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Henri Nouwen fonds
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Photographs of unknown location

File consists of 44 slides featuring photographs taken in an unknown location, perhaps somewhere in the Caribbean, such as Haiti. There are palm trees visible in some photographs, and other trees. There are several photographs of small children, as well as some that appear to be taken inside a school (P4030-P4031). There are images of huts and people standing near to these huts. There are also some photographs of white priests in white robes, perhaps at a Mission building. Several photographs feature the outside of a white cement-block church. There are other white adults in photographs, perhaps other Mission workers. Some photographs were taken in a city, some featuring a marketplace, and some featuring city streets and a wall along a bay. An older man and woman are in some of the photographs in different locations, but they are unidentified.

Page 11 of Album 14

File consists of page 11 of Album 14. There are four photographs on the page [P8496, P8497, P8498, P8499]. Taken on February 3, 1964 at the Hooge Hoenderberg, Henri Nouwen's friends are seen seen giving a speech, conversing, drinking and watching the band, the Boy Raaymakers, play at a party in celebration of him completing his psychology doctoral exam. The annotation on the page reads: "Boy Raaymakers en zijn combo".

Page 11 of Album 10

File consists of page 11 of Album 10. There are eight photographs on the page [P7630, P7631, P7632, P7633, P7634, P7635, P7636, P7637]. Taken after a graduation ceremony, unidentified graduates of the Yale Divinity School are seen outside, celebrating in black and red caps and gowns. Also included are shots of a crowd, including Registrar Detra MacDougall [P7635] (holding envelope), cheering on the graduates.

Sound recordings

Series consists of audio cassettes of Nouwen giving lectures at universities, speaking at churches, conferences and other engagements, parts of and complete books on tape and recordings from radio shows and interviews. Some of the material was professionally produced and some are amateur recordings.

Drafts of Out of solitude

File consists of a typescript of "Three Meditations on the Christian Life", the working title for an early version of "Out of Solitude". File also includes typescripts of its three chapters, 'Out of Solitude' (two copies), 'With Care', and 'In Expectation'. These were originally lectures presented at Battell Chapel, United Church of Christ, Yale University, in 1973. Themes include care, expectation, loneliness, patience, action, usefulness, self-esteem, self-destruction, depression, self-rejection, vulnerability, inner freedom, cure, joy and sadness.

Behold the man

Item consists of a typescript of "Behold the Man", a sermon in which Nouwen reflects and prays on John 19:1-6, an image of Jesus brought out by Pilate after his scourging. The sermon is about Jesus' suffering. Item includes three pages of handwritten notes on John 19, in an unknown hand.

Page 11 of Album 5

File consists of page 11 of Album 5. There are five photographs on the page [P6642, P6643, P6644, P6645, P6646]. Predominantly taken in 1951, three of the photos consist of group shots of Henri Nouwen with his classmates and instructors, including Toon Ramselaar [P6643, 1st row, 4th from left], at the minor seminary in Apeldoorn where Ramselaar was president. Also included is a photo of the Nouwen's family home in Scheveningen, the Netherlands and a 1932 photo of Sara M. Ramselaar holding him as a baby. The annotations on the page read: "Nieuwe Duinweg 20 Scheveningen", "Zesde Klas van Seminarie Apeldoorn 1951. Rethorica!", "1932 Oma Amersfoort en ik", "1951 De Soos" and "Apeldoorn 1951 Congé! met mijnheer [Jongenelen?] en mijnheer van de Bilt naar de [illegible]".

P6643: Row 1: ?, Gert Bouwman, [Gerard Broekhuis?], ?, ?, ?, [Jan Klein Zeggelink?], Gerard Voskuilen
Row 2: ?, Gerard van den Berg, Henk Hak, [Ton Berendschot?], Kees Pannekoek, Henny van Wijnbergen, ?, ?, Joop van Baardewijk, ?, ?
Row 3: Ben Schepen, ?, ?, Jan Schoot, ?, ?, [Chris Lenting?], ?, ?, Arie Beemer, ?, ?
Row 4: [Aloys Tonis?], [Leo Spit?], ?, [Nico Kok?], Toon Ramselaar, ?, [Bertus Schoorlemmer?], ?, Johan Helthuis, Henri Nouwen
Row 5: [Wiebe Verpoorten?], ?

Page 11 of Album 11

File consists of page 11 of Album 11. There is one textual record on the page [P7822]. The item is half a letter dated June 20, 1961 on “Hindenburstasse 15 Pocking b. Starnberg (Oberbayern) Telefon, Feldafing 379” letterhead. Written it French, the letter begins “Monsieur l'Abbé” and goes on to thank the recipient for sending a copy of the book Maranatha to the Duchesse Douairière de Bar. The partial letter has been used to cover up a tear on the photo album paper, possibly the result of a photo being removed from the page.

Page 11 of Album 3

File consists of page 11 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6433]. Taken by Ron van den Bosch, the photo is a head shot of Henri Nouwen in Utrecht.

Certificate from Bernardus Johannes Alfrink

Item consists of a certificate from Archbishop Bernardus Johannes Alfrink, dated September 10, 1957. The certificate grants Nouwen, a member of their archdiocese, the faculties of the church. This gives him permission to preach and to hear confessions while studying at the University of Nijmegen.

Photographs of Nouwen with the Flying Rodleighs

File consists of 453 photographs of Nouwen during one of his visits with the Flying Rodleighs, a flying trapeze troupe with the Circus Barum in Germany; they consist of South Africans, Rodleigh Stevens; his wife, Jenni Stevens; sister, Karlene Stevens; and Joe (Johan) Jonas; and one American, Jon Griggs. Frank Hamilton and professional photographer, Ron van den Bosch, also accompanied Nouwen.

