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Henri Nouwen fonds File
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File consists of business correspondence from Sister Ágnes Fülöp of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny concerning the Hungarian edition of Heart Speaks to Heart published by Korda.


File consists of business correspondence from Timothy Jones, Managing Editor of Moorings, a division of The Ballantine Publishing Group at Random House Inc. informing Nouwen about the mission of the publishing house and inviting him to submit any proposals or ideas for future publications.

Morehouse Publishing

File consists of business correspondence from Deborah Grahame-Smith, Senior Editor. The first letter is from May 26, 1995, regarding a reprint of the book True Prayer by Kenneth Leech. Nouwen wrote an endorsement for the Harper edition, and Morehouse is asking permission to reprint it with the book. The second letter, from March 31, 1992, is concerning an endorsement for a forthcoming publication entitled The Saints Among Us by George Gallup.


File consists of business correspondence concerning The Return of the Prodigal Son, Our Greatest Gift, Life of the Beloved, With Burning Hearts, Here and Now, and Life Signs, and the possibility of Novalis translating these books into French; business documents including a published booklet: Au nom de Jesus; two copies of a draft and final copy titled "Passion Sunday;" and Nouwen's endorsement of the book To Love Again: Finding Comfort and Meaning in Times of Grief.

Our Sunday Visitor

File consists of a letter from the Our Sunday Visitor editorial staff concerning the publication of Nouwen's article on his ministry in an issue of their magazine.

Paulist Press

File consists of business correspondence concerning a book about Francis de Sales, Jane de Chantal: Letters of Spiritual Direction, for which Nouwen was to write the introduction (the draft manuscript of the book was culled from the file), the video From the House of Fear to the House of Love and mention of a Lenten book; business documents including a copy of the contract-letter for From the House of Fear to the House of Love, drafts of Nouwen's reviews, introductions of Jean Vanier's books, and the book volunteer and royalty statements.

Poleridge Press

File consists of a Poleridge Press catalog, two issues of the magazine "The Fourth R," and an order form.

Radix Magazine

File consists of business correspondence concerning a request to print Nouwen's article Intimacy, Fecundity and Ecstasy in Radix magazine. Includes a copy of the November/December 1983 issue of the magazine.

Resurrection Press Ltd

File consists of business correspondence from Resurrection Press asking Nouwen to consider publishing work with them. Includes a copy of their Fall/Winter catalogue and two press articles about Resurrection Press and editor Emilie Cerar. Letter from 1995 asks Nouwen to write a blurb for a book of Lenten Reflections, titled Season of New Beginnings, by Mitch Finley

Sal Terrae

File consists of business correspondence with St. Editorial Sal Terrae, a Jesuit publisher in Spain, concerning Compassion; and 1987, 1990 and 1994 publisher catalogues. File includes a letter from Gregorio de Pablos S.J., Editor of St. Editorial Sal Terrae, from June 29, 1995, regarding permission to translate With Burning Hearts, and possibly other books by Nouwen, into Spanish.

St. Anthony Messenger Press

File consists of business correspondence concerning Jesus & Mary, A Cry for Mercy, and the Lenten book; business documents including a draft text proof and cover proof for Jesus & Mary and a letter terminating St. Anthony Messenger Press's contract with Doubleday to republish A Cry for Mercy in paperback.

Vuur - Publishers, Holland

File consists of business correspondence with Vuur publishers (Hilversum, Holland) from 1987 to 1989. This includes a royalty statement for 1988, and two copies of letters from Nouwen. In letter from 1989, Nouwen asks them to ask for his permission before reprinting his articles.

United Church Press

File consists of business correspondence requesting to reprint the Scarritt-Bennett Center lecture first published in Alive Now! magazine.

Walker and Company

File consists of business correspondence concerning With Open Hands as well as a 1985 Walker and Company catalogue which features the large print copy of With Open Hands.

