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Page 11 of Album 3

File consists of page 11 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6433]. Taken by Ron van den Bosch, the photo is a head shot of Henri Nouwen in Utrecht.

Page 12 of Album 3

File consists of page 12 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6434]. Take by Ron van den Bosch, the photo is a full-body shot of Henri Nouwen leaning against a post along a canal in Utrecht.

Page 7 of Album 3

File consists of page 7 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6429]. Taken by Ron van den Bosch, the photo is a shot of Henri shaking hands with an unidentified boy along a canal in Utrecht.

Page 8 of Album 3

File consists of page 8 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6430]. Taken by Ron van den Bosch, the photo is a head shot of Henri Nouwen along a canal in Utrecht.

Page 9 of Album 3

File consists of page 9 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6431]. Taken by Ron van den Bosch, the photo is a partial body shot of Henri Nouwen along a canal in Utrecht.

Page 10 of Album 3

File consists of page 10 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6432]. Taken by Ron van den Bosch, the photo shows Henri Nouwen standing on a street in Utrecht. His eyes are closed and the Dom Tower is visible in the background.

Page 4 of Album 3

File consists of page 4 of Album 3. There are eight photographs on the page [P6419, P6420, P6421, P6422, P6423, P6424, P6425, P6426]. Possibly taken between August 16-30, 1970 on a retreat in Vermont, Henri Nouwen is seen working and with friends, including Don McNeill, Bob Antonelli and Claude Pomerleau.

The annotations on the back of the photos read:

P6419: Bob Antonelli met de kinderen van Claude's [illegible]

P6420: [Illegible] van Claude

P6421: Claude, Don en de moeder van Claude [bijleren?] de H. [Mis?]

P6422: Don

Page 5 of Album 3

File consists of page 5 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6427]. Taken by Ron van den Bosch, the photo is a head shot of Henri Nouwen standing along a canal in Utrecht.

Page 6 of Album 3

File consists of page 6 of Album 3. There is one photograph on the page [P6428]. Taken by Ron van den Bosch, the photo is a full-body shot of Henri along a canal in Utrecht.

Page 2 of Album 3

File consists of page 2 of Album 3. There are seven photographs on the page [P6406, P6407, P6408, P6409, P6410, P6411, P6412]. Henri Nouwen is seen giving a talk and conversing with attendees at an unknown event.

Page 3 of Album 3

File consists of page 3 of Album 3. There are six photographs on the page [P6413, P6414, P6415, P6416, P6417, P6418]. Included are photos of Henri Nouwen relaxing outside in Aspen, Colorado in May 1972; Henri Nouwen at an outdoor event at Yale Divinity School in 1974; Henri Nouwen conversing with John Yates and a Jesuit student at the Instituto de Idiomas in Cochabamba, Bolivia in July 1972; and Henri Nouwen giving a talk.

The annotations on the back of the photos read:

P6413 (Nouwen): Mei Aspen '72

P6414 (Nouwen): Aspen Mei '72

P6415 (Nouwen?): Yale Divinity School zomer 1974

P6416 (Nouwen): Langauge Institute in Cochabamba, Bolivia - Talking during [?] with John Yates and Jesuit student Juli '72

Page 1 of Album 3

File consists of page 1 of Album 3. There are five photographs on the page [P6400, P6401, P6402, P6403, P6404, P6405]. Henri Nouwen is seen with friends, including Trudi Habes, Dick and Doak van Dalen and Seward and Helen Hiltner at a celebration in his honour in November 1970; and away on retreat with Newman Chaplains in June, 1972 in Dayton, Ohio and Detroit, Michigan.

The annotations on the back of the photos read:

P6400 (unknown hand): Left to right Trudi Habes, Harri, (hidden) - Dave, Dick van Dalen, Doak van Dalen (back to camera) Nov 1970

P6401 (unknown hand): November 26, 1970 - The Cake H.[S?]. Harri Nouwen

P6402 (unknown hand): Trudi Habes, Seward, Harri November 70

P6403: Nov. 26, 1970 Seward, Helen, Harri

P6404 (Nouwen): Retraite [dajvan?] Newman chaplains bij Dayton Ohio

P6405 (Nouwen): Detroit Retreat for Newman Champlains Sacred Heart Seminary June 1972

Miscellaneous photographs

File consists of four slides featuring miscellaneous photographs. Two of the photographs feature Henri Nouwen; in both photographs he is reading a pamphlet or magazine. One photograph features Nouwen's parents, Laurent J. M. and Maria Nouwen, dressed more formally and standing outside, possibly at a horse race. The fourth photograph features Laurent J. M. Nouwen sitting in a study smoking a pipe while a young girl, possibly Nouwen's niece, smiles at the camera.

