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Photographs and Microforms

The series F. Photographs and Microforms covers the years 1965 to 1995 and 1999 to 2005. The collection, which mostly depicts the university and campus events and individuals, is a compilation of photographic materials that were taken by staff and students at UTSC for a variety of purposes. There are two subseries in series F

External Sources of Information

The series E. External Sources of Information covers the years 1956 and 1960 to 2007. The series contains items that are relevant to UTSC’s history and operations but were not created at the university or by university bodies. The materials have been placed in subseries based on their institution of origin or a perceived similarity in use. There are nine subseries in series E.


Series D, Services, covers the years 1949 and 1952 through 2009. The university provides many services for faculty, staff, and students. The series is has been arranged base on the department providing services (i.e. the library); some smaller service providers are grouped together based on a common target audience (i.e. faculty and staff organizations). The series is divided into ten subseries.

Academic Departments

Series C, Academic Departments, covers the years 1964 through 1991 and 2005. The academic departments at UTSC have changed drastically over the course of the university’s history. This series utilizes the current (as of 2013) academic structure, with the addition of three early programs (General Program, Extension, and Physical Education), to provide a framework based on academic subjects for arranging departmental material. Divisions and departments that are now defunct or which have been amalgamated into conglomerate departments are represented under the new department heading; however, a comprehensive list of all programs, current or defunct, for which material exists in the collection has been provided in the file list to aid in discovery. This list has been replicated in the scope and content note for each subseries below. The series includes course descriptions, course evaluations, course guides, handbooks, reports, and other materials. The series is divided into eighteen subseries based on the current academic structure of the university.

Photographic Prints

Series C: Photographic Prints contains all of photograph prints that were housed in paper folders and filing cabinets in the office of Ken Jones. The folders were arranged by subject. For the most part, folders are labelled by subject but the folders and some photographs were out of order when the records were transferred to UTSC Library. In some cases, folders contain photos that do not reflect the subject of the original folder label.

Negative and Contact sheets

Series B: Negatives and Contact Sheets contains all of the negatives and contact sheets that were housed in binders in the office of Ken Jones. The binders were arranged by year and usually labelled with the year and the sequential number of each negative sheet and corresponding contact sheet, i.e. Binder 1968 (now file 2012-001B-2:2) contains negatives 181-225.

Legacy databases called “David’s database” and “Photomatica” document the subjects associated with each contact sheet. Contact the archivist to access an emulation of these databases and search through them. All subject keywords recorded on the photographs are also transcribed in each file’s “Media/Content Notes” field.

Covers of the original binders have been photocopied and stored in a file with the corresponding photographs.

Executive and Administrative Bodies

The series B. Executive and Administrative Bodies covers the years 1963 to 2006. The executive and administrative bodies of the university are responsible for governing, decision- making, and action implementation for a wide variety of university activities and endeavors, incorporating both academic and administrative functions. The series is divided into thirteen subseries based on the executive and administrative structure of the university:
Vice-Principal, Research
Dean and Vice-Principle, Academic
Assistant/Associate Dean
Director of Physical Education
Director of Education Communication Systems
Scarborough College Council
Office of Advancement / Development Office
Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment
Communications & Public Affairs
Committees with Unknown Office of Origin

University of Toronto Governing Council

Series A, University of Toronto Governing Council, covers the years 1963 through 2002. The Governing Council is the highest governing body of the University of Toronto. In 1963, the Governing Council drafted A Provisional Plan for Two Off-Campus Colleges in the University of Toronto, which established Scarborough College (later UTSC) and also Erindale College (later the University of Toronto Mississauga, or UTM). The series includes correspondence and address lists for various council members, by-laws for the council, and council minutes from 1973 to 2002. Also included are documents relating to the opening of the College in 1964 for extension courses and the formal opening in 1966. Materials regarding the design and construction of the College, including architectural drawings, are included as well, since the Governing Council oversaw the construction of the initial buildings.


Series A: Slides contains all of the slides that were housed in binders in the office of Ken Jones. Binders were arranged by subject and, with the exception of a few, labelled numerically from 1-28.

*Note that some slides contain an abbreviated subject label; see below for the “subject key”.

Slides Subject Key
ADM = Administration
AST = Astronomy
BIO = Biology
CH = Chemistry
CON = Construction
COUN = Counselling
CUL = Cultural/Clubs, etc.
DRA = Drama
EXT = Exterior Architecture
FA = Fine Art
FR = Front Entrance
FT = Field Trips
G = Gallery
GEO = Geology and Earth Sciences
GRAD = Graduation (convocation)
HUM = Humanities
INT = Interior Architecture
LI = Library
Lit = Literary
MUS = Music
OR = Orientation
PHY = Physics
PR or MLH = Miller Lash House/Principal’s Resident
REC = Rec Centre
RES = Resident
S/EXT = Students outside
SC = Summer Camp
V = Valley
VILL = Village Centre

Covers of the original binders have been photocopied and stored in a file with the corresponding photographs.