Publishers: Miscellaneous

File consists of business correspondence, arranged alphabetically from publishers not assigned individual files.
A.R.T. - regarding printing Heart Speaks to Heart in Dutch
Abbey Press - regarding Alive Now including copies of parts of Nouwen's talks (presented at the Scarritt-Bennett Center in 1991) titled "The Spiritual Life" and "Living Under God's Blessing"
Auf Atmen - letter from January 11, 1996, requesting permission to reprint the article "Moving from solitude to community to ministry." German magazine.
Berry Publishing Services, Inc. - letter from May 8, 1995, from Carol Schuck Scheiber, Managing Editor, Vision, requesting permission from Christian Classics to reprint a section of Clowning in Rome in the 1996 edition of Vision magazine.
Christianity Today - letter from Laurie Dieffenbach, Editorial Assistant, on behalf of Christianity Today, from November 17, 1995, forwarding Nouwen an address of a man that wished to contact him
Citadel - a brochure
Cowley Publications - regarding the foreword Nouwen wrote to the book Is God Deaf?
Creative Communications - regarding a book ordered for Nouwen
Eagle Publisher - regarding A Seven Day Retreat with Thomas Merton (removed to file 101-800a)
Fides - photocopies of a catalogue featuring advertisements for Nouwen's books in French, and books published by Bellarmin
Focus: Ireland - letter to Kathy Christie from Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy, President, Focus: Ireland (motto: "Creating responses to homelessness in Ireland"), thanking Christie's help in securing Nouwen's permission to use his writings in the upcoming Focus publication
Franz-Sales-Verlag - regarding Nouwen writing a book about Francis de Sales
Gleneida Publishing Group Inc. - correspondence with Patricia Kossman concerning Clowning in Rome
Goeringer, Howard - regarding using a prayer from A Cry for Mercy in the next issue of the Jesus Journal
Granada Television - regarding permission sought to quote from Seeds of Hope: A Henri Nouwen Reader in the religious program Meditations
Japanophile - letter from Vada L. Davis, Business Manager, Japanophile magazine (Okemos, MI), from February 23, 1995, enclosing a copy of the Fall 1994 issue of Japanophile on behalf of Olga K. Mendell of Buffalo, NY. Includes subscription information and advertisements for the publication
JEBA Literature Service - regarding permission to translate The Way of the Heart and or In the Name of Jesus into Tamil
Julie Brown - regarding printing the booklet The Peace That is Not of This World
Koechel Peterson & Associates - correspondence in 1996 regarding reprinting an excerpt from Letter of Consolation in a book by Hugh Hewitt, "Searching for God in America" (Dallas: Word Publishing, 1996, pp. 443-446)
Ligouri Publications - regarding asking Nouwen to say a few words about the book Yielding
Massachusetts Bible Society - an order form for "Seven Mountains"
Mision Abierta - letter from Bonifacio Fernandez Garcia, Director, Mision Abierta magazine, from October 25, 1995, requesting permission and information from Nouwen to reprint an excerpt from the Spanish edition of Here and Now [Aqui y Ahora. Viviendo en el Espiritu. Madrid: San Pablo Edition] in the Mision Abierta magazine in January 1996.
Rosebank Bible College - a thank you note for letting them reprint the article "Adam's Peace" in their College periodical R.B.C. Link
St. Paul Books & Media - letter from Sr. M. Lorraine, FSP, Assistant Editor, from December 1, 1994, facsimile requesting that Nouwen write an endorsement for a book "God and your Personality" by Dr. Dan Montgomery. Includes a summary of the book and a resume for Montgomery.
Signs of the Time - regarding permission granted to reprint his article about Adam in their magazine
Simon & Schuster - regarding Nouwen's comments on Wayne Muller's book
Sophia Institute Press - advertising brochure and request to write preface for a book by Romano Guardini, entitled Meditations before Mass. Included is a copy of the original English publication of the book [this was added to the file on May 21, 2010, as it was misfiled in Collected Materials series]. Nouwen did write the foreword to the book.
St. Thomas Aquinas - advertising brochures
Spiritual Life - regarding a request for Nouwen to write an article for the magazine
SPCK - regarding an endorsement for SPCK Book of Christian Prayer
The Christian Reader - regarding reprinting Nouwen's article on Adam
The Other Side - regarding a request to use Nouwen's writings
The Word Among Us - regarding a request for Nouwen to write and article
The Thomas More Association - regarding Nouwen's cassettes
The Thomas More Book Club - regarding the sale of Nouwen's book "Who will mourn, who will dance" using the Thomas More Book Club (TMBC newsletter) in March 1995.
Thomas More Book Shop -regarding Nouwen's book dealing with the mentally handicapped
Traditional Acupuncture Foundation - request to publish the lecture The Peace That is Not of This World
Triangle Books - letter from Naomi Starkey, Commissioning Editor, from December 6, 1995, asking Nouwen to write a foreword for a book "The Priesthood of the Poor"
Triumph Books (Liguorian Publications) - regarding endorsements for books
Viking Penguin - regarding Nouwen's quote on Chris de Vinck's book
Vision Magazine - regarding a check for an article
Walker and Company - letter from Theresa M. D'Orsogna, Large Print Books, from December 6, 1994, asking Nouwen if he would read a reprint edition of, "The Life of the Soul" by Samuel Miller and give a comment for the back cover
Westminster John Knox Press - regarding a foreword for Soul Feast by Marjorie Thompson and an endorsement for Know My Name: A Gay Liberation Theology
World Vision Magazine - regarding Nouwen's address The Peace That is Not of This World
Xavier Society of the Blind - regarding the braille, large print and tape editions of In the Name of Jesus and Beyond the Mirror
which they produced.
Yes International Publishers - request for an endorsement of Christin Lore Weber's book Circle of Mysteries
Zajkes, Peter - request to translate A Peace that is not of this World and Circles of Love into Hungarian language
Zondervan Publishing House - endorsement for Martha Stout's Without Child: The Sorrow of Infertility
Zvon Ceske Katolicke - regarding the translation of Nouwen's Jesus: Sinn meines Lebens, Briefe an Mark into the Czech language.

