CBC, 1987), Midday (CBC, 1990), and 90 Minutes Live with Peter Gzowski (CBC 197-). Some files are shorter excerpts of longer interviews.

Chronological Correspondence Files

Outgoing correspondence documenting many of Yates' professional activities including research, teaching and administration. Does not contain any incoming correspondence and some pieces may be duplicate of copies in other series.

Personal activities

This series partially documents Thomas Morley’s professional curriculum, his friendship with Sir Geoffrey Jefferson and Dr. Robert Alexander Mustard. It includes personal correspondence and an obituary he wrote in memory of Mustard, correspondence regarding appointments and a transcript to an oral history done at McMaster University. It also partially documents his involvement in his community regarding the preservation of the Oak Ridges moraine.

Bibliography working files

Series consists of research notes, index cards, correspondence and draft manuscripts of Feeley's bibliography on Marshall McLuhan. Also includes a draft paper of an article by Feeley on Plato and McLuhan.


This series is divided into three sub-series: a) general correspondence, primarily incoming but with including some copies of responses, arranged chronologically and covering the years 1963-2004; b) carbon copies of “out” correspondence (1971-1988) with some additional documentation, arranged chronologically; and c) correspondence by author, arranged alphabetically. A few of the responses in the first sub-series are duplicated in the “out” correspondence. The first two sub-series are inter-related and the correspondence in all three sub-series ranges widely over Professor Guillet’s activities as a professor and his own experimental and development work. There are also a few letters on personal matters scattered throughout the first sub-series.

The correspondence arranged by author covers the years 1976 to 2002 and the seven correspondents – Bruce Balcom, Robert W. Billingsley, William Robert Bruce, Ramin Farnood, Joachim Klein, Michiel Kruijff, and Alastair North, range from colleagues and visiting professors to scientists involved with Professor Guillet’s research projects.

Correspondence and biographical

Consists of correspondence with colleagues, publishers, and his wife. Also includes a framed letter from Duncan Campbell Scott, 2 annotated books, educational diplomas and certificates, memoirs, scrapbooks, graduation robes, and various medals.

History and Spirit of Faith and Sharing

The series consists of documents about the history and development of the Faith and Sharing Federation. This includes documents related to first retreats and the incorporation of the Faith and Sharing Federation as a registered charity. There is also material on the history and development of the regional groups. This includes correspondence from the regional delegates about the organization of annual retreats and meetings, 1972-1976, lists of attendees and representatives and newsletters detailing the activities of the regions. There is also a collection of annual reports for the period 1995 to 2002. There is also material on the organizational structure of the Faith and Sharing Federation and the North American Committee including a practical guide to the retreats and personal reflections on the Faith and Sharing movement by members of the North American Committee.

Incoming correspondence

Series consists of Fred T. Flahiff's personal correspondence, deposited with the library due to its relevance to Flahiff's work on Sheila Watson. Includes 53 letters from Sheila Watson, 3 letters and 34 pages of poetry and 20 illustrations in ink and pastel (17 of which are photocopied) from Wilfred Watson. Also includes letters from others: one letter from B.J. Mitchell; one letter from a Mike (last name unknown), regarding an entry on Sheila Watson in the UBC yearbook "Totem" from 1931; one letter from Douglas M. Gibson, publisher at McClelland and Stewart.

Textual records

Various U of T publications and brochures, etc (see file list for more information). Correspondence among Vilhjalmur Stefansson, James Mavor and Ramsay Wright concerning the ethnological expedition to Eskimos of the Mackenzie Delta undertaken by Stefansson in 1906-1907 under the auspices of Harvard University and the University of Toronto.

General professional correspondence

This series includes both incoming and out-going correspondence primarily of a professional nature. It includes correspondence related to research, publishing and editorial activities, speaking and broadcast appearances as well as collaborative efforts with colleagues. The series, though not extensive, spans Fox's post-graduation professional career and complements Series 2 (Publishing and Manuscripts), Series 4 (Radio and Television Scripts) and Series 5 (Professional Activities). The series is particularly valuable in illustrating Fox's interaction with political or literary notables such as Lester B. Pearson, Keith Spicer, Keith Davey, Pierre Lortie and Farley Mowat. It also highlights his contacts and input at the higher levels of governmental decision-making especially with regard to issues and policies related to national unity and bi-culturalism.

Students' Administrative Council

From the time he arrived on campus as an undergraduate at University College in the fall of 1988, Charles Levi immersed himself in student poltics. In second year (1989-1990) he served as University College representative on the Students' Administrative Council (SAC). He was co-author of the Final Report of its Horizons Working Group on SAC History, and an active participant in the restructuring process of SAC Horizon. He was also a member of the Coalition for Reduced Parking. The next year he was the representative from Landscape Architecture on the Students' Administrative Council. He organized and collated the results of a survey of student attitudes to parking on campus and assisted in the preparation of a SAC parking policy. In fourth year he was the University College representative on SAC.

