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Series contains photographs collected, maintained, and/or accumulated by Kathleen Parlow. Photographs depict Kathleen Parlow's life, musical career (including photographs of the Parlow String Quartet), and travels to various places including Hawaii and Asia. Also includes photographs of various individuals including but not limited to: Kathleen Parlow; Minnie Parlow; Leopold Auer; Thomas Edison; Arthur Hinton; Harold Bauer; Samuel Gilbert Colt; Willen Willeke; Johan Halvorsen; Henry Scheadieck; Erich Wolff; Ernesto Consolo; Wanda De Stein; Mischa Elman; Marie Hall; and, Jascha Heifetz.


Series contains correspondence written and received by Kathleen Parlow.


Series consists of Kathleen Parlow's diaries for each year from 1905 until 1960, with the exception of 1924, 1927, and 1955-1957.

Sheet Music

Series contains sheet music created and/or accumulated by Kathleen Parlow.

Concert programmes

Series contains concert programmes dated from 1939-1958. Programmes reflect performances from Kathleen Parlow as well as the performances of the South Mountain String Quartet, Parlow String Quartet, Toronto Symphony Orchestra, Canadian Trio, and many of other performers. Concert programmes are from a variety of locations world wide including the United States, England, Finland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, and many other locations. Programmes are in black and white and colour. Some programmes have gold gilt edges as well as other visually interesting features.

Press Records

Series contains material from newspapers and magazines which relate to Kathleen Parlow, her students, and articles written by Parlow. Articles may be cut out, contained in their complete original source, or in scrapbooks. There are also quite a few articles that have been transcribed by hand, in some cases translated from the original language. Some are also typed. Additionally, there is a whole scrap book of articles about her students, and several loose articles about her students, specifically, Gisele MacKenzie (LaFleche).

Personal Records

Series includes various records collected, created, or maintained by Parlow throughout her personal life. Records include dinner menus and programs from events, promotional materials, financial and legal information, obituaries, passports, drivers' licenses, calendar, newspaper or magazine articles by Parlow, professional papers, and obituaries.


Series contains three-dimensional memorabilia objects, including three glass plate negatives from Kathleen Parlow's time in Petersburg; three framed photographs of Parlow's parents[?]; two metal stamps of Parlow with her violin; two framed photographs of Parlow (one as a young child); the National Award in Music medal from the University of Alberta; a family photo album, including a family tree; and an Edison cylinder record of Parlow playing Nocturne, Op. 9, no. 2 in E-flat Major by Chopin (recorded 1913).

The photographs included in the family album are listed at the front of the album and transcribed here: 1 - Uncle James Hamilton; 2 and 3 - Mr. and Mrs. Allan (St. John); 4 - Mrs. Taylor (Allan's daughter); 5 - Nell (Allan's granddaughter); 6 - James Allen; 7 - Sisters Allen; 8 - Mr. and Mrs. Ross; 9 - Mary Jane Sterling (mother's cousin); 10 and 11 - Mr. or Dr. and Mrs. Cooper; 12 and 13 - Estabrooks and sister; 14 and 15 - "The two Miss Guns"; 16 - Uncle Sam; 17 - Uncle Johnie; 18 - Miss. Everitt; 19 - Cousin George; 20 and 21 - Rev. and Mrs. Harvey; 21 - Annie Howe (niece of Uncle Sam's); 22 - Edgar Thompson; 23 and 24 - Deacon and Mrs. Conolly (cousin); 25 and 26 - Mr. and Mrs. Merritt; 27 - Major Hartley; 28 - Mrs. Twee[...?] (minister's wife); 29 - Mr. Good; 30 - Rev. Blakeney; 31 - Mrs. Jones; 32 - Baby Estabrooks; 33 - Mr. Taylor; 34 - Nell Taylor; 35 - Boardman Wheeler; 36 - James Hamilton (uncle); 37 - Cousin George; 38 - Minnie Wheeler; 39 and 40 - Father and Mother; 41 - Miss. Conolly; 42 - Mr. Broderick (Auntie Hamilton's brother-in-law); 43 and 44 - Mr. and Mrs. James Wheeler; 45 and 46 - Mr. and Mrs. Roberts; 47 - another Miss. Conolly; 48 - Nellie Allan; 49 - Dr. Broderick.


Series consists of miscellaneous programs, predominantly for concerts that took place in Toronto.

Photographs of musicians

Series consists of photographs of Canadian and European musicians from the early 1900s, as well as Giuliana Gattoni's collection of publicity photographs from the late 1980s and early 1990s, which predominantly consists of photographs of Canadian Opera Company productions.

Reference materials

Series consists of files on individual Canadian composers, comprising of programs, copies of newspaper clippings, and photographs.


Series consists of the following autographs, collected by Florence L. Clarke, first wife of Henry John Cody, president of University of Toronto (1932-1945): Emma Abbott (1882); Teresa Carreño (1883); Emma Juch (1885); Clara Louise Kellogg (1885); Sofia Scalchi-Lolli; Ede Remenyi; Marcella Sembrich (1883); Potta (1882); Blatchford Kavanagh; Etelka Gerster Gardini (1882); Gabriella Boema; Emma Thursby (1883); Eugenia Pappenheim; Helena Modjeske (1882); Camilla Urn (1883); Mary F. Scott-Siddons (1880); Kate Claxton (1882); Zelia Trebelli; Minnie Hauk (1882); Rose Coghlan (1882); Rafael Joseffy; August Wellesley; Geneviève Ward (1882); five other illegible signatures.

