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University of St. Michael's College, John M. Kelly Library, Special Collections
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Le Dieu de la Vie

Item consists of 1 audio cassette from a Faith and Sharing (Foi et Portage) event in Montreal in 1974. Jean Vanier was the speaker.

Faith and Sharing 1977

File consists of 6 audio cassettes from a Faith and Sharing (Foi et Portage) event in Liverpool, UK, in 1977. The theme of the ecumenical retreat was 'Followers of Jesus,' and the retreat was led by Jean Vanier. These cassettes feature talks by Jean Vanier.

Faith and Sharing Retreat Tape 11

Item consists of 1 audio cassette from an unknown Faith and Sharing Retreat held, possibly in 1987. Ten of the cassettes, numbered sequentially, feature talks by Jean Vanier. One cassette features a talk by Sue Mosteller.

The Christ-memory in our lives

This item consists of a video recording from 1975 of Henri Nouwen giving a lecture called "The Christ Memory in Our Lives." The talk poses the question 'How do we live life in the memory of Jesus Christ?' In the talk, Nouwen discusses the Memory of Christ as a healing, sustaining, guiding experience and process of recollection.
The content of this lecture was later developed into The Living Reminder: Service and Prayer in the Memory of Jesus Christ published in 1977.

Recording of Henri Nouwen on compassion

Item consists of a sound recording of a talk Nouwen gave at the Hogan Center on compassion. Nouwen is introduced by Joe Kelly, the Director of Continuing Education at the Hogan Center. The talk was in three parts: SR10 v1 contains parts I and II. SR10 v2 contains part III.

Care and the elderly

This item consists of an audio recording of Nouwen discussing care for the elderly. Nouwen asks us to consider two questions, which he formats his lecture around: "what do the elderly teach us about care?" and "how do we provide care for the elderly?" Nouwen talks about the need for compassion, the natural impulse to care, and the wisdom that the elderly have to share.

Recording of Henri Nouwen on the spirituality of peacemaking

Item consists of an amateur recording of Nouwen speaking to a group of CPE (Christian Pastoral Education) supervisors. He was scheduled to speak about Vocation, Temptation and Formation in Ministry but after 5 weeks in Switzerland decided to speak on the subject of peacemaking, specifically the church's response to the call for peace.

Recording of Peacemakers

Item consists of an amateur recording of Nouwen speaking on peacemakers. It is unknown where or to whom this talk was given.

Introduction to the spiritual life: L'Arche

Item consists of an audio cassette of a lecture by Nouwen at his Introduction to the Spiritual Life course at Harvard Divinity School in Spring 1984. During this lecture Jean Vanier was the guest lecturer and spoke about L'Arche.

Vanier, Jean

Recording of Henri Nouwen on the introduction to the spiritual life lectures at Boston College

Item consists of 13 audio cassettes of lectures given by Nouwen between June and July, 1985 at Boston College. SR62 v1: 7/8/85, Lecture #1, "Introduction; SR62 v2: 7/9/85, Lecture #2, "Prologue"; SR62 v3: 7/11/85, Lecture #3, "Reading and Writing the Word"; SR62 v4: 7/11/85, Lecture #3, Part II, "Questions and Answers"; SR62 v5: 7/12/85, "Nicodemus and the Samaritan Woman"; SR62 v6: 7/12/85, "Nicodemus and Samaritan Woman, Part II"; SR62 v7: 7/15/85, "Intimacy"; SR62 v8: 7/15/85, "Intimacy, Part II"; SR62 v9: 7/16/85 "Fecundity"; SR62 v10: 7/17/85 "Ecstasy"; SR62 v11: 7/8/85, "Ecstasy: Passion and Resurrection, Part II"; SR62 v12: 7/18-19/85: "Part I and II"; SR62 v13: 7/19/85, "Part II".

Recording of moral re-armament international conference 1985: making a world of difference: Georgetown University, Washington, D.C., June 15-23, 1985

Item consists of two audio cassettes (SR70 v1 and SR70 v2) recorded at the conference. SR70 v1 is entitled "Closing the Fundamental Gap: An Evening with Fr. Henri Nouwen and other speakers". Nouwen speaks on side A about living the life of listening to God using as his theme the verse in scripture 'perfect love casts out all fear'. Nouwen closes the day with a prayer on side B. Nouwen does not speak on SR70 v2.

