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Sheila Watson fonds
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Reading, research and reference notes

Sub- series consists of 9 files containing typed and handwritten notes related to Watson's personal and professional reading and academic research, including extensive bibliographic references found on loose paper, cigarette packages and scra...

Reading notebooks

Sub- series consists of 40 files containing reading and research notes in notebooks, some of which can be dated. These notebooks relate to Watson's reading notes created in the course of her personal and professional activities as a writer, P...

Public readings, interviews and conference material

Sub-series consists of 24 files of correspondence, posters and manuscripts by Watson related to public readings of her work, transcripts of interviews she granted, and conferences she attended. Files are arranged alphabetically by organizing commi...

Outgoing Correspondence

Sub-series consists of handwritten letter drafts and typed copies of Watson's outgoing letters, including letters of recommendation, correspondence with thesis students, letters to friends and family and letters to her husband Wilfred Watson....

Incoming Correspondence.

Sub-series consists of correspondence, including letters, greeting cards, official correspondence and postcards from Watson's friends, family, university colleagues, academic scholars, students, government officials, authors, visual artists, ...

Editorial, collaborative and contributive material

Sub-series consists of correspondence, manuscripts, transcribed diaries, news clippings, research notes and annotations related to specific instances where Watson acted as an editor, advisor, contributor, or provided paratext to aspiring authors a...

Collected material

Sub- series consists of six sub-sub-series of material purchased and collected by Watson for the purpose of her academic research, creative writing, personal interest and professional responsibilities as a professor, thesis supervisor and member o...

Canada Council material

Sub-series consists of includes correspondence and official documentation related to Watson’s activities with various panels and committees of the Canada Council, where she served as a consultant and jury member who read submitted manuscripts and ...

Manuscript regarding Marshall McLuhan and transgression

File consists of three pages of annotated typescript regarding the impact of Marshall McLuhan and his use of transgression in his work. This piece may have been the script for a lecture which Watson was asked to give following the death of McLuhan...

Manuscript regarding the translation of Quebec literature

File consists of three pages of typescript and handwritten prose regarding the 1979 publication of a collection of bilingual translations of Quebec literature. This may have been an academic article or the beginning of a book review.

Manuscript of Myth and Counter-myth

File consists of a 28 page annotated typescript of the article "Myth and Counter-myth" published in White Pelican 4:1 (Winter 1974): 7-19.

Manuscripts of Canada and Wyndham Lewis the Artist

File consists of two carbon copied typescripts of the article "Canada and Wyndham Lewis the Artist" that would be published in Canadian Literature 35 (Winter 1968): 44-61, including a 29 page heavily annotated typescript including two pa...

Manuscript of Artist Ape as Crowd-Master

File consists of a 6 page carbon copy of Watson's article "Artist Ape as Crowd-Master" published in Marshall McLuhan's special insert "Explorations" in the University of Toronto magazine The Varsity Graduate 11:2 (Su...

Manuscript regarding St. Augustine and the city

File consists of a three page typescript regarding St.Augustine and his conception of the city annotated "SW" on the first page. This article may have been intended to be an introductory piece in an anthology project on the city in lite...

Manuscripts regarding Wyndham Lewis

File consists of four typescripts regarding Wyndham Lewis which may be versions of chapters of Watson's thesis or later articles and lectures which she developed out of her research. They include: a 19 page typescript which has been heavily a...

Manuscript of one poem

File consists of one typed poem "Dark in my heart of darkness" presumed to be by Watson, containing a ink drawing on the reverse by Wilfred Watson titled "Annual Meet of the Vancouver Branch of the David Society."

Manuscript of three poems

File consists of a typescript of three poems, "Heuros has a nightmare", "Heuros makes a decision" and "If I were Resoun & not nature". These poems are presumed to be by Watson as they contain no annotations, nor a...

Manuscript of nine poems

File consists of nine typed poems, including "The osprey", "Bird's words", "Sometimes between light and light", "The sacrifice", "O superbia initium sumpsit omnis perditio", "I have seen ...

Manuscripts of The Padded Pew

File consists of an envelope annotated "The Padded Pew" containing several copies of a version of the short story that would be published as "The Rumble Seat", including an original and carbon copy of the fourteen page short st...

Manuscript of The Padded Pew

File consists of a 17 page annotated typescript of the short story "The Padded Pew", later published as "The Rumble Seat", containing two versions of pages 1 and 2.

Manuscript of The Black Dogs

File consists of a 4 page typescript of the short story "The Black Dogs", which would later be published at "And the Four Animals...".

Manuscript of Haemon's story

  • CA ON00389 2-2-2-2006 01 56
  • File
  • [between August 19, 1955 and August 6, 1956]
  • Part of Sheila Watson fonds

File consists of a 15 page annotated typescript with title page of an early version of the short story "Antigone", here titled "Haemon's Story". The return address printed on the title page is Watson's apartment in P...

Manuscript of The Padded Pew

File consists of an original file folder containing a 17 page typescript of the short story "The Padded Pew", later published as "The Rumble Seat". There are notes and annotations on the file folder.

Manuscript fragments of Oedipus and Eurydice short story

File consists of a postmarked envelope addressed to Sheila Watson in Calgary in her own handwriting containing 36 typed and heavily annotated pages of a short story featuring the characters Oedipus, Orpheus and Eurydice. Of these, 14 pages are at...

Manuscripts of On the right bank of the river

  • CA ON00389 2-2-2-2006 01 55
  • File
  • [between November 1953 and 1958]
  • Part of Sheila Watson fonds

File consists of three draft versions of the short story "On the right bank of the river", which would later be published as "Antigone", including: four typed pages of beginning paragraphs of the story, heavily annotated by Wat...

Manuscript of Brother Oedipus

File consists of a 14 page typescript of "Brother Oedipus" with a title page signed by Watson. This appears to be a final draft that she may have submitted for publication.

Manuscript of Hania short story

File consists of two typed pages of a short story beginning with a quotation from the Gospel of Thomas and featuring a female character Hania. This short story is presumed to be written by Watson as it does not contain any annotations or signature...

Manuscript fragments of unpublished short stories

File consists of the contents of an original file folder containing 26 pages of handwritten and annotated typescripts of what appear to be three short story drafts and research notes, including: one torn sheet of typed material; three four-leaf ga...

Notebook regarding The Double Hook from Paris

  • CA ON00389 2-2-1-2006 01 46
  • File
  • [between August 19, 1955 and August 6, 1956]
  • Part of Sheila Watson fonds

File consists of a notebook kept by Sheila Watson while she lived in Paris, France, containing 60 pages of handwritten notes. The bulk appears to be revisions of "The Double Hook" although there are some notes on the French language.

Manuscripts of Landscape of the Moon

File consists of 13 pages (two blank) of typed drafts of Watson's unfinished novel "Landscape of the Moon". Includes three distinct sections, all beginnings to the novel.

Reflection on The Double Hook

File consists of a six page typed reflection by Watson regarding her choices regarding "The Double Hook", in terms of plot, meaning and structure. This reflection may have been intended to be an introduction to the novel, or possibly a ...

Manuscript of Landscape of the Moon

File consists of 132 pages containing 60 pages of heavily annotated typescript of Watson's unfinished novel "Landscape of the Moon". The typescript has been arranged into 17 two and four-leaf gatherings and numbered in the upper rig...

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