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[Subject notebooks, Grade 8]

File contains five paperback notebooks for school work completed in Grade 8, including one notebook for spelling, one notebook for health, one notebook for science, and two notebooks for a combination of spelling, grammar, and math.

[Social Studies & Current Events (Notes & Maps), Maurice Cody School]

File contains books made for school assignments, including, a book on current events (WWII), a book containing drawings and writings about the Pioneers of Upper Canada, and a book on the The History of Toronto from 1749-1941. The file also includes a paper folder containing atlas world maps, and an envelope containing hand-coloured maps and essays for a social studies class.

[Records, Maurice Cody School]

File contains four senior progress reports, an admissions certificate to North Toronto Collegiate Institute, a City of Toronto Public Schools Attendance certificate, and a letter written by Vernon Turner.


File contains three homemade books that are undated, including one on "The Ear", one on "How New Plants Arise", and one containing definitions and drawings for math vocabulary.

[Donation acquisition]

File contains correspondence between Vernon Turner and Jeanette Shmidt (Librarian For Public Services, OISE) regarding the donation process and Turner's notes on the collection.

[Art Work, Maurice Cody School]

File consists of 24 loose drawings, six handmade books on artwork, stories and poetry, and one photograph Vernon Turner and his Grade 1 class, mounted to cardboard.


Subseries contains workbooks created by pupils in Ontario schools. These workbooks cover a range of subjects, and many of them contain graded work.

William Johnston

File contains a teaching contract between William Johnston and the Trustees of School Section No. Six in the Township of Warwick and Village of Watford, signed November 2, 1875.

William James Leech

File contains a handwritten contract between William James Leech and the Public School Trustees of School Section No. 6 in the township of Warwick, village of Watford, in the County of Lambton, signed January 26, 1874.

Vernon G. Turner fonds

  • CA OTUED 6
  • Fonds
  • 1936-1948

This collection contains the notebooks, school work, and school records of Vernon G. Turner documenting his education at North Toronto Collegiate Institute (high school) and Maurice Cody Public School (elementary school) during the late 1930s and 1940s.

Turner, Vernon G.

Vankoughnet School (Art)

File contains art workbooks created by pupils at the Vankoughnet School. Works in this file include the following: a book of flower paintings created by pupils in grades 3, 4, and 5; a folder of "Conventional Designs from Natural Forms" created by pupils in grades 7, 8, and 9; and a folder of "Art Correlated with Scriptures." Individual pupils contributing to these workbooks have been identified on each artwork.

Unspecified CPR

File contains photographs which have been identified as CPR school cars but which do not have sufficient information to identify a specific school car number. Photographs include views of students, teachers, and interior views of the rail car, including the classroom space and the teacher's living quarters.

Unspecified CNR

File contains photographs which have been identified as CNR school cars but which do not have sufficient information to identify a specific school car number. Photographs include views of students, students' families, teachers, teachers' families, classes, activities, and exterior views of the rail car.


File contains photographs which do not have sufficient identifiers to determine a rail line or school car number. Photographs include views of students, teachers, classes, activities, and exterior and interior views of the rail car, the classroom space, and the teacher's living quarters.

File also contains an envelope with 6 photographic negatives.

Third form

Series contains a notebook for each subject taken by Turner in Third Form (3B) at North Toronto Collegiate Institute.

Ten Years of Farm Radio Forum

File contains one scrapbook containing materials collected over the first ten years of the Farm Radio Forum's operation. Materials include questionnaires and summaries of replies, conference programmes, copies of the annual "Report on Activities," photographs of action projects, newspaper articles, correspondence, publicity materials and pamphlets, and Farm Forum Handbooks.

Teaching Contracts

Subseries contains teaching contracts created between 1874 and 1946. These contracts include both completed contract forms as well as fully handwritten contracts, and contain information about the period of employment, salary, and terms and conditions of the teacher's hire.

Teaching Appointments

Series contains materials related to the hire of teachers in Ontario schools.

Series contains two subseries: letters of application and teaching contracts.

TNO School Car

File contains photographs of the TNO School Car. Photographs include views of students in the classroom and standing outside the rail car.

Student Work

Series contains work produced by students at Ontario schools from the mid-1800s to the mid-1900s. Student work includes compositions and examination papers written by students, artwork produced by students, and workbooks from across all subjects.

Series contains four subseries according to type of student work.

Social Studies (History & Geography)

File contains one notebook for Form 1 Social Studies (History and Geography) class. The structure of the notebook consists of cardboard covers that hold loose leaf pages. A cover page divides history and geography. The page count includes a 23-page appendix of world maps.

Smith Griffin (Art)

File contains 3 art workbooks completed by Smith Griffin. Workbooks include the Ontario Blank Drawing Book, and the Blank Canadian Drawing Book.

Simon Miller (Mathematics)

File contains 5 mathematical workbooks produced by Simon Miller (1826-1907) between 1839 and 1843. File also contains a ohotograph of Simon Miller and a letter from the donor, dated 1979.


File contains an accordion book with increasingly complex designs and patterns sewn into the pages, created by Isabel Harris as a student Kindergartener.

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