Miscellaneous material 1993

File consists of business correspondence that was likely collected in the summer of 1993 as Nouwen travelled. This includes a letter from Nouwen to the L'Arche Daybreak Council regarding an upcoming meeting and his future plans and the mandate for the pastor of Daybreak, Harper San Francisco correspondence regarding the contract for Our Greatest Gift, correspondence and facsimiles from Kathy Christie and Lydia Banducci in the Daybreak office regarding publishing [Lydia Banducci was Nouwen's administrative assistant and briefly his financial assistant], correspondence regarding cover designs and books (Our Greatest Gift, The Return of the Prodigal Son, Life of the Beloved), a copy of "Anger's Burden" by Nouwen, "Touching Stone: A Profile of the Sculptor Steve Jenkinson," contracts for In the Hour of Our Death, administrative correspondence regarding Nouwen's office at L'Arche Daybreak, and handwritten notes by Nouwen for his material.

Auto insurance

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's car insurance with American Mutual Insurance Companies. Includes documents related to the theft of Nouwen's car in October 1984.

Travel records expenses

File consists of four invoices from Omni Travel Service for plane tickets for Nouwen to Syracuse, Minneapolis and Washington.

Frequent flyer - Eastern Airlines

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's frequent flyer account with Eastern Airlines. Includes statements, correspondence, information pamphlets, and plane tickets.

Frequent flyer - US Air

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's frequent flyer account with US Air. Includes statements, correspondence, information pamphlets, and plane tickets.

Funds received - Royalties (2)

File consists of material regarding funds received by Nouwen from royalties. Includes royalty statements from Verlag Herder, Ave Maria Press, Crossroad/Ungar/Continuum, Doubleday, Bantam Doubleday, Harper and Row, HarperCollins, Uitgeverij Ambo BV, Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers, Paulist Press, National Catholic Reporter, Orbis Books, and Darton, Longman and Todd.