During his last year as an undergraduate (1991-1992) he was a full-time undergraduate representative on the Academic Board of the Governing Council. He lobbied for student representation on the University search and tenure committees and served on the Academic Appeals Tribunal. The records documenting his activities in these areas are not represented here.

This series contains minutes, memoranda, correspondence, drafts of reports and flyers documenting his involvement with the Students' Administrative Council.


This series contains the records of the Assembly, the academic governing body of the Royal Conservatory, maintained by the Chairman's office during Prof. Schabas tenure. Files are arranged alphabetically by title and include minutes of the Assembly and its committees, Board of examiners files, and correspondence files on the various branches of the RCM.


This series consists of correspondence between the MacKinnon and Wrong families. Transcripts of the majority of letters as well as copies of the original letters are available for researchers. The transcripts include short descriptive notes at the top indicating the correspondents and any features of note. These notes were written by George M. Wrong, and the transcripts were prepared later. The majority of the header information is correct, but in a few cases mistakes have been made. The listing here has attempted to rectify these mistakes.

A note on names. The family is quite fond of a handful of names, particularly Sophia. This makes identifying the correspondent or the subject in some of the letters difficult. In addition, both the correspondents (and later annotators and transcribers) have not always been consistent with spelling. This finding aid uses MacKinnon instead of McKinnon where it appears for clarity, as well as Sophia, though it often appears as Sophy or Sophie. Finally, The name Ann and Nancy appear to be interchangeable, and may also have been nicknames for Neil MacKinnon’s wife, Agnes.

There is a family tree in the case file which compiles all the genealogical information into one place, as well as notes from the donor and other family members. Researchers may find it valuable, but it should be noted that it may not be completely accurate in some cases (questionable linkages have been indicated).

Family and education

This series provides some documentary evidence regarding Prof. McNaught’s early education through letters to his parents while on a school trip to Scotland in 1935, and samples of undergraduate course papers in history for professors such as Saunders, Glazebrook, McInnes, Flenley and Underhill at the University of Toronto (1938-1941). Also included is a file containing copies of articles by his grandfather, W. K. McNaught, as a member of the Ontario Legislature (1909) and member of the Hydro-electric Power Commission of Ontario (1916).

A 1991 curriculum vitae prepared by Prof. McNaught will also be found in this series.

Professional activities

This series consists of predominantly incoming and outgoing correspondence with colleagues, associates, and others relating to his research, publishing and association activities. The majority of the correspondence begins with his appointment to the University of Toronto, Department of Zoology in 1962 and continues until his death in July, 1978. Among the correspondents are H. Albert Hochbaum (including copies of "Wilderness wildlife in Canada" (1969), representatives of various national and international governments regarding the study of wolves, private individuals including school children interested in the protection of wolves, organizations such as the World Wildlife Fund, the Canadian Arctic Resources Committee, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Nature Resources (Wolf Specialist Group) and others.


These boxes contain personal materials relating to my early years, my undergraduate years, various correspondence from and to family members and others, materials relating to the immediate family, files involving homes and other property that we owned, my income tax returns, other financial matters, and assorted other files.

There is relatively little material relating to my early years, including my high school years (files 3 and 4). I saved very little of that material. Similarly there is very little with respect to my University undergraduate years (files 5-16). There are no files relating to courses in Commerce and Finance (file 7). There are a few scattered things involving the university fraternity, the University College Literary and Athletic Society (UC “Lit”), U of T athletics, Hart House, and the Historical Club (files 6-13). A few postcards and letters and newspapers relate to the World University Service (WUS) trip to West Africa in the summer of 1955 and the many trips thumbing through the states while an undergraduate and law student (files 14 and 15). Material relating to my time at law school is contained in the “Law School” sub-series in Series 4.

I have included correspondence and other documents involving our children and the immediate family (files 17-27) and letters received from Judy’s and my folks while we were in Israel (files 28-30). Letters relating to our times in Cambridge are found in the boxes on Double Jeopardy and Law Reform (Series 5).

There are files relating to the purchase and sale of 169 Hillsdale, our first house, and the purchase and rentals while away of 77 Belsize Drive, our second house (files 31-38). There is also a file on the purchase and sale of property in Barrie, Ontario (file 39). I have not included at this time the material that I have on the purchase from Dean WPM Kennedy’s son, Frere, in 1983 of the Kennedy property in Kearney, Ontario, where our summer place is.

I have included a file relating to the estates of Ben and Sarah Garfield, Judy’s uncle and aunt, of which I was an executor (file 48). There are also other financial matters in the files, particularly my income tax returns for the years 1963-1992 (files 50 and 52-57).

Other miscellaneous files include records of the Public Lending Rights scheme (file 41), a Cambridge Boat Race Dinner speech that I gave in 1990 (file 42), some correspondence with Jewish groups (file 43), and various who’s who entries (file 40).

