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[unlabeled maroon binder]

Binder contains 315 B&W negatives and 48 B&W photographs depicting a high school tour of the campus, student residences, the Book Awards ceremony reception with B. McClelland, C. Keane, Princ. Thompson, MacLeod, and I. MacDonald, students in Biology lab with microscopes, Art studio, Physics lab, frog dissection, Chemistry lab, students participating in Multicultural Week, students around campus, owls, Convocation with Principal Thompson, books written by Sociology Faculty, Orientation with J. Kennedy, Archeology Dig at the Guild Inn with M. Latta, students on patio BBQ, ribbon cutting of Clubs Office, Renovations film crew for the Principal's res, karate, Police Award Ceremony with McGee, Computers intro with D. Holman, Honours Banquet with Pickett and Henderson, cultural mosaic performance, and portraits of Krashinsky, theatre technician K. Wright, Associate Dean M. Cuddy-Keane, student dons, S. Giles, T. Westbrook, Office of Advancement staff including A. C. Ellis, K. McLeister from the Registrar's office, D. Steeles from Residences, Vice Principal and Assoc. Dean R. Dengler, P. Topham from Residences, Cupchik, A. Latta Publications Co-Ordinator from the Office of Advancement, Rita, Residences staff including P. Laycock and J. Martin, Electronic Services including B. Touchborne and D. Karagianis, and Principal Thompson and students.
Handwritten labels included are "High School Tour", "Krashinsky Portrait", "Theatre Technician Kevin Wright", "Residence Students in Residence", "Residence Students", "Awards Ceremony Reception", "Biology Microscope Book Award", "Melba Cuddy-Keane Book", "Fetal Pig Dissection Biology Lab", "Art Studio, Physics Lab", "Biology Lab Frog", "Physics Lab", "Biology Lab Microscope", "Chemistry Lab", "Multicultural Week", "Physics Lab Chemistry", "Melba- Cuddy Keane Assoc. Dean", "Student Don", "Awards-Orientation Ian Campbell Ian MacDonald", "Internal From Slide Student Residences", "Chemistry Class", "Sandy Giles", "Convocation Paul Thompson", "Sociology Prof. Books Humanities", "Office of Advancement Amelia Canto Ellis, Tony Westbrook", "Office of Advancement Staff", "Karen McLeister, Registrar Tony Westbrook", "Dave Steeles, Residence", "Ron Dengler, Vice Principal Associate Dean, Registrar McLeister", "Orientation Pritchard", "Archeology Dig, Guild Inn", "Orientation John Kennedy", "Orientation", "Students on Patio Barbeque", "Ribbon Cutting, Club Office", "Books by Sociology Faculty", "Log Cabin Dig, Guild Inn, Marti Latta Archeology Class", "Pam Topham, Residences", "Portrait Cupchik", "Allyson Latta, Office of Advancement, Publications Co-Ordinator", "Rita", "Renovations, Film Crew, Principal's Res", "Residence Staff Laycock, Dave Steelle, Jack Martin", "Students on Patio", "Karate", "Business Portrait, Office Advancement", "Electronic Services, Bob Touchbourne Danny Karagianis", "Electronics Danny Karagianis", "Biology, Police Award Ceremony McGee", "Fine art, biology, computer intro, D. Holman", "Chemistry, Metro Police, Raymond (Biology)", "Chemistry", "Honours Banquet, Pickett, Henderson, Biology", "Mosaic Cultural", "Principal Paul Thompson, + Students", "Cultural Week Club", "Club Cultural Week, and Chemistry, Kevin Wright".

Architecture; Architecture and recreation; Award ceremonies; Banquets; Biology program; Ceremonies and celebrations; Chemistry program; Computer Science program; Computers and technology; Convocation; Dean; Department of Arts, Culture and Media; Department of Biological Sciences; Department of Computer and Mathematics; Department of Historical and Cultural Studies; Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences; Department pf Social Sciences; Events - Performances; Faculty; Laboratories; Lectures; Meetings; Music & Culture program; Performances; Principal; Professors; Residential architecture; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Staff; Student groups; Student residences; Students; Students and teachers; Studios; Studying; Thompson, R. Paul, 1947-; University Buildings; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.; Science and Technology; Buildings - Exteriors; Buildings - Interiors; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - Ceremonies; Events - Convocations; Events - General; Events - Performances; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Grounds - Campus Views; Portraits - Students - Portraits - Faculty and Staff; Students - General; Students - Activities; Students - Associations and Clubs

[unlabeled black binder]

