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University of Toronto Music Library
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Canadian box 1

Ahrens, Cora / Ear training -- Ahrens, Cora / Rudiments of music -- Ahrens, Cora / Daily sight playing exercises for piano -- Baird, Robert / Piano plus! -- Berlin, Boris; Dubois, Pierre Max / Seven piano pieces: with preparatory exercises / -- Berlin, Boris; Melecci, Adelmo; / Technical requirements for piano with exercises in ear training and sight reading -- Berlin, Boris; Mould, Warren / Basics of ear training -- Butler, Margaret / Children's book for the piano -- Hutt, Doreen / Piano class teachers manual -- Hutt, Doreen / Piano class method -- Kammerer, Hope / The first period at the piano -- Kennedy, Margery; Kennedy, Peter / Dominion piano book -- Kennedy, Margery; Kennedy, Peter / Little music maker: the children's own piano book -- Kirby, Kelly / The Kelly Kirby kindergarten piano method -- Kirby, Kelly; Kirby, John / Theory and workbook -- Melecci, Adelmo / Beginners method for the piano: preparatory work leading to grade 1 / -- Paul, John B.; Werder, Richard H. / Instruction book / Piano course -- Saint-Jean, Rene / L'ABC du piano method facile -- Schaum, John / Piano course -- Sclater, Molly; Ringhoffer, Joe / Keys to music rudiments: Answers and approaches -- Vandendool, Grace / Keyboard theory -- Williams, Edith / Playtime piano method -- Williams, Edith / Playtime.

International box 3

Brady, Helen / A first book for rhythm band -- Brimhall, John / Piano power: the beginners handbook -- Brimhall, John / The primer to the piano method: Introduction to John Brimall -- Brimhall, John / The John Brimhall piano method -- Richter, Ada / Piano course -- Richter, Ada / Stick-a-note book -- Richter, Ada / Nutcracker suite: a story with music for piano -- Richter, Ada / My first notebook: first lessons in theory with musigraph -- Richter, Ada / Teaching hints: a piano teacher's guide -- Richter, Ada / Theory Work Sheets -- Schaum, John / Theory lessons -- Schaum, John / Harmony lessons -- Schaum, John / Pedal studies -- Schaum, John / Octave studies -- Schaum, John / Pop piano course -- Schaum, John / Adult piano course -- Thompson, John / The introduction to piano -- Thompson, John / Twenty little tunes in etude form for first year piano students -- Thompson, John / Chord Speller -- Thompson, John / Note Speller -- Thompson, John / Scale Speller -- Thompson, John / Second piano accompaniments -- Thompson, John / Octave book -- Thompson, John / Teaching little fingers to play ensemble -- Thompson, John / Modern course for the piano -- Thompson, John / Supplementary piano course with melody all the way -- Thompson, John / Adult preparatory piano book -- Thompson, John / Theory drill games -- Thompson, John / Twenty five tuneful etudes in the second grade for the pianoforte -- Thompson, John Jr. / A tuneful duet album for the first year -- Thompson, John Jr. / Fifty second grade studies -- Tompson, John / For left hand alone -- Williams, John / Graded sight-reading book -- Williams, John / Piano Book -- Williams, John / Child's first music book -- Williams, John / Tunes for tiny tots -- Williams, John; Turner, Shaylor / Piano book -- Williams, John; Turners, Shaylor / Sight-reading -- Williams, John; Turners, Shaylor / Very first piano book -- Schaum, John / Piano course -- Thompson, John / Easiest piano course .