Alliance Office Supply account

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's Alliance Office Furniture and Supplies account. Includes correspondence, credit application, and a copy of one invoice.

Bills to pay and record

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's bills to be paid and recorded. Includes invoices from various vendors such as FedEx, UPS, Purolator, and an income tax installment payment summary.

Expenses - purchase services

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's purchase services expenses incurred predominantly in 1995 and 1996. Purchase services include secretaries, editors, typists, and homemaking. Includes invoices and timesheets arranged by month.

Foreign accounts

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's foreign banks. Includes exchange rates for foreign currency, account information such as account numbers, locations and amount of money in the accounts, and a letter from Nouwen regarding paying taxes on foreign monies.

Foreign accounts - Credit Lyonnais

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's account with Credit Lyonnais in France. Includes statements, cheque books from 1990, and correspondence.

Foreign accounts - Volksbank

File consists of material regarding Nouwen's account with Volksbank in Freiburg, Germany. Includes forms, statements, and correspondence. Also includes statements from publisher Verlag Herder regarding royalties.

Drafts of Intimacy

File consists of typescripts of three chapters (seven) of Nouwen's first book, "Intimacy". The chapters included are: 'From Magic to Faith' (originally a student lecture by Nouwen) (includes three copies in Dutch, one in English); 'The Priest and His Mental Health' (one copy; English); and 'The Challenge to Love' (two copies; based on lecture notes). File also includes a typescript of an article entitled, "On the Possibility and Desirability of Love", a precursor to the chapter, 'The Challenge to Love'.

Drafts of Aging

File consists of two typescripts of "Aging". Draft (1) is entitled, "Aging and Ministry", by Nouwen, with Peter J. Naus and Don McNeill, with many thanks to Walter Gaffney (1971 - 1974). Draft (2) is entitled, "Aging", by Nouwen and Walter J. Gaffney (Photography by Ron P. van den Bosch) (1974).

Letters regarding A spirituality of peacemaking

File consists of fourteen letters from various readers of a draft of "A Spirituality of Peacemaking", sending their editorial responses. Includes letters from:

  • Dean Hammer
  • Art Laffin
  • Cindy (Antal?)
  • Ed Bednar
  • Claude Pomerleau
  • Alfred J. Sciarrino, Attorney at Law
  • Bob Durback
  • Gene K. Hoffman
  • Gail Stockholm
  • Robert T. Heller, Executive Editor, Doubleday
  • Bob Antonelli
  • Don Mosley (including a copy of his letter to President Jimmy Carter regarding the manuscript, and a brochure for Jubilee Partners)
    File also includes a page of notes (not by Nouwen), summarizing some readers' responses.

Drafts of Lifesigns

File consists of a photocopy of draft manuscripts of the Introduction, Chapter 1 ('Intimacy'), and part of Chapter 2 ('Fecundity'). Also includes an original handwritten manuscript for Section 2 of Chapter 2. File also includes a folder with notes possibly related to the manuscripts.

Photographs for Behold the beauty of the Lord

File consists of three photographs depicting a painting of an icon for use in "Behold the Beauty of the Lord". Two photographs depict the painting displayed on a easel, with grass and/or trees in the background, while the third photograph is a close-up of the painting. File also includes a blank photo card featuring a photograph entitled, "Restoration", and envelopes and a business card from Sooter's (Richmond Hill, ON).

Notes by Nouwen for The road to Daybreak

File consists of notes by, or accumulated and annotated by, Nouwen in the process of preparing "The Road to Daybreak". File includes several copies of the notes and an original folder.

Drafts of Heart speaks to heart

File consists of a manuscript of the three prayers published in "Heart Speaks to Heart", including a note to Connie Ellis, Nouwen's administrative assistant, from Nouwen. File also includes an early typescript of the Prologue, and a revised typescript of the complete text.