[Forms, Emails, Memos]

File contains a total of 4 folders including forms, emails and memos of the University of Toronto Scarborough; Folder 1 contains a memo from Teaching and Learning Services to all administrative assistants and main PIs using Photography and Graphics Services notifying them that there is a revised pricing structure for Graphics and Photography commencing from December 1st 2001. The memo includes general information about the revised pricing structure as of December 1st, 2001; Folder 2 includes an email from support Fetch Softworks to Diane Gradowski about purchasing a license with Fetch Softworks and an order summary; Folder 2 also includes an email about the purchase of Adobe Licenses from "Jonesk"-there are two copies of this email in the folder; Folder 2 also includes another email from Diane Gradowski about a new design for certificates; Folder 2 also includes a certificate awarding "Carol Ka Po Ng" for successfully completing all graduation requirements for the Co-op Program in Management-2007"; Folder 3 includes a memo of the U of T Scarborough-Visual Identity Overview &Guidelines; Folder 3 also includes emails about new stationary samples that will be produced in the online ordering system; Folder 3 also includes a "NR-Non-Retail Design Approval Form" as well as guidelines for using University of Toronto Trademarks on Promotional Products; Folder 4 contains 15 copies of the "Academic Services Personnel Attendance Report" sheet;

Adobe Services; Academic Services; Alumni; Alumni and Alumnae; Alumni Association; Awards and Certificates; Co-op Management Program; E-mails; Faculty; Faculty and Staff; Faculty and Staff General; Fetch Softworks; Forms; Memos; Photography and Graphics Services; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Staff; Teaching and Learning Services; University of Toronto at Scarborough Campus;

[Misc. 13/ 3]

File contains a total of 54 B&W and Colour photographs depicting lectures, faculty, graduating classes, scenic views etc. of the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus; loose photographs and contained in envelops; 1 photograph copy collected together; velcro stickers and writing on the back of photographs; verso captions include: "R. Bryan Chair- Soc. Sciences"; "Richard Sandbrook"; "Frances Burton"; "Terry Litovitz Mgt & Eco 1992 S.C. teachers award"; "Paul Thompson"; "Prof. Aysan Se'ver 1993 Sociology"; "Larry Sawchuck"; "Ralph Campbell, former principal of Scarborough College on a visit 1991"; "faculty Brian Greenwood Environmental Sciences 1993"; "Janice Boddy Research 1994"; "Krashivski"; "Ted Relph"; "Bob James"; "U of T Day"; "Early 70's"; "Late 60's"; "Celebration of Stars: "Principal's Installation G.R. Williams Oct. 30/84"; "Lynette Qawatt, Alumni Admission Scholarship winner with Acting Principal S.J. Colman 1981"; "M. Bunce"; "Prof. R.S. Blair Political Science"; "John Coleman"; "Science Wing"; "Business Admin. co-op students with co-ordinator Bev Abramson 1992"; "Leslie Chan"; "Price 98".

Aerial photographs; Alumni; Alumni and alumnae; Architectural models and drawings; Architecture; Architecture and recreation; Award ceremonies; Banquets; Campbell, D.R. (Ralph); Ceremonies and Celebrations; Computers and technology; Concrete construction; Conferences and symposia; Construction; Contemporary architecture; Convocation; Correspondance; Department of Management; Department of Social Sciences; Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences; Faculty; Humanities Wing; Lectures; Meeting Place; President; Principal; Professors; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Science Wing; Staff; Students; Students and teachers; Students--Art; Students-- Athletics and recreation; Students--Scholarships, fellowships, etc.; Thompson, R. Paul, 1947-; University Buildings; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.; Architectural Plans; Athletics; Science and technology; University Governance; Women; All Buildings; Buildings - Exteriors; Buildings - Details; Buildings - Interiors; All Events; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - Ceremonies; Events - Convocations; Events - General; Events - Meetings; Faculty and Staff; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Faculty and Staff - Research; Grounds - Campus Views; Grounds - Landscapes; Grounds - Maps and Plans; All Portraits; Portraits - Faculty and Staff; All Students; Students - General; Students - Activities; Students - Drama and Music.

[Misc. 2 / 3]

File contains a total of 13 B&W photographs depicting the barn fire, horse-riding, stables and various scenic views of the campus; stickers and velcro stickers on the back; multiple copies collected together; verso captions include: "Barn Fire September 28, 1993".

Aerial photographs; Architecture; Athletics and recreation; Building damage; Concrete construction; Construction; Contemporary architecture; Equestrian; Fire; Highland Creek Valley (Ont.); Health; Humanities Wing; Riding; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Science Wing; Stables; Staff; Students; University Buildings; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.; Students--Athletics and recreation; Athletics; Women; All Buildings; Buildings - Exterior; Buildings - Demolition; Buildings - Details; Buildings - Interiors; Faculty and Staff; Grounds - Campus Views; Grounds - Landscapes; All Students; Students - General; Students - Activities.

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