Photographs from marriage festivities for Laurien Nouwen and Marc van Campen

File consists of 8 slides featuring Maria Nouwen, Laurien Nouwen, Marc van Campen and other unidentified people likely taken during the festivities surrounding the marriage of Laurien Nouwen and Marc van Campen in June 1966. Six of the slides feature people, including Maria Nouwen (P5100, P5101); Laurien Nouwen and Marc van Campen (P5096); unidentified men in suits and an unidentified women in semi-formal attire (P5097 - P5098). The two slides which do not feature people show houses, which may be the buildings where the couple were married and received by families and friends.

Photographs of trip to Brazil

File consists of 63 photographs, including some commercial slides, of Brazil. The photographs were likely taken by Nouwen while on a family trip to Brazil. Depicted in the commercial slides is Sao Paolo and important buildings. The contents of the photographs include: Nouwen family members, including Laurent J.M. Nouwen and Maria Nouwen; a horse race; ships and boats; city streets and a fruit market; children and others on a beach; nuns in front of a hospital (P5065), in front of other buildings, and standing with small groups of people; a red dirt road; construction on a house.

Photographs of Dutch ship

File consists of 9 slides featuring photographs taken aboard a Dutch naval ship, likely as part of a tour. Several unidentified people in plainclothes are visible in the photographs, as well as several men in naval uniforms. Shown in one photograph is a man sunbathing on a beach chair. Also depicted is a plane with the label "KON MARINE" [short for Koninklijke Marine, or "Royal Navy", part of the Dutch Ministry of Defence]. Photographs depict the parts of the large ship, including one photograph taken of the unidentified people on the bridge (the room with the steering wheel). Harry Derkx and [his?] children appear in some of the photos.

Unidentified photographs of [Mexico]

File consists of 8 slides featuring photographs of an unidentified location, possibly in Mexico. This includes three photographs of ruins, possibly Mayan ruins, as well as five photographs of an unidentified city.

Photographs of Vatican II

File consists of 86 slides featuring photographs taken at the Vatican II Council, most likely taken by Nouwen. The Second Vatican Council began on October 11, 1962, and closed on December 8, 1965. Photographs feature St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, including two photographs taken outside in St. Peter's Square. The photographs show the many people seated inside the Basilica during the Council, and also show the Pope and other Bishops and Cardinals. There are a few photographs taken during a break, including a photograph of a refreshments stand. Included in the file is one photograph of Nouwen inside an office.

Photographs of army training in the Netherlands Antilles

File consists of 211 photographs taken in the Netherlands Antilles (also known as the Dutch Antilles), likely taken by Nouwen. This was likely a training exercise trip taken by members of the Dutch army, including Nouwen while he was a chaplain in the Dutch army.

There are photographs taken while on a hike to the top of a mountain [Christoffelberg], including photographs of several men in green army fatigues, and one photograph of Nouwen in fatigues sitting atop a rock. It appears as though the army conducted a hike, and then were able to sightsee on the island of Curacao.

Other contents of photographs include: a yellow villa (landhuis?); Koffiehaus Jan Cristian in Westpunt [Jan Cristian coffee house]; landscapes including beaches, mountains, cacti, and cactus flowers, and cliffs; city streets and shops; a group of men (likely the same men as depicted in fatigues) socializing; three black children; a group of older people and some children (possibly other Dutch people visiting); people of various ages jumping on a trampoline outside. There are also photographs of men working outside installing some sort of machinery, including one photograph of Nouwen, and also photographs of men at a beach, including one photograph of Nouwen.

Photographs of the Grand Canyon and Sedona

File consists of 158 photographs, most likely taken by Nouwen, featuring the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and other landscapes located in Arizona. Nouwen is depicted in three of the photographs. For the most part, contents of the pictures feature views of the Grand Canyon, the landscape as taken from a vehicle driving on a road, and rock formations in Sedona, including the Chapel of the Holy Cross. There are two unidentified men in several of the photographs, and these men were possibly colleagues of Nouwen's at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS.

Photographs of May 1967

File consists of 19 photographs of an unknown group of men. These photographs were likely taken while Nouwen was teaching a non-credit course to priests on Pastoral Care at Moreau Seminary, Notre Dame University (Notre Dame, IN). There are seven men visible in the photographs. They are at a large house in a rural area. Also depicted is a wooden walkway and some trees, and one of the men catching a ball.