Letter from Belvin Hill

File consists of a letter from Belvin Hill and two typed letters from June E. Hagan, Nouwen's administrative assistant.

Marguerite Bourgeoys Family Service - September 15, 1992

File consists of correspondence from Marilyn Mangan, regarding Nouwen giving the keynote address at the Marguerite Bourgeoys Family Service Annual General Meeting at St. Brigid's Church Hall, Toronto. Nouwen spoke on "Spiritual Reflections on Fundraising." Includes a brochure, an invitation, a thank you card, and some business cards.

Letters from Barbara Hoffman

File consists of letters from Barbara Hoffman, and a typed letter from Nouwen, regarding the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Nouwen's Ordination, and also possible collaboration on the subject of Christ as Clown.

Letter regarding Rudy Hokanson and Susan Miller

File consists of a letter from Sr. Priscilla of the Missionaries of Charity regarding a gift from Rudy Hokanson and Susan Miller in honour of Nouwen's Silver Jubilee (25th Anniversary of his Ordination).

Letters from Mary Fern and Harry Hollis

File consists of letters from Mary Fern and Harry Hollis, a long typed letter from Nouwen, regarding the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of his Ordination, as well as newspaper clippings.

Paul Secondary School Staff Retreat - September 25, 1992

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen speaking at the Staff Retreat for Pope John II Secondary School. Nouwen spoke on the theme of "Working Together." Includes Nouwen's handwritten notes for the talk. Includes correspondence with Mary Lou Halferty regarding arrangements for the retreat. Also includes a thank you note from Michael Monk and words and music for the song "We Are Your Hands."

Letter from Rev. Paul A. Holmes

File consists of a letter from Rev. Paul A. Holmes and a long typed letter from Nouwen, regarding "Clowning in Rome", where he was mentioned, and is now subsequently 'famous' in religious circles.

Milton Wong - September 30, 1992

File consists of a letter from Milton Wong thanking Nouwen for a letter and in anticipation of a meeting with Nouwen on September 30, 1992.

First Congregational Church - October 2 - 4, 1992

File consists of correspondence with Steven Berry and other material regarding Nouwen's participation as preacher for a service on Saturday the 3rd and two services on Sunday the 4th at the First Congregational Church of Los Angeles. Nouwen spoke on the "Prodigal Son" and "Spiritual Identity." Includes a copy of the church's bulletin "The Meetinghouse" from October 4th, letters of appreciation to Nouwen, and a letter from Nouwen regarding arrangements for his visit and a description of both his talks. Also includes "unedited pages of correspondence between Carol and her parents when we pastored in rural Vermont" that Steven and Carol Berry were considering having published.

L'Arche Agape - Sexuality Seminar - October 13 - 14, 1992

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen giving a talk at L'Arche Agape, Hull, Quebec. Nouwen spoke on sexuality and affectivity. Includes notes in Nouwen's hand (in French and English) for the event entitled "L'Arche - Community - Guilt around the body." Also includes typescript outline of "The North American Culture and the Plan of God" a talk given by Nouwen at Aylmer. Also includes a memo from Carmen regarding a meeting with the staff from Msgr. Fraser Catholic College on the topic of sexual health and ethics.

Letter from Sr. Mary Dolores Horigan, OCD

File consists of an announcement celebrating the Golden Jubilee of Sr. Mary Dolores Horigan, OCD, a typed letter from Nouwen and a typed letter from June E. Hagan, Nouwen's administrative assistant.

Draft of A spirituality of peacemaking

File consists of copies of galley proofs of the article, "Prayer and Resistance: A Spirituality of Peacemaking", using the working title, "A Spirituality of Peacemaking".

Agincourt Baptist Church - October 17, 1992

  • CA ON00389 F4-3-1110
  • File
  • [before September 19] - October 28, 1992
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen speaking at the Anniversary Breakfast for the Agincourt Baptist Church at Cullen Country Barns. Includes correspondence, a memo, and directions regarding the event. Also includes two pamphlets about Cullen Country Barns.

Letters from Brian Howard

File consists of letters from Brian Howard of the Fisherfolk Community of Celebration in Woodland Park, CO, and a long typed letter from Nouwen in which he stated that he went to Fisherfolk to meditate on van Gogh.

International Federation of L'Arche, Mini-Renewal for assistants - October 26 - 28, 1992

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's leadership at a mini-renewal for assistants from L'Arche at the Spiritual Centre near Frederick, Maryland. Includes a fax giving the details of the budget, team members, and program for the event. Also includes a list of participants, schedule, thank you card, and a copy of an honorarium cheque. Also includes notes in Nouwen's hand on his schedule, his talks centered around the theme of "Home."

Letters from Jim Hughes

File consists of letters from Jim Hughes and two long typed letters from Nouwen (one regarding the 25th Anniversary of Nouwen's Ordination), and a typed note from June E. Hagan, Nouwen's administrative assistant, as well as a newspaper clipping.

Letter to Y. Hughes

File consists of a typed letter to Y. Hughes from June E. Hagan, Nouwen's administrative assistant.

Letter from George Hunsinger

File consists of a letter from George Hunsinger, a typed letter from Nouwen and typescripts of Huntsinger's work "Karl Barth and Liberation Theology" and "Karl Barth and the Politics of Sectarian Protestantism, A Reply to John Howard Yoder".

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