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Photograph of unidentified man

Item consists of a slide of unidentified man, wearing a brown collared shirt, standing and looking over the side of a boat.

Powhatan, Louisiana

File consists of 172 slides of a trip taken by Nouwen. These photographs mostly depict landscapes or unidentified people, although there are several of unidentified cities. Many of the photographs have an imprint which indicates the photographs were taken between August and November 1961. It is likely that Nouwen was in Powhatan, Louisiana, at this time. Slides include photographs of a rural setting, including a man riding a tractor in a field, Leone's Grocery store (in Powhatan, LA), other small grocery stores and gas stations, a lake, children sitting on porch steps, a white church, fields, the building of a house, boys on horseback, a building on fire, a second white church, people on a beach and cotton workers. While in Powhatan, Nouwen likely traveled and took photographs of the cities he visited, including Baton Rouge, LA (P3337, P3340) and Houston, TX (P3344, P3355). There are also two photographs of three nuns on a beach (P3349, P3350). There are four photographs of Nouwen in the file (P3283, P3315, P3320, P3897).

Photographs of the Grand Canyon and Sedona

File consists of 158 photographs, most likely taken by Nouwen, featuring the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and other landscapes located in Arizona. Nouwen is depicted in three of the photographs. For the most part, contents of the pictures feature views of the Grand Canyon, the landscape as taken from a vehicle driving on a road, and rock formations in Sedona, including the Chapel of the Holy Cross. There are two unidentified men in several of the photographs, and these men were possibly colleagues of Nouwen's at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS.

Photograph of Henri Nouwen looking at the Grand Canyon

Item consists of one photograph of Henri Nouwen leaning against a short fence with his hands on the railing, and looking at the Grand Canyon, in Arizona. The photograph was taking slightly behind Nouwen, and he is seen in profile, with the Canyon in front of him and in the background. Nouwen is wearing sunglasses, a tan sweater, and light coloured pants.

Photographs of army training in the Netherlands Antilles

File consists of 211 photographs taken in the Netherlands Antilles (also known as the Dutch Antilles), likely taken by Nouwen. This was likely a training exercise trip taken by members of the Dutch army, including Nouwen while he was a chaplain in the Dutch army.

There are photographs taken while on a hike to the top of a mountain [Christoffelberg], including photographs of several men in green army fatigues, and one photograph of Nouwen in fatigues sitting atop a rock. It appears as though the army conducted a hike, and then were able to sightsee on the island of Curacao.

Other contents of photographs include: a yellow villa (landhuis?); Koffiehaus Jan Cristian in Westpunt [Jan Cristian coffee house]; landscapes including beaches, mountains, cacti, and cactus flowers, and cliffs; city streets and shops; a group of men (likely the same men as depicted in fatigues) socializing; three black children; a group of older people and some children (possibly other Dutch people visiting); people of various ages jumping on a trampoline outside. There are also photographs of men working outside installing some sort of machinery, including one photograph of Nouwen, and also photographs of men at a beach, including one photograph of Nouwen.

Photograph of Henri Nouwen

Item consists of one photograph of Henri Nouwen. Nouwen is working outside with a group of men. He is bent and lifting up one side of a piece of plywood. He is wearing a blue long-sleeved shirt and black pants, as well as black socks and brown sandals.

Photographs of trip to Brazil

File consists of 63 photographs, including some commercial slides, of Brazil. The photographs were likely taken by Nouwen while on a family trip to Brazil. Depicted in the commercial slides is Sao Paolo and important buildings. The contents of the photographs include: Nouwen family members, including Laurent J.M. Nouwen and Maria Nouwen; a horse race; ships and boats; city streets and a fruit market; children and others on a beach; nuns in front of a hospital (P5065), in front of other buildings, and standing with small groups of people; a red dirt road; construction on a house.

Photographs of Dutch ship

File consists of 9 slides featuring photographs taken aboard a Dutch naval ship, likely as part of a tour. Several unidentified people in plainclothes are visible in the photographs, as well as several men in naval uniforms. Shown in one photograph is a man sunbathing on a beach chair. Also depicted is a plane with the label "KON MARINE" [short for Koninklijke Marine, or "Royal Navy", part of the Dutch Ministry of Defence]. Photographs depict the parts of the large ship, including one photograph taken of the unidentified people on the bridge (the room with the steering wheel). Harry Derkx and [his?] children appear in some of the photos.