Binder contains 280 B&W negatives and 67 B&W photographs depicting portraits of T. Williams from the English Dept, J. Towgood from the Drama Dept, F. Burton, W.M. Barak, M. Eaton, F. Iacouetta, Art student J. Wong, S. Sidiuy from Philosophy, English professor G. Leonard, Residences Don Sherri, C. Johnson, A. Young, and T. Singh for "Campus Closeup", the Student Counselling Services, Fine Arts professor M. Shaw, Physical Services Staff including D. Nyklicek, R. Bryan, B. Hill, B. Smith, J-L. Black, and M. Szatmari, Women's Studies panelists including K. Davis, V. Swendell and R. Ng, Librarian J. Ball, Geology prof. N. Eyles, Psychology professor G. Cupchik, Astronomy professor C. Sandberg, Summer Don for student residences Anya, Residences staff J. Hatt and Mary, MGT and Ec. Teaching Award Winner T.Lipovitz, Winter Student Residences Dons including T. VanSeles, A. Bennett, L. Shipley, D. Cameron, and C. Swilzer [sp?], Parking Attendants J. Woodcock and A. Kostpulos, Chemistry prof. J. Kresge, Management and Economics professor O. Bermin, Chemistry profs J. McLelland and T. Tidwell, T. Westbrook and D. Gradowski from the Graphics Dept., M. Gornik and K. Jones from the Audio Visual Dept., D. Daley, Acting Principal J. Perr, new medical staff from Health Services Dr. S. Maenpaa and Dr. S. Jattan, Disability Services Dept., Campus Security Officer, and artist S. Schlanger, students participating in the "Science Olympics", NSERC Winners J. Mendelson (Psych) and C. Hasenkampf, Women's Day, L. Melhori, Hoogstraten and Abray in Gallery, Principal Thompson presenting Dr. Campbell award to M. Millar from the Library, Academic Services, Computer Room Open House, Principal Thompson and others at the Evening of Stars event, Scar. College vs. Erindale Baseball game in the Valley with Principal Thompson, Grade 3 ESL Students from Military Trail P.S., Academic Services Workshops including Printing with C. Billy, T. Mohr, and R. Strowbridge, A. Rudel filing slides on computer, "Dragon Ball" cheque presentation to Scar. College with Principal Thompson, M. Eaton and W. Barek with students in computer course, physical plant, GALA Lunch in Valley of Lunch Walkers, student Orientation in Meeting Place, Orientation Sunday, Child Care Centre Second Anniversary, New Security Desk Open House, and the bookstore Staff. Handwritten labels included are "Tish Williams - English Dept Joanne Towgood - Drama", "Multi-Media Group: Graphix Dept. William Barak Prof. F. Burton, Mathew Eaton", "Franca Iacouetta", "Joanne Towgood Drama", "Tisa Williams Student - English Dept.", "John Wong - Art Student Sonia Sidiuy - Philosophy", "Gary Leonard - English Dept Franca Iacouetta - History Dept", "Sonia Sidiuy - Philosophy Dept", "Residences Don - Sherri", "Christine Johnson in 'Campus Close- up'", "Alice Young Terry Singh} Pix for 'Campus Close-up'", "Student Counselling Services", "Science Olympics", "Maria Shaw - Fine Arts", "NSERC Winner Julie Mendelson - Psych and Clare Hasenkampf", "Physical Services Staff", "Women's Day: NSERC Winners - Julie Mendelson & Clare Hasenkampf Lise Melhorn - Gallery", "Panelists - Women's Studies Day", "Dr. Campbell Award Maria Millar - Library with Princ. P. Thompson", "John Ball, Library", "Prof. Niel Eyles - Geology Prof. Gerry Cupchik - Psychology", "PRof. Carl Sandberg Astronomy", "Academic Services Computer Room Open House", "Summer Don - Student Residences

Artwork; Athletics and Recreation; Automobiles; Award ceremonies; Ball, John L.; Ceremonies and celebrations; Chemistry program; Computer Science program; Computers and technology; Department of Arts, Culture and Media; Department of Computer and Mathematics; Department of English; Department of Historical and Cultural Studies; Department of Management; Department of Philosophy; Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences; Department of Psychology; Donations; Doris McCarthy Gallery; Economics program; English program; Exhibitions; Faculty; Gallery; Health; Health Studies; Highland Creek Valley (Ont.); History program; Laboratories; Lectures; Librarians; Library; Mathematics program; Meeting Place; Open house; Philosophy program; Principal; Professors; Psychology program; Scarborough (Ont.); Scarborough College; Scarborough College. Gallery; Staff; Students; Students and teachers; Students - - Art; Students - - Athletics and recreation; Thompson, R. Paul, 1947-; University Buildings; University of Toronto at Scarborough. Gallery; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus. Women's and Gender Studies program; Women's and Gender Studies program; Artwork; Athletics; Science and Technology; Women; Buildings Interiors; Events - Celebrations and Socials; Events - Ceremonies; Events - General; Faculty and Staff - General; Faculty and Staff - Teaching; Portraits - Students; Portraits - Faculty and Staff; Students - General

[red Scarborough College binder]

Binder contains 71 colour slides depicting biology cells. Cells are labeled on slides. Some slides are labeled " H.E.", and "B". It is assumed that "B" represents biology.

Science and Technology; Applied Microbiology program; Biology program; Department of Biological Sciences; Microbiology; Scarborough College; University of Toronto. Scarborough Campus.

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