Photographs of November 1965

File consists of 33 photographs from the fall of 1965, most likely taken by Nouwen during the time he was working at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS. The exact locations of many of the photographs are unknown. Contents of the photographs include: a destroyed brick church (possibly in New Orleans, a small piece of a sign reading "Carrollton...Wrecking"), a beach, a cityscape (taken from a car); green fields in fall; a parade (possibly taken in Kansas City); and the construction of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, MO inside Jefferson National Memorial.

Photographs of University of Notre Dame and Colorado

File consists of 43 photographs from August to September 1966, most likely taken by Nouwen. Photographs feature images taken at the University of Notre Dame, including photographs of the University Administration building, the Sacred Heart Church, and the Notre Dame Memorial Library. There is an unidentified couple pictured in several of the photographs from the University of Notre Dame; the woman is wearing a green dress. There are also photographs taken inside a train, and photographs of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Photographs of University of Notre Dame versus Purdue football

File consists of 35 photographs of a football game between the University of Notre Dame and Purdue University from 1966. These photographs were most likely taken by Nouwen. Contents of photographs include: the crowd in the stands, the marching bands on the field, the Purdue mascot and a large bass drum, close-up shots of the marching bands outside of the stadium, and crowds outside the stadium. A second group of photographs depict the game as well as the Notre Dame marching band in a park area.

Photographs of Topeka, Kansas

File consists of 127 photographs taken while Nouwen was working at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS. The photographs feature landscapes, the outside of the Menninger Clinic buildings, unidentified people (including several children), a group of men hunting in the winter, a group of men riding horses (including one photograph of Nouwen and several taken from the back of a horse), a red Volkswagen Beetle car, a large group of men in a line entering a large building (possibly a capitol building?), some of a lunar module outside (possibly taken in Houston?). These photographs were likely taken by Nouwen between November 1964 and November 1965.

Photographs of Mexico

File consists of 39 photographs, mostly likely taken by Nouwen, in Mexico. One photograph features Nouwen and one photograph features Nouwen's parents. Featured in the photographs is Guadalajara cathedral, a fountain in Guadalajara, other churches, views of city streets, and photographs taken in a rural area with views of mountains and a town with a large church.

Photographs of unknown location

File consists of 44 slides featuring photographs taken in an unknown location, perhaps somewhere in the Caribbean, such as Haiti. There are palm trees visible in some photographs, and other trees. There are several photographs of small children, as well as some that appear to be taken inside a school (P4030-P4031). There are images of huts and people standing near to these huts. There are also some photographs of white priests in white robes, perhaps at a Mission building. Several photographs feature the outside of a white cement-block church. There are other white adults in photographs, perhaps other Mission workers. Some photographs were taken in a city, some featuring a marketplace, and some featuring city streets and a wall along a bay. An older man and woman are in some of the photographs in different locations, but they are unidentified.

Photographs of Holland

File consists of 47 slides featuring photographs taken in the Netherlands. These photographs were possibly taken in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. Some photographs feature the canal that runs through Amsterdam. There are photographs of buildings in a city as well as in a more country setting, as well of some photographs of windmills. There are also several photographs of paintings, perhaps done by Rembrandt van Rijn (P3964-P3966).

Photographs of [Ireland]

File consists of 104 slides featuring photographs likely taken in Ireland and in the United Kingdom. Photographs feature unknown individuals in unknown landscapes. There are some photographs of mountains, stone markers, and a photograph of a group of priests in front of a stone church (P4146). There is one photograph featuring a bust of John Henry Cardinal Newman (P4091). There is one image featuring a city street with double-decker buses (P4105).

Photographs of Houston, Louisiana, Miami

File consists of 40 slides featuring photographs likely of Houston, TX, Baton Rouge or New Orleans, LA, and Miami, FL. It is unknown when these photographs were taken, but it is possible they were taken around the time Nouwen was staying in Powhatan, LA, in 1962. Photographs feature landscapes and buildings, and a few unidentified people, including three nuns.

Photographs of New Mexico

File consists of 116 photographs taken in New Mexico, most likely taken by Nouwen while on a trip to New Mexico with his parents. These photographs mostly feature landscapes and buildings: desert, forests, and rock formations. Some photographs feature the San Miguel chapel at San Miguel Mission, the Chaco Canyon ruins, some Pueblos, and a red Volkswagen Beetle car, which Nouwen and his parents likely drove while in New Mexico. Several of the photographs feature Nouwen's parents. Three photographs feature Nouwen.