Unidentified photographs of [Mexico]

File consists of 8 slides featuring photographs of an unidentified location, possibly in Mexico. This includes three photographs of ruins, possibly Mayan ruins, as well as five photographs of an unidentified city.

Photograph of Henri Nouwen

Item consists of one photograph of Henri Nouwen, possibly taken while he was in Rome. Nouwen is seated at a desk and is looking through a thin book or collection of papers. He is wearing glasses as well as a dark suit and a white priest's collar. Visible behind him is part of a plant, a lamp, and there is a painted portrait of, Nouwen's mother, Maria Nouwen, on the wall.

Photograph of Nouwen

Item consists of a slide of Nouwen, wearing a white collared shirt and gray pants, standing between two stone sculptures of (warriors?), (pretending?) to hold up the broken arm and hand of one sculpture.

Photograph of unknown couple on their wedding day

Item consists of one photograph of an unknown couple on their wedding day. The bride and groom are sitting inside of a car in the back seat, and are smiling out of the window at the photographer. There are raindrops on the car.

Page 5 of Album 3

File consists of page 5 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6427]. Taken by Ron van den Bosch, the photo is a head shot of Henri Nouwen standing along a canal in Utrecht.

Fall 1984 retreat notes file

File consists of materials employed in the preparation of the 1984 fall retreat. File includes handwritten notes in Nouwen’s hand for the retreat as well as a note from Sue Mosteller.

Formation course Nov/Dec 1988 - the spirituality of L'Arche file

File consists of materials relating to a formation course on the Spirituality of L'Arche animated by Nouwen, Debbie Leuchner and Susan Zimmerman in November – December 1988 as well as a letter from Nouwen to Leuchner in regards to preparing for the course and its format. File also contains a schedule for the course offered during March – April [1989?].

Gospel of St. John - resources file

File consists of materials in regards to the Gospel of St. John course Nouwen offered in February and March of 1991. File includes letters and memos to the participants from Nouwen, and letters of interest in the course from Daybreak members. The file also contains several pages of handwritten notes in Nouwen's hand in preparation for the course.

Guatemala - church in exile file

File consists of material relating to Guatemala, such as newsletters, booklets, copies of articles as well as handwritten notes in Nouwen's hand about Guatemala.

Guatemala - Kearns, Sr. F.

File consists of a copy of a manuscript by Shelton H. Davis entitled “The evangelical holy war of El Quiché” and a handwritten note by Nouwen with Sr. Francis Kearns address.

Holy Spirit booklet file

File consists of materials pertaining to the creation of the ‘Waiting together for the Holy Spirit’ booklet in 1990 for Daybreak, this includes an original and a copy of the 1990 ‘Waiting together for the Holy Spirit’ booklet, as well as copies of prints used in the booklet. File also contains an original typed letter and signed from Nouwen to the Daybreak community in regards to the booklet and the importance of the week between Ascension Day and Pentecost.

Holy week booklet file

File consists of materials related to the carrying out of Lent at Daybreak in 1989, materials includes schedule of events as well as the original and finished copy of the 1989 Holy Week Booklet for Daybreak. File also contains a published pamphlet written by Nouwen called “Returning: God’s love call us home: Reflection for the days of lent”.

Icons file

File consists of copies of chapters of books, brochures, booklets, and a manuscript about icons.

Insight meditation file

File consists of information and a letter by James W. Skehan regarding a 10 day Buddhist retreat at the Insight Meditation Institute.

Israels, Isaac

File consists of an art guide of paintings by Isaac Israels (1865-1934) from the van Voorst van Beest Gallery in The Hague, Netherlands.

Kairos file

File consists of information booklets regarding Kairos House, San Francisco, California, a resource center for care givers of HIV affected persons.

L'Arche Daybreak general files

File consists of material collected during Nouwen's work at L'Arche Daybreak, including correspondence; manuals; Holy Week schedules; an informal paper Daybreak Award; Holy Week booklet from 1989; and meeting agendas. The file contains many original signed letters and memos from Nouwen to Daybreak and various persons, as well as copied of letters and memos. The file also contains introductory documents of Daybreak and documents related to pay, constitution, responsibilities, and the organization of Daybreak. Materials summarizing the scheduling of Nouwen’s engagements as well as copies of various council meeting minutes are also found in this file. The file also contains letters and memos Nouwen received from Daybreak in relation to his functions there.

