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7th Annual Canadian Association of Christian Therapists (A.C.T.) Conference "The Abuse and Use of Power" - May 4 -5, 1991

File consists of correspondence, with Kenneth Fung, and other material regarding Nouwen speaking at the 7th Annual Canadian A.C.T. Conference at the Mount Carmen Spiritual Centre in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Nouwen spoke on "Healing the Wounded Healer." Includes schedule, flyer, and notes from the conference. Also includes a travel itinerary for a trip to New York where Nouwen attended the wedding of Fred Bratman and Robin.

Ontario Theological Seminary - May 11, 1991

File consists of correspondence with Dr. Ian Rennie, regarding Nouwen being the speaker for the graduation service at the Ontario Theological Seminary, Willowdale, Ontario. There is no indication of Nouwen's topic.

Muskoka Woods - May 22, 1991

File consists of correspondence with Maurice Charbonneau, regarding a retreat lead by Nouwen and Carl MacMillan at Muskoka Woods Sports Resort, Rosseau, Ontario. The theme of the retreat was " Wounds, Challenges, Life, and Growth." Includes a brochure for the resort, copies of details of conferences/workshops sponsored by the Muskoka Centre that year. Also includes correspondence from MacMillan to Nouwen regarding details of the day's activities.

Institute on Values, St. Paul's School - June 19 - 23, 1991

File consists of correspondence with Rev. Charles Clark and other material, regarding Nouwen's participation as a speaker at the Institute of Values, St. Paul's School, Concord, New Hampshire. The conference was for the heads of forty-five leading boarding schools. Nouwen's presentation focused on the spiritual dimension of adulthood and the growth toward it. Includes travel itinerary, airline tickets, agenda, list of speakers, list of participants, folder from the conference, and some handwritten notes by Nouwen. Also includes letters requesting to see Nouwen while he was in the Boston area and many letters of response from Nouwen. Nouwen gave permission to have the presentation recorded.

Richmond Hill Ministerial Association - June 26, 1991

File consists of meeting minutes from the Richmond Hill Ministerial Association from May 22, 1991. Includes a note that Nouwen will be the speaker at the next meeting on June 26, 1991, at St. Mary's Immaculate. Nouwen's topic was "Spiritual Life of the Minister in a Time of Change."

Dutch TV at Daybreak - July 1 - 13, 1991

File consists of correspondence with Leo Fijen, regarding filming by a Dutch TV station at Daybreak. The event was coordinated by Carl MacMillan. The show was to have Nouwen telling the story of five core members. Includes letters regarding the needs of the Dutch TV people and letters explaining the event to the people of Daybreak. Also includes handwritten notes by MacMillan on the event, authorization form, and questions for Connie to type up.

Ontario Theological Seminary Retreat - September 6, 1991

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's leadership at a retreat for students of the Ontario Theological Seminary at Muskoka Woods Sports Resort, Rosseau, Ontario. The theme of the retreat was "Refiner's Fire" and focused on the themes of "Communion, Community, and Ministry." Includes several copies of the schedule for the retreat, a program, the theme song, and notes in Nouwen's hand regarding the retreat. Also includes letters of thanks for Nouwen.

Board/ Dayspring Meeting - September 12, 1991

File consists of a letter from Sue Mosteller to the Members of the Board and Dayspring Committee confirming a meeting of the Board/Dayspring Committee on September 12th at the Dayspring to set in motion plans for the future of the Dayspring.

Covenant Retreat L'Arche Homefires - October 15 - 21, 1991

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's participation at L'Arche Fluers de Soleil Covenant retreat in Quebec City, Quebec and speaking for the members of L'Arche Homefires 10th anniversary in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Includes a list of participants, room assignments, and reference material for the Quebec event and an outline and program for the Nova Scotia event. Also includes travel itinerary, airline tickets and a "Report to the Covenant Commission of the Americas to the International Spirituality Commission April 1991" prepared by Sue Mosteller. Some of the material is in French.

