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Émile Zavie, letters to Léon Deffoux

  • Autograph letter from Émile Zavie to Léon Deffoux, dated September 17, 1916. In answer to Deffoux’s letters from September 9th and 10th. He does not want to talk about the news, to avoid the letters being intercepted. Discusses various authors and critics; what will be published after the war; his own writing and the poor state of his health.
  • Autograph letter from Émile Zavie to Léon Deffoux, dated February 8, 1917. He hopes to be in Paris for the launch of his book. Discusses authors and critics; thinks that the Mercure de France may dislike them, and they should publish in other periodicals; he is still working on his book.
  • Autograph letter from Émile Zavie to Léon Deffoux, dated from Tiflis, July 12, 1917- the letter is numbered: «Lettre IV». He assures Deffoux that the Revolution in Russia was not bloody and that everything is calm; everything is very expensive; Russian soldiers are not prepared for freedom; may be going to Kiev.
  • Autograph letter with envelope from Émile Zavie to Léon Deffoux, dated from Tiflis, July 14, 1917 - the letter is numbered: «Lettre V». He has read their article about Maupassant in the Mercure de France; notes some linguistic changes. Letter is continued under the date of July 19, 1917: talks about the Bolchevik revolution; asks for more mail because he feels isolated; will send an article on the Russian revolution for Deffoux to submit to a periodical; asks for books.
  • Autograph letter from Émile Zavie to Léon Deffoux, dated from Tiflis, July 20/August 2, 1917 - the letter is numbered: «Lettre VII» Talks cautiously about the Russian revolution because he does not want the letter to be intercepted.
  • Autograph letter from Émile Zavie to Léon Deffoux, dated December 12/30, 1917 - on letterhead of the Russian Red Cross – official numbering: «No 22» Wonders if he receives all the mail that is sent to him, considering that little reaches him; events are unfolding very quickly in Russia; asks Deffoux to write more often.
  • Autograph letter from Émile Zavie to Léon Deffoux, dated from Ourmiak, January 26, 1918 - the letter is numbered: «Lettre 29» Has read Wilson’s speech regarding peace; wonders if the Germans will understand; Russian soldiers are deserting and pillaging; terror, which could lead population to accept any government that will bring order back; his book is completed and he hopes to be soon in France; asks for press clippings, not books.
  • Autograph letter from Émile Zavie to Léon Deffoux, dated from Camp de Eckmuhl, May 29, 1918. Has received 3 letters from Deffoux at once; discusses authors and critics; gossips from literary life in Paris.
  • Autograph letter from Émile Zavie to Léon Deffoux, dated August 10, 1918 - envelope bears a sticker at the back: «Open under Martial Law – front bears the address of Zavie: «Ambulance alpine du Caucase. French Medical Mission» Was hoping to be back in France, but is being sent back to Russia; acknowledges being tired; has not heard from his wife; asks Deffoux not to tell her that he is sent to Russia; asks Deffoux to write and to try to do something for his repatriation.
  • Autograph postcard from Émile Zavie to Léon Deffoux, dated August 21,1918 –postcard: photo of Zavie standing in a snowbank; in the bottom right-hand corner: «À mon vieux Deffoux, son ami, E.Z., Ourmiak, février 1918. L’hiver, la neige dans un jardin persan» - the letter continues on a separate piece of lined paper. Will be in Russia within 8 or 10 days; in November, will continue to press for his repatriation; does not want to be accused of being an «embusqué»; thanks to the British, the mail arrives regularly; asks for news, letters, publishers’s catalogues.

biographical documents: Léon Deffoux

Various biographical documents of interest:

  • 3 pages of advertising material for two books by Deffoux, Un logis de J.-K. Huysmans (1 copy), and Le naturalisme (2 copies)
  • 4 press clippings about his career ranging from 1929-1937
  • 1 small portrait of Léon Deffoux designed by Jean Lébédeff, french engraver
  • 1 photocopy of Léon Deffoux’s handwritten and typed c.v.
  • 1 offprint of an article written by J. Sanders, "Léon Deffoux (1881-1944), échotier et historiographe du naturalisme," Cahiers Naturalistes, vol. 81, 2007, pp. 259-272
  • 1 undated, untitled document (typed) about Deffoux’s career, probably by J. Sanders, may be a draft of the previous article
  • 1 excised article on Léon Deffoux by André Billy from L'Alliance litteraire, November 1930, pp. 19-22.
  • 1 letter from the Institut de France acknowledging receiving a copy of Deffoux’s book

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