Toronto music education

Series consists of materials relating to music education in Toronto, including at the Toronto Conservatory of Music and the Toronto College of Music.

Correspondence and memorabilia

Series consists of Gustav Ciamaga's personal correspondence with other composers and musicians, family members, researchers, and engineers, as well as miscellaneous memorabilia, including certificates and photographs.


Series consists of notes for lectures, memorials, and citations, written and presented by Gustav Ciamaga.

Programs and reviews

Series consists of programs, program notes, and reviews of concerts involving Gustav Ciamaga and/or his music, predominantly at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto and Brandeis University. The file also includes articles and a copy of the trial proceedings for a plagiarism trial that Ciamaga testified in, and the program for the "In Memory of Gustav" concert that the Faculty of Music presented on November 4, 2012, featuring the music of Ciamaga and his colleagues. The three PDF files included are a copy of the in memoriam for Gustav Ciamaga written by Dennis Patrick for the CMC Notations newsletter (Winter 2012); a digital copy of the program for the "In Memory of Gustav" concert; and a digital copy of the program for Ciamaga's memorial service.

Chronological research files

Series consists of chronological research files. Some of the files include tables of contents, which index the notes, clippings, and copies of material relating to Theodore Thomas's career included in the file.

Research files by topic or library

Series contains miscellaneous research files created and gathered by Ezra Schabas in the production of his biography of Theodore Thomas. The series also includes copies of three articles written by Schabas on Thomas, prior to the publication of the biography.


Series consists of microfilm copies of scrapbooks, correspondence, and programs relating to Theodore Thomas's career, which Ezra Schabas used for the biography Theodore Thomas : America's conductor and builder of orchestras, 1835-1905.


Series consists of original manuscripts and copies of manuscripts, including both scores and parts, for compositions composed or arranged by John Beckwith.

Librettos, texts, performance records

Series consists of texts and librettos for John Beckwith’s compositions and arranges, as well as related correspondence, programs, reviews, and other notes.

Other activities

Series consists of administrative writings, correspondence, reviews, radio programs, and other documents relating to John Beckwith’s work at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the University of Toronto, and various other appearances at conferences, symposiums, and universities. Series also includes writings related to his publications.

Other correspondence

Series consists of personal and professional correspondence, including letters from and to many Canadian musicians and composers.


Series includes awards and honours, radio transcripts, portraits, journal articles, and other bibliographic documents.

Ontario College of Art projects

Series consists of Udo Kasemets's notebooks, posters, and plans for projects at the Ontario College of Art (OCA). Series also contains Kasemets's OCA teaching materials and notes.

Writings, general correspondence

Series consists of correspondence with composers and performers; lists, indexes, and other documents; and, research notes.

Sound recordings

Series consists of materials for: Cascando (1963-1965), Wordsong (1971-1973), Guitarmusic for John Cage (1972-1975), Wordmusic (1973-1974), Mikemusics (1973-1977), Silencesong (1974), Minutemusics (1977-1980), Thunderword (1978-1979), Nonologue (Onemanshow, 1980), and Sh! (Mikemusics, 1973-1977).

Correspondence, writings, and lectures

Series consists of Talivaldis Kenins’s personal and business correspondence, program notes, scripts for essays and lectures, and transcriptions of interviews.

Teaching materials

Series consists of examination papers set, lecture notes, and student papers from Kenins's time at the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto.

Audio recordings

Series consists of audio recordings of works by Talivaldis Kenins, including some recordings of performances conducted by Kenins and some world premieres. Many of the recordings were made for CBC broadcast. Others were performed at the University of Toronto. The series also includes three audio cassettes from a 1996 program on CJRT-FM that featured an interview with Kenins interspersed with recordings of his compositions, and recordings of Kenins' son George Juris Kenins performing the cello.

Audio tapes

Series contains a collection of 150 tapes (7 1/2 in.) and manuscript and typescript indexes.


Series contains letters, cards, and correspondence, including letters from George Crumb; John Leberg; Witold Lutoslawski; R. Murray Schafer; Pierre Trudeau (2). Cards: Vera [Frenkel]; Michael [Snow] (2); Veronica Tennant; Grant [?]; and, David [?] (2). Series also contains autographed photographs from Elly Ameling and Philippe Entremont, and a photograph of Taussig with Natalia Granados (Barcelona, 1980).

Compositions : scores, parts, and sketches

Series consists of manuscript scores and parts, and sketches, for Lothar Klein's instrumental, vocal, choral, chamber, and orchestral works. File also contains film and incidental music written by Klein.

Theoretical and critical writings

Series consists of materials created for Klein's teaching at the University of Toronto, and interview with Witold Lutoslawski, and various composition studiesand exercises.

Programs and press notices

Series consists of programs and press notices for performances of Lothar Klein's compositions.

Research files and correspondence

Series consists of Ezra Schabas's textual research files for his biography of Sir Ernest MacMillan. Files include correspondence with Schabas, copies of correspondence with MacMillan, copies of newspaper articles and photographs, and copies of research on MacMillan by other individuals, including that by Keith MacMillan.

Interviews conducted by Ezra Schabas

Series consists of taped recordings of interviews conducted by Ezra Schabas as part of his research for his book on Sir Ernest MacMillan. Series also includes some recordings of interviews (not conducted by Schabas) with Sir Ernest MacMillan, and a recording of a performance by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, conducted by MacMillan.

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