Christ the Redeemer

File consists of 1 slide featuring an icon by Andrei Rublev, titled "Christ the Redeemer" or "Le Sauveur" ["The Saviour"]. The icon features Jesus Christ. The actual icon is damaged, and was a fresco, possibly painted by Rublev in the 1420s for one of Zvenigorod cathedrals. The icon is now located in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, Russia.

Photographs of Israel

File consists of 59 slides featuring photographs taken around Israel. It is likely that Nouwen took these photographs while on a trip to Israel in the late 1950s. It does not appear as though Nouwen is in any of the photographs. Some photographs do feature individuals, but the photographs mostly feature landscapes and buildings, including photographs of Nazareth, Haifa, Judea mountains, and a kibbutz.
The slides are numbered, in Nouwen's hand, and included in the file is a list which matches the numbers and briefly describes the contents. List is in Dutch.

Photographs of an unknown trip

File consists of 14 slides from a trip taken by Nouwen. Nouwen is in none of the photographs. The contents of the photographs include, two photographs of a Pan American airplane, the outside of Miami International Airport, the inside of the airport, a photograph of a National airplane, a view of the National terminal at the airport, and 7 photographs taken from the window of the airplane during the flight. It is unknown why Nouwen took this trip, and where he was flying.

Commercial slides

File consists of 137 commercial slides, collected by Nouwen. These slides feature images of a statue of Erasmus (Rotterdam, the Netherlands); the steamer boat "President" (New Orleans, LA); Bourbon Street in New Orleans, LA; images of the S.S. Maasdam of the Holland America Line (possibly the ship on which Nouwen worked as chaplain in 1961); Mammoth Cave, KY; Sawyer's demonstration slide of a Mirascreen projection for slides; Curacao; unknown South American city; 'New York City Skyscrapers'; 'Pope Paul VI in the U.S.A.'; University of Notre Dame (Notre Dame, IN); New York City, NY; Native American dancers from Buffalo Ranch; two sets of slides featuring the Abbey of Gethsemani (Trappist, KY); Mexico; Mexican folklore dances; 'My Old Kentucky Home' (photographs of a home and actors inside); the Grand Canyon National Park, AZ; Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia in Cordoba, Mexico; paintings by Holbein and Frans Hals; and the Gemini IV space walk from June 3-7, 1965.

Photographs of unknown trip

File consists of 91 slides of a trip taken by Nouwen to Washington, D.C. and perhaps Florida, including two photographs of Nouwen. The purposes of this trip are unknown. There are several unidentified people in the photographs. Depicted in the photographs is: an older couple standing in a doorway, a gas station (named 'American'), views of Washington, D.C., the Capitol Building, a beach (likely Florida or another southern State), the White House, several aerial shots taken from an airplane (including a view showing the city of Washington, D.C., as well as of the Lincoln Memorial and Mall), the Washington Monument with an unidentified man in the foreground, the Lincoln Memorial, unidentified landscapes (some of water), the Iwo Jima memorial, some photographs possibly taken on or from a boat, photographs with trees that are in southern states (such as palm trees), and an unidentified woman reading. Some photographs in the series P4200 - P4236 feature the same unidentified young man.

Photographs of Nouwen and others

File consists of 4 slides featuring photographs of a trip taken by Nouwen, including two photographs of Nouwen. Nouwen is with an unidentified group of people. In three of the photographs, Nouwen and those with him are on a large boat, perhaps a ferry (there are benches in one photograph). The last photograph was taken in a city (a city is visible in the background of one of the earlier photographs).

Powhatan, Louisiana

File consists of 172 slides of a trip taken by Nouwen. These photographs mostly depict landscapes or unidentified people, although there are several of unidentified cities. Many of the photographs have an imprint which indicates the photographs were taken between August and November 1961. It is likely that Nouwen was in Powhatan, Louisiana, at this time. Slides include photographs of a rural setting, including a man riding a tractor in a field, Leone's Grocery store (in Powhatan, LA), other small grocery stores and gas stations, a lake, children sitting on porch steps, a white church, fields, the building of a house, boys on horseback, a building on fire, a second white church, people on a beach and cotton workers. While in Powhatan, Nouwen likely traveled and took photographs of the cities he visited, including Baton Rouge, LA (P3337, P3340) and Houston, TX (P3344, P3355). There are also two photographs of three nuns on a beach (P3349, P3350). There are four photographs of Nouwen in the file (P3283, P3315, P3320, P3897).