Latin America - Bolivia file

  • CA ON00389 F4-13-14190
  • File
  • 1982 - 1988, predominant 1986 - 1988
  • Part of Henri Nouwen fonds

File consists of letters from Félix Gregori and Alcibíades Rodriguez Suarez as well as newsletters pertaining to Latin America called "Andean focus" and "Update". File also contains a photograph attached to the letter dated December 23, 1986, in which Alcibíades Rodriguez Suarez asks Nouwen to sponsor his four month old son to be baptized.

Photograph of Michael Alex

Item consists of one photograph of a small boy, approximately four months old, sitting on a stone ground with grass behind him. This is the son of Aleibiades Rodriguez Suarez, a man from Bolivia that wrote to Nouwen asking him to sponsor the boy so he could be baptized.


File consists of a handwritten list of names (in Nouwen's hand). Some names are crossed off. Some of the names include Mary Carney, Jutta Ayer, Michael Harank, Bob Durback, and many others.

List of contacts

File consists of a list of Chaplains in Beale, CA, and the telephone number and address for the chapel.

Mogabgab, John file

File consists of copies of manuscripts written by John Mogabgab as well as copies of handwritten notes in Nouwen’s hand outlining a course they taught together in 1982 called “Parker on Community: Expectant Waiting”.

Molina, Father Uriel file

File consists of a letter from Solveig D. Eskedahl and Joseph L. Sholkin on behalf of Fr. Uriel Molina as well as a copy of a “letter to the editors” letter written by Molina regarding Nicaragua and Central America. The file also contains a copy of the Nicaragua portion of a book with an unknown title, the table on contents is copied with the Nicaraguan portion.

Nouwen bibliography

File consists of a "List of Henri Nouwen Titles by Publisher" (April 1991); a copy of "Theology and Experience: A Complete Bibliography on Henri Nouwen" by Robert Durback (TSF Bulletin September-October 1983); a copy of Christian Spirituality: A Short Bibliography; and a photocopy of "The Life of Christian Devotion Bibliography."

Nuclear issues file

File consists of materials pertaining to nuclear war and pastoral issues, includes two published booklets as well as a copy of an article “Nuclear weapons and nuclear war: The shape of the Catholic debate” by David Hollenbach.

Our Lady of Sorrows file

File consists of a card with two picture cutouts of stained glass windows depicting St. Luke and St. John. On the verso, inscribed in pen, possible Nouwen's hand, verses from John 19:25-37 and Luke 2:33-35.

Palmgrove Community

File consists of a promotional leaflet about the Palmgrove Community in Utu-Abak, Nigeria. The leaflet is titled "A Day in the Life of Shared Work Learning and Joy" and gives information and pictures on the laundry department, the medical clinic, the school, and Palmgrove tiles (a source of income for the community).

Pastoral team, L'Arche

File consists of materials created by the Pastoral Team between 1992 and 1996 [predominant 1995]. This includes the Holy Week 1996 schedule; minutes of meetings of the Pastoral team; list of the 1996-1997 Pastoral Team; memos regarding meetings and meeting agendas; "Suggestions for Homilists and Readers regarding anti-Judaism in New Testament readings" from L'Arche Daybreak Pastoral Team Ecumenical and Interfaith Committee; Proposed Mandate for Beth Porter's Inter-confessional Ministry; Holy Thursday Service (April 4, 1996) and Easter Vigil (April 6, 1996) schedules with notepad of Holy Sacrament of Baptism forms; "Some Reflections on the Pastor, the Pastoral Team and the Pastoral Team Leader"; letter from Archbishop of Toronto with concerns about the Provincial Government's proposed legislation to extend spousal benefits to same-sex couples; and a Confirmation certificate for Gail Stevens.

Peace Pentecost file

File consists of handwritten notes in Nouwen’s hand regarding Peace Pentecost and a pamphlet from a mass given by Nouwen on May 26, 1985, as part of a conference organized by the Sojourners Peace Ministry. The conference was titled, "The Rise of Christian Conscience: A national conference for Christian Nonviolence and Civil Disobedience," and took place in Washington, D.C., May 25-28, 1985.

Peace pilgrim file

File consists of newsletters from Peace Pilgrim as well as information pertaining to the organization. File also contains letters from Peace Pilgrim to Nouwen.

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