International box 4

Agay, Dennis / The teaching treasury ; The young pianist's library -- Auberg, Alfred / Piano course: a complete course of instruction for piano -- Auberg, Alfred / Note speller -- Auberg, Alfred / Recital book -- Bastien, Jane Smisor / Music notebook -- Bastien, Jane Smisor / Solos for the young pianist -- Bastien, Jane Smisor / Pop, rock 'n blues ; Music through piano -- Bittner, Francis / The creatures speak: early keyboard explorations -- Bradley, Dorothy / First classics: graded piano pieces from the masters -- Brimhall, John / First popular piano pieces -- Brugmann, Aline / Fundamentals through music ; Piano music reader -- Burnham, Edna-Mae / A dozen a day -- Burnham, Edna-Mae / Theory papers -- Diller, Angela / Lines and spaces: a music writing book -- Emerson, De Witt / The masters and their melodies -- Felton, William / Grown-up beginner's book -- Glober, David Carr / Playing the piano -- Glover, David Carr / Piano repertoire ; David Carr Glover piano library -- Glover, David Carr / Piano student ; David Carr Glover piano library -- Glover, David Carr / Piano technic ; David Carr Glover piano library -- Glover, David Carr / Piano theory / David Carr Glover piano library -- Glover, David Carr / Teacher's guide for David Carr Glover piano library -- Glover, David Carr / Me and my teacher -- Glover, David Carr; Garrow, Louise / Piano student -- Harewood, Marion; Waterman, Fanny / Second year lessons -- Harewood, Marion; Waterman, Fanny / Second year repetoire -- Kasschau, Howard / Piano course -- Levy, Sandra; Siegel, Barbara / Electronic keyboard for kids -- Marlais, Helen; Althouse, Sue / Suceeding with the masters & festival collection: teachers handbook -- Milligan, Ralph / A method in popular piano playing -- Mugellini, Bruno / 23 Easy pieces for piano solo / Kalmus Piano Series -- Noona, Walter; Noona, Carol / A musical toy box -- Robyn, Louise / For the piano / The music education series -- Robyn, Louise / Technic tales -- Robyn, Louise / Robyn rote-cards -- Robyn, Louise / Teaching musical notation with picture symbols -- Roeder, Carl / Liberation and deliberation in piano technique -- Rovenger, Leopold / Side by side at the piano -- Shefte, Art / Rapid course in popular music and syncopation for piano -- Simonds, Jean / Musical theory writing book -- Small, Allan / Teacher's Choice for the young pianist -- Sutor, Adele / Sutor's note spelling book -- Waterman, Fanny; Harewood, Marion / Piano lessons -- Waxman, Donald / Pageants for piano -- Weybright, June / Course for pianists -- Wright, Milo / Five minutes a day.

Eight-key cocuswood flute with wide sterling-silver bands : Thomas Prowse, London

Item is a flute, made by Thomas Prowse in London. The flute has sterling-silver keys with salt-spoon style ends, mounted on blocks. It is a brilliant example of the large-holed flute developed by the great English flutist Charles Nicholson Jr. The historical importance of this model is that Theodore Boehm heard Nicholson playing it during a visit to England in 1831. The epoch-making Boehm flute universally used today was the result.

Ten-key African blackwood flute with ivory head-joint : Stengel, Bayreuth

Item is a flute, made by Stengel in Bayreuth, with German-silver bands and keywork. This is an ultra-conservative conical-bore model which retains the eighteenth-century fingering, and has finger holes of the small pre-Nicholson type, and a long foot-joint to B. This model was in use for a century after Boehm introduced his cylindrical-bore model, and Wagner preferred it. Such flutes were listed by the German maker Heckel as late as 1931.

Kathleen Parlow fonds

  • CA OTUFM 02
  • Fonds
  • 1908-1950

Fonds consists of material relating to Kathleen Parlow's personal life and her musical career. Includes photographs; correspondence; daybooks; sheet music; concert programs; press; and personal material.

Parlow, Kathleen


Subseries includes a collection of postcards. Some of the postcards are blank, others were written or sent by Kathleen Parlow. Postcards are in both black and white and colour.

Student Related Press

Subseries contains newspaper and magazine clippings relating to the students of Kathleen Parlow. Specifically, many articles focus on her student Gisele MacKenzie (LaFleche).

Lee Bartel's musical stamp collection

  • CA OTUFM 42
  • Collection
  • 1927-1985

Collection consists of 27 pages of stamps featuring composers, musicians, musical instruments, scenes from operas and ballets, folk dances, theatres, opera houses, and music conservatories and academies. Each page of stamps was arranged by Lee Bartel.

Bartel, Lee

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