Photographs of Nouwen's trip to Greece

File consists of 138 slides of Nouwen's trip to Greece with several unidentified friends. Slides depict mainly local scenes and scenery, and were previously housed in four slide trays each labelled "Griekenland" I - IV.

Photographs of Selma-Montgomery march and personal photographs of Nouwen's

File consists of seventy-four slides of Martin Luther King Jr.'s civil rights march (attended by Nouwen), which began in Selma, AL, on March 21, 1965, and arrived in Montgomery, AL, on March 25, 1965. File also contains seven slides taken by or featuring Nouwen, including one slide featuring Nouwen in military uniform, one slide of the original Menninger Clinic, one slide taken by Nouwen during a trip, and four slides from a University of Notre Dame football game.

L'Arche portfolio

File consists of one photograph album titled "L'Arche Portfolio" which was created by Peter Weiskel in December 1985 and holds 104 photographs. These photographs were taken by Weiskel while he was visiting with Henri Nouwen in France at L'Arche Trosly-Breuil. Nouwen and Weiskel also possibly took a few excursions together in France, as some photographs are not from L'Arche Trosly-Breuil. The photographs are labelled sequentially with numbered labels, although some labels are missing.

Photographs in the album depict the town of Trosly, L'Arche Trosly-Breuil grounds and buildings; core members and assistants at L'Arche Trosly-Breuil, including some photographs at a gathering; some photographs of meals at various houses of L'Arche Trosly-Breuil; photographs of Pere Thomas, Pauline Vanier, Jean Vanier, Henri Nouwen, Xavier le Pichon and Brigitte le Pichon; and photographs of Morienval and Ourscamp.

Photograph album of trip to Spetsai, Greece

File consists of one photograph album containing photographs from a trip taken to Spetsai [Spetses], Greece in August 1963. Nouwen had at least two travel companions (one unknown man and one unknown woman), as they are featured in a few of the photographs. There are notations in Nouwen's hand labeling the photographs, giving names of some of the locations, which include Daphne [Daphni monastery], Piraeus, Mivas, and Dappia. Nouwen is in four of the photographs.

Photograph album of military experiment

File consists of one photograph album containing photographs of a military experiment in which Nouwen participated, during his time as a military chaplain. The photographs show some of the experiment and training, but most photographs are candid photographs of those also involved in the exercise while off-duty. These candid photographs include mealtimes, cleaning, and socializing. Nouwen is included in six photographs.

Also included in the album is a card thanking the participants of the experiment. The phrase is, "Aangeboden door de Commissaris der Koningin in de Provincie Gelderland, in samenwerking met de Stichting Bevordering Bescherming Bevolking, aan de deelnemers aan oefening Copex" ["Offered by the Queen's Commissioner in the Province of Gelderland, in collaboration with the Foundation for Promoting Civil Defence, to the participants in exercise Copex"]. Henri Nouwen signed his card.

Photographs of L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of 14 photographs of members of L'Arche Daybreak, taken at events. The photographs were taken while Nouwen was at Daybreak, but it is unknown why these photographs were scanned and placed together. There is one photograph of Nouwen. Photographs include:
1 - Photograph of the Spirit Movers, a dance group consisting of L'Arche Daybreak core members.
2 - Photograph of three unknown individuals speaking into microphones. They are assistants. Bill van Buren can be seen to their right. The man and woman in the center are wearing sweatshirts with the L'Arche Daybreak 25th Anniversary logo. All of those visible are wearing red scarves.
3 - Photograph of two core members working in the Woodery.
4 - Photograph of Francis Maurice wearing a white robe and a crown of thorns, and carrying a wooden cross. Other members of L'Arche Daybreak are visible around him.
5 - Photograph of Henri Nouwen and Francis Maurice welcoming Gail [Stevens] into the Catholic church.
6 - Photograph of Sue Mosteller and Heather Goodchild laughing together.
7 - Photograph of Sue Mosteller washing the feet of Tracy Westerby.
8 - Photograph of Roy Turkel, wearing a newsboy cap, white collared shirt, suspenders, and jeans, laughing and looking to his right.
9 - Photograph of Roy Turkel, Anne P. and John Smeltzer at the 25th Anniversary dinner for L'Arche Daybreak.
10 - Photograph of an assistant, Nathalie [Last name unknown] with Michael Barrett.
11 - Photograph of an unknown woman with a core member.
12 - Photograph of Zenia Kushpeta and Rose Decker opening a present together.
13 - Photograph of Tracy Westerby washing the feet of Sue Mosteller at the foot washing service on Holy Thursday.
14 - Photograph of members of the retirement programme sharing a meal together.