Introductory material

This series begins with and address by Professor Friedland on his writing of the history of the University of Toronto and his application for the position. Next are early notes, chronologies, chapter outlines and correspondence relating to getting the project under way. The series ends with more detailed outlines (arranged chronologically by the names of the University presidents) in which many of the issues raised are threshed out in memos with his research assistants: Kelly DeLuca, Charles Levi, Tim Meadowcroft, Michael McCulloch and Sam Robinson. These assistants, all law students with the exception of Levi (who was about to complete his doctorate in history) but with varying backgrounds in other fields (some had doctorates), worked with Professor Friedland over the summer of 1998. The law students returned to their studies in September but worked occasionally on special projects while Charles Levi stayed on as the principal researcher, to be joined in a year later by Patrick Okens whose specialty was athletics.

The files contain correspondence, notes, memoranda, lists, and an address.

Canadian Library Association

This series contains files of general correspondence and subject correspondence files documenting Prof. Land’s role as member of the Canadian Library Association and specific activities such as Co-ordinator of the Salary and Standards Committees, member of the Council (1962-1963) and the Librarian’s Committee (1961-1962). As Co-ordinator, Salary and Standards Committees Prof. Land led a study conducted of salaries for librarians between 1959 and 1961. Later correspondence documents the relationship between the CLA and the Institute of Professional Librarians when Land was president (1962-1963).

University of Toronto. Department of Computer Science

In 1984 Professor Gotlieb took over from Martin Molle the responsibility for organizing the numerous colloquia and seminars held each year in the Department. Drawing on his extensive network of contacts, Professor Gotlieb was able to bring in speakers from around the world.

This series consists of notes, correspondence with speakers, and notices of the events. The material is grouped by speaker and the arrangement is chronological. E-mail for 1986-1990 is found in box 004, files 01-04.

Legal documents

The series includes the original letters patent of the Corporation of Seven Wardens and copies of the by-laws of the Corporation. Also included are numerous letters, clippings and addenda concerning the copyrighting of the Ritual and the “Hymn of Breaking Strain” in Canada, the United States and abroad. The files have been arranged chronologically within the series.

Personal and family

This series begins with biographical information about Professor Sim, including copies of his curriculum vitae, ‘Biographical notes’ that he wrote in 1995-1996 that describes his life up to his appointment at the University of British Columbia, and three CDs of interviews with him about his experiences during World War II. There are also files of certificates and memora-bilia (some belonging to his wife, Lillian), greeting cards, and a notebook on vocabulary and Chinese words from the 1940s. The series ends with files of correspondence with his wife, Lillian, and nephews, nieces, and cousins in Singapore and Hong Kong, and a few friends.


This series gives a good overview of Prof. Prentice’s career. It includes biographies, C.V.s, correspondence on appointments, newspaper clippings, honours received and photographs.


Prof. Heichelheim maintained a regular correspondence with friends, family and colleagues both in Canada and around the world up to the year of his death. His brother’s name was Arthur Heichelheim and he lived in London England. This series dominates this fonds and includes correspondence with classical scholars at Cambridge and Oxford and at the University of Giessen (Prof. Heichelheim’s former employer), as well as at the University of Toronto. Such scholars include many of his co-authors such as E.N. Adler, Prof. F. L. Griffith, J. G. Tait, T. Frank, H. Michel, Prof. Elemer Balogh and Prof. Cedric Yeo. Correspondence is in English or German, depending on the nationality of the correspondent.

During World War II he continued to maintain ongoing correspondence with his brother and other family members, along with other scholars left in Europe and frequently describe living conditions, lost friends, the death camps and establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine. Correspondence with family and friends is often in German.

Personal and biographical

Series consists of records relating to Dr. Rakoff’s personal life and career. Records include CVs, degrees and certificates, diaries from trips to Israel and Russia, records pertaining to his honorary degree from U of T including a DVD of his address, and various memorabilia. 2 files pertain to the education and early adulthood of two of his children (David and Ruth, both authors). Series also includes a copy of “A psychiatrist’s odyssey,” an article on Dr. Rakoff by Robert Fulford, published in Saturday Night in February 1984.

Personal records

This series consists of biographical information about James Till, primarily in the form of press clippings, biographical sketches he penned, university diplomas for BA (1952) and MA (1954) from University of Saskatchewan, curriculum vitae, and two full length articles about him and his work. Records documenting honours and awards include the original certificates, correspondence, and photographs documenting recognition in his field of expertise, honorary degrees from University of Lethbridge, the University of Saskatchewan, as well as the University of Toronto (see also Series 3) as well as civic honours such as the Order of Canada and the Order of Ontario. Also included are files relating to the induction into the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame (2004), including a video, and the Albert Lasker Basic Medical Research Award (2005) both received jointly with Dr. Ernest McCulloch. Manuscripts of some speeches may be found in some files, as well as Series 8.

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