Visions of hope reflection series with Henri Nouwen: youth corps event 22 - April 1987

Item consists of a tape and a workbook designed as a program to be used by small groups. The tape is based on a day retreat by Nouwen in 1987 to youth at Convocation Hall, University of Toronto. Nouwen speaks on such topics as the broken world, the broken self, solitude and community. The workbook includes excellent photographs of the event.

Recording of Henri Nouwen at Stanley foundation lecture

Item consists of three audio cassettes of talks Nouwen gave to the Stanley Foundation on January 12, 1989. SR85 v1: "Christian Discipleship in the Modern World"; SR85 v2: "L'Arche Community Life"; SR85 v3: "From Absurdity to Obedience".

Recording of Henri Nouwen on claiming the light: Spiritual discipline for a dark age

Item consists of a lecture given by Nouwen at Regis College in the class of Mary McMann on February 28, 1990, Ash Wednesday. His talk was entitled "Claiming the Light: Spiritual Discipline for a Dark Age." Nouwen divides his talk into three sections: describing his accident and its spiritual impact, The Darkness, and Claiming the Light.

Beyond the mirror

Item consists of a sound recording of Dorothy Fitzpatrick reading Nouwen's book Beyond the Mirror for Xavier Society for the Blind Book of the Month.

In the name of Jesus

Item consists of a sound recording of Dorothy Fitzpatrick reading Nouwen's book In the Name of Jesus for Xavier Society for the Blind Book of the Month.

Recording of Henri Nouwen on the Covenant Commission Retreat

Item consists of six audio cassettes of talks given at the Commission Covenant Retreat held in May 1994. The Retreat was for L'Arche community leadership about how members are living their covenant as part of L'Arche Community. SR145 v1: "Robert - Opening the Dialogue"; SR145 v2: "Claire - The Meaning of Human Affectivity"; SR145 v3: "Jo Lenon - Sexual Education: How to Educate"; SR145 v4: "North American Culture and the Plan of God"; SR145 v5: "Henri Nouwen - Personal Growth"; SR145 v6: "Margaret O'Donnell - The Needs in our Cities Today".

Recording of Henri Nouwen at Comiss awards

Item consists of a recording of Nouwen at the Dialogue '94: A Call to Partnership conference sponsored by Comiss at the Milwaukee Exposition and Convention Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Nouwen received the Comiss award which is presented periodically to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to the field of Pastoral Care, Counseling and Education.

Recording of auf die stille horen

Item consists of a sound recording (SR153) of an interview of Nouwen with Peter Modler in Freiburg, Germany. Nouwen speaks on his experience at the Genesee Abbey and being the Beloved.

Recording of Henri Nouwen at Trent Clergy Conference June 1991

Item consists of a sound recording of talks Nouwen gave at the 1991 Diocesan Clergy Conference for the Anglican Church of Canada between June 3 and June 5, 1991. The Conference took place in Peterborough, Ontario at the Trent Conference Centre. The theme of the conference was "Living the Spiritual Life - A Conference of Priestly Spirituality". SR159 v1: "Monday evening" [cassette consists of music]; SR159 v2: "Tuesday morning"; SR159 v3: "Tuesday afternoon"; SR159 v4 "Tuesday evening"; SR159 v5 "Wednesday morning".

Collected materials

Series consists of material collected by Nouwen on topics, people, and issues of interest. Nouwen used this material for articles, books, lectures, talks, sermons, general interest, and as reference for his duties as pastor, friend, researcher, and writer. Includes journal articles, books, sound recordings, newspaper clippings, photographs, newsletters, and manuscripts. See sub-series level descriptions for more detail.

The series has been arranged in the following six sub-series:
1.12.1. Materials regarding Thomas Merton
1.12.2. Circus material (excluding unpublished manuscripts which are located in the Manuscript Series)
1.12.3. Collected articles
1.12.4. Collected audio cassettes
1.12.5. Postcards and icons
1.12.6. Materials regarding Seward Hiltner

Tapes of Thomas Merton talks

  • CA ON00389 F4-12-1-SR168, SR169, SR170, SR171, SR172, SR173, SR174
  • File
  • [after 1972]
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of seven audio cassettes of Thomas Merton talks given to the monks and the community of the Abbey of Gethsemani and later published by Electronic Paperbacks in 1972. The seven audio cassettes, from a published collection of twelve called "The Merton Tapes", include numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12.

3. "La compassion, service d'amour"

Item consists of 1 audio cassette featuring a Covenant Retreat (Retraite de l'Alliance) in April 1984, with talks by Pere M.D. Philippe, O.P. The title of the retreat was, "L'Alliance et le mystere de la croix."

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