L'Arche Priests of North America Meeting - October 30 - November 3, 1991

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding Nouwen's participation at the L'Arche Priests of North America Meeting in Erie, Pennsylvania. Much of the correspondence is with Gilles Beauchemin L'Arche L'Etoile Inc., Quebec. Includes details of the event in French. Includes a copy of the Minutes of the International Executive with the Priest Delegates of the Fraternity, June 1991 and a partial copy in French. Some of the correspondence is also in French.

Ministry of Money - December 12 - 14, 1991

File consists of correspondence and other material regarding a retreat at Daybreak with Dan McClanen, Gordon Cosby, Vicky Curtiss, and Dale Stitt to work on how the spirituality of money leads into new ministry. Includes a booklet "Leading From Within: Reflections on Spirituality and Leadership" by Parker Palmer, a series of correspondence between Don McClanen and Harry Lloyd, a series of information sheets from John Haugley, SJ Excerpts from "Holy Use of Money" workshop, draft text "L'Arche and Finances, Ministry of Money newsletter, and Ministry of Money brochures. Also includes a letter from Henry Freeman talking about his experiences in El Salvador.

Consultation on Parish Ministry Conference - January 6 - 10, 1992

File consists of correspondence, mainly with Allan Johnson, and other material regarding Nouwen's presentations at the Consultation on Parish Ministry in Orlando, Florida. The theme of the event was "The Spiritual Life of the Pastor." Also includes correspondence with Brett Webb-Mitchell discussing his work with children with disabilities and his desire to meet with Nouwen in Orlando, annotations on the letter of response confirm the meeting. Includes two pieces of writing from Webb-Mitchell "The Religious Imagination of Children with Disabilities" and "Welcome Unexpected Guests to the Banquet." Also includes travel itinerary, airline tickets for Nouwen and three other members of Daybreak, conference Guidebook and Workshop book, and a number of letters, cards, and photographs for Nouwen regarding the event.

Visit of Dick Nahman - January 16, 1992

File consists of a note for Nouwen from his secretary stating that Dick Nahman called to make an appointment to meet with Nouwen. The appointment was set for January 16th. Annotations on the note indicate the appointment was okayed.

Drafts of Intimacy

File consists of typescripts of three chapters (seven) of Nouwen's first book, "Intimacy". The chapters included are: 'From Magic to Faith' (originally a student lecture by Nouwen) (includes three copies in Dutch, one in English); 'The Priest and His Mental Health' (one copy; English); and 'The Challenge to Love' (two copies; based on lecture notes). File also includes a typescript of an article entitled, "On the Possibility and Desirability of Love", a precursor to the chapter, 'The Challenge to Love'.

Drafts of Aging

File consists of two typescripts of "Aging". Draft (1) is entitled, "Aging and Ministry", by Nouwen, with Peter J. Naus and Don McNeill, with many thanks to Walter Gaffney (1971 - 1974). Draft (2) is entitled, "Aging", by Nouwen and Walter J. Gaffney (Photography by Ron P. van den Bosch) (1974).

Letters regarding A spirituality of peacemaking

File consists of fourteen letters from various readers of a draft of "A Spirituality of Peacemaking", sending their editorial responses. Includes letters from:

  • Dean Hammer
  • Art Laffin
  • Cindy (Antal?)
  • Ed Bednar
  • Claude Pomerleau
  • Alfred J. Sciarrino, Attorney at Law
  • Bob Durback
  • Gene K. Hoffman
  • Gail Stockholm
  • Robert T. Heller, Executive Editor, Doubleday
  • Bob Antonelli
  • Don Mosley (including a copy of his letter to President Jimmy Carter regarding the manuscript, and a brochure for Jubilee Partners)
    File also includes a page of notes (not by Nouwen), summarizing some readers' responses.