Framed photographs from Nouwen's home

File consists of 22 photographs, most of which are framed. These photographs were kept by Nouwen in his home. Most depict Nouwen family members. Included in the file is a framed woven piece of fabric, which was stored with the photographs.

Photograph of Unilever

File consists of 1 photograph of an Unilever, taken from a distance, which is a factory complex at which Nouwen was an intern in the summer of 1958.

Photographs of altar and old chapel at L'Arche Daybreak

File consists of 68 photographs and negatives of photographs taken in the chapel at L'Arche Daybreak of the altar. These photographs are mainly different views and configurations of the altar at L'Arche Daybreak. They were likely taken on different days, as there are different cloths, chalices, flowers, and other ornamentation, in each of the photographs. Contents of photographs are as follows:
P3596 - P3598 - The altar with a purple cloth, six glass chalices, and two glass patens. In front of the table (made by Joe Child) is the crucifix (also made by Joe Child), a bowl painted to look like two hands, flowers, and candles placed on a blue cloth. Chairs are arranged behind the table.
P3599 - P3600 - The altar with a flowered cloth and two candles in glasses. A single chair is placed behind the table. In front is a painting of Jesus and another figure, a tall candle, two vases with bouquets of flowers, and a branch with paper butterflies attached. The wooden tabernacle can be seen in the background.
P3601, P3603 - The bare altar with a small white cloth upon which is rested a glass chalice and a glass paten. There is wine in the chalice and a loaf of bread on the paten. An open Bible is on the table, as well as two white candles in glasses. Two more of these candles are on the floor in front of the table, along with a vase of yellow and white flowers.
P3602 - The bare altar with a small white cloth upon which rests a glass chalice and large glass plate. There is wine in the cup and a loaf of bread on the plate. A Bible is open on a wooden book stand next to the loaf. There are two lit candles in glasses on either end of the table, and one small vase with a single white and a single red carnation. The colourful tapestry is visible behind.
P3604 - The bare altar with the white cloth, two candles, a red Bible open on the table, and a vase of flowers on the flower in front, with candles.
P3605 - P3607 - The bare altar with a white cloth, glass chalice with wine, paten with small loaf of bread, candles, open Bible, and a gold icon of the Virgin Mary and Jesus on the floor in front.
P3644 - PP3645 - The bare altar with a white cloth, glass chalice with wine, paten with small loaf of bread, candles, open Bible, and a vase of red roses.
P3646 - P3648 - Two wooden crucifixes. One is located in the Nouwen fonds.
P3649 - P3653 - Various views of the colourful tapestry that hangs on the wall in the old chapel. It is abstract, but depicts people and a cross with a figure in front (possibly Jesus or God).
P3654 - P3663 - Various views and close-ups of a wooden statue located in the chapel. The statue depicts a carving woman with her arms around three children, with three more children in front of her holding an infant. The woman is likely the Virgin Mary. This statue can be seen in the background of many of the above photographs of the altar.

P3608 - P3643 - Negatives. Some of these negatives are of the altar in various configurations, like the photographs listed above. Contents include:
P3608 - P3610 - A woman in a green shirt in front of the sign for Sioux Lookout Park in the City of Burlington.
P3611 - P3614 - A gathering in the old chapel at L'Arche Daybreak. In the first photograph, people are milling about. Nouwen can be seen in the background in dark robes and a stole. In the second, Nouwen is in front of the altar leaning to touch a candle on the table. Sr. Sue Mosteller is behind him. In the third, Nouwen and seven others are seated in chairs behind the altar. Nouwen is leaning over to talk with the person next to him [possibly Janice Byrne]. In the fourth, the group is again standing.
P3615 - P3630 - Various viewpoints of the altar, with items on the floor in front. P3622 depicts a wooden crucifix, not the same as seen in P3696.
P3631 - P3641 - Another view of the altar, without items in front. It is possible that these negatives correspond to P3602.
P3642 - P3643 - Nouwen entering the chapel and then standing inside the chapel in front of the altar. He appears to be wearing a sweater and collared shirt, and light-coloured pants.

Framed photographs

File consists of 6 framed photographs. These photographs mostly feature individuals. They were most likely displayed or stored in Nouwen's office at L'Arche Daybreak.

Photographs of Niagara Falls

File consists of three photographs. Two photographs depict Niagara Falls, one photograph shows the Canada - United States border.

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