Drafts and notes for Mary, mother of the priest

File consists of handwritten notes and a draft manuscript, as well as six draft typescripts of various revised versions of "Mary, Mother of the Priests", a talk given by Nouwen at St. Michael's Cathedral (Toronto, ON), on May 31, 1988. The talk was given for Toronto priests in celebration of the Marian year. File includes correspondence with Sr. Sue Mosteller and Rev. Brad H. Massman with their comments on the manuscript. File also includes a draft of the talk in preparation for its publication by the Archdiocese of Toronto. Annotations on drafts (4) and (6) indicate that Connie Ellis, Nouwen's administrative assistant, typed the final drafts.

Draft of Life of the Beloved

File consists of one draft of The Life of the Beloved by Nouwen. This draft contains two copies of a letter from Nouwen from September 27, 1991 on Daybreak letterhead, in which Nouwen explains why he wrote the manuscripts and what Fred Bratman thought of it. Nouwen writes "Fred was quite positive about the manuscript and felt that much of what I had written was very helpful, but he also was very clear that the manuscript presupposed too much and that many important questions secular people have were not touched at all." For this reason, Nouwen says that he has decided to do a lot more work on the manuscript, and he informs the readers of the letter that "the book will take a lot more work to finish and that I am committed to doing it."

The Flying Rodleighs - The Circus

File consists of a typescript of "The Flying Rodleighs - The Circus" (pages 1-32). File also contains a copy of "Circus Diary May 6th to 22nd, 1992." The first typescript ("The Flying Rodleighs") is likely the earlier of the two texts, and was an early draft of Nouwen's circus book.

Draft of The Flying Rodleighs - Chapters 1 and 2

File consists of typescripts of chapter I and chapter II of "The Flying Rodleighs." These typescripts are likely part of Nouwen's later work on his book about the circus. Nouwen describes his experience of going to the circus and meeting the Flying Rodleighs, and also describes his thoughts and emotions while learning more about the Rodleighs and their act.

Draft of Ministry and spirituality

File consists of a faxed manuscript for the introduction to "Ministry and Spirituality", sent to Kathy Christie, Nouwen's administrative assistant, by Nouwen on January 18, 1996, while he was in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Draft of Christus in Israel

File consists of a soft-bound draft typescript of an article entitled, "Christus in Israel", written by Nouwen after a visit to Israel with his uncle Toon Ramselaar in the late 1950s or in 1960.

Draft of Joden in Israel

File consists of a soft-bound draft typescript of an article entitled, "Joden in Israel", written by Nouwen after a visit to Israel with his uncle Toon Ramselaar in the late 1950s or in 1960.

Drafts of Selma 1965

File consists of five copies (three original copies, two original mimeographs) of a draft typescript of "Selma 1965: naar de 'deep, deep south'", about Nouwen's participation in the civil rights march from Selma, AL, to Montgomery, AL, in 1965. Nouwen wrote this paper while a theological fellow in the program of religion and psychiatry at The Menninger Clinic (Topeka, KS).

Draft of In memory of Gus van der Woude

File consists of a draft typescript of "In Memory of Gus van der Woude, 15 August 1975: 'Till Human Voices Wake Us', Selections From the Diary of Gus van der Woude". Includes an introduction by John S. Mogabgab. The diary is edited by Mogabgab with Henri Nouwen.

Drafts of Joel and Joelito Filartiga

File consists of a draft typescript of an article entitled, "Joel and Joelito Filartiga: The Agonizing Cry of a Doctor Artist", that Nouwen wrote on the life and work of Dr. Joel Filartiga. This story, in a shortened form, appears in "Compassion" (1982), as do Filartiga's drawings.

Draft book review of We drink from our own wells

File consists of a draft typescript of a book review by Nouwen of Gustavo Gutiérrez's, "We Drink from Our Own Wells: The Spiritual Journey of a People" (Centro de Estudios y Publicaciones, 1984), for which Nouwen also wrote the Prologue. The draft review refers to a working title, "Drinking from Your Own Well". It also contains minor corrections made in an unknown hand.

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