Drafts of Lifesigns

File consists of a photocopy of draft manuscripts of the Introduction, Chapter 1 ('Intimacy'), and part of Chapter 2 ('Fecundity'). Also includes an original handwritten manuscript for Section 2 of Chapter 2. File also includes a folder with notes possibly related to the manuscripts.

Notes by Nouwen for The road to Daybreak

File consists of notes by, or accumulated and annotated by, Nouwen in the process of preparing "The Road to Daybreak". File includes several copies of the notes and an original folder.

Drafts of Heart speaks to heart

File consists of a manuscript of the three prayers published in "Heart Speaks to Heart", including a note to Connie Ellis, Nouwen's administrative assistant, from Nouwen. File also includes an early typescript of the Prologue, and a revised typescript of the complete text.

Drafts and notes for Mary, mother of the priest

File consists of handwritten notes and a draft manuscript, as well as six draft typescripts of various revised versions of "Mary, Mother of the Priests", a talk given by Nouwen at St. Michael's Cathedral (Toronto, ON), on May 31, 1988. The talk was given for Toronto priests in celebration of the Marian year. File includes correspondence with Sr. Sue Mosteller and Rev. Brad H. Massman with their comments on the manuscript. File also includes a draft of the talk in preparation for its publication by the Archdiocese of Toronto. Annotations on drafts (4) and (6) indicate that Connie Ellis, Nouwen's administrative assistant, typed the final drafts.

Draft of Life of the Beloved

File consists of one draft of The Life of the Beloved by Nouwen. This draft contains two copies of a letter from Nouwen from September 27, 1991 on Daybreak letterhead, in which Nouwen explains why he wrote the manuscripts and what Fred Bratman thought of it. Nouwen writes "Fred was quite positive about the manuscript and felt that much of what I had written was very helpful, but he also was very clear that the manuscript presupposed too much and that many important questions secular people have were not touched at all." For this reason, Nouwen says that he has decided to do a lot more work on the manuscript, and he informs the readers of the letter that "the book will take a lot more work to finish and that I am committed to doing it."

The Flying Rodleighs - The Circus

File consists of a typescript of "The Flying Rodleighs - The Circus" (pages 1-32). File also contains a copy of "Circus Diary May 6th to 22nd, 1992." The first typescript ("The Flying Rodleighs") is likely the earlier of the two texts, and was an early draft of Nouwen's circus book.

Draft of The Flying Rodleighs - Chapters 1 and 2

File consists of typescripts of chapter I and chapter II of "The Flying Rodleighs." These typescripts are likely part of Nouwen's later work on his book about the circus. Nouwen describes his experience of going to the circus and meeting the Flying Rodleighs, and also describes his thoughts and emotions while learning more about the Rodleighs and their act.

Draft of Ministry and spirituality

File consists of a faxed manuscript for the introduction to "Ministry and Spirituality", sent to Kathy Christie, Nouwen's administrative assistant, by Nouwen on January 18, 1996, while he was in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Draft of Christus in Israel

File consists of a soft-bound draft typescript of an article entitled, "Christus in Israel", written by Nouwen after a visit to Israel with his uncle Toon Ramselaar in the late 1950s or in 1960.

Draft of Joden in Israel

File consists of a soft-bound draft typescript of an article entitled, "Joden in Israel", written by Nouwen after a visit to Israel with his uncle Toon Ramselaar in the late 1950s or in 1960.

Drafts of Selma 1965

File consists of five copies (three original copies, two original mimeographs) of a draft typescript of "Selma 1965: naar de 'deep, deep south'", about Nouwen's participation in the civil rights march from Selma, AL, to Montgomery, AL, in 1965. Nouwen wrote this paper while a theological fellow in the program of religion and psychiatry at The Menninger Clinic (Topeka, KS).

Draft of In memory of Gus van der Woude

File consists of a draft typescript of "In Memory of Gus van der Woude, 15 August 1975: 'Till Human Voices Wake Us', Selections From the Diary of Gus van der Woude". Includes an introduction by John S. Mogabgab. The diary is edited by Mogabgab with Henri Nouwen.

