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Canada Savings Bonds TV 30

File includes manuscript and photocopied manuscript lead sheets for Canada Savings Bongs TV commercial. Also includes cassette tape titled "The Beast"

Dr. Music. Sun Goes By One More Mountain

  • File includes printed scores. Titles include One More Mountain To Climb by Doug Riley; Sun Goes By. File also includes two CDs in an envelope titled "Dr. Music
  • Sun Goes By
  • One More Mountain
  • To Climb"

For Doug

File includes photocopied manuscript lead sheets and printed lyrics. Titles include Mobile by D. Riley, J. Rae, T. Ambrose; The Only Time I Feel At Home Is When I'm On The Road by Jackie Raei and Doug Riley; What Am I To Do With Me? by Jackie Rae and Peter Lee Stirling. Also includes two audio recordings (tapes). One tape includes Cecile Frenette's What Am I To Do. Other tape includes Doug Riley and Jackie Rae's The Only Time I Feel At Home and Mobile (Jantrish Songs LTD.).

Juba Material

File includes material relating to the play Juba. Includes scene structures, lyrics; the story of Juba; correspondence dated 1995 To Doug From Dolina and the Dancer Re Juba; correspondence dated 1996 To Doug From Dolina; a tape titled Juba. Also include manuscript lead sheets of the piece Juba

Songs of J.F. Johnstone

File consists of a recording of 9 songs by John Francis Johnstone as performed by Andrea Grant (piano); Caitlin Wood (soprano); Stephanie Tritchew (mezzo soprano); Charles Sy (tenor); and Joshua Whelan (baritone). The recording was made on April 10, 2013 at the University of Toronto with liner noes by Mary F. Williamson. The songs recorded on the CD are: Song of the Drummer; My Heart is Scotland's Yet; Dear Canada, To Thee; Temperance Soldiers; The Young Musician; The Humber Fairy; The Sweetest Word on Earth is Home; Canadian Song of Freedom; and, Queen Victoria's Jubilee.

Student Composer Concert

  • Concert recording includes the following tracks :
  • Hajime Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano / Paul Kawabe (Marco Wong, alto saxophone ; Stephen Clarke, piano)
  • Stardust / Alex Allsopp (Jack Gagner, Joseph Distefano, trombones ; Bien Carandang, bass trombone ; Vivian Kwok, piano)
  • Una Voce / Elizabeth Legierski (Elizabeth Legierski, voice)
  • Sonata for Cello and Piano / Evan Tanovich (Else Sather, cello ; Evan Tanovich, piano)
  • Fireflies / Michael Maevskiy (Erika Wood, Hannah Mazurek, sopranos ; Annika Telenius, Mara Bowman, Katharine Petkovski, Olivia Guselle, altos ; Benjamin Gabbay, Kevin Mulligan, tenors ; Kai Leung, Tristan Zaba, basses ; Michael Maevskiy, conductor)
  • Louceni / Emma Colette Moss (Anika France-Forget, soprano ; David John Walter Walsh, tenor ; Emma Colette Moss, piano)
  • Moonlit Clouds / Michael Nunes (Hannah Corbett, violin ; Matthew Chan, piano)
  • Desperation for Repose / Adrian Punzalan (Adrian Punzalan, piano)
  • Multi-celled Organism / Crescenzo Di Cecco (Crescenzo Di Cecco, piano ; Adam Kaleta, marimba ; Ben Rosistan, alto saxophone ; Ester-Ruth Teel, organ ; Samuel Demets, tenor saxophone ; Ricci Ebron. flute)
  • Sonata for Cello and Piano / Julian Cruz (Julian Cruz, piano ; Brendan Rogers, cello)
  • String Quartet No. 1. Viola Feature ; Cello Feature / Jahred R. Warkentin (Thea Coburn, Justin Azerrad, violins ; Shreya Jha, viola ; Christopher Chan, cello)
  • Two Robert Frost Songs. Come In ; A Dream Pang / Ricardo Ferro (Abigail Sinclair, voice ; Maria Fedyushina, piano)
  • Echo, I. Come to me / Katharine Petkovski (Hannah Mazurek, soprano ; Katharine Petkovski, piano)
  • A Day in the life. Teachers Pet ; A Comfortable Home ; Mix and Mingle / Peter Wang (Noah Verheyen , flute ; Lucy Nesbitt, horn ; Jacob Valcheff, vibraphone)
  • Give Ear to My Words, O Lord / Katharine Chiu (Anika France, Claire Latosinsky, sopranos ; Rosemonde Desjardins, Emma Moss, altos ; Benjamin Gabbay, Ricardo Ferro, tenors ; Kai Leung, Nicholas Wanstall, basses ; Futian Yao, piano ; Nikki Puchkov, conductor).

Student Composer Concert #1

  • Concert recording includes the following tracks :
  • Stock Footage of my Cow Without Glasses / Kai Leung (Jesse Ma, alto saxophone)
  • Gigue / Ben Zhang (Ben Zhang, piano)
  • Come in Silence / Sami Anguaya (Salena Harriman, soprano ; Madeleine Kay, violin ; Benjamin Gabbay, piano)
  • Dryads / Ricardo Ferro (Amelia Mc Niven-Fontani, violin 1 ; Jess Ng, violin 2 ; Emelia Findlay, viola ; Gretchen Lee, cello ; Maria Fedyushina, piano)
  • Intersections. Avenue / Shreya Jha (Rebekah Tam, flute ; Eric Luo, oboe ; Kevin Vuong, clarinet ; Benjamin Law, horn ; Rae Pauzé, bassoon)
  • Choral pieces from the Symphony "The Coming of Christ" / Henrique Coe (Mélissa Danis, Rosemond Desjardins, soprano ; Martina Myskohlid, Courtney Waldie, alto ; Jeremy Tingle, Matthew Boudta, tenor ; John Krutschke, bass ; Nicholas Wanstall ; Henrique Coe, conductor).

Student Composer Concert #2

  • Concert recording includes the following tracks :
  • . . . nothing but a string of songs : two Étude-transcriptions for pianist and tape / Paulo Brito (Paulo Brito, piano ; Dennis Patrick, electronics)
  • 5 Songs of Archibald Lampman / Colin Mc Mahon (David Potvin, piano ; Daevyd Pepper, tenor)
  • Sonata for Oboe and Piano / Michael Nunes (Luca Ortolani, oboe ; Matthew Chan, piano)
  • A Lullaby / Nicholas Wanstall (Nicholas Wanstall, piano ; Anika France, soprano)
  • / Gavin Fraser (Julia Barber , soprano ; Tristan Durie, flute ; Julia Kim, cello)
  • Requiem l'homme armé / Benjamin Gabbay (Victor Cheng, conductor ; Hyejin Kwon, piano ; Anika-France Forget, Emily Parker, Nila Rajagopal, sopranos ; Claire Latosinsky, Anaïs Kelsey-Verdecchia, altos ; Jeremy Tingle, Nathan Gritter, Ricardo Ferro, tenors ; Kai Leung, Dante Mullin Santone, Nicholas Wanstall, Tristan Zaba, basses).

Tetley-"Oliver" [Grandfather] TV 30

File includes manuscript and photocopied manuscript parts and score for Tetley TV advertisements. Titles include Grandfather. Also includes storyboards and scripts for commercial titled Dear Grandfather and an audio recording titled Tetley.