Drafts of Joel and Joelito Filartiga

File consists of a draft typescript of an article entitled, "Joel and Joelito Filartiga: The Agonizing Cry of a Doctor Artist", that Nouwen wrote on the life and work of Dr. Joel Filartiga. This story, in a shortened form, appears in "Compassion" (1982), as do Filartiga's drawings.

Draft book review of We drink from our own wells

File consists of a draft typescript of a book review by Nouwen of Gustavo Gutiérrez's, "We Drink from Our Own Wells: The Spiritual Journey of a People" (Centro de Estudios y Publicaciones, 1984), for which Nouwen also wrote the Prologue. The draft review refers to a working title, "Drinking from Your Own Well". It also contains minor corrections made in an unknown hand.

Draft of The suffering Christ

File consists of galley proofs of the article, "The Suffering Christ: Peacemaking across the Americas". Draft contains annotations and corrections in Nouwen's hand and others.

Draft of A spirituality of peacemaking

File consists of copies of galley proofs of the article, "Prayer and Resistance: A Spirituality of Peacemaking", using the working title, "A Spirituality of Peacemaking".

Draft of The icon of the Virgin of Vladimir

File consists of a draft typescript of an article entitled, "The Icon of the Virgin of Vladimir: An Invitation to Belong to God". This article was published in Nouwen's book, "Behold the Beauty of the Lord: Praying with Icons" (1987).

Draft of L'icone de la Sainte-Trinité

File consists of a draft typescript of an article entitled, "L'Icone de la Sainte-Trinité". The article appears to have been intended for publication in a larger work because it includes page numbers (pages 15 to 18), and a colour reproduction of the icon. A version of this article was published in Feu et Lumière (1986). Nouwen's writing on icons was then later published in his book, "Behold the Beauty of the Lord" (1987).

Drafts of The life in faith

File consists of a draft manuscript and seven draft typescripts of the article, "The Life in Faith". This paper is a reflection based on the life of Jesus. Nouwen argues that Jesus wants us to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to believe all his teaching about the Father, the Spirit, and Himself. Not only does believing help us in our lives, but it also brings immense joy to the Father. Believers find brothers and sisters in other believers. Themes include Jesus, the spiritual life and faith. It is not known if this paper has been published. Annotations on drafts (6) and (7) indicate that Connie Ellis, Nouwen's administrative assistant, typed the manuscript on June 10, 1988.

Drafts of Becoming poor before God

File consists of notes entitled, "Formation", and two draft typescripts of an article entitled, "Becoming Poor Before God: Spiritual Formation at Daybreak". Describes how the Holy Spirit works through the poor and, in relationship with others, brings them to confidence and freedom. This was a talk Nouwen gave in Fall, 1988, for Spiritual formation at L'Arche Daybreak. Sue Mosteller's name has been deleted from draft (1) as a co-author.

Drafts of God's will, acceptance of

File consists of a draft manuscript and typescript of Nouwen's submission to the Dictionary of Pastoral Care and Counseling, entitled, "God's Will, Acceptance of".

Draft of Preparing for death

File consists of handwritten notes and a draft manuscript of the introduction to "Preparing for Death". This article is regarding death and Nouwen's second near death experience from an infection. It has been published recently in a revised edition of Nouwen's book, "Beyond the Mirror".

Drafts of Power, powerlessness and power

File consists of a draft manuscript and typescript of "Power, Powerlessness and Power", including related correspondence. Folder (1) contains a fax copy of a manuscript and typescript. Folder (2) contains faxed correspondence between Nouwen's administrative assistants, Kathy Christie and Lydia Banducci, and Marion Hollis, of L'Arche Limited (Suffolk, England) and Zizi (last name unknown). Includes a fax copy of an illustration by Zizi (last name unknown), that Nouwen intended to use with this article.

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